Reviews for Code Geass: Redo of the Rebellion
Guest chapter 51 . 3/7
I just notice you made a tipping error. Nunnally's heir isn't blonde it's sandy brown

But the only time when her heir ever turn blonde was when...
When she gain her own Geass.

I could be wrong and it's just an accident you made.
GuitarBOSS chapter 18 . 3/2
Why is Lelouch getting so flustered here? He was completely calm when he saw Kallen naked in the shower, and he had no problem asking her for sex when he was feeling down. He also managed to contain any hormones when he undressed CC to bandage her wounds in Narita. This story is set well after CC kissed him, so her being amorous towards him shouldn't be mindblowing for him.

Also I can't help but feel like the school festival funding subplot could easily be resolved in 5 minutes by geassing someone into donating to the school.
Guest chapter 49 . 2/20
After this chapter, the thing I'm wondering the most is what does Nunnally think of Suzaku? Jeremiah must have'd told her everything he's done. Dating and breaking the heart of her old sister and is dating an older woman. Continuing on taking orders from the basters who burned down their home. And worst killing more and more people. Does she still have hope in her old friend or does she despise him and sees him as a Evil Dragon that needs to be Slayed?
Guest chapter 51 . 2/11
The fact that you've made so many Star Wars references, I won't be too surprised if you make Kallen give birth to twins(by that I mean boy and girl). It's kind of funny because I always thought that Code Geass was close enough to be an Anime Star Wars excerpt confined on Earth.
Guest chapter 51 . 2/9
Good chapter. I am honestly shocked that Zero has begun to turn the tide. Although complete victory is not guaranteed, at least now he has a chance of winning, albeit at considerable costs.
Please at least make mentions on Japan's rebuilding.
Guest chapter 36 . 2/8
Well deserved Tohdoh, you traitor.
Assassin Sylar chapter 51 . 2/1
httpswww. fanfiction
Guest chapter 51 . 1/27
To help the comment below me and anyone else who is confuse, R-Two is just C-Two undercover to get Milly and the others into a different room.
Oh what chapter 51 . 1/27
Ok if I must be honest, at first I didn't have much hope for this story, normally time travel fics are a bit boring, apart from the fact that I didn't understand why Lelouch behaved like this with Cornelia and Clovis at the beginning, I thought it cut him off the head on Clovis was too much and that he was being too harsh with Cornelia killing Guilford and Darlton to nothing, now don't get me wrong, Lelouch has never been a saint and would probably be furious with them with all the reason in the world, with Clovis for to torture CC and create a massacre just to save his skin while Cornelia was a fucking racist, hypocritical and more genocidal bitch than him, apart from the fact that she supported the Damocles plan (it is true that she rejected the plan after understanding what it implied , but maybe Lelouch didn't know about this and that she only rejected it because she realized Euphy would never forgive her if she did), despite this I only imagined him shooting all the bullets at her in Clovis's head while Cornelia playing with her mind with the subject of Marriane.

Despite this and other things, it's by far the best time travel fanfic I've seen, since you decide to answer one of the questions I had in anime. Did Lelouch really deserve to die and the other characters be happy? Was it all his fault without even taking the actions of the other characters? Were the other characters really good people to be happy? I've always thought that the answer is no, the only really good characters in the canon were Tianzi, Milly, Rivalz and to a certain extent Euphemia, hence they were all flawed, even Shirley, CC and Kallen, the first one having serious mental problems, the second being cold and cruel and the third very treacherous when her feelings are not reciprocated, ready I said it, I don't care if they lynch me. But that's what it's about in CG and it makes sense in the scenario that I present to us, that's why the ending, although it's poetic, moving and heartbreaking, is bad, even Resurrection shits it even more since it comes to reaffirm these problems with the Requiem nd you explore their personalities so that Lelouch sees them and realizes that it wasn't all his fault.

Regarding the CC and Kallen... I don't know what to say, I prefer that he stay with CC since from what you implied, Lelouch may not age, added to the fact that he impregnated her to get her out of the battlefield, she probably will I would have stayed with her if CC had run out of memory, since even that CC told Kallen that she was free to sleep with him, but she already knew beforehand that Lelouch prefers CC, I don't know how she could be happy knowing which is the second option, it is too rare and from what CC said, she is only going to lend Lulu to her but after she dies he will be from CC, I can only see four scenarios, a threesome, one is rejected or leaves, one of the two dies or Lelouch does the thing of becoming an entity or he dies, I hope they are not the last two please ... well I will just say that I support CC, I think you were too cruel with her with what that Mao abuses her, she loses her memory and then, with amnesia, gradually separates Lelouch, either because of his animosity old racism or because he betrays him causing him to almost kill everyone in the base... and I still don't know what you will do with Shirley (if you were another author, I would say that you would make a harem, but you are sadistic , so I can't predict what you'll do, that's good but I'm scared)

I like how you portrayed the antagonists, Charles and Marriane act like a cute happy married couple as they congratulate their kids and their accomplishments while ignoring all the horrible and disturb things they and their kids do things like "Come on Nuna, pretend you like Ashley and then throw it away like a dirty rag" or "Lol our son mercilessly killed Cornelia, our best general, we are so proud of you Lulu", I can't help but laugh and think that if they weren't politicians they would be a strange and selfish happy family. Honestly I don't think Rai is bad, just an asshole, but not bad, since until now he only followed orders, I wonder what he think.

If I have to highlight moments, they would be:

-Kirihara confessing that he loves Lelouch and he must kill him anyway. I'm cry, FUCK YOU SAWASAKI, MAO AND KATASE

-Bart Darlton telling Todoh not to put his feelings before the mission only for when Zero is caught he is consumed by revenge and because of him he delivers victory to Lelouch on a silver platter.

-As Susaku is forced to kill civilians while he remembers what Zero told him when he saved him.

-Nunally showing that she is also a master of manipulation like her parents or brother. Lelouch would be so angry and proud of she.

-CC silencing Cornelia who insulted Lelouch, while she asks him if he ever felt bad for what she did or if she envy the fact that Euphemia is the only one remembered as a genocide.

-Lelouch falling into the trap of his parents and uncle to use Kallen and CC as a distraction while they steal FLEIJA and his allies betray him only to turn the game around, destroy Siegfried, get Shirley and VV, get a part of the order and still keep FLEIJA and CC while their allies realize their mistake and regret it (Too bad you still don't show their reactions, last time they still believed they were winning and that they had the Geass Order and VV)

-That Xingke wants to get rid of Zero just so that for now Tianzi can be seen liking him, if she falls in love with Lulu, she will give the poor man a heart attack.

- The relationship between Cecile and Susaku, which I really like, although I don't know what you will do with Euphemia

And for now my favourite,

-VV hating Marriane so much, only to end up in an ocean trench with the name Marianne but in spanish, I LOVED THAT HILARIOUS AND SADISTIC PART, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE HE COMPLETELY DESERVES IT.

The last thing I have to say is who is RR? It appeared in the chapters of the kidnapping in the hotel, they consider that it is not known who gave Geass to Shanma and turned her into a failed code, could it be that she was the one who gave it to him in this story? Or are you going to discard her and just use Shanma and Shalio?

Anyway, congrats for your work Sir Kai
Guest chapter 37 . 1/23
If Lelouch does become Emperor again, who will be his Empress? Because to me, Kallen as a Empress is so not her character. The more likely character for that role is CC because that I can see happening.
Frosty Wolf chapter 51 . 1/20
Nice to see this updated! And things might finally be turning around for Lelouch, C-Two is back, he's found new allies, and for once time isn't on his homelands side. Though I'm guessing things, in his personal and public lives, won't be so simple as that. Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Thank you for sharing the update!
KingZeRoPL chapter 45 . 1/20
My God this story is so tasteless and pointless. That's definitely one of the worst Code Geass fanfictions I've read. It's written well but the story and characters sucks dick so much that it's just painful to read but I'm at 45 chapter and I'm planning to bring it to the end.
KingZeRoPL chapter 32 . 1/20
MY GOD you made Lelouch into actually a retard, he's literally a brain-dead fuck worse than Clovis and trash Suzaku mixed together.
Guest chapter 51 . 1/19
I'm guessing with Kallen now on the sideline, the role of Ace of the Black Knights will go to Shirley the cyborg pilot. Hoping we still get Kallen vs Suzaku somehow.
It would be awesome if we see Nunnally become an Ace pilot. If King Shalio(who is the exact opposite of her) can do it why can't her?
KingZeRoPL chapter 21 . 1/19
You made Lelouch absolutely unlikeable in this story. I want him to feel so much pain when he loses Nunally, Milly, Shirley, Rivalz, Sayoko and all his friends that it's just impossible to stand.
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