Reviews for Phantom Thief Decimo
FightsWithBears chapter 17 . 5/3
Haha, Lorenzo...
Anyway, I am in love.
But, like...
I am sorry that you got so tired of writing it!
general zargon chapter 17 . 5/3
Hey there, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed this story, and I loved that you included Skull in the epilogue (he's one of my favorite characters). :) Yay for adult Arcobaleno! I loved how you wrote Fon, Reborn, and Skull. Considering this was AU, I thought you wrote all the characters really well! . I really hope that you decide to write more for this fandom, and I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
FightsWithBears chapter 3 . 5/3
i can just imagine reborn greeting everyone by saying 'chaos' instead of 'ciaossu'
that's fucking funny omg
pamellka chapter 17 . 5/2
So, first of all. Wow. Managed to read it all today in one go.
I fell in love with the very first chapter because oh my god? Phantom thief Tsuna is just something so amazing I can't believe no one else has done it?
The characterization was great and I loved how everyone interacted with each other, and I am so glad you left it gen. A pairing would just get in the way. I loved the epilogue and the side story, heh.
I'm sad it's over but I'm also glad you didn't unnecessarily stretch it out.
All in all, great story :) Definitely a new favorite.
thankchaosforspellcheck chapter 1 . 4/26
Huh, and here I thought you got the name from DN Angels (for the record, the main character kind of fits Tsuna's personality). It's still a really cool story, though!
1sunfun chapter 17 . 4/21
seireidoragon chapter 16 . 3/29
This was an amazing story and I absolutely loved how everything turned out! Great job!
lunaatje123 chapter 17 . 3/22
Thank you for another fun story!
I can't help but comment on your final Author's Note that I think the timeline you chose, with Tsuna leaving after graduating middle school, is better than if he had skipped out after the first year. I honestly don't think Hibari would have looked kindly on him skiving off compulsory education, even if it meant fewer disturbances in Namimori. I just can't see him remain interested in (/keep his weird kind-of-respect for) Tsuna in that situation... But that might just be me XD (Admittedly, my grasp of Hibari's character is completely build up from the fanfiction characterizations I've read and I have no clue how close those are to canon!Hibari...)
There are actually more points where I think your timeline makes sense, like I-pin's supposed decision to live as a civilian (I think she would have been too young to make that kind of decision if this story had been set earlier).
Anyway, I think that's enough rambling ; Thanks again, I enjoyed reading this fic a lot.
Breanna Sinclaire chapter 5 . 3/12
three words after ... WHAT THE HELL O-O
Tragic Songbird of Eddis chapter 17 . 3/12
I am so glad that both You and this story exist. I am so, so, so glad. thank you so much for writing this, thank you so much for writing everything you have. I will be waiting eagerly for any of your new stories.
Bumblebee Madness chapter 5 . 3/5
Lol Reborn's power levels are over 9000.
Bumblebee Madness chapter 3 . 3/5
So is that piano from Mario N64?
Can'tAGirlGetSomeSleep chapter 3 . 3/3
I love mafia pianos
tuna-kun chapter 17 . 3/2
i loved your fic! all of the chapters were nicely paced and i never got bored reading it all.
imjaysong chapter 17 . 2/25

Dats all I have to say, LOL
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