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AnaBookWorm chapter 4 . 10/20/2017
Loved the story!
Natalie Rushman chapter 4 . 8/3/2017
He's cute being all nervous about seeing Thor. Makes sense, though.

"A clear mind denotes a calm spirit" Nice.

I know I mentioned it last chapter, but I love how he keeps stopping himself. This one, where he's remembering how Thor had come home from trips he hadn't known were happening was sad ;/ Poor kid. I think you handled that really well, going in just enough for the reader to feel it, but not enough to detract from the point. And it would make sense that that would be as far as Loki would let the memory go, too. Nicely done.

I like that that's when it becomes important for Thor to think he's dead.

The conflict he exhibits is wonderful. I love how FUNNY he thinks this all is, even as he feels bad about it. It's a really interesting combination that I think is very in-character for him.

The way you've written the conversation is really interesting. To hear Odin's words, and know it's really Loki and to hear everything going on in Loki's head the whole's kinda unsettling. But that's what it's like, when you're acting, and that's the point, here.

And I love that Mjolnir still tempts him, and how close you have him come to telling Thor. The fact that he thinks he'll never see Thor again makes that last bit make more sense. And I like how you explained Loki's knowing about that conversation Odin and Thor had. I mean, how the hell was he supposed to know that? Shame on the screenwriters/editors/whoever let that through. This makes sense. I also like that Loki doesn't understand Thor's decision. And the way you wrote how he drops the illusion, like a dare, is perfect.

I thought it was a good ending, actually. Hard to know where to go at this point, unless you wanted to go into some sort of AU. I think you'd have to see 'Ragnarok', or at least know where they went with it, before you could write any further and even pretend it went along with the movie canon.

The only thing I think I would have changed in this whole entire thing would be that I would have added more Frigga. I would have had him think about her more. But that's all. You wrote this to patch up plot-holes, and I think you did that phenomenally.
Natalie Rushman chapter 3 . 8/1/2017
"...when by rights he should have slit his throat and been done with it." I like that you've given Loki that edge, still. Most people want him either heartless or weepy at this point. This is much better. I have a hard time imagining Loki actually killing Odin. I have an equally hard time imagining him not seriously considering it.

Plus, you know, the fact that Odin's supposed to be in 'Ragnarok', and, thus is - at least PROBABLY - still alive. Though, when the goddess of death is traipsing about, one never REALLY knows.

I like the way you wrote the warriors three, especially Sif. She was poised and direct. While she's not a favorite of mine, too often she is portrayed wrongly, and I think you did a really nice job with her.

I think it's interesting that every time Loki starts spinning out, he stops himself. Wise, if he really means to keep this up any length of time. But still, it makes me wonder what's really going on with him. Which is probably fair. I'd imagine he has little to no idea himself.

"Imagine that. / The AllFather NOT showing favoritism." I laughed. That sounds like Loki. I could hear it in Hiddleston's voice.

Kinda wonder what DID happen to them, with Loki running things. He sent Sif and Volstagg to take the Aether to the Collector, but there's no indication what he did with Fandral. Only connection I'm dredging up is that both Sif and Volstagg threatened to kill him if he betrayed Thor, while Fandral mocked him on his landing. ...Not sure which I think he'd respond more poorly to. I could spin it either way.

My favorite part of this chapter was the last bit where he was talking to Odin. "It seemed irrationally unfair." Lol. And yes. I get that. Family is a strange thing. And the progression with all those things he wanted to say was perfect. Very honest. I especially liked the fact that he doesn't try to say any of it. He doesn't see the point. He's tired of it, or doesn't feel like he deserves it, or any number of other reasons that aren't popping directly to mind. Very relatable, for me. And the way you worded it, that "he no longer saw the point" highlights that he DID once see the point. It points out a change. Don't know why that line hit me so spectacularly, but there it is ;) And points to you for it.

Sounds like the next chapter is gonna round out the story with the end of the movie dialogue between 'not-Odin' and Thor ;) looking forward to it.
Natalie Rushman chapter 2 . 7/27/2017
Not gonna lie...I liked it when he blew up the rock.

The recovery from that wound had to be traumatic in itself. You brought that out really well. I like the fact that he seems conflicted. He wishes that he had died by that wound, but he finishes the healing. Even if there wasn't any inner conflict there, the pain had to be terrible, so, either way, that makes sense. The fact that pain brought clarity was a nice touch. I also like how you depict him as moving the whole time. They show the brothers landing the skiff, walking some distance away, THEN seeing the elves and still having a great deal of DOWNHILL ground to cover. When you see Loki change to look like the guard, you can see the skiff some distance away behind him. 1.) How'd he get there? and 2.) Why is it he only changed form then? And, for good measure, 3.) why was he facing the camera, not the boat when he did it? I like the way you handled especially the second one. And the last one? Idk, maybe he was just trying to get his bearings. That storm looked INTENSE.

And what I REALLY wonder, is how much time DID pass between his exit and re-entrance to Asgard?

Loved him just strolling through being like "I have urgent news - lol stupid!" to the guards. That was funny.

Odin ;/ I felt bad for him. The dialogue was maybe not the most convincing there, but you got across the fact that Odin was hurt by Loki's death and how shocked Loki was, very clearly.

I can just see Loki's face - the blank, w t f look. It's my favorite thing.

And he really runs with that quickly, doesn't he? Can't blame him for being a scavenger.

Ooh, and. Interesting thought occurred to me as I read the line about him being curious about what had happened after their treason. If HE'S king, HE gets to decide what happens to Thor. How does he know Odin won't just banish Thor again? He didn't see it coming the first time, why should he see it coming now? So, one COULD make the argument that Loki took the throne to protect his brother. Personally, I don't buy it as his sole motivation, or even a major motivator. But, still. It's not like the thought wouldn't have occurred to him.

Fun read ;)

...weird as that is to say, considering the subject matter.
Natalie Rushman chapter 1 . 7/25/2017
"You are a talented liar, Loki. And for once it is a good thing." heh. That sounds like Thor.

And I really enjoyed Loki saying he wanted to 'avenge'. Loki's now an avenger. Whether he means to be or not. X)

I like how you went into it, reverse-engineering their scheming-session. The fact that the elves have keen ears and eyes fills in the little plot hole there - AND it makes sense. Most nocturnal creatures have good ears and eyes, why would 'dark' elves be any different?

Plus, you know, it makes what they were doing make more sense for the elves, not just the audience. That was always my bone to pick with that scene, and you tackled it quite neatly.

"As if you have cut my head off." gah. THOR YOU BIG STUPID...*sigh* He's cute when he means well.

"I will not allow them another death, another victory." Nice. Kinda wondered how that bit went down. Says 'I love you and I want you safe' WITHOUT saying it. They have the best relationship.

I gotta admit, I also really loved 'Showtime'. That was funny.

'Not in this life' was somehow a chilling answer, here. Perhaps because I knew where it was going next?

I love how he tells himself he's only returning the favor.

I kinda like how you put that last paragraph in italics. Gives it a weirdly detached sort-of feeling.

Nicely done! Can't wait to read the rest of it!
Loki Joker Quinn Jr chapter 4 . 1/19/2017
Nice that is so good
Goblin Girl's Cast Members chapter 2 . 2/23/2014
Loki, Loki... you'll never truly change, will you?
Nope. *beams*
Great chapter. I was wondering what Loki did after he 'died'.
marions chapter 4 . 1/26/2014
Oh no, it's finished :( I want more !
But it was a good ending, really. Thanks for having show the movie with Loki's point of view it was great )
Bye )
Clarra-Night chapter 4 . 1/23/2014
Wow, thank YOU! (See what I did there? ;P)
You got the thought patterns and dialogues down so well! (Doesn't matter if the wordings are slightly mis-recalled, the gists are there, and you did a brilliant job of remembering, anyhow)
Christ, just all of Loki's emotions and wants wrenching inside of him as he keeps up those many layers of masks...
But he/'Frigga' was right - he's always so perceptive about everyone but himself. A friend of mine said she found it both sad and impressive that Loki /had/ always in fact clearly seen how everyone thinks they can see /him/, especially with 'Odin' saying, "One son who wanted the throne too much, and one who doesn't want it at all."
And how Loki doesn't ever want to go back to that misjudged role of the trickster, the liar, the cheater, so he could hold onto that affection he and Thor could share - that alone kills me.
This was wonderfully written, thank you for sharing it!
Clarra-Night chapter 3 . 1/12/2014
Firstly, I love the how you've depicted the contrast between everyone's respect and reverence to Odin, with their manner towards Loki when he was King (as much as I hate that the contrast exists... )

Your theory of how Loki descended to the throne (yes, I'm saying 'descended') seems to work really well! Entirely plausible, and Loki's perceptiveness of the other's feelings as he poses as the Allfather is brilliant.

No, you do not suck.
ImperfectSilver chapter 3 . 1/12/2014
I suck with reviews.
But I thought it was pretty good. Your writing is good and keeps at least me interested.
I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter :)
valy31 chapter 3 . 1/10/2014
I just want to encourage you to keep writing. Your words of choosing describe almost to perfection Loki and the situations presented in the story. All the best! Kisses
Leytr chapter 3 . 1/10/2014
This chapter was definitely not dull. I loved the part where Loki was talking to Odin while he slept. Loki seems conflicted on his feelings for his father. I don't know how you feel but even though I don't agree with a lot of things that were done and said by his father I'm still thinking that maybe they were truly mistakes made and things said in the heat of the moment. Maybe somehow they can both realize that. Loki is still a screw up but what kid isn't sometimes. His screw ups are just bigger because of being a god and all. LOL! Anyway...I'm a happy ending type person. Doesn't have to be perfect but that's probably why I have so much hope for Loki and his family in all the fic I read and even when I watch the movies. (I am kinda bummed the movies won't be too kind to Loki). So please continue on...this is great! Can't wait to see what happens between Loki and Thor. Maybe even the 3 of them.
not-active.abandoned-account chapter 3 . 1/10/2014
OH NO. Things pick up, Thor is back! Whoo looking forward!
marions chapter 3 . 1/10/2014
Just perfect !
I will wait impatiently for another update
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