Reviews for Create Your Conduit
Mike Ryder chapter 1 . 10/2/2015
Mike is 24 years old 6 foot 1 american male with steel powers. He resides between a hero or a villain so neutral and his weakness is his temper. If you make him mad he might shoot a dagger into your head which can be used against him. He is tan and had a girlfriend but lost her in the incident. He has a somewhat skater stile outfit and slicked up hair in the front. He is very powerful when angry kind of like the hulk so i'd say like a 7 out of 10. Here is the orange story. Mike was on his way to visit his family in New York with his girlfriend when out of no where breaking news comes on freaking out about a an outburst of conduits fleeing from the DUP. Mike was not worried because he respected conduits unlike his girlfriend who sides with the DUP. So they keep driving but are stopped when a massive fight breaks out in front of them Mike tries to drive away but is stopped by the conduit who started the fight. Mike is starting to side with his girlfriend in the situation. Suddenly the out bursting conduit decides to what seems to self destruct destroying their car and the last thing Mike saw was a chunk of metal flying at his face. When Mike woke up he realized he had gotten steel powers. He was realized that he loved bubbles.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/4/2015
Full Name: James Rodriguez

Nickname: non

Nationality/Race: hispanic

Age: 17

Birthday: April 11, 1997

Gender: male

Family: none

Hometown: seattle

Hair Color/Style/Length: black spiky hair

Eye Color: dark brown

Height: 6,7"

Body Type: skinny

Skin Tone: tan

Anything Else:

History (Be Detailed): parents were advocators for the DUP. Cousin was a conduit after empire city blast. Catholic by birth and good willed. Moved to Seattle after quarantine was lifted in empire city. Powers activated during empire city blast his it from his parents. Ran away from Seattle home and went into bidding during Seattle's first DUP occupation.

Neutral Personality(In depth): freindly, likes to help others can get serious if a situation requires it.

Hero Personality (In depth): serious, friendly, compassionate, merciful, friendly, wise, good willed, willing to help those in need, calm.

Villain Personality (In depth): strick, remorse full and merciful to some degree.

Origin of Powers: empire city blast

Type of Powers: Energy Manipulation

Name of Powers (It has to be related to what your powers are) Teleportation, energy shockwave generation, energy shield creation, energy restraints, stun/ knockout blasts, can awaken the dormant abilities of potential conduits through blasts and physical contact, power amplafication, Healing.

Weakness (Like what your elemental weakness is…All Heroes or Villains need a weakness): activation of conduits via blasts can render character unconscious, activation of conduits by touch renders character exusted, power amplification negates characters abilities unusable for 24 hours.

Power level on a scale of 1 to 10(1 is meh…10 is destroy the ** the entire Neon District!): 7

Relationships: none

Neutral Clothes: blue jeans, blue jacket with white shirt underneath.

Hero Clothes black jeans, blue long sleeve tracjk vest and a white shirt underneath.

Villain Clothes: black jeans, red long sleeve track vest with orange shirt underneath.

Likes(at least five): helping those in need, heal injure people, stop thugs, rescuing civilians, aiding police.

Dislikes(at least five): criminals, bullies, currupt conduits, drugs, and littering

Neutral, Hero, or Villain, or debating between the three(?): Hero
Benjamin Foster chapter 1 . 2/6/2015
Benjamin Foster
sister two parents
wilkesboro NC
Black/ Curly/ Medium
Color changing Gold/ Green/ Gray/ Blue/ Black
tall semi-thin

History: He was gathering with others for a school picture he close to his friends and his crush not to far away; It was going well and they were about to disperse when he hears a whistle and looks up a giant blue ball of what looked like fire was hurtling towards them they run but are too slow then it hits. Ben wakes up in a hospital bed there is no one in the room and he takes in his surroundings he calls but can barely speak his throat is so dry he reaches for water at his left but can barely move and how he wishes he could have that water then he notices the shadow moving making a hand he notices gets scared and its pushed off a table alerting a nurse she looks surprised exclaiming " your awake!" she comes over gets me a new glass and puts me into a sitting position He asks " What happened is everyone OK!" The nurse replies: "Slow down you just woke up " OK how long have I been out " A week and a half counting today" WHAT is anyone else awake " yes your cousin Christian and your friend Dalton" can I see them! "Look to your right" He quickly turns his head and sees Christian in the bed across him "Wonder'in when you'd wake its good to talk to someone." Glad to see you to "I'll call your parents and tell them your awake" thank you. Chris, did you see what I did with the glass "Yeah how did you do that?" this is gonna sound crazy but I MOVED the shadow "No way!" Yeah I wonder if I can do it again; he looks around and sees the plant he focuses... A hand appears lifts the pot then sits it down. Whoa "No kiddin but dude watch this" Christian touches the monitor and a image of a pug licking the screen appears " Thats so cool" "I know watch this" he moves his hand and the image is dragged out of the screen into real life " This is awesome I wonder if everyone can do this" " I don't know but of so I wonder what we could do" Karma Moment: With this power we could rule the world but what would everyone think but if we gather and test our abilities maybe we find a use.
quiet, vengeful, intelligent
Heroic, justice, seeking, nice, outgoing
Villainous, Kill joy attitude, feared
He and his class mates were gathered for a picture when a ball of blue energy can hurling toward them and went so fast it hit the site dead on; a few survived others wounded Ben woke up when he found his power and made his karmatic decision
Shadow control, shadow teleportation, balls of blast shard energy (resembles blue fire)
Shadow scythe, Shadow blink, shadow bolt, ray sphere bolt, Shadow spike, Shadow shank, Shadow straight jacket, shadow control, blast fire, Shadow creation, Shadow summon entity, Blast fire missile (kama hama ha) Blast fire stream, Shadow take down, Shadow wall, Shadow toss, Shadow Crush, Dark ender Blast fire starfall.
Intense light
People who survived the blast other friends his sister
A black jacket with a blue and red plaid shirt underneath
A blue and black long sleeve shirt and blue beanie
A black and red robe with a black crown
Music, Friends, Reading, Kicking ***, Gems
Ketchup, Matt( Character), Chaos, Unfair treatment, Drugs
Benjamin Foster chapter 1 . 2/6/2015
Benjamin Foster
White family sister two parents
Wilkesboro NC
Black/ curly/ medium
Color changing Gold/ Green/ Gray/ Blue/ Black
Tall Semi-thin

History: He always new he was different but never why. First of all he is quiet but opens up around people he can trust and that was narrowed down a bit being that no one really likes him except for a small group of people. His powers where realized when he was young and had recently had a massive head injury the doctor was quick and stiched
willowcookie80 chapter 1 . 9/4/2014
Full Name: Willow Jade
Nickname: Crystal
Nationality/Race: White
Age: 16
Birthday: 01/01/2000 (The game is set in 2016)
Gender: Female
Family: "Mother: Pita Jade (Dead)" "Father: Jason Jade (Dead)"
Hometown: Seattle
Hair Color/Style/Length:
Eye Color: Really Light Blue
Height: I don't know... around Eugene's height
Body Type: Tube, if you know what that means...
Skin Tone: Pale, but not to pale
Anything Else: nothing else
History: (It's being told if she said it) One night my parents said they were getting divorced with no reason just came into my room and said it, But I knew why my father abused me all the time he said he never wanted me he kicked me and even punched me in the face, I was crying all night I didn't know if it because of the abusement or the divorce but I broke I raged and killed them I was only 7... I. I was a murderer the D.U.P came easily after that because I was all shaken up, when I arrived to Curdan Cay Augustine she tried to become friends with me, she tried to befriend me make me trust her, I was 7 so it was easy for her so we became friends, the years went by I got trained to use my power... but she didn't realise my power was so strong then one day I escaped and I was 16 so that was 9 years in Curdan Cay, I went to Seattle, I heard a D.U.P truck crashed with other conduits inside I was so happy because they were heading to Seattle to, but all I want to do is find peace.
Neutral/Hero Personality (I'm keeping them the same): Sweet, friendly, shy,
Origin Of Powers: I raged from my parents getting divorced and I got my powers (if there are none other ones you can use my story for the start)
Type Of Powers: Crystal
Name Of Powers: Crystal
Weakness: Fire
Power Level: 9
Relationships: None (you can make me friends with anyone)
Neutral Clothes: . (take out the scarf though)
Hero Clothes: . (take out the scarf though)
Likes: Nerdy Guys, Art, Video Games, Nice People, Crystals
Dislikes: Mean People, Fire (but not smoke), Laughing Gas, (I couldn't think of anything else but you can make 2 more)
(She goes from neutral to hero)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/28/2014
Name: Byron Rainer

Nicknames: Ron, snake, lazy ass

American: half-white (dad's side) half-Mexican (mom's side)

Age : 16

Birthday: October 9th, 1998

Gender: male

Family: Dad (dead) Mom (dead) cousin/surrogate sister - Serenity, captured by D.U.P. for being a conduit.

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Hair color/style/length: Wild super curly, dark brown hair that's kept natural

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5 foot 10

Body type: skinny and kind of muscular

Skin tone: Tanned skin

Anything else: really lazy and sarcastic and kind of nerdy

History: Lived a pretty good life till junior year when one day his family discovered that his younger cousin who lives with them has conduit powers, then the D.U.P. came to take her but his parents held them off, dying in the process while he took her on the run. The dup's eventually caught up with them in the forest near their hometown, resulting in Serenity being captured and sending Byron falling off a cliff into a copper head snakes nest and being bit by many of them . The result instead of him dying his conduit abilities surfaced and his body absorbed the venom healing his injuries and allowing him to escape. Afterwards he's been traveling around the U.S beating the D.U.P. down and looking for information regarding his cousin/pseudo sister's capture, the one who was in charge of it, and where she is being kept so he can save her.

Neutral personality: Laid back and irresponsible but knows when to step up when the situation calls for it, but becomes super serious when information on his cousin is involved, but is also a little greedy and will do almost anything for money so long as no one innocent is hurt or if it's illegal.

Hero personality: Very driven and responsible, but kind of careless. Will risk his life for any innocent and very determined to protect them.

Villain personality: Sadistic, psychotic, and obsessed with himself and money willing to do anything for it and will kill anyone who gets in his way. (Basically think of dead pool and greed from FMAB mixed together.) one more thing he is extremely lazy and will only do something if there is something in it for him.

Origin of powers: falling into a snake nest.

Type of powers: poison control (the poison looks like Cobras from fairy tail) The poison knocks enemies out and leaves them a little sick but nothing life threatening (Hero) leaves them with the equivalent of a black widow bite mixed with a copper head bite making them die slow death or Byron can make the poison act faster and kill them instantly. (Villain)

Name of powers: poison shots (small compressed balls of poison). Poison dash (turns into a wave of poison that travels distances and can go up vents or pipes.) Venom bomb (throws ball of poison that covers enemies.) Toxic bazooka (sends powerful blasts of poison from long distances that explodes in fire and poison on contact.) Venomous thrusters.
Karma bomb: Toxic whirlpool- creates giant wave of poison that collects enemies then transforms into a whirlpool going into the air then coming down on the ground grinding enemies into the ground before the poison separates into giant pieces of ball shaped poison and smashes onto the enemy exploding in blasts of poison.

Weakness: Water

Power level: 8

Relationships: Dates a conduit named Alexa who has sand powers and like him had her parents killed by the D.U.P. and met while on the run from D.U.P.

Neutral clothing: Where's purple shirt and a button up jacket with gray and black smoke like designs on it with a black star on the back with black wings connected to the back and grey baggy jeans, and grey shoes.

Hero clothing: grey leather jacket over a blue element shirt and blue baggy pants, with red shoes.

Villain clothing: black trench coat, over a red shirt with skull designs on it, and black jeans with combat boots.

Likes: Anime, Marvel comics, assassins creed, video games, reading, and, Rock music

Dislikes: Pop/rap music, arrogant pricks, dancing, haircuts, and being bossed around.

Decided to be Hero but when he gets very pissed off he does evil stuff.
StormWalker chapter 1 . 6/21/2014
Name: Jared F. Daímonas (F is short for Fotía)

Nickname(s): Lucifer, Fiery One, Flamer, Burning Dude by that one drunk guy, Fire Demon, and Savior of the Bios

Race: Englander

Age: 19

Birthday: December 13, 1999

Gender: Male

Family:Jonathan and Maria Daímonas (Parents), Samantha (Sammie) Ángelos (Adoptive Sister), Damon and Laurie Ángelos (Adoptive Parents)

Hometown: Los Angeles

Hair Color: Raven Black

Style: Combed Back

Length: Long/Shaggy

Eye Color: Grey with Yellow Streaks around the Pupil

Height: 6'0"

Body Type: Athletic

Skin Tone: Light Tan

Everything Left Out: Jared is a hardcore lover of horror, but he also secretly helped out his Conduit friends to escape the DUP before he became a Conduit. Also, he is lactose intolerant. He also suffers from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and his darker side is the reason he is called a demon. He doesn't have a religion, but still prays for luck and stuff like that.

History: When Jared was younger, he thought he had it good. Until his father brutally murder his mother and tried to hang him from their roof. Luckily, the Ángelos saw what was going on and stopped Jared's father before it was too late. That all happened when he was 7 years old. 3 months after that the Ángelos adopted him and he was welcome with open arms. The funny thing is, Daímonas in Greek means demon and Ángelos means angel in Greek. Some people would say angels and a devil could never live together. When Sammie introduced him to her friend Diane Roth at 14 years old, he thought that she was cool. Right up until she began to emit light from her body. When he realized that she was a minor Conduit, he freaked out for about a month and wouldn't talk to anybody. Then he thought that if the DUP got to her, then she would be screwed. So, he decided to help make her disappear. Other Conduits began to show up before long and asked for help. He went on like that for 2 years, helping hundreds of Conduits. But things slowly got worse. He started blanking out and waking up in different places then he remembered, and the DUP where finally catching up on him. And then the unthinkable happened. Sammie got in the way of some DUP officers, and they shot her dead for interfering. That's when he blacked out and Lucifer came calling. They next thing he knew he was cradling Sammie in his arms, crying. With dozens of charred corpses and burnt cars all around him. That's when he became a Conduit, the Fiery One.

Neutral Personality: He doesn't care about the affairs of normal people, as long as they don't make him mad and let Lucifer out.

Hero Personality: He is extremely helpful towards others and makes sure that no one is ever left behind. He also generally cares about people whom he doesn't even know personally. Lucifer is hardly heard from.

Villain Personality: Instead of Jared in control, it is Lucifer. He is a ruthless creature who doesn't care about anybody except himself. He is on a never ending quest to find and murder the leader of the DUP squad that killed Sammie.

Origin of Powers: he blanked out and the pure rage that followed from Lucifer unlocked his abilities. His anger turned into pure fire. He is also learning how to make different fires. (Sticky, Cold, Smelly, Nova, Hellfire, etc.)

Type of Powers: Can control, manipulate, absorb, withstand, and create fire from his body. He requires previously absorbed flames to use his attacks.
Attack Names:
Flame Bolt
Ice Burn
Demon's Rocket
Smelly Blaze
Sticky Hook
Nova Blast
And the ultimate power: Demon Form, which literally means he turns into a devil with fiery horns, wings, claws, and tail.

Name of Power: Pyrokinesis

Weaknesses: Water. Duh. (And all dairy products)

Power Level: 8-9

DUP: Vilified
Conduits: Liked
Citizens: Depends on if he is Hero or Villain.
Best Friend: Max Argenta, thief-extraordinaire and decent-enough-shot (On a good day)

Neutral Clothes: White long-sleeved unbuttoned button-up with rolled up sleeves and grey undershirt. And tan skinny jeans with a silver chain hanging off of grey belt and sticking out of pocket. Also has grey shoes on with white highlights.

Hero Clothes: Green Army jacket with a blue undershirt. Dark navy jeans with a golden chain hanging off of a green belt and sticking out of pocket. Also has green shoes with blue highlights.

Villain Clothes: Black leather jacket with maroon undershirt. Black jeans with a bronze chain hanging off of maroon belt and sticking out of pocket. Also has maroon shoes with black highlights.

Likes: Meat, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, video games, and his motorcycle, Carla.

Dislikes: DUP, bullies, alcohol, his father, Lucifer, water, milk, and his old douche neighbor, Victor Crowell.

Alignment: Still debating between Hero or Villain, but is currently Neutral.
DaEpicNinjaa chapter 1 . 6/11/2014
Sorry, I left some info out. My karma bomb is Shadow Realm and what happens is that shadows overtake the surrounding enemies and sweeps them with shadows. He is a Villan
CyberKrank chapter 1 . 5/5/2014
Name: Kyle Roosevelt
Nickname: DJ Kyle
Nationallity: Californian
Age: 15
Birthday: December 11
Gender: Male
Family: Unknown Parents (Status, Unknown, individual believes deaceased) Sister Jessica Roosevelt (Status Deceased)
Hometown: San Diego, California, USA.
Hair: Hair colour will change based off Karma. It is shaggy though, covering head, back of neck, ears, and forehead.
Eyes: Colours will change based off karma.
Height: 5'9.
Body Type: Average.
Skin Tone: 99% pale, 1% tan.
Anything else: Wields a sledgehammer which he coats his powers in (like Cole's Amp and Delsin's Chain)
History: His parents abandoned him and his sister (who had Moon powers) once they found out who they were. Sooner than later, the DUP got to them. Using their new "torture device" codenamed B.A.D (Bass Anatomy Destroyer), they killed his sister, but activated Kyle's powers. After barely escaping, he seeks to destroy B.A.D and every other DUP agent.
Nuetral Personality: Extremely Cocky and Arrogant. Loves his powers.
Hero Personality: Similar to Sonic the Hedgehog's.
Villian Personality: Same as Nuetral, to the addition to extremely destructive and selfish.
Origin of Powers: DUP torture device B.A.D (Bass Anotomical Destroyer)
Type of powers: Dubstep
Names of Powers: Bass Stream (Bolt Stream) Bass Rocket (Redirect Rocket) Ground Pound (with Reverse Gravitational add-on) Bass Thrusters, and Bass Dual Canon (like Neon Karma Bomb, but instead of many indivdual projectiles, it is two dubstep kamehamehas that destroy people. Requires ionic charge)
Weakness: Finite Drain Resources (can only drain dubstep notes, not the device it is coming from. He must constantly keep his phone charged to play melodies for extra energy)
Power Level: 7
Nuetral Appearance: Neon Red Sports hoodie over white T-shirt. Dark blue jeans with dark red sneakers. Blue eyes, black hair, and white Beats around his neck (chord under shirt).
Hero Appearance: Neon Blue Sports Hoodie over White T-Shirt. Dark Blue Jeans and Sneakers. Blue eyes, Blonde hair, and blue Beats.
DaEpicNinja chapter 1 . 4/30/2014
Name: Jayden Andrew Greshim
Nickname: Jay
Nationality/race: Canadian
Age: 18
Birthday: June 15
Gender: Male
Family: His mother named Alice Andrew and

his father Jacob Greshim.
Hair: Shaggy brown hair with reddish tints
and reaches the bottom of his ears
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5.12
Skin: pale
Body type: Skinny with a bit of muscle
Anything else:
History: Jay grew up in a small run down apartment with his parents, when his powers activated, his parents still loved him. The DUP arrived and they tried to take Jay, but he escaped using his shadow powers.
Neutral personality: Lazy, quirky and when he isn't playing video games, he is usually tired and cocky sometimes, when someone gives him a task, he takes forever to get it done and he is usually subborn and shy.
Hero: He is brave and selfless, he always helps people, even when it's a small task like getting a car from the tree, when people
are in danger, he defends them to his last breath. He has a sense of responsiblity and always knows what's right.
Villain: He is cold and ruthless, people chuck rocks at him when he passes by, he kills those who get in his way, he doesn't think twice about killing people and is selfish and only cares about himself
Origin of powers: he got it while he was playing video games
Powers: Shadow
Name of powers: Shadow strike, Shadow sneak, Shadow pulse, and the karma bomb is dawn of the shadow
Weakness: When he is exposed to uv rays, he gets hurt
Power level: 6
Neutral clothes: Grey hood and blue jeans and white sneakers
Hero clothes: Light blue goodie with a gold star on the back and light grey jeans with blue sneakers
Villan clothes: Dark red hoodie with a sword in his back dark grey jeans and red sneakers
Likes: Video games, tv, chocolate, tasty things, beating up DUPs and lurking in the shadows
Dislikes: jerks, tv hoggers, noobs, non tasty things and dying
pyrojack chapter 1 . 4/10/2014
Full name: Joshua W. Slough Nickname: Josh Race: Native American Age:16 Birthday: July 7 Gender: Male Family: Trevor ( half brother ) Age:18 Hometown: Highland,CA Hair: brown, recently cut short Eye color: brown Height: 6,2 Body Type: Built as if he ran track and been in weight lifting with his late father. Skin tone: Light-ish brown Anything eles : Has a scar on his fore head hard to see ( but noticeable via Evil Karma ) History: A local high school kid who had it easy in life. You know like good grades, no problems with some folks. N.P.: Dillegent when it comes to some of his 'gigs' ,Childish to try and make people laugh or for fun ,Serious for when things in his pov are bad or for some props. H.P. : Almost the same but more calm and open minded and keeps his word to help others. E.P.: Short tempered, crazy and lies to kill anything on site conduit or not. Origin of powes: Josh was on his way home when suddenly on the road was car speeding past red light ready to hit Trevor. He pushed him out of the way and held his hands out hoping it would stop. But instead of the hitting him he had metal out of his and knocked the car over. D.U.P found out that but got out of town with his brother. type of powers: metal manipulation powers names: sulfer (offensive power ) hyoctain ( turns into any limb into any shape of metal ) terminal velocity ( creats a large metal bomb to blow up) Weakness: water( only in metal form ) Power level:6 Relationship: A girl that does have a few things in common with Josh Neutral clothes: black tank top, blue jeans, and track shoes Hero clothes: White tank top, jeans, same shoes but cleaner Evil clothes: all black clothes with a black ripped up jacket Likes: games,storys,girls,running,telling jokes Hates:governments,racist,snakes,killing,sharks neutral, good , or evil : I am ... The Hero
PyroHunter16 chapter 1 . 4/7/2014
Full name: Hunter Isaac Huynh
Nickname: Hunt
Nationality: Vietnamese
Age: 18
Birthday: 4/7/2000
Gender: Male
Family: parents
Hometown: Malibu
Hair color/style/length: black hair like Anthony from Smosh with red highlights
Eye color: Red
Height: 6' 4"
Body type: Masculine
Skin tone: tanned
History: Born on 4/7/2000, lived a mostly average life until a bully pushed it too far and he let out a blast that absorbed the abilities of smoke, electricity, concrete, ice, neon, light, and video
Neutral personality: He's calm and patient.
Good personality: He's like his neutral personality.
Evil personality: He becomes arrogant and impatient.
Names of powers: Fire, lightning, concrete, ice, neon, video, light
Weaknesses: rapid amounts of bullets, precision water cannons
Power level: 8
Relationships: Had a crush on a girl named Hailey back in Malibu
Neutral clothes: Gray hoodie, vest with a star, one side white, the other red, jeans.
Good clothes: red hoodie, vest with an all white star, jeans.
Bad clothes: Ripped black hoodie, vest with an all red star and ripped, ripped jeans
Likes: new powers, maintaining physique, Katanas, engineering stuff, augmenting powers,
Dislikes: Losing powers, not able to use powers, threats to goals, dying, being hurt
Mitchell Farr chapter 1 . 4/1/2014
Full name: Ryker Daniels
Nickname: Ryke
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 15
Birthday: October 22
Gender: Male
Family: Older brother and caretaker, Ed
Hometown: Chicago
Hair colour/style/length: short straight brown hair, parted to the left
Eye colour: green
Height: 1m 65
Body type: thin and lanky
Skin tone: pale
History: His parents were from Canada, but he was born in Chicago. His parents were suspected Conduits and were murdered by protestors. He lives with his older brother, Ed, who is 21 and has a job for everyday of the year.
Neutral personality: doesn't care what happens as long as it doesn't involve him. Shies away from responsibility and always takes the blame for others' actions.
Hero personality: involves himself in everything. If he sees something, he participates in it. He refuses to not be a part of something.
Villain personality: snaps at anyone who tries to involve him in something. Shifts all blame onto other people. If he sees something, he decides how it ends, and it ends that way or else.
Type of powers: control over willpower, the ability to drain someone of their will to live/fight, ability to convert others' thoughts into pure energy to create a shield or bomb.
Name of powers: Willpower
Weakness: video, due to the lack of emotion in the attack
Power level: 8
Relationship: had a crush on a girl, but never acted on it. The girl eventually moved away. No one since
Neutral clothes: white shirt, grey hoodie and grey jeans
Hero clothes: bright blue shirt, white hoodie and blue jeans
Villain clothes: dark red shirt, black hoodie and black jeans
Likes: knowledge, control over surroundings, order, quiet, and reasonable people
Dislikes: crowds, irrational behaviour, loud people, the colour green, and biased opinions
Neutral, hero or villain: neutral
Undead Oscar chapter 1 . 3/28/2014
Name: Jake Alexander
Nickname: Jakey
Nationality: British/Japanese
Age: 21
Birthday: June 18
Gender: Male
Family: Yumi (Mother) and Justin (Father)
Hometown: London, England
Hair Color/Style/Length: blonde / messy/ Short
Eye Color: green
Height: 6'3"
Body Type: slightly muscular, tall
Skin Tone: pale
anything else: Has a tattoo of the Japanese symbol for warrior on his right hand and the symbol iron on his left they both glow blue in good karma but red in bad karma. A bunch of scars on his back from all the beatings he took. He has dark rings around his eyes in bad karma.
History (Be Detailed):Jake had a bad life because of the fact he was half Japanese and being a computer nerd. His mother left him and Justin when he was 9. As a result his father got into heavy drinking and would beat him. When he was 16 he ran away from home and traveled all over the city trying to get enough money to get out of the city and find a new home. When he was 18 he grew into a huge depression, which he solves by drinking or playing computer games.
Neutral Personality(In depth): quiet, depressed. Prefers to avoid people than to talk. Has a alcoholic problem. He is also antisocial as he puts on headphones to avoid having to talk to people. Hates talking about his past. A complete computer nerd.
Hero Personality (In depth): More cheerful as he became someone who people will look up to and not some drunk looser. He joins conversations more often. Less of an alcoholic as he was when he was younger. Still a computer nerd.
Villain Personality (In depth): has completely gone full on crazy, loves attacking random people even he doesn't know them. Drinks super heavily.
Origins of powers see above: Jake walked out of a bar once drunk when he was 19 and walked out on to the road which caused a police car to steer of the road and crashed which caused a massive explosion.
Powers: Can someone creatures from TVs and computers
Name of Powers: Summoning
Weakness (If using to much energy leave him weak and defenseless ): It takes time for him to summon up a creature. Doesn't know much self defense. Can leave him weak.
Power level scale: 7
Relationships: He stays in contact with an old friend back in school who now lives in India.
Neutral Clothes: A black hoodie with the words 'GAME OVER' on the front, a pair of rectangle glasses, dark blue denim shorts, red trainers and a dark green t-shirt.
Hero Clothes:A white vest with a blue stripe down the middle,rectangle glasses ,dark blue jeans and a pair of black boots.
Villain Clothes: A Black t-shirt with a fireball on the front, a red jacket, dark green jeans and black boots. Doesn't wear his glasses anymore.
Likes(at least five): Sushi, playing video games (especially RPGs), beer, music.
Dislikes(at least five): bullies, his family, bugs, water, racism.
Neutral, Hero, or Villain, or debating between the three(?): Neutral
Shadowfire123 chapter 1 . 3/23/2014
Name: Jodie Waters
Nickname(s): the angel of darkness and The Disappearing Act
Nationality/Race: French(on mother's side)/American(father's side
Birthday: 04/06 (6th of June)
Gender: Female
Family: Mother(deceased) Father(unknown) younger sister Kayla(10 years old)
Hometown: New York
Hair color/style/length:black shoulder length hair that is parted at the side with electric blue tips that turns crimson when using bad karma
Eyes: dark pupils with light blue eyes that turn dark red when using bad karma
Height: 5'8
Body type: slim and is slightly muscular
Skin tone: has a slight tan
Anything else: has a small faded scar on her right eyebrow(she got it from her father cutting her face with a knife when she was 10) that becomes more noticeable when using bad karma and has a black tattoo of a peace sign with angel wings that turns bright red when using bad karma
history: Her mother died when she was 8 in a car accident causing her father to go to the bottle as a coping mechanism which caused him to become abusive towards her and her baby sister, social services got involved when she was 14 throwing her father in jail and relocating her and her sister to a orphanage which they had to flee when she was 17 due to Jodie letting lose her power by accident on a group of girls who were picking on her sister, she lived on the streets with her sister for a couple of weeks( Kayla was nine at the time) until they were attacked by a gang, Jodie managed to fight them of with her powers but Kayla was nearly killed in the fight so she had no choice but to leave her at a thankfully nicer orphanage until she could make ends meet, she has lived on the streets ever since often seen by the public making graffiti in order to stop the racism of the conduits
Neutral personality: is a loner who rarely talks to anyone but is naturally loyal and protective of the conduits, however she is quite cocky and occasionally voices how wrong (or messed up as she calls it) the humans treat conduits as if they are monsters, she would only kill if she had no choice
Hero personality: is more open with those around her, shows no hate towards humans despite their views about her and the conduits, sees other conduits as family often helping them out if there in a jam, she would only kill the worst types of criminals such as murderers and rapists
Villain personality: will become increasingly short tempered and cruel to those around her, she will kill anyone who she sees as an enemy conduit or human and becomes extremely manipulative in order to get what she wants
origin of powers: her powers developed over time becoming apparent when she was 16
Type of powers: she can manipulate and become shadows at will(she becomes a shadow be disappearing into the ground causing her to take on the form of a shadow), she can fire shadow projectiles that are like homing missiles, can transform her shadows into fire the only difference being that it is black and can levitate for a short period of time
Name of powers:shadow missiles( the shadow projectiles), Shadow sneak( her becoming a shadow), Black fire( her shadow fire) and shadow wings( her levitate ability)
weakness: her attacks drain her energy because they need quite a lot to perform and her powers are weaker in the day but more powerful in the night
power scale level: 7.5
relationships: maintains a good relationship with her sister( you can put her in the story or just have her mentioned) and hates her father for what he did to her and Kayla, (you can give her a boyfriend or love interest later on in the story if you want)
neutral clothes: her signature black tank top with white angel wings on the back, dark blue jeans, black leather boots, two silver stud earring in each ear with her mother's wedding ring as a necklace around her neck
hero clothes:her signature black tank top with gold angel wings on the back, light blue jeans, black leather boots,two silver stud earring in each ear with her mother's wedding ring as a necklace around her neck
villain clothes: her signature black tank top with red angel wings on the back, black jeans, boots, silver hoop earring in each ear, also has a lip ring and does not wear her necklace
likes: reading(both comics and books), Black Veil Brides, playing video games, Italian food, parkour and making graffiti
dislikes: crime, racism, sexism, idea her sister and friends could be hurt or killed, the color pink and child abuse due to living through it herself
neutral,hero or villain: hero
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