Reviews for Time Stitches You
Spuffy the Witch chapter 14 . 10/15/2002
Keep going. This fic is well thought out.
Slim chapter 14 . 10/15/2002
Wow ... what a beautiful story. It is truly well written and has a surprisingly well done character development. Willow is gorgeous, she's my favorite gal of the show. I don't know where you're going with this but I definetely hope you continue.
Harvey chapter 14 . 10/10/2002
I just wanted to let you know that there are people reading and totaly enjoying your story, well me. And I can't wait to get more, Willow has to come to her senses, how could she resist? So thank you for such a great story and please keep going!
Dalpal chapter 14 . 10/10/2002
Wow, another great chapter. Oh Willow, you're already lost. So stop fighting it. LOL.
Teri chapter 14 . 10/10/2002
Wow I just read the first 14 chapters of your story last night. Didn't make to bed until after 3am. Not much can keep me up that late. This is a wonderful, creative story.

I never saw Willow and Spike as a couple before, but you are single-handley changing my mind. Is Philip an ancestor of Xander? That would be wonderful. I loved seeing Liam and Dru as mortals. Now, I look forward to seeing them run into William.

You have done such a wonderful job on this story. Thank you!
Mel chapter 14 . 10/10/2002
Thank you so much for posting more of this incredible story.

I can't believe you haven't got more reviews; this is so well written, the plot is so intricate and gah! I'm no good at reviews...but, I love this story!

Please post more soon, I'm hooked!
ghost02 chapter 4 . 10/4/2002
I loved Spike's meeting with Liam, and how he and Willow traded stories. Very creative.
Dalpal chapter 12 . 10/4/2002
I tried to review this story yesterday but that damn fido wouldnt let me. Anyway...this is an excellent story. I'm totally hooked and loving it. 0.0
ghost02 chapter 2 . 9/30/2002
You're right. Poor Spike, his plans always result in disaster.
DragonWitchie chapter 1 . 9/30/2002
very good fic

i love it
Mel chapter 12 . 9/30/2002
WOW! That was fantastic, but please, please, please write / post some more soon! That was such a great story to read. Thank you!
Mel chapter 9 . 9/30/2002
You write incredibly well. I can't seem to stop reading (you know, like not being able to put a good book down...) I just had to review before I went any further ~ great job!
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