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NF15617 chapter 15 . 32m
Just finished reading the whole story and I love it so far. You have managed to create an awesome AU version of the 'Naruto" world while holding onto the feel of the cannon series. It is nice that you put so much time and details into the "little" things such as the working of the village and the back stories of the characters.

I enjoy your take on the relationship between Naruto and Kurama as many stories seem to overlook the fact that Kurama is an important character in the story with his own goals and desires. Going along with that line of thought, I was interested by the whole working of the mindscape. I am now really looking forward to the next chapter to see how all the pieces start to some together, though it will be a few months before the next chapter but I hope that I am wrong.

There were a few flaws, more oversights, that I found in the story. The biggest one that I can think of is how you changed the Uchiha deaths. I don't mind the plot behind it but it felt really rushed when compared to the other major events in the story. With all the other events and drama you built up the characters with their own motivations and reasons but with the Uchiha it seemed like Shisui had no development and there was no deeper reasons or connections that i could find with why he decided to do what he did.

Other than that though, your only other little flaws that I have found were with grammar and sentence structure, it is just a little weird when the adults are speaking about official matters. I learned to adjust myself to the style mid-way through the story but it sort of caught me off guard in the first chapter.

Overall this is a very interesting version of the Naruto world and I am really looking forward to the next chapter and the story as a whole. So many of the stories are about Naruto being the "best" ninja with powerful skills and a large harem of as many girls as possible. Those few others still focus on combat and action to carry the story, I like the fact that you have managed to create a story based around the emotional and physical development of Naruto and those around him. Your creation is able to keep my attention and compels me to read the next chapter without the use of flashy jutsu or intense action scenes, I keep reading because you have made the life of Naruto "real" by filling it with details and drama that amount to something believable.

This story is more than worth a favorite and now I need to go back and reread a few chapters as I kind of rushed through them to get to more of the plot and missed some things along the way.
Jo chapter 1 . 8/1
Truly unique.
Broken Ascendent chapter 15 . 7/30
Wolfkun chapter 15 . 7/20
I hope to read the next chapter soon. The thought of Mokuton in the hated demon child and the aftermath of Ino might be a shock. This is a very good story.
Kuraitsuki Tukiko chapter 15 . 6/30
Absolutely loving this story- I remember readinf it about fuve years ago, and now it's so much better! Hopefully it'll be continued-
Ecomadness chapter 15 . 6/26
Loving this chap I can't wait for more.
Wolfkun chapter 15 . 6/9
I am anxious for another part. This is a well written story with Mokuton. I'm disappointed in Jariya, though Shikaku seems to be level headed. I am hoping that the new part will show some more of Naruto's developing abilities.
Guest chapter 15 . 6/4
Why is 'Naruto' written several times throughout in binary code?
vampireharry the 2 chapter 15 . 5/13
I love this! I can't wait for more!
minitune chapter 15 . 5/10
Naruto just can't catch a break, can't he? I just hope Ino learns something from her forced intrusion becomes friends with Naruto. Otherwise, it may end up causing a further alienation between the village and Naruto.
hga chapter 15 . 4/26
You continue to be completely amazing in your world building, although so intense are your stories that it generally is a while before I want to read an update. A whole lot happening, with, of course, another event to get people more angered at Naruto. Or I guess two counting him schooling Inoichi; as usual I gather the Nara find it entirely too troublesome to be angry at Naruto for what he is.

I gather you can have Ino come out of this in any way you want, for example from fearing Naruto to being all over him, and either of those extremes or others would not particularly help him. Or maybe she'll be on her way to becoming a spooky Zen master. But, still, adding Ino to the game in at least a vaguely positive way would be good; we'll see what you have in mind in due course.
Marvinen chapter 15 . 4/25
This fanfic is made of sheer awesome! Long live Persnikitty!
Trace Reading chapter 2 . 4/20
Oh, no, please don't use the 10% argument.

You use 100% of your brain, all the time, even when you're sleeping.
Trace Reading chapter 1 . 4/20
I'm not sure I want to keep reading this if you're gonna go with the abusive villagers fanfiction cliche.

It really gets old after awhile.
Mantimeforgot chapter 15 . 4/19
So far I am enjoying the read, as this is a fairly well written piece of fanfiction, but the last two chapters have had me becoming wary of the ever more powerful Naruto. This Naruto is largely devoid of the weaknesses of the canon Naruto, and he is slowly growing so powerful that he can afford to ignore the potential ally of Jiraiya and no fault will come of that. He is still mired in conspiracy and ignorance like the canon Naruto, but this Naruto is taking steps to rectify the latter at an alarming rate, and the strength of a conspiracy is only as great as the power of the conspirators and the synergy of their talents. If Naruto can afford to ignore a Sanin, then in a few years he need not worry about anything Danzo can possibly throw at him.

I am left with the niggling suspicion that Naruto will gain an ally of Ino as a result of this mindscape episode, and with a loyal Yamanaka to help him train his mental talents I fear that Naruto would become unstoppable. Naruto already has incredible spiritual muscle on his side (Kurama hardly wants people to interfere with "his territory" and Naruto is much buffer in this respect than canon Naruto), and his physicality will start improving by leaps and bounds as he gets trained by Gai and other sympathetic Jounin/ANBU.

What challenges await Naruto if he can simply ignore every form of attack?

I do not intend these criticisms as flames to dissuade you from further writing; I instead hope that you address the concerns by either updating the capabilities of other actors in the world or by introducing more hurdles to Naruto's development.

Best wishes, and I hope to see further developments soon.
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