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NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD chapter 41 . 8/7
Love it. Please update soon.
mrs. morgan 35 chapter 41 . 7/31
More please
musicluver246 chapter 40 . 5/11/2019
Great story so far.
Guest chapter 40 . 11/25/2018
Abusing review function to make sure this gets seen at the very top of the reviews/comments, sue me.

To our dear writer - thank you very much for this and your other fics. Starting from early and working up to here, it's great to see you grow in writing. I look forward to the continuation of this, and further fics from you.

For your readers - not to lecture, but fanfic writers don't get paid for writing. They do it because they like it, and they hope you like what they write, but they're not content machines. It takes time to produce quality work. So while we all tend to voraciously devour what we like and eagerly want more, let's all remember to make sure we come off as appreciative and not demanding in our thirst for more good stuff. It's part of the care and feeding of fic writers, and this one deserves lots of appreciation. 140 fics, that's a damn lot of writing she's gifted to us!
Nick chapter 40 . 11/18/2018
"...Lady Gaga..."
Maybe I was wrong about your taste in music.

I mean, he's essentially trying to reason with a toddler. Just go with the flow - ok, bad choice of words, but you get my drift.

Man, sometimes you really make me work to keep track of who's speaking.

"Uh, huh says the guy who hates condoms."
In all fairness, they do decrease sensitivity and therefore the fun. Not all of us are Jim from "American Pie".

"...grilled like Bar-B-Que."
Damn your hide! Why'd you have to put this in my head? Now I have to plan a trip to Lockhart.

"Then Stella Kidd arrives and his stomach drops. Liv is not going to be happy."
Green really has to stop appearing on these two, it doesn't look good on either one.

"Oh, okay who did you fuck?...When?"
It's like in "Four Brothers" - Put the cuckoo back in the clock, baby.
Really, though, I get the no-lying thing, but the past is the past.

"Just turn out the lights and lock the door, red key."
- Coach, the janitor wants to go home for the night!
- Tell him to leave me the keys, I'll lock up.

The emergency and surgical stuff was good. When I slowed down and just thought about it, I was better able to visualize instead of just hearing the dialogue.

There are a few other thoughts, but they're minor and won't coalesce anyway. Just trust me that it was a very good chapter, I'm not that good a liar and wouldn't anyway.
Nick chapter 39 . 11/17/2018
That's the longest "leave a message" I've ever heard.
For a long time, my ideal was something like Matt Damon in "The Bourne Identity". Quick, impersonal, nothing to stand out or give anything away.
I'm still kinda like that, but mostly for the sake of avoiding telemarketers and crap. One idiot prankster, I figure he just dialed a random number, he left a message talking about how he was banging my wife while I was at work. 1. Impossible when I'm not married. 2. It's a little immature, i know, but it was good stress relief to call him back and leave a message saying don't kiss her she's got cold sores, and his own wife said to pick up some milk on the way home.
I also just don't talk much. So "This is Nick. Leave a message," feels just fine to me.
Although after reading one fic, I so wish professionalism didn't stop me from having a custom electronic message with my name plugged in - "[Nick] is shady as fuck. Leave a message." That would be awesome!

"...I'm going to call until you pick up."
Don't reckon I'd do any different in that situation.

USG, always glad to break the rules.

"All I want for Christmas is to have sex in the middle of the day."
I still want a hula-hoop.

"Okay, I shouldn't find it sexy that you know that..."
But I mean, who doesn't know that?
This is one reason I always get weird looks, I tend to expect people to know the shit I know. Like the way you seem to not know where "one-percenter" comes from.

"She's gonna kill that boy one day."
It's interesting, though. At a certain point - not everyone does, but some of us find ourselves at a point where we suddenly realize we mind dying. Any pro will tell you when that happens, it's time to get out.

"...let's go find the Mama."
Not the Mama!
There. Let's see you figure *that* dated reference out. No cheating!

"And you make a great pie."
I can't decide whether to go more general or Rock-specific with what's running through my head.

"Captain Danger Extra Stupid Brave..."
And his cohorts Captain Adventure and Major Disaster.

"Dr. Charles looks a little rumpled..."
Now I'm picturing Columbo.

*laughs* I am reminded of "Samurai Jack" when Aku's therapist was Aku.

Still, though, this was definitely one of the better chapters in terms of emotional development. They probably needed that. Perhaps now they'll quit freaking out on each other.

"Jesus Christ..."
Um...never mind, joke retracted. Not in the mood to get hit by lightning.

"'re still crushing on me?"
The right woman can be crushed on forever.
Guest chapter 38 . 11/17/2018
Ok. Between trials, tribulations, and chores, it's time for a break. Let's see if I can hit that wonderful zen zone by getting closer to being up to date on the misadventures of a wildly emotional and terminally horny couple. (I probably shouldn't pick on them being wildly emotional. You're only showing us highlights, not every single day.)

I wish instead of The Intel Unit is was something like The Intelligence Expedition. Then I could call them TIE Fighters.

"...move your hands at one..."
- We go on three.
- Wait, do you mean one two three go, or one two go?
- It's one two three go. Unless you want to do it the other way.
- Well, I mean, it's your call. I just want to be on the same page.
- Ok, so we do one two three go. One -
*meanwhile, I roll my eyes and just fricking go. probably too late already, anyway.*

"He can't be though."
Suck it up, buttercup. Time to step up.

"...she has her own stall."
This is where I muse. Would they make they accommodation for one doctor? But if they hire a wheelchair-bound doctor/surgeon/whatever, ADA would say they have to.
But maybe the ADA says they have to, anyway. *taps chin in thought*

"He pulls back the curtain to find her seizing..."
A. This was unexpected. If I stop and think not unlikely, but it did catch me off guard.
B. This has made up my mind. If I ever deliver a wheelchair person to the shower again but am not needed, I'm staying anyway.

"Perfect storm..."
The movie was good, but the book was just fucking amazing. Sorry, freaking amazing.
A cold front carried Hurricane Grace right into the loving arms of a nor'easter that embraced her as its own, making one of the worst bitches of a storm known in current history. Eek!

"Kelly, I don't even let you tie me up in bed..."
So she's the dom?

Good gosh, that's a serious, mature, deep-look-at-yourself exchange with April from right out of the blue.
Nick chapter 37 . 11/17/2018
"Exam three."
Exam Three: Exam Takes Manhattan

"There is a man with a life size Easter Bunny embedded in his chest."
*tries to picture it* Nope, not coming.

"...he's waving council..."
Like, he's waving an actual council? He actually picked up a group of people and is waving them around? Strong dude.
Oh. You mean "...he's waiving counsel..." Got it. *ducks whatever you just threw at me*

Her life is just filled with exes. Though, granted, I can see why this one would be especially troublesome. There is nothing so worrisome for a guy as an ex-boyfriend his girl isn't really over.
One benefit to somewhere new, regardless of whether it's another town or another state or another country - start over. No past, no exes, just a blank slate.

Nope. Not good at all.

So this didn't feel as...incidental as some other chapters. It was less slice-of-life, the scenes were more connected into a straight narrative.
This is an interesting mix. Were it nothing but scenes from the show, I'd think you were doing one of those annoying "this is how the show would go if my OC were in it!" things. (There's probably nothing inherently annoying about that, but they're all over the SPN section, and anything I'm overexposed to annoys me.) But the non-canon chapters, those little slice-of-life ones and the others like the one concerning Kelly off the wagon and DCFS comes and then Liv and Kelly have it out and then fuck like crazy snakes, they all make this distinct enough to be its own thing. Very good.
Guest chapter 40 . 11/15/2018
A quick little lunchtime thing.

To our dear writer - thank you very much for this and your other fics. Starting from early and working up to here, it's great to see you grow in writing. I look forward to the continuation of this, and further fics from you.

For your readers - not to lecture, but fanfic writers don't get paid for writing. They do it because they like it, and they hope you like what they write, but they're not content machines. It takes time to produce quality work. So while we all tend to voraciously devour what we like and eagerly want more, let's all remember to make sure we come off as appreciative and not demanding in our thirst for more good stuff. It's part of the care and feeding of fic writers.
Yeah, Nicky shamelessly appreciates this awesome writer. I will not apologize for that, writer! And you can delete if you wish, as it's not quite a review, sorry.
Nick chapter 36 . 11/7/2018
Well, there's fights and then there's fights. Some arguments you really shouldn't start.

Big word? Does he mean concubine? Dude, it's three syllables! So is tequila, so what, tequila is a big word now?

"I think it's time we fight fire with fire figuratively speaking."
Why not literally?

I can accept Tangled. There will be no Frozen.
Dude! I took my niece's kid to mickey dees one time after school and that Let It Go song came over the speaker and holy shit, every kid in the place started singing it like a damn chorus. Made me wanna flee in terror, it's like they were programmed to sing that song.

"Yes, I know I have a lot of sex."
Bow bow chika wow.

Yes, I liked it. You wanna make somethin' of it?
Guest chapter 35 . 11/2/2018
"Oracle then..."
"Who's that?"
Oh my GOD! Only one of the best creations ever. They took a character some idiots had basically decided to throw away and made her something awesome, a shining example of rising above adversity. Then Simone came in and fucked it up because she just had to put "her own brand" on the character. Don't fucking get me started!

- texting bit -
Quoth Ryan Reynolds, forget his character name: "You are a fa-reak."
Normally I only use that word one way, but it was a funny line in his movie and the teasing nature of the line fits here.

Sexting. Will never do. Have seen what can happen.
Vanessa Hudgens.
Seth Rollins.
And many more.
No thank you.

"What'd you need Jamie?"
Lindt chocolate truffles.

"It was mostly running commentary..."
Nothing the matter with that.

"The door is still in a battle of wills..." I head for a cold shower to cool off.

"The O'Shea in me? It doesn't matter..."
Outside Hell, blood don't tell.

"You planned ahead?"
"Of course she did she's Liv."
On the other hand...I planned for my first time, in a sense. A plan was made, things were bought. It was more or less a big event. But nowhere near as awesome as the first time that actually mattered, which was...very unplanned. But it, it was mindblowing and amazing and everything good.
A difference of quality of woman? To be sure. And age and experience, probably. But I'm not entirely sure there's all there was to it, just personality and physical factors. I think there is a lot of good stuff to be found in the good kind of unexpected.

Am glad the above made me decide not to sign. Now I can confess to liking Rachel Platten. Well, probably not everything, but that one and Fight Song. *basks in anonymity*

See, though, this is why I'm not big on karaoke. I'm sure we all remember "The Breakfast Club" and I have no desire to hear "Don't You Forget About Me" butchered.
Nick chapter 34 . 11/2/2018
You can have sex on a parked bike if you're careful and the kickstand holds up. Though you'll probably still fall off. But to have sex on a moving bike - I vote no. Too much strict control required. Odds are highly against success.

I miss my bike. But oh well. The same lifestyle that got it torched was the same lifestyle that allowed me to buy it, what can you do?

"...I can calculate in my head just how much of which ever drug I give you can kill you and just how fast."
Doctor version of sniper ballistics.

"Did she say anything untruthful?"
But m'hurt fee-fees!

" watch Mulan..."
Let's get down to business!
Trini would be proud of me for knowing that.

I've been forgetting to be constructive. Sorry. It's interesting to watch this Severide differ from show Severide. And watch this slowly begin to diverge in little ways beyond the premise of being married.
For what it's worth, I can only hand out praise so many times before it gets repetitious.
Nick chapter 33 . 11/2/2018
There are different approaches. Revenge is one. It can get you through. Until it doesn't. Because even if you get it, the hurt doesn't stop.
At some point, it feels essential to not fall apart, to not drown, to get out of the zero. Anger, revenge, these provide things to live for. But the only thing that will get you out is actually going through the pain of climbing out. You have to learn to live again, which in its way is as painful as being in the zero.

"...daisies, lilies, peonies, sunflowers, and tulips..."
Raindrops and roses, and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

"It's Patron Saint of the Impossible."
Depending on how the term is applied, there are more than one.
My personal patron saint, if I were a saint person, would be St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes. I like it on account of how many times I've been told I can't do this and I can't do that. My high school VP told me she'd visit me when I went to prison. Oh yeah? I can do things once attributed to gods. Watch me fly, bitch.

"I still don't know how anyone is going to love someone who has to train their body to shit on command."
1. People do that all the time, they just don't know it. Shit on command, I mean.
2. It can happen. The loving part. I mean, this is anecdotal of course so not truly acceptable, but it's happened and I can name names. *ducks bullet fire* Not like that, damnit! I'm no snitch!

"Just be freakin' careful."
There is going to come a point where a choice has to be made. Definitely.

"Do you mind if we detour..."
I zoned out and thought he asked if they could deburr the repair shop. That'd be a shitload of filing/grinding/sanding/etc.

"...Trivia Crack..."
I generally dislike phone and tablet games. Every time I try one of those free ones, it starts hitting me up for money. It's like dude, I'm trying to kill some vampires here, stop trying to charge me for saving the world from the undead! Also, people need to stop calling zombies "undead". They are "living dead". Vampires are "undead". Get it right!
There's a halfway cool app, though, it's called "Zombies Run" I think. There's some exclamation points somewhere in there, I forget where. It uses your GPS for play - like, you have to go running or walking, and it puts you in this zombiepocalyptic scenario where you have to move to different places for like supplies and shit, or run away from a zombie horde. It's interesting, and I might enjoy it more if I A. didn't dislike my location being put out and B. if I could get more into it. But really, I find my mp3 player and sportphones better for moving. Music seems just to sync better with me. Even if I probably look idiotic lipsyncing to the "Newsies" soundtrack.

Tough love is still love. Sometimes people need to start drowning before they'll take a life vest.
I got lucky. You know how people say "take no for an answer"? Well, I met a couple guys who didn't. What is owed can never be repaid, but I'll never stop trying.

[thoughts on beating drug tests redacted]

"You just told me to go see my Ex..."
It's ok, he'll have a little red dot on his head. Those have a way of guaranteeing good behavior.

"Haven't you seen the video..."
No. I learned my lesson about diving headlong into something with the 2 girls 1 cup. And please, if you haven't seen it - do not see it. Satisfying curiosity is not worth throwing up your lunch.

- confrontation between Erin and Liv -
[thoughts, feelings, memories, confessions redacted]
Guest chapter 32 . 11/2/2018
I had something about shiny stuff, but lost it.

Matchbox Twenty? How the hell old is this fic?

OH! OH! I forget who it was, I think a comedienne? But some high-pitched person was saying as how she sucked helium one time and no one could hear her because it raised her voice too high. Oh, I laughed so hard, that was a very funny joke.

I begin to sense she's going to have more and more problems with the risk she takes. Welcome to "Ladder 49" dilemmas. Which really isn't to make light. Eventually, there is always a choice to be made and you have to decide what you can live without.

"...when she lets it go."
Take a string. Every home should have a crafts area, every crafts area should have string. Take some string, tie it to the balloon, tie it around the kid's wrist. Not tight, but not so's they can slip it off, and in a knot that has to be cut off so they can't untie it. And before you get to, how do you cut it? - who the fuck doesn't have a knife or multitool on them?! What kinda unprepared pansies am I dealing with?! See, this is why I still hang around people, they'll be useful fodder for me to get away when the zombiepocalypse hits.

"You will not teach him to write his name with urine..."
He won't have to. There's a whole wide world to teach your kid everything you don't want them to know.

"I have a rule..."
It's like in "Speed 2" where Sandra Bullock thinks she's found a boring guy and he's actually SWAT.

" headed cousin IT."
More partial to Wednesday, myself.

Sometimes I really do like the way this feels like individual snapshots forming the story of a life like a photo album. It reminds me a little of how "Where the Heart Is" turns what feels like individual stories into a full story. Very good.

"I have my gun in the truck."
Where it's going to do you what good as you're far away from it?

"They found Nadia. She's dead."
Pinky, I'm going to have to hurt you.
Guest chapter 31 . 11/1/2018
"I just got it back is all."
How Liv Got Her Groove Back, in theaters this Friday.

Ah yes, I remember ear infections. I do not miss them.

"...this is not an appropriate song to sing to you!"
That 22 one has the line about you look like bad news I gotta have you. Which I never really cared for, because it's stupid to chase guys that are bad news.
The sparks fly one, no.
Certainly nothing recent.
Either go with the one about Tim McGraw, the one about that dude Drew, or...the high heels one, she wears high heels I wear sneakers, that one.

"...I know your life line is longer than mine."
I never got into that stuff. But I did laugh at the Highlander episode where the palm reader was shocked at how long Duncan's lifeline was.

And more up and down goes the roller coaster of this fic. To and fro, stop and go, that's what makes the world go 'round.
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