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RPGPersona chapter 8 . 10/16/2016
So much Cyborg fangirling. Cyship must have Terabytes of BBxRae on his drives, terabytes.

This was a nice fluffy conclusion to the story. I love how short term goals for the relationship seem to be make out, and nothing else so far.

I must admit the part with Raven accidentally broadcasting her emotions to Robin making super happy was a stroke of genius. I don't think I have seen that in any other story before.

Thanks for writing this, I had lots of fun reading this story.
RPGPersona chapter 7 . 10/16/2016
Looks like that earlier talk had a even greater calm effect on Raven then she thought, considering she woke up and 10:00 AM. Beast Boy not only made Raven tea, but made breakfast for everyone as well, how sweet. Who does Cyship think he is Kid Flash? Cyship continues to get weirder as he writes a message in spilled salt for Robin.

Raven was having too much fun torturing Robin over the fact that Beast Boy and Raven are growing closer than friends.

Well, Beast Boy and Raven certainly pushed the boundaries physically today. Raven is the one who claims first blood in terms of kissing. Boy did hims end up heating up from there. I think Lust took control for a little while there, though I don't think Raven was complaining.

Cute that at the end Raven chooses to travel by disk to both extend the journey home and to let herself be close to him the whole ride.
RPGPersona chapter 6 . 10/16/2016
I little early morning meeting. Well, now Raven knows that Beast Boy is having wet dreams about her. When Raven tried to balance the scale by talking about her own dreams, Beast Boy immediately put a stop to that. I don't think either of them are ready for that yet.

An interesting explanation of Beast Boy's power. This looks like comic book information, but learning a bit more about how Beast Boy's powers worked was interesting.

Wow, a Star Wars reference, Raven really went the extra mile to cheer up Beast Boy after talking about the Red.

Haha, Beast is right, Raven didn't reject his marriage proposal.

Since they talked while the others slept, they were spared the wrath of Cyship for now.
RPGPersona chapter 5 . 10/16/2016
I see, the evidence provided by the orb has made everything much more real to Raven, to the point where she is happy enough to hum. It also gave her the desire to check out Beast Boy. I little shameful that you never noticed that Beast Boy changed, maybe, but I think noticing the differences now is a step in the right direction. As someone who kept herself in her shell, she probably wanted to hold onto the memory of her friends as she first met them and never bothered to update. Beast Boy's turn to become flustered from Raven's words.

I almost feel sorry for the mugger for not realizing who he was dealing with, then I learned who he mugged and all sympathy vanished. That was a nice thing Beast Boy did. Using his inheritance to help others stay on their feet and have the necessities he never had.

Well, Raven has learned a bit more about Beast Boy and how he inherited his parent's fortune. In turn, Raven told Beast Boy a secret as well to make things even. I think that was a kind gesture.

Looked like they might kiss there for a second. It is clear they are slowly getting closer.

Another day, another chance for Cyborg to creep on them.
RPGPersona chapter 4 . 10/16/2016
Wow, Beast Boy running off pure adrenaline and excitement it seems.

Should have chosen those words a bit more carefully there Beast Boy. Good thing Raven gave beast Boy a chance to explain himself. Well, she asked for honesty, and she got it. I don't think she was prepared for it.

Here's Cyship. That was way creepier than anything I was expecting. I must correct my earlier assessment. It is clear now that Cyborg must have a large stash of BBxRae fanfiction and fanart stored on his computer. Then he had the guts to peep form the door after saying he would give them privacy.

Well, one benefit that is apparent from Raven opening up is that she is feeling her emotions more without destroying anything. Nice idea from Beast Boy. Each person choices a place to go and the pair explores each others comfort zones.

I see Beast Boy used his lack of sleep to pick a place to go that the both of them would enjoy. Beast Boy got to see an exhibit about old movie props, and Raven got an exhibit on magical artifacts, with actually magical artifacts on loan from Dr. Fate.

That Orb was interesting. It showed the strong bonds on friendship between the two, and the fact that slowly something more is blossoming.

I laughed when the orb's power revealed a love triangle and possible affair.

Seeing that new thread of possibilities certainly invigorated both Beast Boy and Raven. It even gave them the courage to hold hands.
RPGPersona chapter 3 . 10/16/2016
Well, Raven's world just turned upside down. Probably a good thing Robin called a nightcap on the social gathering. It makes more sense to talk about this in a more private setting. Beast Boy was able to get enough words in to calm down a bit and hopefully get her to agree to talk.

That is quite the detailed description Beast Boy is giving to Raven about his paradigm shift. It certainly is having an impact on Raven. Haha, with Beast Boy smashing Raven's emotional barriers in terms thinking about relationships, Raven ends up checking Beast Boy's rear end when he gets food. Lust has entered the building. I hope she will have more fun things to say that will fluster Raven in the future.

Raven takes the news quite well over all. This is all new ground for her, so she doesn't know how to feel, but she is willing to try. For someone like Raven who rarely steps outside her comfort zone, that is a big deal.

Cute little moment at the end, where Raven shows Beast Boy her gratitude for the flattering words he used to describe her.

If Cyship wasn't writing fanfiction for BBxRae before, he sure is going to be now.
RPGPersona chapter 2 . 10/16/2016
Well, both Raven and Starfire's dresses left quite the impact on the boys. Not everyone can complement someone at there own expense. I am impressed at the length Beast Boy went to make his opinion of Raven's dress ring true.

Wow, Robin actually got a Batmobile to transport them to the ball. Really Robin, did you give the team any details about the event when you announced it. Maybe Beast Boy will finally be allowed a computer after this.

Haha, Beast Boy tries to delay talking to Cyborg to avoid any shipping talk.

Well, Raven and Beast Boy seems to be enjoying themselves and spending time together. That was nice of Raven to offer to dance with Beast Boy when she saw how emotional he got over the Waltz music. I wonder, was Raven snappy due to Beast Boy not paying attention or because it looked like he was staring at the women? The dance seemed to go well, no accidents and the pair seemed to have fun.

Here comes Cyship ready to tease Beast Boy about his time with Raven. uh oh, looks like Beast Boy is getting worked up over some guy talking to Raven. He was polite enough to not get involved until invited and didn't let his feelings effect his action. Good for him.

So he just wanted to get Raven in bed, ugh. That is a contradiction, wanting to be with someone who knows who, but not giving people the chance to. Well, that is a bomb of a way to end this chapter. Raven asks a rhetorical question about Beast Boy wanting to date her, before Beast Boy shatters her expectations by saying yes.
RPGPersona chapter 1 . 10/16/2016
Another multi-part story.

High class fundraiser balls, the bane of any hero's career. I wonder what kind of dresses Raven and Starfire bought.

Personally I think Beast Boy should have gone with his purple suit idea. Never be normal. Maybe Robin was afraid people might associate a purple suit with the Joker. Can't Cyborg just holo-ring himself a suit and save himself the trouble?

I see Cyborg is a diehard BBxRae shipper. The question on everyone's mind is if he writes fanfiction of it.

Perfect plan Robin, send out the memo that everyone needs dates via e-amil when one member has been banned from having a computer in their room and another rarely uses electronics. Robin really needs to work on his priorities if he thinks every Titan needs to bring a date with them.

The whole sequence after Robin suggested Raven and Beast Boy go together was hilarious. I would feel sorry for Robin, but he really shouldn't have been so fixated on it, and properly informed the team himself ahead of time.

Despite the forced arrangements, Beast Boy and Raven seem content enough to spend the night together. Raven also seemed happy with being referenced as Beauty.
bbrae-4ever and hp fanfic chapter 8 . 6/20/2016
Aaaaaaaahhhhhh I love it
Tsuuga chapter 7 . 9/15/2015
The story is one of my favourites, and I originally intended to review only at the end, but seeing the author's note at the end of this chapter I feel the need to comment: 'citrus territory' holy crap XDDD I'm hysterical right now, that has to be one of my new favourite expressions. Thanks for the good laugh, that was priceless.
kindashania chapter 1 . 9/13/2015
this story is just adorable
Guest chapter 2 . 7/2/2015
I would totally be fan girling and stuff but right now a bunch of people are around me so yeah but sadly no
Guest chapter 8 . 3/8/2015
I'm so lucky my mom and sister left because I laughed so hard I almost passed out! Great story with really funny jokes. My number one favorite BbRae story! :D
HunterMoore chapter 8 . 1/22/2015
Another awesome story with some awesome fluff. Excellent work.
Elaina96 chapter 8 . 10/24/2014
I liked this
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