Reviews for Are You Gonna Stay the Night?
CaliSmiles06 chapter 15 . 7/29
Oops pushed the button accidentally.

I'm sure that Regina will still be dealibg with a lot of angst now that Emma is awake, but has no clue what's been happening. Now we will get to watch Emma fall in love. Thanks for writing this awesome story.
CaliSmiles06 chapter 15 . 7/29
I love your story so far. This chapter was amazing finally Regina kissed Emma. I love your style of writing. I think I read your story before, but it wasn't finished yet. I rediscovered at after someone posted that you had started part 2. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading it again. I love how angsty it is. You've had me in tears several times and right now after this chapter, I'm wiping them away.

I'm can't wait to se
Guest chapter 24 . 7/28
This is so stupid! You're Henry and Regina are idiots! Why should anybody feel sorry for Regina's ass when she's been hurting everybody?! Get your shit together because your writing is a reflection on you. I don't understand how you think Regina should have anybody's sympathy when she emotionally abuses everyone. Get some self worth.
nrdhrd3 chapter 47 . 7/25
Amazing story!
SlaYeRGiRLkaL chapter 47 . 5/20
This was an incredible read! Thanks so much for sharing this story!
Lanaholic chapter 47 . 5/13
What a ride, thanks a lot for writing and sharing it!
Eclipz chapter 45 . 4/12
Omg! I crying my freaking eyes out! I haven't read the rest, but this is damn emotional! Brilliant story so far...
Guest chapter 47 . 3/25
Well, I was really excited at the beginning of the story and it was a great start. I was kind of lost during the last 20 chapter and this ending seems kind of a dump so you could be done.
LilliRegina chapter 47 . 3/11
Wow, did you already have fans fromthe Netherlands?

Glad Emma went to get Regina safe from the mob. They just should have stayed inthe cabin. Glad they are their now.

But what about Ruby. She knows about the cabin. Is she going to betray Emma and Regina? Do they need a safer place soon? Is Regina getting her magical powers back?
LilliRegina chapter 46 . 3/11
Please Emma...go after her

Oh no Regina, why did you leave Emma.
You were safe there. Now you're going to get hurt.
LilliRegina chapter 45 . 3/11
ohhhh, i...i don't know how i feel right now...
empty, excited, scared, numb
LilliRegina chapter 44 . 3/11
Sigh this caught my breath away

It really got on my nerves. I really thought Regina was going to kiss Emma. Damn cliffhanger
LilliRegina chapter 43 . 3/11
Ha a chapter dated my birthday.

Wow that was a heavy conversation between mother and son. And, allthough Henry thinks he's mature enough to know everything, he's still a kid. And his reaction tells me he doesn't understand what the secretie was all about. Why it took time to tell him. Why Regina needed time and didn't tell him from the beginning
LilliRegina chapter 42 . 3/11
Damn knowing where Regina was talking about, still i feel as much confused as Emma does.

I fully understand why you found it difficult to write and finish this chapter.

I loved the conversation between this two. Hope once the curse will be broken they still be together. Their connection stronger than ever
Guest chapter 47 . 3/11
Omg! Cliffhanger ! Damn, the story just started! To bad though
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