Reviews for Lily and the Art of Being Sisyphus
Guest chapter 30 . 8h
Okay. So , you've done a great job introducing Luna. Yes , she is strange , dreamy , and very quirky; however she is a hardcore conspiracy theorist who believes in things people can't see. Most people write her as this infallible ditzy seer who is cute and adorable and everyone has to love, oh and have you heard about nargles? So thank you, for a believable Luna introduction.
SernaJ chapter 48 . 10h
Seriously? I'm still the only one to have recognized it?
...that's just sad
Silvanon of the Orchard chapter 48 . 12h
It's odd to find myself sort of cheering for Rabbit. Lily is still wonderfully herself even with a different set of memories, of course, but Trotsky really just isn't quite Lenin. Though he is rather interesting.

Speaking of interesting, after this chapter I suddenly have some new (to me, anyways) ideas about the possible nature of Rabbit. I'll be very interested to eventually find out if I'm anywhere near right. XD
Elliot Green chapter 48 . 12h
I still ship them, even when they're cousins. Although fake cousins is definitely way better.
VickyNESS Z chapter 48 . 15h
And so the plot unravels... I can't wait to see what Lily does in the past - that Christmas side fic is finally going to make sense! Speaking of Christmas, this reminds me of A Christmas Carol, except I have a feeling it'll be a hundred times more surreal and confusing, lol. As for the future... ooh, I wonder what you'll write for that.

And in other news, DAMN IT TROTSKY. Still, I can't hate him, he's just too Lenin-y and I just feel really bad for him, because getting trapped in a notebook for 50 years probably does some serious psychological damage to one's mind. I loved the part where he saw Merope's photograph - was that inspired by leonide9606's tumblr sketch, by any chance? ;)

Hope you update this soon! I swear, the next time this is updated I'm going to have to reread this chapter five times, that's how confusing it's getting.
objectivepersona chapter 48 . 18h
I'm sort of lost with your story, I mean it was going great until the end of chapter 47. did Lockhart' and ergo, Trotsky die or was it that Lily was killed?
Relent1ess chapter 48 . 19h
He cares for her in his own strange fucked up way. But what he has done is unforgivable. And insane. Rabbit has given her a total of nine days in the past/present/future. I am sooooo excited. I have waited for the Lenin stories to make sense since chapter six I believe. I cannot wait to see what happens. And I must be feeling really forgiving today because I actually pity Trotsky. He just missed her and what he has done is wrong, but I just pity him so bad. I have so many questions. Why doesn't Wizard Lenin know Lily is his "friend" because Trotsky sure knows? I also find it hilarious that Rabbit is going to use Lenin (at least that is who I think he means, I mean there are so many versions of Tom laying/running around) to get Lily back. I swear you are one of maybe two authors that I just adore your side characters. I cannot wait till the next update! Thank you so much for this and I am sorry I have rambled and am all over the place.
zephanus chapter 48 . 21h
Sometimes I forget that you're an actual writer with ideas and plans and outlines and not just some kind of surreal story generator. I'm looking forward to seeing Tom's secrets revealed!
Guest chapter 48 . 23h
Honestly always bless u bless u
U do so much and I love it all
LunarCatNinja chapter 48 . 23h
I love it! ...Though I must admit to being confused from the sudden shift. It works well with Lily's own confusion.
lunamoon531 chapter 48 . 10/17
I re-read the previous chapter and unsurprisingly started to cry when I connected the dots with this one. I think what you've written is a beautiful and absolutely amazing, I keep getting re-amazed and I love it :)

Rabbit isn't very happy is he with Trosky/Lenin is he? I'm looking forward to what... he'll? It'll? Do *grin*

(I think I'm just in a good mood in general and this has added to it :)

Anyway, completely fabulous chapter!
Hope you have a nice day/night,
Lots of supportive love,

pucflek chapter 48 . 10/17
I have no idea what is happening (i mean i vaguely sorta do, but i dont want to make hasty conclusions). I guess that means that you still got it. Also, if i did not watch Mirai Nikki just yesterday, i would say Rabbit is the creepiest thing that i have ever seen. How do you even make something that shouldnt be menacing at all radiate so much menace.
RedQueenOfMine chapter 48 . 10/17
That's a very good and frustrating chapter. When I finally understood how Morgan was lied to Lily, I wanted to murder Diary-Tom, ya know? You write really well, it entrances you in the story...
Kwetwz chapter 48 . 10/16
Daughter of Trickery chapter 48 . 10/16
So I'm super confused about what just happened.
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