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CamTheThief chapter 4 . 8/29
Hey look, my suspicions proved correct. Glad it only took me reading three chapters and skimming the fourth - I would’ve hated to waste more time. Ah well, it’s your story, you can make whatever asinine character choices you wish. I’m out though. Cheers.
CamTheThief chapter 1 . 8/29
Hm. Time travel plots aren’t exactly a new concept in fanfiction. It carries a lot of potential in Code Geass given just how many mistakes Lelouch made. The banal “I should be stronger and train more” corrections common in so many shounen fics have no place in this world. Lelouch was at the heart of more deaths than most characters can lay credit to. His naivety, arrogance, pride... there’s certainly a lot to fix. But you’ll forgive me if I’m already suspicious of your ability to write this story with any real degree of credibility solely due to Lelouch’s wistful musings on Suzaku.
I admit, my hatred for that character exceeds rationality. I utterly loathe him. A fictional character and I honestly want to see his entire essence burn. I recognize that Lelouch may not hate him that much, but for Lelouch to think of him as someone to be saved? Suzaku, the man that fought on behalf of those that slaughtered civilians in a ghetto? Suzaku, the man that willfully blinded himself to evil and repeatedly saved those that dehumanized his people and again, slaughtered civilians (looking at you, Cornelia). Suzaku, the man who didn’t yet know about Geass, saw Brittanian soldiers killing every man, woman, and child in the Special Administrative Zone and instead of fighting them he tried to stop the Black Knights because Zero shot Euphemia, the undeniable perpetrator. Then later, now knowing of Geass, he watches as his entire country rises up in arms against their oppressors, and he chooses to not just kill a Zero, but kill any Japanese in his way. That’s just R1. He is an utterly despicable human being warped by his own self righteousness. He was the single greatest inhibitor to Lelouch during all of R1... but Lelouch wants to save him? To recruit him? Please.
Good prose and structure, that I grant you. I suppose the next few chapters will clue me in on if your Lelouch will prove to be as naive as his musings made him out to be. I love Code Geass. I love time travel and do-overs in general. But Suzaku is irredeemable.
Frosty Wolf chapter 25 . 8/13
And so we finally come to the end. Japan is free, but the situation is bleak all over the world. I really hope you plan to continue this in a sequel, it's been a fun ride.

I've read a number of Code Geass redo fics, but this one stands out. I found it very interesting that Lelouch's failure didn't come from poor strategy or Geass, but simply because people acted differently than he expected. Especially people that he thought he could count on like Tohdoh. I feel bad for Euphemia too, Suzaku not so much, he made his choice.
god of all chapter 25 . 8/9
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
Yamma chapter 25 . 8/4
It is pity that you lost your data as difference between before and after is striking. While even before the data loss this fic wasn't without severe flaws especially regarding characterization, compared to "le darker and edgier" reboot that came after they look downright canonical. You've made it clear that you hate R2, and that helps to explain why OoC behavior among your cast is so rampant. Your Lelouch & C.C. act like their R1 selves for most of the time; nice way to spit on all of the character development that happened in R2 because you dislike it. No wonder Resurrection made you sad since it only served to further invalidate your interpretation of the Code Geass' main characters. However I do have to give you points for managing to avoid fanon cliches like Lamperouge being Marianne's maiden name or Lelouch being physical weakling. Autistic devotion to R1 seems to have its benefits.

Second major problem stemming from your hateboner for R2 is that the darker & edgier world you're attempting to build just falls flat. While this was still kept in excusable limits before your data loss, less said at the tragedy porn the better. At least R2 did its own dramatic twists & asspulls with style, your attempts from chapter 18 onwards just feel too forced. End result just feels like a Game of Thrones-esque Black Rebellion rehash full of melodramatic twists that make little sense in-universe and only serve to act as drama fuel. If your aim was to emulate the structure of Mexican telenovela, you succeeded well.

On the positive side, your grammar was fine, you didn't rehash canon scene too much like most time travel fics do & at least seem to have somewhat original direction to aim towards even though your ability to write that convincingly remains doubtful. There's also the sad fact that your competition at least on is even worse in all aspects, so evaluated on that criteria you've done well.

Overall 6/10, would rank higher if I wasn't feeling so aggrieved over the missed potential this had pre-data loss.
Guest chapter 25 . 8/4
I hope that you have a plan on a season otherwise I would pissed!
RedBloodedMoon chapter 25 . 8/4
I'm literally speachless...
This entire story, from the beginning to the end, is fantastic!
It started out like any other time travel fic and evolved into something else, something better.

Congratulations, you may have written one, if not the best time travel ff in the entire CG Fandom!

Short question: if Charles' plan for Europe works out, will Leila make an appearance? Maybe by fleeing Europe and joining Lelouch? Would be amazing, because there are only very few stories that include her character.

Hope you continue soon!
Dadycoool chapter 25 . 8/4
I just found this story and marathoned it and I gotta say, wow. This has been intense. I don't think his do-over went as well as the first time around so far, but at least everyone who we care about is still alive, in various forms. Marianne's comment about redheads was ominous, though.

I did notice you calling him Marquis for a few chapters. I'm not actually sure you referred to him as "Margrave" more than a couple times. I like his inner thoughts about the orange grove. Nunnally is terrifying.
Zathol chapter 25 . 8/3
Dam. You win and you lose but sometimes you can only do both. Dam I always wondered how Tohdoh would go about things but even this seems a bit of a stretch. Is he just that far gone in sense that he can't understand he is just making things worse?

Feel bad for whatever Kallen was told. I wonder if her feelings were rejected or something. Or maybe something else. Either way hope things better on that front. It kinda sucked to see how supportive she was most of the chapter and yet after whatever Lleouch told her she is clearly giving the cold shoulder.

Almost feel the same for Euphemia and Suzaku. Though to be honest i never liked the pairing together because i always hated how their views and naive actions kinda just enforced one another to the point that they are down right stupid. More Suzaku then Euphemia. Kind of wish she was actually feeling anger at Suzaku for what he did even despite the circumstances.

Still pleasant to see her alive and how she will have further impact. Especially with her sister dead. In one time Euphemia dies, this time it's Cornelia. Damn.

Nice. His Majesty just torn Schneizel accomplishment with an ease. I honestly couldn't deny his words though. Schneizel didn't really do much and it was all the in fighting and betrayal from the other side that screwed everything over. Also apparently his views on Japanese are at a downright low.

Also amusing to actually see how Charles and Marianne are talking about Lelouch. A sense of pride from the father and love from the mother. Even despite their technical abandonment. I guess Charles is just that proud that one of his spawn has showed such ability even if he screwed up.

I always thought that despite Lelouch screwing up his parents plan in canon that they would be proud of him for managing it. Once they get over how their long time plan came to an end. Maybe in canon Charles wasn't flying to Lelouch to kill him before he turned to dust but to give him a 'I'm proud of you hug tackle'.

Now last thing i could say...who the hell is this other red head?! Shirley? I mean...she is not really a red, maybe that counts? is there another red head in this series I forgot about? It's been awhile. Shit i don't even remember what happened to Shirley in this story! Damn. guess wait and see approach again!

Nunnally is awake and she is pissed. Uh oh. Someone lock her wheels!

That is pretty much the best ending to this chapter to say the world has gone to shit. Nunnally is angry and the world will know it.
islamy96 chapter 25 . 8/3
Congrats on completing this fic.
Reina Himemiya chapter 25 . 8/3
Nooo Euphie! Stupid Schneizel!
And damn is this the end? There a "2 season" coming right?
s.k.f.f.f chapter 25 . 8/3
Damn, Lelouch seems like he's gonna lose, no chance of winning, unless he can develop da bomb
DinoGuy2000 chapter 25 . 8/3
Wow. That was an awesome fic. The ending is something truly heartbreaking though. Civil wars upon civil wars, destroyed romances, shattered nations, and a Britannia that has been only delayed. Japan may cease to exist soon, and China will probably never be as powerful as it was before. Now, Jeremiah has an angry vi Britannia to contend with as well.

I gotta say, this was probably one of the darkest conclusions I've read lately. Probably in a while actually.

Bloody good work!
Lord Metallex chapter 25 . 8/3
I wonder how this will go. Will lelouch unite asia in time. Will he be able to get aide from russia. Will nunnally be able to help her brother this time. How long will japan last. Find out next time on Redo of the Rebellion. You will see the tears of time.
ThatIndieReviewer chapter 25 . 8/3
Well, I'm going to have to take points off of you for having Lelouch and Kallen split. There wasn't much reason to establish a relationship unless you are planning on making it flourish. It would have been so much more interesting to see the two of them collaborate properly in this war when they should have done in R2. Now it feels stretched out and meandering. Remember this for your writing: relationships are more interesting than arguments and breakups.
Good story overall, but you'll need to find a way to rectify these loose ends.
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