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Y2Ranma chapter 86 . 3/26
Just a suggestion
Since same sex marriages are now legel in Japan I beg you...

Shampoo gives Akane kiss of marriage while in states they return to Japan goto clinic both(?) get impregnated with sperm that Ranma had put aside for his fiancées Incase he was premenantly locked or was killed

They reveal to parents they have Japanese wedding at the reception theirs a note "Congrats Akane & Shampoo on your wedding. Your gift for us is our return after your honeymoon. Ranma & Kasumi"
Guest chapter 86 . 3/26
Nabiki brings Ranma & (disguised) to wedding
They Finally reveal themselves after Ukyo returns from honeymoon
wolf-in-hell chapter 86 . 3/25
Is it wrong that, as I watched the hobbit battle of the five armies, I kept wondering where Ranma(Yori) and the Sisterhood of doom was?
GNesnios685 chapter 86 . 3/25
Amazing story, whenever a new chapter comes out I just can't put it down till I'm finished! Really looking forward to whatever is going to happen next, keep up the great work!
Talent Scout chapter 86 . 3/23
The fifth episode of the first season has Usagi wanting her family to accept Luna as a pet but Shingo is afraid of cats. While the episode wasn't aired in the US, for some reason, you should still address this inconsistency for those of us that saw the sub instead of or including the dub. The episode description and title is as follows from Wikipedia: "Scent of a Monster: Chanela Will Steal Your Love" - Usagi wants her family to accept Luna as a "pet", but Shingo is afraid of cats. At a pet shop, he discovers a hypnotic creature called a Chanela and loses all interest in anything else.
Sneaker chapter 86 . 3/18
I've really enjoyed reading "Desperately Seeking Ranma". I like the light and quirky humor you find in the absurdity of being a magical girl combined with just the right amount of awareness of the serious consequences of their actions to keep the story anchored. There's some nice world building and character development, too.

Looking back at all the work you put into this, it seems a shame that you're not getting paid for it. Maybe you could go all "Fifty Shades of Grey" and turn it into "Desperately Seeking.." Darma... no... Norma... no... Ron Dahl... no... whatever.

Also, nice salute to Terry Pratchett at the end. A good place to find inspiration.
firestorm100 chapter 31 . 3/17
On the subject of being in two places at once, is there a reason why the Sisterhood of Doom not use Instant Drowned Twins spring to allow them to maintain separate idenities? Are the second bodies too independant? Is it too hard to control both bodies at once? Do they view the end of the double life as killing?
(I would ask about the other springs but realised that with their shapeshifting spell they were rendered obsolete. But has Ranma studied the springs with mental components? (I.e. The virtuous monk, etc)
Will you be looking further into the origin and mysteries of Jusenkyo?
If they are going to have a stand in when Azumi and Nabiki (or even including Ms Aoyama) who will be the real Nabiki? With the SI (and Ranma and Kasami's acting ability they could play Nabiki (with any knowledge being fed to them via the SI's). Is Nabiki the only one of who can pull off Ms Aoyama? Or if one of the others is pretending to be Azumi (Or Nabiki) can the SI allow Nabiki to pattern her character behavior and movements on the other to allow a convincing impersonation?
If th
SecretKeeper42 chapter 86 . 3/16
A couple of excellent chapters. I'd been wondering if the story would have a fight worthy of Yori / Ranma and crew. The struggle to deal the Abomination wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was enjoyable just the same.
Dumbledork chapter 86 . 3/16
Excellent. RIP Terry Pratchett.
jngdwe chapter 86 . 3/15
Loved the extended read. This was a nice chapter.
Poetheather1 chapter 86 . 3/15
The cameo was lovely and a great moment. Thank you for that.

Otherwise, the story is still amazingly brilliant. The character work is excellent. As always, looking forward to more.
cko2 chapter 86 . 3/15
Very funny chapter. The very end with the very confused magical girl takes the cake. Nice to see things getting wrapped up and hope the other senshi get helped also getting back to sort of normal for them. Thanks for sharing this very epic story for sure.
GeorgeTobor chapter 86 . 3/15
Very well done!
And I am glad to see more about the romance between John and Miki.
The bits with Mimi's mother and father were good. Having a low key background plot like this is great.
And the fact that the old man'd "dog" demon staying with him shows loyalty, the others did leave.
My guess is in a year of "fic time" Ranma may be able to go back for a short visit at least.
They could appear through a portal escorted by Ms Aoyama. I doubt anyone would cause trouble then.
Nice detail having her retrieve the mirror.

Thanks again! :-)
salishious chapter 86 . 3/15
I don't see a wedding in the new (bigger on the inside) star ocean... i can see the wedding at Rei's shrine... Plus i can see Ukyo being the next Nerimaite (best word for it) to meet Ranma (just not the story).
Jerry Unipeg chapter 86 . 3/15
Will done with all the tie-ups.
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