Reviews for Naruto: The Darkest of Heroes
Velial13 chapter 5 . 10/21
Yeah, that was shitty,
jouis chapter 6 . 10/17
eyyyy buddy ur gonna update rigggghhhttt I wouldn't wanna have to hurt ur pretty face
jouis chapter 1 . 10/16
no kakashi I'd inu as in dog he was dog anbu
Water-Soter chapter 6 . 9/27
OMG! AWESOMENESS! Very nicely done. I do love your version of the Naruto world. It's dark but there's some hope there that I like. It's not all brimstone and horror. I do like how your team 7 is growing. Watching how you're world building is very interesting. Not stammering Hinata. Naruto with a harder edge but still very much Naruto. Minato not the glorified saint everyone thought him to be in canon. What happened with Kushina like a scythe ready to strike when least expected. Sakura not a fangirl. Sasuke a more realistic version of his character considering what he went through in canon, the same for Naruto. So many, many wonderful things. Akamuru was adorable and I do love how team 7 interacted or didn't with the rest of the rookies and team Gai. As to what people are whining about not knowing what happened yet . . . it's called pacing, dear. Don't let them hurry you up. The pacing of your story is perfection. Things are supposed to be revealed slowly and when they need to be not when whiny readers demand it. So you go at the pace that you think you should be going at and the characterization and growth you think team 7 and the rest of your characters should be going at. This is YOUR story. You are the author and so far your pacing is great so I think people should just hold their horses and deal. Just my opinion.
A Fan chapter 6 . 9/22
This is great, love the new Naruto and his badass attitude. I don't mind the tense I still found it easy to read it, it was actually a binge read for me, I needed more and shit I still do! I'm craving this battle with Zabuza, it will be kickass and gruesome if previous battles give any indication. You just keep doing what you're doing just do it fast because I need more of this new 'blow me' attitude Naruto!
Love the story it can't be said enough and I think I speak for everyone in saying
saiyan prince1 chapter 6 . 9/20
Lol. That was a funny ending. Keep up the great work
KingKiger chapter 6 . 9/19
Okay after reading all 6 chapters must say the dialogue is great pacing is okay and character development thus far is good. Im sensing that Minato used Kushina when she found out she tried to escape with Naruto but was stopped labeled a traitor and imprisoned. I will say the dark spin you took on Minato and Kushina while refreshing it feels very uncomfortable which is a good thing in a way. I can only hope you don't turn Kushina insane or Minato into a pure Danzo 2.0 hopefully his motives are at least admirable. Overall so far this story is a 8/10 try to improve the pacing.
Concealed Convict chapter 6 . 9/16
Very interesting story, and a promising start. I don't have any sort of issue with the amount of back story currently being withheld. On the contrary, I quite like it, and will not have a problem as long as it's developed properly when introduced. I'm presuming it will be, given that the plot point with Kushina is going to start playing out soon. I'm not a massive fan of the present tense, but don't feel it detracts from the story much at all. It's definitely not enough to dissuade me from reading.
In fact, my one real criticism is that you've written "Kakashi raise his eyebrow..." in the second last line of this chapter.

Thanks for writing
Keep up the good work and update soon
Soluke chapter 1 . 9/14
Right off the bat I think I should tell you that switching to past tense from present tense will make this a lot better.
Occasionally Late chapter 1 . 9/13
Why do I find your fanfic so refreshing, of all adjectives?
RakCetGirl chapter 6 . 9/13
XD That last bit was good. XD Poor Team 7. They get to meet Anko for the first time. Does this mean that when the Chunin exams come along we might have some playful banter? :3 This is great though! I can't wait to find out more about the backstory!
Cerulean Knight chapter 6 . 9/13
Do you think Anko could give Sasuke a phobia of Snakes?
Will Naruto and Akamaru make up later?
s.k.f.f.f chapter 6 . 9/13
Very nice chap
Guest chapter 6 . 9/13
Shinigami Merchant chapter 6 . 9/13
I would have liked to see some Kushina this chapter but since you say that there will be some development in the future I have nothing to complain about.
It was a really good chapter, well paced and interesting interaction between team 7. I especially like the bit with Akamaru's mum that was inspired XD
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