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Faraway-R chapter 87 . 14h
While Nabiki found this "pass through yourself safely" feature of the beam-blade just a trick, I beg to disagree. Shackles, ropes, and other restraints. Walls and cave-ins - there's a lot of useful obstacle-removing that can be done when one does not need to worry about hitting yourself.

Seeing the aftermath of flash-steam-boiling the Jusenkyo was impressive and scary.

Luna and Artemis becoming independent entities would be nice. The bits and pieces about SIs, their sentience-achieving traits, and the comparisons of the Wards and the Abomination were also informative.

And once again, Yori manages to make a gloriously awesome impression. :D

P.S. I almost expect the first words of the next chapter to be: "Is that a star in your basement?"
shugokage chapter 87 . 18h
Cool chapter and story once again!
Ellen Kuhfeld chapter 87 . 20h
Learning to type properly? What*really* does the job is putting out a fanzine on ditto, in the sixties, with a manual typewriter. The horrors of correcting a mistake on a ditto master teach you *real* fast.
Dumbledork chapter 87 . 5/3
Happy to see more. Thx for the update.
Anony Mu-Su chapter 87 . 5/2 Arctic Stonehenge. Reminds me of Hyperborea from the writings of Clark Ashton Smith, who just happened to also be friends with with H.P. Lovecraft. I seem to also recall something about magic being sucked out of a location under the sea...which is where (in general) the Dark Priest/Deity Cthulhu slumbers...and then there's those magic-rich areas on the South & East Coasts of America...specifically Louisiana & Massachusetts...mentioned AAALLLL the way back in chapter 36...both places being very important in the Cthulhu Mythos. I've been waiting for that plug to come full circle, just like the Time Machine mention finally ending in this last Arc.

Well, I think we see where the next arc is heading! Yori, Chou, et al vs The Great Old Ones and/or THEIR ancient enemies...The Elder Ones! Will Yori succeed in teleporting behind the Big Bad and slicing Cthulhy and/or Nyarlathotep into sushi before its/their plans go full bore, or will they have to battle That Which Cannot Be Comprehended?!

Will the Silence Glaive, created by beings yet Unknown, once more be their key to victory...or their DOOM?

I suggest using Vanish/X-Zone instead. They won't get any experience out of it, but it's easier than going full-on Shin Megami Tensei!

Can't wait for more! I mean...for a fanfic, this story is one of the best-written ones I've ever come across (and even when compared to print books). I've read through it at least five time now, and each time I catch something I missed before that leads to something else exciting and new...or hints at Great Things To Come.

gort420 chapter 87 . 5/2
glad to see your back, thought you quit, good chapter. keep it up.
Kinsfire chapter 87 . 5/2
You are truly evil for writing such an engrossing story. I had saved up to Chapter 86 on my Nook, I finished it today just as a flight I was on came in to the end of my trip. It is an amazing read, and I have laughed and chuckled and cried in a spot or two (where I was supposed to *grin*). I still laugh when I think about the end to Chapter 60, where you made the comment about ending the war, and the crater left behind filled with water and eventually the local equivalent of the duck moved in. That may well be my favorite running gag for the story.

If you ever write original works and publish them, let me know - I promise you that you will have a sale from me. You have managed to write a story in a fandom that I'm only barely familiar with (I know the characters and general relationships), and make me able to follow everything, and wonder for them, and care. I've loathed Akane's quick trigger temper in the canon, which is why I never got more than a handful of episodes into watching Ranma 1/2, and you made me care for her, and worry for her, and want her to succeed. To do that with a character that i really wanted to dislike? Awesome writing.

I eagerly await the chapters to follow.
BiGDeal chapter 87 . 5/2
I agree, Douglas Adams would get a total hoot out of being told that one of his fans is an alien who is producing a universal translator.

I guess that most people are thinking along the lines of TOST (The Original Star Trek) episodes where it was used, but I was in high school when I listened to the BBC radio episodes, then watched the TV show in University, and somewhere along the way, read the stories. Here's the quote from the Hitchhikers Guide WIKI...

"Probably the oddest thing in the Universe." —The Guide[src]
The Babel Fish is a small, leech-like, yellow fish, and by putting this into one's ear one can instantly understand anything said in any language; this is how Arthur Dent is able to understand the other beings he encounters on his travels. The Babel fish has led to important profound consequences for the Universe; apart from the philosophical implications the Babel fish has started more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation.

The last sentence is the key one - the Babel Fish is supposed to provide a correct translation but it is actually quite flawed, resulting in mis-understandings. With the BF spell coupled with an SI, chances of an incident happening will be minimal.

The sun-in-the-basement are going to blow Savrk and Yrenti away, while Unare is going to be totally jealous about missing all of the fun. I wouldn't be surprised if the ward system gets offered an SI as a companion. If it decides to have a corporal form, I'm willing to be that it is totally moi and tsundere like Taiga Aisaka from Toradora!, just to rattle everyone's chains when it flips into "battle mode" and looks like Bowser (Super Mario Bros.) crossed with The Hulk and Thor. Nah! Better yet, make it the other way around - that would really rattle chains...

Yea, the other way around really works, especially if Cologne winds up encountering the ward system again... right before Shampoo and Akane drop by and say "hello" to the WS (ward system) - of course, they'd have to be introduced to the WS first.

Well, enough of a review and suggestions. Glad that you're back and work is not totally burning you out.
Mack53B chapter 87 . 5/2
Another great chapter, this answered several questions I had. Please continue your writing, even after you finish this story. Yours, Mack 53B.
Jenkinst chapter 87 . 5/2
Another amazing chapter well worth the wait, I very much look forward to more when the time comes.
Rogue7 chapter 87 . 5/2
Fantastic chapter
For some reason, the start of the chapter made me think of the AvP movie...

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter (even if it takes a month or two) :)
GeorgeTobor chapter 87 . 5/2
Are the standing stones under the glacier a nod to H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos?
Those could be decent opponents for Yori and crew. They require intelligence and creative thinking to beat.
Not just power...

Thanks again! O:-)
Hal chapter 87 . 5/2
Its full of stars!
Veedramon chapter 87 . 5/2
Well, i think the story should be close to ending, after the Abomination there is no credible treat left, unless Sailor Galaxia exists in this Ranma's universe.
Kitten Arina chapter 87 . 5/2
I love long chapters but this one felt like it was really bogged down with a lot of details which can really ruin a story. I must say thank you for adding this chapter and I hope that you continue with it but I would try not to get to super heavy with all the details that you seemed to have put into this one as there were times I almost stopped reading completely.
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