Reviews for Power Chord: Bass and Switch
SnowHelm chapter 1 . 1/4/2014
This was awesome. I loved the whole concept, you had me on the edge of my seat the entire way through, my heart thumping madly! The descriptions were stunning, but the interaction between Fenris and Anders was brilliant. I loved that demons were a band and all the different organisations were record labels. In a word - STUNNING! Loved it! Oh and Justice being Anders twin that was just genius. I know this is down as complete, but you really should think about writing more (she said hopefully).
JayyZombie chapter 1 . 12/22/2013
I love you.! :D This is such an incredible idea, and I can't believe no one else has thought of this, yet.! You wrote this beautifully, and I hope you plan to continue this. I'm a bit of a band geek myself (I play bass, fanboy screamed when I found out you had Fen play, too. cx), so I flipped my shit when I read this story.

I loved how you made it sync up with the actual quest Bait and Switch, though I assume that was your goal. :p I also loved how nervous and shy you made Anders, it was adorable. I have animals myself, a bunny, hamster, and some cats, so I completely understand his obsession with the cat hair on his clothes. -.- I also enjoyed how you made Anders and Justice two separate people, twins even, and the playing of the same yet different instruments, brilliant.! Never would've thought of it myself.

You ma'am, or sir, are absolutely brilliant. I love your work, and hope to read a lot more of it in the future. c: Plus I'm honored to be your first reviewer. x3

By the way, I apologize for not reviewing when I first favorited/followed this story and you, I'm afraid my phone wasn't quite working right.