Reviews for Desperately Seeking Ranma
Spokavriel chapter 98 . 10/16
Please still be writing, after going so far establishing so much to grow it would be a crime for the story to be stopped here. Happosai hasn't even made an appearance. Luna is still stuck with a psychopath in the same brain. The rest of Nabiki's college has to play out. And with that side story I havent gotten to yet I'm wondering how Miss Summers would react to Mermaids ;)

Daniel Tomas Stack
AKA Spokavriel at yahoo.
Spokavriel chapter 97 . 10/12
That outbreak Napalm containment seems a perfect recruitment situation for these people. Why wouldn't the researchers still be alive to keep making these agents for them to use?

All they had to do is leave enough skeletons in the right places and every person they want to recruit becomes a ghost. Give it a year or two they could even transfer people they wanted in less ideal situations to the facility before the event.

There is only one more attached chapter posted, and its been 5 years since that update. I hope the Xander piece isn't the only thing to continue it after this.

Might need Ami wit Nabiki off world as well after some practice...

Daniel Thomas Stack
AKA Spokavriel at yahoo.
Spokavriel chapter 91 . 9/25
Why did they take the cars off the vehicle transporter before going in the perimeter gate? Didn't that just increase the use of fuel and manpower needed to bring the caravan that last distance? Was there something about the gate to make it a bad idea to bring in loaded? A top threshold (exceeding gate clearance) or too much weight for the driveway?

Your Stunt is doable but beyond a little nuts. Something you would need for the sake of the location if nothing else is a stunt driver that stays in the car. Because even after the sequence ends you can't leave it uncontrolled. And you REALLY cant surrender control when someone is going to jump from it. without someone in there to counter balance as she jumps the car becomes completely unpredictable and a hazard to all especially those on the bike not to mention the filming crew. Even with KITT from Knight Rider it would be difficult. And you'd have to get kitt to agree to being blown up... Not an easy negotiation.

Unlike your in story stunt coordinator the only part of this Stunt I haven't seen done practically and safely is someone getting out of the car while on 2 wheels and subsequently attacking that balance jumping from the car in that position. the physics to compensate for would suggest its improbable without some mechanical assistance in maintaining the balance. The car mounted in position pulled on a trailer as well as a bike on another truck to let the camera truck be close enough to not see the wheels aren't spinning. still splicing to get the full sequence.

Daniel Thomas Stack
aka Spokavriel at yahoo.
Spokavriel chapter 80 . 9/6
I know its been a long time since this was written but it irked me since the Moon visit how much of this story is becoming talking and filling time when other stated things aren't getting done. The one sticking my patience in Chapter 80 though is that before going to bed it was said they should get Minako back to earth and would check on how her and Usagi were doing in the morning. Well this whole chapter is morning and it didn't even occur on the to do list but a trip off world to achieve what might be able to be done with a small portal and a phone call...

Back in the Asteroid situation things were discussed and discussed again and again, since then its still been a good story but the talking has begun to wear on me.

Spokavriel at yahoo.
AKA Daniel Thomas Stack
Sonkuragari chapter 98 . 8/28
As I have stated before in a review of one of the other pieces of this fantastic story series, you should write professionally. It's incredible how you've managed to capture these characters' nature as they mature in such a believable matter. I can honestly see them becoming these versions in a real world. This series of stories is now my number 1 favorite. Thank you for giving this to the fanfic community. I eagerly await more.
Raiju001 chapter 27 . 7/24
Ch 27 review- Man this has been great world building and wonderful interactions between believable characterizations of the cast. I have a always to go but I am really enjoying this. Also this has by and far been a believable medical explanation as well. Great job!
Raiju001 chapter 17 . 7/23
Ch 17 finished. Nice prank on Nabiki. Pretty sure this chapter is plenty of fuel for thirty four and sixty three artists lol. And the law of conservation of energy does mean that magic is scary to science.
wauk chapter 98 . 5/21
This story always makes me think of this song: "Legends Never Die" by Ferras and Katy Perry.
tech27ss chapter 96 . 5/21
hope you come back to writing. you are a good author.
Ogers3 chapter 98 . 3/18
A good name for the organization Ms. Aoyama works for would be S.T.A.B. (Space-Time Administration Bureau)
Y2Ranma chapter 98 . 2/28
I don’t want to insult you because this is a great story but you could either have done shorter chapters for most of them or deleted some info because it drags causing a person to either skim or try to speed read

Exposition Exposition rush it out ASAP

But that’s my opinion hope to see it finished soon
WPGanimefan chapter 98 . 2/28
I really hope you update if not finish it soon as I am looking forward to the reveal of York, Chou & Ms. Aoyama to their parents, Amazons & Ukyo

Thank you for a pretty good story
Guest chapter 98 . 2/25
Y2Ranma chapter 5 . 2/25
Because Ranma is currently Nabiki when you write
“You should see your face” he chuckled you should have added
“Oh wait you can” he makes the exact same face she currently has on hers
Uldihaa chapter 98 . 2/14
This fic has been so much fun to read. I love what you've done with the characters. Your OCs are fun and engaging, and what you've done with the characters from Ranma and Sailor Moon is interesting and entertaining.

What issues I have are minor, such as repeating things - like how Ranma and Kasumi use magic and how different it is, or the characters explaining events that I as reader was witness to without really adding anything I wasn't already aware - or are a personal preference like a desire for more environmental descriptive writing; though there is the overuse of giggle/giggling. I would like to see more "chuckling", "sniggering", or "soft/quiet laughter" instead.

I really hope you'll be able to get back to this story soon. I really want to see where you take this... And I need to see Fumiko get her spaceship. I'm 100% on her side in her desire for her own spaceship.
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