Reviews for Yami Yugi Moves Out!
Mew chapter 14 . 5/15/2012
Idea! Have october 7th be seto's birthday! I mean, have yami find that out...

I love this story anyway. So super special awsome!
DaAmazingMeepers chapter 14 . 10/19/2009
This story is HILARIOUS! More soon please!3
Felling chapter 11 . 9/23/2009
Still haven't found anything to mummify the cats with, though. Actually, I haven't found any cats to mummify either.

Oh wow Yami. *shakes head*
Felling chapter 1 . 9/22/2009
Oh noes! August 14 (Hope someone calls police before both the guy and the victim stink up the rest of the fourth floor. Stupid mortals; really ought to bring back mummification.) Made me laugh so hard that I thought it couldn't get any worse when we got to One hour later. I laughed so hard I had an asthma attack. x.x;; That haunted house stuff was so freaking hilarious! Great-job! :D
xxxShadow chapter 14 . 6/2/2008
Is this the end?
Chibi Tenshi Sama chapter 14 . 11/6/2007
Heh. I love this story. Completely hilarious. I really think that Yami's job as an ancient history professor suits him. Good writing.
SilverEcho chapter 14 . 9/8/2006
Ahahahhahahahahahaha! i LOVE this story! i can't wait to read more!

That whole Aresenic and Odl lace thing reminded me of a story by Roal Dahl called the landlady. except she stuffed the men instead of burying them XD

anyway, keep it up!

freakyanimegal chapter 14 . 8/29/2006
Heheheheeh. It's been along time since I've read this.
Muzaki chapter 14 . 12/27/2005
You killed me with this fic.

I swear, I think I punctured a lung cackling. Imagining Yami on a camel in a tux just set me off.

Love for Bobby.

Seeing as how I am significantly lacking in wit at this point in time, I'm going to go watch Yu-Gi-Oh and make pointed Yami/Yuugi comments and snicker suggestively.

kingleby chapter 14 . 12/20/2005
lol! i absolutely love this story! its so funny! _
Anthysama chapter 6 . 9/24/2005
'I' before 'E', except after 'C'; and when making an 'A', as in 'neighbor' and 'weigh'; and on the weekends, and holidays, and all throughout May; and you'll always be wrong, no matter what you say!"

Just curious...are you any bit familiar with the comedian Brian Reagan? If not I suppose it's just severe coincidence that you quoted a bit from his, that made me laugh, and this story is tres amusing \V/
Akire-and-Atem chapter 14 . 8/2/2005
Love it! i think that pretty much expresses what i think D
Abombidal boo chapter 14 . 7/21/2005
*blinks* Ok!

animefreakgal456 chapter 14 . 7/21/2005
OMG! You updated! WOW! er... anywa, I LOVE your story! HAHAHAHAH! Of all the yugioh fics i've read, you are the MASTER of yami! My freind loves your story too! Update soon! PLEASE!

MoonCigar chapter 14 . 7/20/2005
YAY an update *wants to be review 200* love it at usual, hope you update faster next time! good luck, i've really love your work on this XD

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