Reviews for Naruto: The Darkest of Heroes
Thosa chapter 1 . 9/4
dude goddamnit I wish I could write half as good of a character that you wrote Naruto just now. Awesome first chapter.
ddentler21 chapter 9 . 8/10
Sounds like you've got some interesting new plans for the story, eager to see what you come up with
EddyxMarvoloxRiddle chapter 9 . 8/3
"Roguish and underhanded" is perfect for the Kage Bunshin. Many people have always used the Kage Bunshin to train their Naruto to Godlike levels in short times, but a Naruto like this could pair his bunshin with the Henge, and spy on people. Very rarely have I ever seen the KB used for espionage, which would make sense for this Naruto who is as you described, and would more likely than not send in a clone as opposed to himself in a situation that he would not know the outcome of. It really all comes down to the author, because honestly, even the Rasengan would be ok for this Naruto, but obviously not the other variations like the Rasenshuriken. The Rasengan doesn't make much noise, compared to the Chidori (which makes a ridiculous amount of sound for an "assassination technique"), granted it's not an assassination technique, but it still fucks up an opponent pretty bad, bad enough to still live in order to be interrogated for information later on. But those are just my thoughts. I eagerly await whatever you decide to do with this fic.
Silent Analyst chapter 8 . 7/1
Kushina hype.
tdfztdfz chapter 7 . 7/1
Love seeing actually Ninja thought from Naruto
Silent Analyst chapter 6 . 7/1
Good. Reinforcements make more sense than the clusterfuck that was canon.
Silent Analyst chapter 5 . 7/1
Interesting exam.
Silent Analyst chapter 4 . 7/1
Damn he never remembers that thing.
Silent Analyst chapter 3 . 6/30
Holy hell that was badass. Zombie shadow clones would terrify anyone.
setokayba2n chapter 9 . 6/16
Sorry to say but I have to agree... Sigh, The chapter 8 became too heavy, somehow in the ending I was forcing myself to read... Maybe because it was too long, mainly the only reason I forced myself is because Kushina, but really you put a heavy nearly 8.000 words, and only near 1000 or less for Kushina with nothing special. Maybe you should just think of rewrite it if you don't like how did it go.
Ecomadness chapter 9 . 6/12
That's a pity I actually loved how dark this story was.
Guest chapter 9 . 6/1
I'm pretty disappointed that this wasn't a new chapter, but am so excited to hear that you aren't planning to discontinue this story. Hopefully you finish the revisions soon, especially since I can't wait to see how your writing style has developed! Please continue to update this story. I'll be waiting. ;)
Noahendless chapter 9 . 5/31
I personally kind of like the gratuitously dark bits, because it's not like you're painting a dark depressing picture in an otherwise happy and bright world, you're painting a glimpse into a dark and horrific world, the world of child soldiers, the world of warlords and marauders, the world of bandits and rapists, all of whom typically get to continue their lives free of consequence under the guise that it is all to make their village prosperous over all others, and to make the world a better place.
The Purple Ouroboros chapter 9 . 5/29
The plot holes are there but the story idea is still great. Don't give up, your writing is amazing!
dementia found paranoia chapter 9 . 5/29
Must read this is an amazing story sure the kushina and minato part are well confusing now but it adds to the mystery of the story great story keep it up
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