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PoseidonPrince chapter 8 . 11/21
Not Bad
starstrike141 chapter 8 . 11/21
i'm loving this, wish you'd write more
Guest chapter 1 . 8/31
Harry:how can i effect change without the memory of living life dud all i need is on star for my mind giving me proper amount of time to prepare like months a chack list and hint/help proper training and a famly dud its like you want me to fail any of those would help the family thing they have to be good people with proper judgment ok
jabbarulez chapter 8 . 8/11
Ewoksfurlings? ROFL!
m ry chapter 8 . 8/1
great story, can't wait for more. please continue.
GreatZero chapter 8 . 7/16
Love this!

especilly the omakes
misherukuro chapter 8 . 5/10
Entertaining fic thanks for the rad. ~,~
AnnaDruvez chapter 8 . 4/26
I like this one! The omakes where he's messing with SG-1 are particularly amusing, though I half expected at least one of them to get the 'zerg' reference...

Anyway, I hope you do eventually pick this one back up again. (Though, I'm obviously not one to talk.)
Sashian chapter 8 . 4/22
Please continue this one. It's awesome. :)
Navn Ukjent chapter 8 . 4/21
Fun stuff so far.

I do hope that you are going to update again soon.
bill560682 chapter 1 . 3/22
you need to remember as far as anyone knows before jackson figures out the code they have no clue what they have as far as the stargate goes. all they know is that catherines father was working on this 50 years ago and that he brought it back from giza. for all they know it could be nothing more then a fancy clock. the way they would have found it the cover plate would have been on top of the part that spins so for all they know it could be nothing more then a spinning stage for plays. so toss them some old rocks and a few shiny beads and call it a day.
bill560682 chapter 8 . 3/22
don't forget harry has to have his dinner with cousin leo on saturday to go over the stargate plans. an if the stargate program has not started yet we may be able to get our hands on the gate for a few pretty beads an a rock or two as in an agreement with the national museum to loan america a few exibits in exchange for the big pretty rock for their king tut showing. all they need to do is claim it to in fact be an altar used kill young women to make the weather gods happy by burning the girl alive in the center of the circle. a little historic fairtales and a few rocks and beads an england can start it's own stargate program.

oh an i would have harry set up for when malfoy gives ginny the diary by having ninites put in all the deatheaters heads an once harry gets the diary BOOM all deatheaters are dead. that way even if tom does somehow get a body back he has no troops. an thereby we just set back tommy boys new war by ten years because now he has to worm his way into the new generation of rich purebloods pocketbooks. an you can kill of some of the ones in prison ahead of time an no one will think twice about it. an how you have your nanites find the deatheaters outside of prison is stake out the ministry check in points.

harry could have kreacher clean out all of the not really dark items in the come and go room also know as the room of requirements and fix any items that are broken and sell them all. since this room has been collecting junk for a thousand years then these items should be worth at least a million galleons if not much more, the books alone should be worth that much. he can then have that million galleons melted down and sold on the muggle gold market and turn it into about 250 million pounds sterling or sell it on the american market for about 380 million dollars then change the american dollars into pounds sterling and it would become about 300 million pounds sterling.

also have kreacher go to the trash demention since wizards use some sort of banishing charm on their trash cans to get rid of garbage it has to all end up someplace. so how about it end up in the trash demention, have dobby go there and clean it up and use his magic to fix up the items and sell them, then take the gold and change it into muggle money. think about it if the wizards have been using this same demention for trash for 500 years or more the amount of old parchment, ink wells, quills, and books dobby just needs to remove the ink from the parchment or the newspaper and put it into the old ink wells then we have fresh blank paper to sell to the newspapers and fresh parchment to sell as well as quills that are good as new and new bottles of ink. these items alone should make harry several million galleons which would become billions in pounds sterling. an any of the items who's protection charms have failed those things have likely rotted away and turned to dust which is dirt and we can sell dirt too. an the best part is you are giving dobby a job that will likely keep him out of your hair for years since people are always throwing stuff away, unless you need him for he will be busy for years to come.

selling galleons to coin dealers or pawn shops in the muggle world a million galleons could be changed into 380 million american dollars then into about 300 million pounds sterling. 300 million pounds sterling could be changed into 60 million galleons could end up being 18 billion pounds sterling after the gold is melted down and sold off. which could become 3.6 billion galleons. an if need be you could crash the muggle gold market by selling the 3 billion galleons an turn it into about 900 billion pounds sterling which would be 150 billion galleons after muggle taxes. an the price of gold would drop to almost nothing an once maybe a pound or two sterling an once. so if you take say 100 billion pounds sterling and buy 100 billion onces of gold certificates that will cause the market to go back up an if you dump that gold off at 200 an once 20 trillion pounds sterling which is about 4 trillion galleons. with that kind of money you could buy hit wizards to create your own army. you could offer them a million galleons each for a life-time contract an get 1,000 hit wizards per billion galleons. so you could end up with your own private army of 10,000 battle hardened troop ready to fight who ever you wanted. it would likely take all the aurors on the planet to group together to stand against an army that size. if there are a million witches and wizards on the planet less then 4% are going to be in law enforcement more like 1% so about 5,000 world wide. an as far as getting into the shops seeing as they are unlikely to buy gold coins from a kid use glamor charms to change harry's looks and make him look older and use magic to create a fake i.d.

an as far as getting this done without anyone finding out, well there should be about 50 wizarding countries in the world if not more and at least one magical bank in each one so just spread the money out threw different banks an countries like america likely have several banks. buy a million galleons here, a million galleons if there are 100 goblin banks world wide then that would be 100 million galleons just by going to each bank once. 100 million galleons would become 38 billion american dollars which would become 30 billion pounds sterling which would become 6 billion galleons. there an you can hire some of your hit wizards early on and have them do some of the money transfers for you.

an how would harry know about the price of gold? well his uncle of course who would whine about not having enough money to invest in gold do to his worthless nephew costing him so much money to feed and cloth.

we have harry use kreacher could have use the room of requirements to bring up the oldest and rarest books known to wizard kind an make copies of these books and sell them off for million galleons each, an yes i know they are only copies but when there are only 2 or 3 of a book in the world even a copy becomes worth a lot.

an we have yet to talk about land. i figure harry would own about half a dozen houses with large tracks of land around them. so if you hire house elves to build houses the muggle way but use magic to make the work go faster you could build 100,000 houses per property in no time. then you split the selling cost of the houses with the goblins who you have overseeing the job. so if the house sells for 300,000 that is about 100,000 for you and 100,000 for the goblins and 100,000 for supplies. so if 5 properties are done this way you now have 500,000 homes for sale which will make your share 50 billion pounds sterling before taxes. an if you keep ownership of the land and charge monthly land rent of 500 pounds a month that would be 250 million pounds a month in rent or about 2 billion pounds a year rent after taxes.
an how are these lands big enough for 100,000 homes plus roads is simple expansion charms are used on the land but with that being the only magic involved it should not be enough to short out muggle items.

harry could make tons of money if they made cheer candies. what cheer candies are is a candy that can be put into any food or drink that causes the person to say the stated thing every time they open there mouths. best place to start selling such an item is the world cup match. this way krum fans can drug the irish food and drinks to cause they to praise krum and the irish fans can can drug krums fans to cheer for the irish. the weasley twins and lee jorden should be able to sell 10,000 or more of those at that event, seeing as they get to the event about 12 hours before it starts. people will likely be buying 10, 20 or even 50 at a time to drug the other teams fans with. an after that event they can start selling them for every team by owl order an with world wide sales they should pull in a million galleons a year easy if not several million. you figure if there are 500 quittich teams around the world which is likely a low number and 10 games a season per team which is also a low number an a thousand people at each game who want cheer candies then that is 5 million candies a year sold. an we have yet to even talk about school sales of this item. if there are 50 wizarding countries world wide an each has a school quittich program an 4 teams like hogwarts then that is 12 games a year per school. so that is 600 games a year an even if you sell as few as 100 candies a game that is 60,000 candies a year. an we have yet to get into the idea of custom candies made to promote a businesses. an if you send owl order forms with the rest of your items on them you can easily double that number since you will have tons of people wanting the candies to make you sick to get out of class or work. selling the snack boxes at the world cup you will have every kid there spending every bit of their pocket money on those to use to get out of class. these candies are also great for those guys who do not wish to have to go see their mother in-law. so bringing in millions a year with this idea would be easy.

if the twins wish to start their business early on they can start with the patil twins from idia and sue lie and cho chang from china since they all likely have cousins back home which will get them started in those schools also during harry's fourth year you have the twins try to make contacts at the two visiting schools so now you have sales at 5 schools instead of only hogwarts. an if you need to pay the patil twins or chang or lie you can offer them one galleon out of every ten made from sales at that school up to 100 galleon max. an 95% or more of the twins business will be owl orders an if you do not count kids then the store in diagon alley would likely only get maybe 500
crocket chapter 8 . 2/16
brill omakes better than story
Purple Floof chapter 8 . 1/8

Purple Floof chapter 3 . 1/8
You mother fucker with your Redwall and Scooby Doo references... Okay, that's it, I'm done, you're an awesome writer and this story is amazing, no, don't even try to convince me otherwise, I'm reading this shit till there ain't any more and then I'll complain that you need to write more.
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