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libraryrockerr chapter 53 . 13h
There was so much strum-und-drang and true feels... and then I laughed a lot because Dobby got et. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR BEING AWESOME! ! ! ! ! ! I look forward to a Pippi Longstockings-esque series of adventures that evoke the shade of Pollyanna with every aspect of their being.


Yeah, it'll be nothing like that XD XD XD But hey, maybe the LITERAL shade of Pollyanna will be bound with unclean necromancy for the amusement of a pair of amoral tots.

Here's hopin'

Ev chapter 53 . 17h
I thought Rabbit ate Ebony Way. Oh well, I was wrong. Dobby is a good substitute, I suppose.
Guest chapter 53 . 18h
I am excited, I wonder what shenanigans Lily and young Tom will get up to? (Besides the ones we already know of course!) I feel very sorry for poor Dobby and also wonder if the other house elves are okay. Thank you so much for the update, it was really awesome!
Also, after reading another review, I also really wonder what Lily would do if Rabbit showed up in the past as well.
Nickzillakingofmonsters chapter 50 . 4/24
“It seemed to be about far more than their words, far more than Morgan, and maybe even far more than each other. No, both literally and metaphorically, Morgan imagined that they were seeking to destroy, in this one rage and hate filled moment, everything they loathed within themselves.”

I finished (catching up to) the story a couple days ago, and realized I never took the time to say how much I love that line. The feeling in this is so sharp that I can imagine something similar happening to me if I somehow met a younger version of myself and had crazy magic powers. God damn, what a line. You’re incredible.
Nickzillakingofmonsters chapter 53 . 4/24
Hahaha, of course he ate Dobby. That’s amazing.

Bring on the lackadaisical adventures through time! I’m hyped for the next arc so hard.
lunamoon531 chapter 53 . 4/24
Rabbit just gives off this knowing vibe, it was cool to see him have such a view on things in this chapter.
I'm really excited for this ark!
carolzocas chapter 53 . 4/24
Ahahha, love it to death ahaha, jokes
invasionofprivacy chapter 53 . 4/24
God, I never thought I’d love a horrifying semi-sentient being as much as I adore Rabbit. Poor Tom, he’s finally truly understanding the grasp that Lily holds upon his very existence. As sad as that is, I pity Lily the most, considering how she has to amend her future/past mistakes by literally going back into the past. It can’t be easy for either of them. Great writing, as usual!
BeggerAfterKnowledge chapter 53 . 4/24
Well, that's alarming.
Prabhleen Arora chapter 53 . 4/24
Lily went back
Baby Tom so excited...
Continue Soon
llamaninja7734 chapter 53 . 4/24
Sometimes, between updates, I forget how much I love this story. Then, I read a new chapter and remember how great it is.
Thanks for the update pham
Lunaliceazreal chapter 52 . 4/24
HeartlessVampireGirl chapter 53 . 4/23
Aw no not Dobby! I understand why but still! Ooh I can’t wait to see how the past goes with her in it. Poor lily tho. All this weight on her shoulders and she’s only 12. Will she ever go visit Death again btw?
K chapter 53 . 4/23
I know I love Wizard Lenin because he’s a crazed grouch who hates the world... BUT I CANT HANDLE HIM BEING THIS WAY TO POOR LILY!

I somewhat look forward to derpy adventure times because really I thrive on the angst though I hate it. Lenin’s inability to tolerate anyone disrespecting Lily except him also made my day. He does have a heart underneath it all. Ok, maybe I could use a dose of young adorable Lenin obsessing over Lily... Thank you as always for your brilliance, Muffin!

As a side note, I kept almost writing Lilith instead of Lily here because it’s an endearing pet name for one of my BFF’s Lilli. This isn’t important except it made me realize that Lilith would be a great pet name for your Lily as the mother of demons seems oddly appropriate for our Destroyer of Worlds...

TBH please ignore most of this review (ramble) written on the high of sleep deprivation except for the sentiments expressing your genius.
Silvanon of the Orchard chapter 53 . 4/23
I love that spiting Rabbit is the impetus for Lily to get around to the whole time travel thing. For a bit there I was worried that Trotsky was what Rabbit had eaten, sort of a revenge for messing with Lily's memories type thing. But it's true Dobby is much less missed.

And wow, I hope Lenin is able to eventually forgive Lily when she gets back, he was really desperate to hang on to that denial.
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