Reviews for Desperately Seeking Ranma
Indecisive Bob chapter 24 . 11/29
Nice story so far! The only complaint I've got is that you seem to have characters shaking hands quite a lot. I was under the impression that Japanese culture isn't all that keen on handshakes, so seeing handshakes left and right in this story made me raise my eyebrows a bit. Then again, I suppose the purpose of this story isn't to give an expose on Japanese culture.
Keij chapter 92 . 11/22
Very intriguing tie-in back to the main plot. And quite neatly manages to avoid making Akane and Xian Pu too overpowered (i.e. without the magical powers of the main cast there really was no way for them to avoid the casualties of the guards).

Regarding the abusive "reviews", unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a trend of them recently. Pretty much the only thing you can do about it is what you've already done - turn on moderation and delete them if they have no worthwhile content.
Guest chapter 92 . 11/15
You should combine this with tenchi muyo and stargate sg-1i would love to see how ranma and gang deal with tenchi and there various threats as well as occasionally interacting with sg-1 and helping fight the gouald
Robert chapter 92 . 11/13
I thought I would write you a quick review. I like the fact that a coherent story line is visible in your writing. Also there is character growth and development as the story proceeds. Your story has taken an unique tack in the way you did your cross-over. Which was a refreshing development.

I hope you keep writing as I look forward to each new chapter.
irontiger7 chapter 92 . 11/13
Just finished re reading DSR for the fifth time and I am looking forward to more to come. Can't wait for the conspiracy to come to light.
spectacledthinkers chapter 92 . 11/12
The legend Of Aoyama grows wonders if it going to occur to akane/shapoo that Aoyama might be waiting for them to finish the training they're undergoing to possibly recruit them to work for her given how frightened they seem of her that might be an interesting thread maybe.
Cemalidor chapter 64 . 11/10
Rereading this i kinda wondered why there aren't things like Stasis chambers or Kryogenis getting mentioned about shutting certain people up. Aside needing them running for the story. :)
Kitten Arina chapter 92 . 11/7
I have really enjoyed this story and although I think it is missing a person that I like from the Sailor Moon Series this has been a wonderful and well thought out story even if I don't believe you have a plan at times. There is one spelling issue I believe you need to come back and fix though and that you may want to go through out the whole story just to make sure you don't miss any. And that is your LA I am not sure you are aware of this but, that is how we shorten one state name and although I am not sure as to why when you refer to the city it is done as L.A. instead of LA like you have it. Simple mistakes or just not aware of things is easy to understand but if your going to use the short hand it would be nice if you can fix the error. So far that is the only thing that I think is wrong and needs fixing otherwise please keep up the good work.
Jenkinst chapter 92 . 11/7
I love the way this Fic is developing. It sucks to hear some people have been attacking you, but so many of us love your work compared to those few. So I hope you will not allow yourself to become discouraged.
simon stoddart chapter 92 . 11/6
I like you fan fiction a lot and look forward to the next chapter. As for those who get to chapter 92 then decide to complain they must be masochists to read 1.25 million words of a story they don't like
lovestoread chapter 92 . 11/5
oh i just loved that little plot twist, murray is still causing trouble even incarcerated, i think i have a general idea of how this is going to run, but i like the incorporation of nabs (lol) future career, and the legend of ms aoyama continues to spread. i cant wait for the next chapter, i want to see how the party pans out so badly ah well i can wait till next time!

BiGDeal chapter 92 . 11/5
Preface: I follow stories that don't insult my intelligence (read a few copies of Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden and especially the Bobbsey Twins to see what I mean).

To reiterate the scene from "The President's Girlfriend", PixelWriter gets it. The trolls or anonymous reviewers who dump on stories really should put their names to their reviews and take the public shaming or be able to back up what they say.

People expecting characters to remain the same five years later should have their own selves checked for changes.

Akane and Shampoo developing friendships and becoming much more than the hate-mongers and airheads that they were in the series is a pleasure to real.

Albeit, the fact that the Sisterhood (not Karen's but the Sisterhood of Doom) fall over laughing at every prat fall or nonsequiter is a bit much, possibly juvenile but not far off what you see in close friends and families (Case in point - my family childhood name was "droopy drawers" which gets dragged out every once in a while at family gatherings. I've passed it along to my great-grandchildren who are now in diapers with no waists to speack off - droopy drawers.)

Personally, I think that the evening BBQ and final screentest should be minimized, and get everyone back to Nerima for Nadoka's dinner party. Keep the chaos to a minimum except maybe the presentation of jackets to Akane and Shampoo with the legend on the back of "Sisterhood of Doom - Martial Artist Division - LA Chapter".

With Uyko's wedding coming up, we still need to see where the wedding/reception gets held - the basement is definitely out as the ward probably won't be very pleased with some of the guests. The island is out too, anyone with GPS on their phone can now find it again. My money's is on Fwenta and the hang-gliding area. Only real issue will be keeping the flyers there when everyone goes home (or maybe Uyko winds up with a pup... or is it kitten?)

Going to have to download the whole book as someone else did and read it again (fourth time!) at my leisure while waiting for the next chapter.
Katsuhito chapter 31 . 11/4
LOL! Tobin's Spirit Guide. :)
Neil chapter 92 . 11/4
I like the story and hope you continue it.
Adiaze chapter 92 . 11/3
Nice wrapup on the hollywood story. I enjoyed it, it tells a bit of the world you've build so far and it less tense compared to the other adventures.

Ms. Aoyama is sure getting around. Can't wait to see what's next.

I like the touch a bit on Ranma/Kasumi heading to bed thing. That shows a bit of the couples and their ... interaction as being as normal couple as can be.

Till the next chapter!
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