Reviews for Once In A Lifetime
Janet Warrington chapter 1 . 6/9/2010
I like your story very much. I came accross your story when searching the web for articles about the Frank Slide that included information about my Great-Grandfather, William Warrington. I note that you have included him in your story and the fact that his leg was broken and he was lifted out of the mine strapped to a plank, and that his family was killed. While you fictionalized the account of what may have occurred while the miners dug themselves out, I do like to think my GG was not alone and that he was comforted by those around him - well represented by your character Andrew.

On a personal note, William returned to Ontario and remarried, had 5 more children, one of whom was my grandmother Diana, born in 1912. It's chilling to think, but if the slide had not occurred, William would not have remarried and had another family, and I would not have existed.

On an editorial note, there is a typographical error near the end where your refer to William Warrington as William Wellington.

Keep writing. Best regards.

J. Warrington
mystlady chapter 1 . 9/30/2002
That was nice. It's rare to find fics on Rita and Andrew. Now, there's a guy that you wanna fall in love with. He is so committed to her and will wait for the end of the earth for her. ::Sighs dreamily::

A bonus as well since I'm from Toronto, Canada!

I can see you're a stars wars fan. I just came from reading Sailor Moon Crossovers and I came across reading Stars Wars/Sailor Moon. I thought it was okay except for the typical Darien and Scouts bashing when the fanfic writer wrote it.

Keep up the good work

~Myst Lady~