Reviews for Desperately Seeking Ranma
Tactition101 chapter 46 . 6/16
This is great so far. I think I figured out the allay trick Chou likes so much. She makes a pocket under the wallet it falls into then pulls it out. That or she uses a two ended pocket like a tunnel.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/12
That moment you realize you actually sigh in relief instead out of sadness because there is no update.
Just because you know you are not going to stop until you read it, in it's awesome entirety, and apparently it's half past 1.. at night and you have work tomor.. today.
Somehow this awkward sense of relief that I can go to bed now and be semi functional later today warring with my sadness of not seeing an update.
This probably means I'll check in the morni.. middays now. Because I don't want to be late to work because I check in the morning...
Katsuhito chapter 13 . 6/9
I'm re-reading this story and its associated ficlets and I had a thought: I'm sure lots of people have wondered and/or outright asked when Ranma and Kasumi will finally reveal their location and identities to the rest of the Nerima crew. Then I realized the title of the story says it all. Once Ranma is "found," the story is over. (Although that doesn't preclude the possibility of a sequel like "The further adventures...")

Anyway, I hope this gets updated again; I see its been just over a year since the last chapter.
Shyguy1 chapter 98 . 6/4
Amazing story. Entertaining, enrapturing. The characters are believable and engaging. The story has kept me spell bound throughout it's entire length.

There is only one complaint, and it's a stylistic difference that hasn't been an issue for some time, though it was prevalent in early chapters. Everyone all seemed to think the same. I know there are some foregone conclusions that only an idiot couldn't arrive at, but in early chapters, it was almost guaranteed that, if someone expressed a view point, it would be echoed, almost word for word in coming chapters. As I said, this is not something that matters in the grand scheme of things, just a stylistic thing which detracted from my experience of an otherwise fantastic work.

And it is truly fantastic. I have laughed more, cheered more, and been brought to the verge of tears more times here than in any other story. It's fantastic. I can not wait for more.

P.s. if the demonic duck is at all a reference the works of Dan "the goon" Shive, then you deserve a medal. If not, the you still deserve a medal.
grahamgarrett.powerofanime chapter 97 . 6/1
I'm not remembering much about the chapter. That demonic duck is just too distracting. :P
But seriously, you are back with a vengeance!
grahamgarrett.powerofanime chapter 96 . 6/1
Damn it Chiyoko! XD
rafanwolf chapter 92 . 5/30
Your stuff is great. If they don't like it, who cares. Let them write some thing.
AnonyMuSu chapter 98 . 5/25
Officially over 1 year since the last update.

Someone put it out of its misery because this fic is dead. Sad for a fic with 98 chapters, 1.4 million words, its own TV Tropes page, and over 2,300 reviews.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/18
So I don't have really much to say.
Apart from telling you that I have read your story multiple times.
And that I reread your story in december '16 because you showed life on your profile.
I was kinda dissapointed that after several months there had been no update.
But now you updated your profile again.
So I just wanted to let you know.
That, because I have no account, because I want to remain untraceable on the net,
I have returned to faithfully checking your profile page twice a day to see if you updated any of your stories.
Instead the once a week that it had fallen to in oktober.
I hope that it will be rewarded in the coming weeks.
Thank you for taking your time to write this story and develop this awesome multiverse.
BanTheFairyKing chapter 1 . 5/11
Im ashamed of myself. Over a year ago, I passed over this as just another bashing fic, amd yet now that Im reading it, Im enjoying it immensely. This is really, really good, and thats coming from someone who really doesnt like the Kasumi Ranma pairing.
wolf-in-hell chapter 97 . 5/11
Almost a year since the last update. I hope everything is ok, and that this hasnt been permanently left adrift.
matthew.hunter.40 chapter 98 . 5/9
I just finished re-reading your whole story. I am very much looking forward to when both life and inspiration let you return to this story. Just know that there are people who love your work and are eager for more of it. :D
Ricknn chapter 42 . 5/9
i was just thinking it would be halarious if youd make a omake of mrs aoyama trick or treating with all of the people we have met so far agent naito's reaction would be halarious and i can totally imagine cologne boarding up the ramen shop with the tendo family inside it would be absolutely amazing just a thought lol
firestorm100 chapter 45 . 5/8
Thanks for letting us know your Ok
(Any other reviewers see new message in author bio)

Good to know you are still at it.

Keep on writing but more importantly keep up your health.
tech27ss chapter 97 . 4/30
hello, just finished a second read of your story. it is a great story. I hope every thing is alright with you.
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