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Guest chapter 98 . 9/27
Been hoping to see you get back to this. The delay is worrisome, I hope nothing wrong in real life. Looking forward to the adventures of Azumi and the fusion reactor arc and Ms. Aoyama and where she starts working with the aliens that made the AI's. Maybe the training of the Senshi too. Even Akane/Shampoo/Richard/Hollywood stuff.
DeltaBladeX chapter 47 . 9/24
I know this is a bit late, but figured I'd point out an error. Towards the end of the chapter, Aiko is taking part in the clubbing discussion despite leaving several lines earlier.
deanron chapter 70 . 9/17
deanron chapter 60 . 9/16
The Crimson Vixen chapter 98 . 9/13
Gods what a good read, I'll admit I dropped it a few times due to some annoying bits. But I kept coming back either way and getting through the bits that I found vexing. All in all, a good read. And long enough to really sink my "teeth" into for a bit. I would of preferred it to of had more scenes with Ranma in the lead but I'll take what I can get. Either way, hope to see some more out of you. I've already read all of the spin-offs save the Buffy one, which I probably will not read, (due to me and BtVS not getting along, nothing against you.) Either way, I give it a 7.8/10

Signed, The Crimson Vixen.
Annoying Guest chapter 1 . 8/16
It has been a year and a day since your last log entry.
Will there be anymore?
silverstreak93242 chapter 98 . 8/15
Hello, here's hoping that this review finds you well, I just finished binge reading your story, over the last week or so, and must say, I like the story line, the follow through, and everything! I am looking forward to the other chapters yet to come, and even looking forward to book 2! Yes, someone actually took the time to read all the authors notes! Hehe, but anyways, nothing to complain about, majorly, only missing words here or there, but doesn't detract from the story, so no worries! I am planning to read the companion pieces you wrote for this one, so probably will add further reviews to those. Again, hoping to see the story continue on, and for any hater's, flamer's, or otherwise nasty individuals, just remember, they are just mad cause they can't write as well as you, and they are jealous of what your writing, and if they read this far, and only now are complaining, it's just cause they are jealous! LOL, ff is written to be NON-CANON! so of course everything and everyone is gonna be OOC, hehe, anyways, again here's hoping this finds you well, and that the next chapters will be out soon!
FatexMahou chapter 98 . 8/11
This is the third time re-reading this. I have to say it is definitely one of my favorites I cant wait for more And especially eager to find out what will happen with Usagi. and if Ranma and Kasumi will tell their families by the end of this. Ever since the recent chapters iv had a desire to cosplay from this just not sure on who though. again really love it and i hope for more
142 with an 8 chapter 23 . 8/11
In this chapter when Ranma said hello to an old friend was funny. If said old friend did respond in anyway would be an odd surprise.
swk3000 chapter 98 . 8/9
As far as Ms. Aoyama's organization goes, I wouldn't give it any details. Part of the reason the ruse works so well, I think, is because there are no details. This allows the imaginations of those who have met her to run wild, making the "organization" far more powerful than it actually is. This is probably why the story has spread to the SI builders. Adding details increases the chance of the ruse being discovered, as the more information there is, the more holes can be discovered. I would stick with the way things have been going: if they ask about details, simply tell them no information is available.
Ebona Nite chapter 98 . 8/8
I've been having a long hard think about Ms Aoyama's Organization. She strikes me as a sort of Magical Girl Lawyer of some sort. So how about: Interdimensional Relations Services. Without adding the D in the middle that gives a whole new meaning to IRS! And it could mean anything from a law firm, to an espionage and intelligence/counter-intelligence network for a conquering dimension, to a sort of secret services... or even a charity organization that really is trying to improve human/"demon" relations and Ms Aoyama just happens to be the scary lawyer.

My other thought is that this is the tech trading company Nabiki has been sort of planning, and Ms Aoyama is laying the ground-work for allowing the start-up to open? That may not work as well with the name, unless it's the name of the Customer Service division - and isn't that a scary thought? Ms Aoyama, Head/Supervisor of the Customer Service Department!
Cor Strike FX chapter 98 . 8/3
-Finally- caught up to the end! I don't know where to start with a review. :)

On second thought, are you going to write some scenes with H'nther and his colleagues working on Usagi and Setsuna?
Wrin chapter 95 . 8/3
This is the first time I've been through this story, and I love what I've read so far. It's a little overly-long, so I'm not sure how long it will be before I come back to it. If you update frequently I might be able to keep up without refreshing, but as-is it will take me a while to be willing to read through all that again. If you could mark critical chapters that explain large bits of plot or put a summary somewhere that would help, but I understand if that's not something you're thrilled to do.

Thank you for...something like 40 hours of entertainment, according to my Kindle. It's been a blast!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/27
I don't know if this will affect fan fiction writers but here goes.
I was stationed in Okinawa for a few years in the early 80s. The Japanese government had very strict regulations concerning automobiles. If it wasn't stock it couldn't be Licensed for use on the road. This didn't stop the younger Japanese from putting non-standard tires or different accessories on their cars and drag racing. A car had to be returned to stock configuration every years for a safety inspection. So Haruka couldn't own heavily modified car like the e type unless there is some sort of waiver. There could be and I never encountered it.
Overuse of colloquial vernacular (worrying / sort it out / kerb / I will do ).
This is one of my favorite FFs. One of these days when I re-establish an email account I think I would like to become a pre-reader / editor.
Please come back and do more with this unique view. Other than the over use of certain words and phrases it is a very good original idea and well executed.
Cynical Rabbit
Rune Tobor chapter 98 . 7/26
I was reading this again and came up with a use for Nabiki in her mermaid form.
Have her get knocked into the pond at the dojo.
She can change into mer-Nabiki, proving that the pond is Possessed!

Just an idea that might be fun!
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