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jpg391 chapter 33 . 10/8
I think ‘yori’ subconsciously created some form of life based conquers haki from one piece lol
wolf-in-hell chapter 68 . 9/29
I've been rereading this story, and had a thought about the Soul of Ice technique. When Ranma ans Nabiki put out the engine fire, it is fairly obvious it was using that technique. That fire was large and very, very hot. When it was put out, it got very cold very suddenly. Heat is energy, and cannot be destroyed, only moved. So where did all that energy go? The ocean didnt boil, no one else was fried by moving heat, and no one else feels extra heat when its used elsewhere in the story like in the autrailian desert leading up to Hackelton.
It appears to me that the user of the Soul of ice absorbs all that heat energy around them. Since even absorbing the heat at room temperature would quickly kill a person, it has to be going somewhere. My thought is this - the soul of ice collects energy, and converts it to ki for the user.
Perhaps that was its original intent and the emotionlessness was a side effect, and the Amazons simply didnt know. This might also be why the ward system likes nabiki so much. She uses the technique alot, and since she cant handle that much ki, she is subconsciously shunting it to the ward system.
It also occurs to me that this is a good way for Ms Aoyama to be even more frightening. After all, energy is energy, whether through science ot sorcery. When Nabiki figures this out, it could mean that Ms Aoyama would not need forcefeilds for protection any more, she would probably be able to simply absorb any energy directed at her and shunt it to the ward system.
Imagine, she is coming for you, and everything you throw at her dosnt work. Energy attacks and magic vanish as they get to her, bullets loose their kenetic energy and fall to the ground, even punches dont reach her, just make you colder... And then she touches your arm, and it breaks off and shatters on the ground. If you're luckiy, maybe she'll get Yori or Chou to regrow it...
Vector426 chapter 98 . 9/21
I've read, and reread this excellent story several times. Still digging it lots. I think I can safely say I'm not the only one wishing to see it continued. Hopefully soon. Til then, Take care and keep it between the ditches.
PikaMew1288 chapter 57 . 9/10
I'm curious as to what would happen in a Negima/Ranma Crossover if Asuka is holding Ranma's hand when the Curse is triggered. Would Magic Cancel destroy the Curse? What would happen in a Harry Potter Crossover if Fem Harry had a Jusenkyo Curse and was expecting their name to come out of the Goblet of Fire, What would happen if they tied the Magical Contract to the Jusenkyo Curse instead of their Magical Core and then willingly broke the contract?
PikaMew1288 chapter 52 . 9/10
I wonder what would have changed had Ranma fallen into "The Spring of Drowned Magical Girl" instead of an ordinary Spring of Drowned Girl. It would have been funny if Ranma had turned into a Powerful Woman due to his views of girls being weak at the time.
Akasha Drake chapter 98 . 9/9
Sounds to me like Ms. Aoyama may work for the Grey Company. Their symbol is a gold balance scale on a dark grey D&D terms, they are neutral good with chaotic leanings, but they tend to recruit the black sheep of groups that have other natural leanings in order to “balance out the problems caused by others”
PikaMew1288 chapter 1 . 9/7
With Akane's Anger Issues, Imagine what would have happened had she fell in a 'Spring of Drowned Incredible Hulk' or 'Spring of Drown Legendary Super Saiyan'. Can anyone say "Chaos and Mass Destruction"?
Kithrin chapter 1 . 8/25
you probably should have added a time skip phrase between nabiki and cologne, nabiki said six months, cologne said 14, the way you put it it was contrdicting itself
thulindar22 chapter 98 . 8/18
Been awhile since I finished reading this, so I just got done re-reading it over the course of 2 months give or take. Very long story, but that's part of what's great about it, cus it provides good entertainment for the whole long time you spend reading it.
mauricio11 chapter 97 . 8/6
any chance this story will continue
Lukkai chapter 56 . 7/30
You know... I think I may have completely missed Uthryyl's company being called SETI on my first few read-throughs. :D
Oni Meno Kage chapter 98 . 7/28
fantastic, please continue!
mauricio11 chapter 98 . 7/5
hope you can continue with this story I want to see how things turn out
BiGDeal chapter 93 . 7/1
This is now the sixth maybe seventh time that I've gone through the DSR saga. As always, I remain hopeful that you will return with a new story or an update. Regardless, can you update your blog to let us know your status and plans if any? Thanks and best wishes and prayers.
PossibleSolution chapter 86 . 6/1
If your sticking point in continuing this is finding a way to extract Luna and Artemis, one possibility is to kind of "bud" them off. A human being can and actually in some case HAS lived with only one half of their brain (left lobe or right lobe). It's actual medical history fact. With a mind mage on hand, shunt the splinter personality into one half of Usagi's/Minako's brain, and their core personaility into the other half. A mapping out would have to be done first, of course. Copy anything that needs to be in both. This will likely be time consuming and complicated, but fairly straightforward, a mind mage should be able to pull it off. They could be "tuned up" and checked thoroughly during the process with any leftover "mind mines" removed and Usagi regressed to her pre-influenced state. Then "Yori and Chou" basically split them in two with one lobe into one body and the other lobe into it's own. Obviously new halves would be regrown betwen the split area as they go until at least the heads were fully separate. Think siamese twins. Then grow out a body for the head being budded off. Then finish the separation. Migrate the "mental bits" for the now individual personalities back where they were according to the mapping done beforehand. Then wake them up and use the "shapechange spell" to give Luna and Artemis their own bodies back, with an option of an added magical girl form. Artemis would probably be irritated about the girl part, but this IS a Ranma story, after all. This provides an actual permanent solution with no deaths or copy both personalities and kill one in each body quandary. Moral high ground achievment gained too.
Then there's to easy out of the Spring of Drowned Twins with the locking ladle cliche. Not very new thinking, but cliches become such for a reason. The risk with this one is that while jusenkyo cannot be completely removed, it can be modified. That could be used to make this actually work, or have something go very badly in the future. Personally, I recommend the "budding off method" as it actually provides fewer complications long-term.
I hope this helps.
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