Reviews for Code Geass: Redo of the Rebellion
Guest chapter 39 . 11/28
Please send something. It's been months since your last update.
Guest chapter 39 . 11/20
Lord Vade ... I mean, Sir Kai, are you safe? Are you okay?
Guest chapter 39 . 11/20
Raymond21, it be for the best if Ohgi dies. He is clearly turning into the selfish man who betrayed Zero in the original timeline.
raymond21 chapter 31 . 11/20
Nooo,please don't die ohgi. I liked you in this fic. This is darker than Canon code geass. Many people died in this fic. Todoh and holy swords now want to kill zero. I hope zero survived the battle. Because all hoped to save Japan is being relied on zero
Guest chapter 39 . 11/20
Guest chapter 30 . 11/17
Raymond21, the deal between the Democratic Republic of Japan and Britannia will only benefit the latter. The Britannians would probably never fulfil their promises which are made to a rebel, especially one who had played a role in defeating them. Tohdoh will most likely be double-crossed the second he becomes useless to Emperor Charles. The Geass Order can help to easily take him and his allies down. Also, Tohdoh’s idea to destroy the Sakuradite in Japan to ensure Britannia’s cooperation is stupid, because destroying all that Sakuradite would certainly mean destroying Japan.
raymond21 chapter 30 . 11/16
This is really good chapter. I wonder how lelouch managed defend Tokyo. I think Brits have win win solution to support todoh. Had they failed,black knights gonna be more weakened and more easily to destroy they succes,Brits Will have monopoly towards offshore sakuradite in Japan and gaines exonomical advantage to war against EU. This is really Britannia smart move
raymond21 chapter 27 . 11/15
The emperor finally makes his moves. Your fanfic plot is truly unpredictable. This is really a good plot
Guest chapter 39 . 11/15
Raymond21, I would like to defend Zero. It’s true that Lelouch has established a military dictatorship, but he has no choice and he doesn’t seem to like it. How could anyone hold a free and fair election in a ruined fledgling nation which desperately needs to recover? Tohdoh has established a military dictatorship too and has decided to violently oppose Zero, but his rebellion and treachery will only bring unnecessary divisions and bloodshed in Japan and will jeopardise the newly independent country’s freedom.

Sir Kai, why aren’t you sending more chapters? Please, don’t tell me you’ve decided to quit after coming this far? Please, send something, anything.
raymond21 chapter 25 . 11/15
Wow,thank you for your R1. This is truly masterpiece. To see how black knights won with heavy cost. To see suzaku have euphie alive,but hated him,to see Charles,the greatest man on earth, go into the war himself,to see nunnaly go back in time as well. I hope the R2 Will give intriguing plot too. Todoh betrayed lelouch,and see how military dictatorship of lelouch is better than popularity contest of incompetent european union
raymond21 chapter 24 . 11/15
I really liked tian si in your story'. Instead of becoming just a figure head,she becoming a just ruler for her nations. She become a great leader. And she can stand on her feet. You truly make her character growth so awesomely..

I just see the battle of Japan and schneizel order burn all of island to the ground. It is make me remind of the devastation in code geass megiddo. Britannia destroy all of sakuradite mining to not let kapan fall into Chinese or European union

I hope kallen and lelouch is alright. Had they are gone,the battle is already lost
raymond21 chapter 23 . 11/15
This is really sad chapter. Really bring our all of emotions. Suzaku loss of innocence,euphie death,Cornelia died in battle, and to see Jeremiah abandoned his path to kindness. I really liked how you mentions Zero words in this chapter. Really great foreshadowing. I hope to see the next chapter
raymond21 chapter 22 . 11/15
C2 is death,many members didn't believe that lelouch is zero,and Japan Will become Chinese puppet. I hope lelouch win battle of mountain Fuji to make indenpendent country and executed katase for treason
raymond21 chapter 21 . 11/15
Thousand cranes Burned. Is this meaning that nunnaly wishes to where all of lelouch friend and her live in peace is not gonna happen? Because some of them are death? Poor nunnaly. to see her dream turn into ashes.

This chapter is really great. Who would have thought that that Mao already prepared to kill lelouch? And using clever plan. But this is Mao we talk about. He is strategist,a great manipulator. He has potential to become a great man in Chinese federation
raymond21 chapter 19 . 11/15
Wow,lelouch Will not see katase coup de etat? Well,after that,we want to see how lelouch managed to destroy katase and spare kirihara life. I think kirihara deserved to livem i really liked how you make general katase role. He become Thorn in the flesh. Lelouch is right to got rid of him in his first life. He is incompetent general that can't do anything to bring Japan to one more step towards liberating japan
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