Reviews for The Witching Hour
Razell chapter 1 . 9/1/2017
Scary Hat is the best friend in the history of friends. And how can any woman with hat resist the combination of Scout's charm and utter awesomeness and Scary Hat's silent seductiveness? Together they are a true force-a-nature, unstoppable and unrelenting.

Scout on trick-or-treaters, 'I don't wanna share my candy with the little bastards!'

Miss. Pauling needs someone to go somewhere with her? 'Dibsdibsdibsdibsdibs!'

Miss. Pauling obviously knows that it takes years of patient training to domesticate the wild Scout, with his wandering ways, but, when you do, he becomes the most loyal of companions.

Abraham Mann. I agree with Scout here, is every member of that family a homicidal freak? Yes, that includes Paxton Hale. Interestingly, to me, anyway, I thought the battle with the skeletons would have been a perfect time to use the bat. It's easier to smash dry bones than shoot them when they're moving. Or, that's what I figure, anyway. I have absolutely no experience breaking bones or shooting anything or crushing skulls. I'm shutting up now.

At first I thought the body in the road was Sniper... Wait a minute, Sniper never did show up, did he? But they would have recognized him, and he doesn't drive a car.

Spy's helpful advice to Scout at the end was nice. His job requires discretion, even if it means he has to end up smelling like a 'French whore', as Scout put it.

Scary Hat and Catty Hat, a romance for the ages.
PillPopper chapter 1 . 12/28/2013
Wow. I love each and every one of your stories! They're absoloutely adorable. I look forward to reading more of your Scout x Miss Pauling! Never gets old ;) Although, I'd recommend that you'd fix a couple of things, for example, you use the same phrases too much, like "barely clear five feet in heels" (although it was really funny :P), and in my opinion, Scout is acting a little toooo sweet, cause in the "meet them" videos, he seemes more of an idiotic street boy, not an idiotic over-the-top lover. Keep up the good work , Measured!