Reviews for The Mobster's Son
janiqs chapter 9 . 8/20
Agreed! I really am intrigued by your writing. Please continue!
Guest chapter 9 . 8/5
Update soon? Please?
Carrie Garcia chapter 9 . 6/25
Everyone has times but we pick our self up and start again. I would hate to see Bella with anyone but Edward and it'd hard to wait for that to happen. Its even harder for me to read a non cannon couples in this. I miss Jasper with Alice and Emmett with Rose.
karen4honor chapter 9 . 6/15
This is an interesting twist you've got going with this story! I love it! Will there be more forthcoming?
Guest chapter 9 . 6/15
Would live to find iut how it ends.
shecater chapter 9 . 6/14
I'm living the way you are writing this entire story! I hope it updates soon. I really love the characters as you have then written!
PoseyRosey chapter 9 . 6/13
I really have enjoyed reading this, I do hope that you will be able to find the time to finish it
mounds01 chapter 9 . 6/12
This story is very good, I hope you continue with it.
YankeeDiva chapter 9 . 6/12
I miss this fic I hope of spark hits soon to continue on with it :)
brainy chapter 9 . 6/4
Really liking your story so far, hope your going to continue.
Fire Dolphin chapter 9 . 5/18
Lovely chapter. I was just confused about somethings. In earlier chapters you mentioned that Bella is 25, but you then change her age to 23? You also mentioned that Bella did not have a car and would walk to work or take a taxi, but in this chapter, she now has a car, did she buy one? And a little confused about Bella's relationship with her father, in some chapters her and Charlie do not get a long and have not spoken in months. In other chapters, you give the allusion that they speak, and that Bella is close enough that she wants to attend his bday.. If you have time, can you please clarify that? Thanks!
Love ur story:)
yagalinus0420 chapter 9 . 3/31
Hmmmm...she needs to drop Andy like a bad habit! Her and Edward need to give it a shot...and see where it goes! I'd love a chapter of Bella and her family to see what kind of drama goes on there! Maybe a Bella and Mama Cullen chapter as well! I'd love to see what she really thinks of Bella! More soon please!
tweetie2 chapter 9 . 3/29
hi, i just finished reading your story or at least up to where you stopped. i was just wondering if you have any plans in the future to finish it. it is really a good story. i know real life is hell and time gets away from us, but if you find yourself with some spare time, i hope you are able to finish it. if not thanks for what you were able to give us.
Caliborn96 chapter 9 . 3/26
love your story please update
Caliborn96 chapter 8 . 3/26
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