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babymorris chapter 21 . 8/13/2018
I hate some of the scenes I admit. But, the story really grown on me until the end. I'm including this fic to one of my fave. Congratz!
Concolor44 chapter 20 . 7/6/2018
That was an EVER-so-fitting end to that useless waste of skin and hair. Now he is no longer using up someone else's oxygen.

Cool story.
Dishon 3 chapter 21 . 2/23/2018
Amazing story! I’m glad that I got the chance to read it all
RexCaldoran chapter 21 . 8/1/2017
Ok I love this story. spend half the night just read this wonderful story. (Who needs sleep ;p )
Cloud Auditore Fair chapter 7 . 5/17/2017

But so well written and I adore your chacterizations
Cloud Auditore Fair chapter 6 . 5/17/2017
Gosh my feels
Cloud Auditore Fair chapter 5 . 5/17/2017
Well that went about how I expected lol
Cloud Auditore Fair chapter 4 . 5/17/2017
I'm suspicious.

But fuck, so cute
Cloud Auditore Fair chapter 3 . 5/17/2017
I fucking had to take breaks because of how cute this was.
Cloud Auditore Fair chapter 2 . 5/17/2017
/squints at Elisa

Love your style here
RtDK chapter 4 . 2/14/2017
Let's see if we get a bit more insight into what's been happening behind the throne room doors. I'm still curious to see what else has been nagging at Elsa's subconscious. It seems to be implied that there's more to it than just her... 'sister-issues', as it were.

Let's find out.

*"My queen, they've arrived," he proclaimed.*

Guess we're finding out *soon*.

*"Oh, and Kai?" She waited for him to turn and face her. "Anna mustn't know about this. Not yet."*

...I'm getting the inkling of an idea now. This wouldn't happen to have to do with a stone-less backstabbing douchebag from a short time ago, would it?

*Briefly closing her eyes, she attempted to bury the guilt she felt well up at her decision to hide her meeting from Anna, but it was hopeless.*

Yeah, this is going to come back to haunt her soon. I don't imagine that Anna will take too kindly to being shut out again, even if Elsa did it with her best intentions in mind.

Secretiveness hasn't been well-received so far, and the fact that Elsa is intentionally going behind her back will be even less so, I think. Anna seems to desire an open relationship with her sister, and if Elsa continues to protect her, in spite of her best intentions, it will continue to be a dividing line between the two of them.

Learn to trust your sister, Elsa.

*But Elsa had stopped listening. Her ears were ringing.

*Hans stood less than three feet from her.*


*"Prince Karl, of the Southern Isles," he finally said.


*Not Hans.*

Oh... okay, then. So, are we talking twins, or what? Otherwise, I would just assume a familial resemblance. Can't blame her for freaking out, though I do wonder how on earth she was able to keep her powers under control in his presence...

*Elsa pulled her hand from his grip. "Thank you, Prince Karl, but..."*

"Sorry only counts in kids' games."

*She was hiding the sudden wave of fear behind a veil of hostility and she knew it.*

This is going to come back to haunt Elsa at some point. Bad guys always have a way of sniffing out weakness, and if Elsa can't face her fears of this guy, I'm positive he'll come back and use it against her...

So *this* is the conflict.

*"Gentlemen. As you may know, Arendelle suffered a rather harsh winter this year." ... "As a result, I'm sure I don't have to explain the kingdom's immediate need for a trading partner, especially one that is willing to accept - how shall I put this - a rather *delayed* shipment on our end."

Ah, so this is where it comes in. This is where Elsa's armor will fracture.

*"Arendelle would be most grateful to the Southern Isles if you would accept the following offer," she took a deep breath. This was going to be a hard sell. "Allow us to forgo a shipment this year, and we will send triple the goods owed to you in the next."*

Ouch. Groveling on your knees to a bitter enemy for the good of your people. Elsa, you are a wise, just, and good queen.

I'm sure Anna's proud of you too... or will be, as soon as she finds out.

*"We accept your proposal, Queen of Arendelle."*

Say wuuuuuut?

*"It seems the only respectable course of action, considering what transpired between you and my brother," he continued.*

Ah. That might make some sense. If doofus here wasn't sent on behalf of the king of the Southern Isles for revenge, I suppose it would stand to reason that he might send him for the effort of making peace with Arendelle's monarchy and restoring their alliance.

Still... that seems rather sudden. The agreement came about quite quickly, as if he knew he would be agreeing with whatever she proposed.

Watch out for treachery, Elsa. It may run in the family.

*The blonde grimaced. How could she have forgotten? Anna was completely unaware of the visiting prince.*

I can't help but wonder if this Mister Nice Guy has ulterior motives. Subvert the Queen, marry into the royal family, and take over the kingdom? What's his angle here? He can't just be that altruistic. I am immediately suspicious of him. And in spite of Anna's gullibility, I'm willing to bet she will be too...

*Locating Anna wasn't hard.*

Just leave some chocolate out in the foyer. Works every time. Elsa learned that in their childhood.

*The redhead was cooing softly at the duckling she held in her arms, and Elsa's heart melted.*

That's not a dangerous condition for the Snow Monarch, is it?

*She could see why Kristoff had fallen for her. Unfortunately for the poor, well-meaning man, Anna had adamantly expressed to him that whilst she was so grateful for his selflessness in their attempt to end the eternal winter the blonde had created, after what had happened with Hans, she was just not ready to be with him in the way that he yearned for...

*"She loves *you*, Elsa. More than she could ever love me."*

Kind of awkward to be competing with your love interest's sister, I would imagine...?

At least he took it well.

*Elsa melted all over again.*

Anna! Stop it! Your sister's going to combust!

*Elsa sat up a little straighter. "Actually, that's why I came to find you. I need to tell you something."*

Uh oh. Big-Girl talk incoming.

*The redhead furrowed her brow at the serious tone with which her sister had spoken. Cocking her head slightly, she wordlessly implored her older sister to continue.*

There is a great disturbance in the Force...

Aaaaaaand of course Anna reacts just about like I'd expect a protective sister to react. I mean, no big deal, right? Hans had only tried to run Elsa through and steal the throne of Arendelle. Chill a little bit, Anna.

Of course it's natural for her to feel the anger of being blocked from protecting her own sister, at least in her own mind.

*"No, don't 'Anna' me! Is this what has been bothering you the last few days?" Elsa didn't want to lie. It had been *part* of why she had been so tense recently, but the other reasons... she wasn't even willing to admit them to herself, let alone her sister. So she simply nodded, but the redhead continued to berate her.*

Ah, so I was right.

*"*You were the one that said we were 'never closing the gates again', didn't you? Or did you only mean the castle gates, and not the ones between us?"*

Hate to side with the angry party, but Anna does have a point. Anna's a big girl, and she knows how to take care of herself as she has so demonstrated multiple times. Elsa should show a little faith in her, so I can understand Anna's frustration.

*"Arendelle suffered heavily at my hands. We have barely any crops. Most of our fishing boats are beyond repair. My people are almost starving and I *caused* all of it! Even if I weren't Queen of Arendelle, I'd have to make it up to them!"

Ice boats come to mind. Could you perhaps push back winter a few extra months to extend the harvest season? (Seriously, I don't know if that's within her power...)

And again, we come to the guilt. But at least it's fair guilt. Elsa isn't just apologizing for apologies' sake, even though you could technically lay the damage she did at the feet of her parents.

Regardless, it's fitting that she feel responsibility to repair the damage she caused, even if it was accidental, and to care for her people. Elsa, as I have said, is a good queen.

*"...And as long as I live, Anna, I will *never* let anyone hurt you like that again. I swear it."*

So part of it was an overbearing protective instinct, born of her own wounding of her sister in the past.

*"I don't deserve you," the thought slipped out without her realizing.*

That seems to be a running theme with Elsa, and probably the core reason for why she makes such a humble, personable, compassionate queen. She doesn't feel as though she's inherited anything. She hasn't earned the right to her throne yet. She must demonstrate the ability to rule through kindness and wisdom, not through blood alone...

...though, not that blood will mean much to Elsa in the end, anyway. ;)

*Anna blinked. Then laughed. The blonde looked up in surprise. "Yeah you do, silly. You built me a real live snowman, remember?"*

"You gave me a child. Remember?"

No, seriously. If you think about it hard enough, Olaf is kind of like a kid for them, given how they made him together. I'm not entirely sure why Elsa finds it ridiculous - though perhaps she just didn't take a moment to contemplate the meaning of Anna's words.

At least Anna seems excited for the party. That part of her wasn't damaged. It's nice that the two girls at least have an understanding for why the other does the things they do - particularly Anna for Elsa, whom has spent thirteen years protecting her in her isolation. It would seem to me she would never doubt her sister again.


RtDK chapter 3 . 2/14/2017
Chapter Two, then! If it's anything like the first, then this should be an equally pleasant ride. Now, where do we go from here...?

*[Anna]'d been awake since bidding her sister goodnight; a good four hours prior. Snippets of their conversations earlier in the day floating around in her head like the snowflakes Elsa sometimes conjured to amuse her.


Sis is on the mind, lately, it seems. Anna seems to really be concerned with what was bothering Elsa in her quarters. Elsa's evasion probably didn't help. And the fact that she'd been shut out for over a decade probably makes the worry all the worse. Anna likely doesn't appreciate feeling a throwback to the "keep away" atmosphere. At least we can understand her antsiness.

*It was no use. The tiny walls she constructed in her mind to keep the thoughts out were all but decimated by the tour de force that was her older sister. Even as an intangible presence the queen was too powerful to stay relegated to the sidelines.*

And we get more of Anna's anxiety. Her sister has just come back into her life. She cannot imagine having her pull out of it all over again. She's become so integral again after all these years that she can't stand the thought of losing her.

*...she wrenched it open a little more forcefully than intended,...*


*Despite the queen's assurance that Anna was welcome at any time, the younger girl had experienced too many years of staring at a locked door, willing it to open, to be completely convinced that she could just waltz into every corner of Elsa's chambers unhindered.*

And the damage from her separation remains. That loneliness continues to haunt her.

You know, I can't help but wonder if the two sisters ever ponder on any bitterness they may have for their parents. They may have had the best intentions for Elsa and Anna, keeping the two safe and hidden, but in the end it wound up backfiring. Do the sisters ever feel anger for the ultimately wrong decisions their parents made? I wonder.

*Letting her hand drop slightly, she unclenched her fist, and tried to delay knocking by inspecting the door's design.*

Still haunted. Ever haunted. Always haunted?

*...Anna noticed that each snowflake was subtly different to the others. A rush of affection for her sister flowed through her as she realized that Elsa herself had done this...

*The redhead smiled softly, knowing that even if it were only for a few hours of her isolated existence before becoming queen, her sister had found beauty in her unusual powers.*

A beauty within to match the beauty without?

*Anna was startled out of her trance-like admiration for the door when she heard a frustrated grunt and the sound of something shattering. Not bothering to knock, she pushed open the door and nearly stumbled over a pacing Elsa.*

Again, the urgency. The worry and love she has for her sister trumps the separation anxiety.

*"Anna?" she questioned. "What are you doing up so late?"*

Unusual question.

I would have expected something more along the lines of, "What are you doing here?", but it seems that, at least on some level, subconscious or not, Elsa was pleasantly surprised - and probably happy - that Anna came for a visit.

*Shards of ice littered the floor, and an icicle was still embedded in the wall.

*"Working on some target practice, I see," she quipped, dodging her sister's question.*

Seems like Elsa's not the only master of icebreakers!


So, Elsa's spearing the wall now? Just how immense is this frustration she's dealing with? I can't help but wonder if it's something more than just her (eventual) feelings for Anna?

*"And as your younger sibling, I should probably just be glad it isn't me-" Only once the words were out did Anna realize exactly what she had just said.*

Open mouth, insert foot.

*"...And from what Hans told me about his older brothers-"*

Aaaaaand there's the other foot. Anna could stand to learn to think before she speaks.

*The blonde turned back around to face her sister, a blush coloring her cheeks. "How did you know *I* carved them?"*

"Same way I knew you were the one that stuck that icicle in your wall."

*Her sister was convinced that no one in Arendelle believed she was capable of anything more than destruction or terrifying weather.*

A sad, lonely existence the Queen must live. Not to worry too much, though - Anna's here to save the day with her adorkableness and hugs! Mostly the hugs, though. Hugs fix everything.

*"I know *you* carved them, because there's no one else in this kingdom who could create something so wonderful."*

Verbal hugs work too.

*Until she stepped backwards out of the embrace, placing her hands behind her back and simply said, "I made something for you."*

Ultimate "Psyche!" snowball coming up?

*She watched as her sister appeared to move her hands slightly, and after a beat, brought them back in front of her body. She continued waving one hand over a small, hollow sphere of ice in the other, and the redhead leaned closer, trying to get a better look at the object.

*Slowly, the sphere became larger, and Anna watched as a tiny ice-Anna appeared in the center, apparently skating in mid-air. Soon, an ice-Elsa materialized alongside her...*

I like the symbolism of Anna coming first, with Elsa's own persona following after. It's a nice, solemn representation of Elsa's life, and how Anna is the center of it, and she prioritizes her over even herself. It's a subtle hint that seems to perhaps go over Anna's head, at least for the moment.

Given how Elsa locked herself away for thirteen years all for Anna's own safety, even in spite of her desire to see her baby sister, this seems like an appropriately beautiful and sincere gift.

*She held the snowglobe out to her younger sister nervously.*

And even now, Elsa doesn't know where she stands with her own little sister, or how her gift will be received. To her mind, she has given her sister a gift from the heart, representative possibly of how she feels. To think that her heart would have likely shattered like the glass if Anna threw it out.

Anna, of course, would never have done that. It does show, however, that Elsa, in spite of her regal nature, is supremely vulnerable and defenseless when it comes to matters of the heart.

*"It might melt if you stare at it too hard, Anna," the Queen joked. The redhead quickly extended her arms to move the snowglobe further away from her face, worriedly glancing at her sister.*

I could have passed over this moment as just a humorous example of Anna's naivety, but it serves as a superb example of just how much she cherishes her sister and her gift. Her desire to keep it forever is just concrete on the foundation.

I thought it was genuinely sweet that Anna, even in her gullibility, was worried that she might make her sister's gift melt. It's very sweet, and speaks highly of her character.

*"Now, I *know* you, so I'm nearly positive you haven't slept at all because you've been trying to work out what's bothering me, hmm?..."*

Wow. Elsa's sharp.

I also assume that she's probably come up with an excuse, or another way to skirt the subject until such a time that she's more prepared.

*Elsa gently pushed her in the direction of the bed. "Then *I'm* going to have to make sure you get some rest. Hop in, snowbug."*

Man, she's good. XD

I can't help but wonder if Elsa's powers include mind-reading, given the next few paragraphs too.

And we follow with snuggles before bed. If we could all only be so lucky...

RtDK chapter 2 . 2/13/2017
So, the first "real" chapter of the entire adventure.

Let's waste no time. Let 'er rip!

*For all the control Arendelle's queen exhibited over the rest of her life, her emotions were always on display in one form or another...

*Obviously today Elsa was tense.*

I like the visual implications of this. You give us just enough to imagine Anna marching up the halls, while a sideways snowstorm pounds at the window panes and outlines the world in white.

*"Elsa? Can I... can I come in?"

*The heavy sigh wasn't quite the response she was looking for, but the younger girl pushed the door open anyway.*

Anna - ever impulsive and vigilant.

*Elsa sat with her head in her hands at the huge desk that dwarfed the small room.*

I suppose this works, but generally, to my mind, if something dwarfs something else, it makes the other seem small by comparison. This wouldn't be an issue of itself, but if a desk dwarfs the room it's in, the room itself would typically be smaller, at least by this method. Though, I suppose the massive nature of the desk could make the room *seem* small.

Moving on.

*Anna hesitated before attempting to garner her sister's attention.*

Anna - also apparently in awe of her sister's regalness and majesty, but still persistent enough to want to spend some quality funtimes with her as well, in spite of her royal stature.

*"...Or, if you like I can fix a plate for your and bring it up here?"*

*"...I can understand why you'd rather hide up here if coming down to dinner means you have to listen to me go on like *this*."*

Anna - also realizing that she's a ditzy younger sibling that sometimes gets on her elder sibling's nerves. God love her. :)

[i]"What kind of queen would I be if I let my little snowbug wreak havoc in the dining room without me there to keep her under control?" Elsa teased.[/i]

"Snowbug"? I like that. It's cute. Granted, perhaps a bit out of character for Elsa to use pet names for her baby sister. I don't see her doing that often - she always seemed the type to embrace Anna's name given how little she likely got to say it over the decade and three years she was locked away.

[i]"Wait, what?" she questioned. A hint of stubbornness entered her voice. "I'm always perfectly behaved at the dinner table."

Her sister responded with a smirk. "Of course you are..."[/i]

Ahhh, cute sister banter. Like chicken soup for the soul. :D

*"Wait... war room?"*

I'm with Anna on that one. Something must be upsetting Elsa for her study to be turned into Nome, Alaska.

*"And then, Kristoff tripped over his pickaxe and fell face first into the snow! I've never laughed so hard in all my life, Elsa!"*

Yeah, Anna? Not sure talking about Kristoff is the best way to bond with your sister. Even if she weren't jealous/protective over you, the fact that Elsa doesn't have any way to relate to the story kind of leaves her out in the cold, so to speak. It might not be the most fun thing to talk about, but ask her about what's been frustrating her so much - given that the woman wears her heart on her sleeve. She might need someone to vent to?

*"Elsa?" she began, waiting for her sister to acknowledge her. The blonde glanced upwards and met Anna's imploring teal eyes. "What's wrong?"*

Good girl, Anna.

*"Oh no, don't give me that. You may think I'm juvenile and unable to understand these 'serious' matters of state, but I'll have you know-"

*"Juvenile?" Elsa interrupted. "I don't- you're not juvenile."


Elsa always has the perfect thing to say, somehow. And Anna knows just how to pry Elsa's lips loose... no pun intended. At least they're able to get each other talking... or to stop talking about silly things.

*"I never wanted anything more than to be close to you, snowbug. You know that, right?"*

Again, a cute line, but I'm not a hundred percent sure on the pet name characterization for Elsa. Elsa always struck me as the kind of girl to be raised razor-straight. Misters, and Misses and the like - first names for those with whom she was familiar. "Snowbug", while cute, just doesn't quite seem to fit her upbringing. I think Anna would be strictly "Anna", or perhaps on occasion, "little sister".

But heck, I may just be dwelling. Elsa may have lightened up slightly following the Great Thaw.

*"I want to show you that I can be your older sister *and* your queen. That I can run a kingdom and keep my people happy. Keep *you* happy. I don't know how else to show you."*

Poor Elsa is sounding like someone with the weight of many worlds on her shoulders, and in a way, she is. Where does her *own* personal happiness come into account, I wonder? I don't see her fretting too much about how she keeps *herself* happy. Alas, I suppose, the fate of queens...

*"Show me what?"*

"That I love you more than breathing, snowbug."

I wonder, will we find out that Elsa has felt her feelings for her sister since the Thaw, or before? Was it separation that drove her to want her sister ever more than she ever could? Or am I simply reading too much into this scene at this point and her mind is chiefly on matters of state?


*"You know what? I think we should skip the herring and go straight to dessert," the blonde whispered, with a roguish grin.*

An artful dodge. Though, to be fair, I'd skip the herring for dessert too... anything's better than fish.

*"You're lucky I'm so easily distracted by pastries," she pointed a finger in Elsa's direction, "but don't think I'm letting you off the hook. Something's bothering you and I'm going to make you tell me sooner or later."*

Even Anna sees through your bullshit, Elsa.

Don't worry, Anna. It'll come up again. :)

A good start to the story itself. I like the way you kept the issue of the story subdued, in spite of us knowing what it will be later on. I just have to pretend I don't know what's going through Elsa's mind at the moment.

Chapter two, ho!

RtDK chapter 1 . 2/12/2017
Okay, so... I'm a relatively recent convert of the Elsanna way. This is the first time I've read and reviewed such a tale, so bear with me while I get my feet under me. I take note that this story is complete, and have every intention of going straight through to the end. I'll provide my thoughts on every chapter as I go. So, that being said, let's get this little festival underway...

iShe heard the crossbow bolt thud into her shoulder before she felt it./i

...Ouch, much? So, yeah, nice way of getting our attention from square one. I always appreciate a highly tense starts for a story when a life is at stake, so you just scored an A for tension. Well done.

i"ELSA!" A desperate scream came from somewhere to her right./i

And now we know our victim. Off to a good start.

iThrough the ringing in her ears, she could hear the devil himself laughing. Or was it Anna crying?/i

I like the association that Elsa has between evil and Anna's despair.

i"Fine. It is yours," she proclaimed, in a deceptively steady voice./i

What are we giving him?

iThe man curled his lips up into a sinister grin and bellowed, "Then, as the new ruler of this pathetic kingdom.../I

Ah. Well, that's pretty grave. This dude doesn't seem to be a particularly nice guy.

i" first act will be to free these piteous people from living in the shadow of the fear you've cultivated here, monster!"/i

Yeah, definitely not a nice guy.

iAnd pulled the trigger./i

Yikes. Hope the string broke.

Okay, yeah. So, we're off to a solid start. Obviously a flash-forward, at this point, but plenty of room to open from. So, given we now know what's at stake, let's go forward and see how we arrive at this point, shall we?

Onward through the fog...

Londerland chapter 1 . 12/6/2016
I really wish you hadn't brought rape into this. There are so many other ways to prove Karl is evil. This just makes me sick. Sorry, but you lost a reader.
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