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PickleInACup chapter 6 . 4/9
I've been looking forward to reading this chapter for days since I saw it in my in-box :D (sorry, Thursday was my only day off this week.)
1.) I am so jealous of your Thundercats collection :( ...XD
2.) wicked excited about Team Punky's third earth outfits. Can't wait
3.) Love where you went with the warrior maidens; I'm not familiar with the character Tessa or her story line, but I still enjoy how you incorporate the comics into the fic; I never really know which direction the chapters will go :)
we're rooting for you, Team Punky!
18lzytwner chapter 6 . 4/7
Sounds like Punky and the gang are in real trouble. Hope the ThunderCats can help before Mumm-Ra gets a hold of them.
yellow 14 chapter 6 . 4/6
A most...intriguing chapter. And yes, I suspect that I enjoyed reading it as much as you enjoyed writing it. The Garden of Silence, the Warrior Maidens, the Feathered Lizard (I like this guy and he's only just turned up!) and of course Mumm-Ra's plans, all most interesting. Keep updating. (ps, I would have reviewed earlier had RL not got in the way. And I'm in the Quidditch League this year, keeping me busy.)
frankannestein chapter 6 . 4/6
Wow, a lot happened in this chapter! It was kind of fun to meet some of the good (although with that Feathered Serpent I put a big question mark, lol) species around Third Earth, since we've already met the big baddies. Willa seems like a good leader to her people, so I hope to see more of her and Tessa.

I'm really worried about Team Punky. They're beset from several sides - Mumm-Ra tricking Glomer, Punky doubting her own ability to lead, and, well, Margaux is just Margaux. X3

I wonder if any 80s kid will forget Cherie in the refrigerator . . .

TeelanaFalcao chapter 6 . 4/6
Feliz Páscoa (atrasada) para você e todos os leitores. :3 :D Sempre dou minhas felicitações nessas épocas, mas nesse ano trabalhei em escala de plantão sexta, sábado e domingo. (36 horas diretas). Enfim. Excelente atualização como sempre. Amo as referências á episódios dos ThunderCats. Uau! Sabe, estou tão preocupada quanto Willa. Isso está ficando cada vez melhor! Hummm... Acho que Cheetara tinha razão. Punky e seus amigos não podem sair sozinhos pela Terceira Terra. Lá é um lugar perigoso sem qualquer sombra de dúvidas e sem contar que Mumm-Ra está sempre a espreita observando tudo. Acho que os ThunderCats foram muito imprudentes quanto a isso.
Mirwalker chapter 6 . 4/6
In this chapter we move from rescue, to settling in, and quickly back to need for rescue again. Never a dull moment with Punky's energy and Mumm-ra's scheming. Cool to see all the various 'Cats references, and learn more about Punky-world.

Thanks for sharing!
Sunrise Phoenix chapter 6 . 4/5
Great job as always my friend! Oh boy...the Cats better not spare the Thundrillum if they're to reach the others in time.
I loved how you did the roll-call! XD (And I remember 'GARDEN OF DELIGHTS'; I know the epsiode forwards and backwards...actually I know all the epsiodes that way.)-Peace out! ;D
KelseyAlicia chapter 6 . 4/5
I know you've got a lot of good skills as a writer. And you're very creative and it flows well. but I'm still not so crazy about crossovers and I know again you're a good writer. And its well. but I can't really sink my teeth into it. but all the same I know this is an excellent story for someone of your caliber and potential to get even better.
Fabiano chapter 2 . 3/30
Se permite uma observação, no que se refere a mãe da Punky, na série ela disse que a mãe entrou num shopping e não voltou de lá, mas quanto tempo se passou exatamente pra constatar "não voltar de lá"? É porque conclui que Punky nunca demonstrou muita paciência pra esperar, como no episódio em que ela e Henry vão ao supermarket e ela acha que ele a abandonou, só porque ele não sabe esperar. Concluindo, a mãe de Punky não a deixou, foi exatamente o contrário.
DarkAlphaWolf01 chapter 5 . 3/23
I have never watched Punky Brewster, but this story is amazing. I like the way that you've written the characters, and the fact that it's like an actual episode of Thundercats.
CMR Rosa chapter 1 . 2/3
Interesting I admit I had not heard of Punky Brewster until today, but the first chapter has got my interest in this crossover, good first chapter and I can,t not wait to read the rest of this story I was a big fan of the old ThunderCats series.
Mirwalker chapter 5 . 1/18
Liked the quick pacing of the simultaneous battle scenes, and that everyone got a part in the victories. also appreciate that the action isn't coming at the expense of character's concern. Tough balance for most authors; well done.

Love Mumm-Ra's sneaky impersonations, and the references to cartoons, toys and more. Yay connections of the various incarnations!

Thanks for sharing!
Korgeta chapter 5 . 1/18
The writing is of very high standard, I am getting a better idea of the characters, I liked mainly Mumm-Ra's manipulation of Gloomer, you took your time on writing it out and has had the desired effect.

Overall I quite like this and thank you for bringing this to me to read.
frankannestein chapter 5 . 1/15
Wow, I can really spot a difference in this chapter. It seems a lot smoother than before, with less tangents. The action is really well done.

Hahaha, that moment when Brandon bites Jackalman - priceless! I could well picture old Snarf just dying of laughter. :3

I think I had the most fun trying to "hear" everyone through their dialogue. You nailed the Mutants and Snarf as far as speech mannerisms go, which made me smile. A lot. The Glomleys are so - freaking - adorable! I wasn't too worried when Chaundoon started to disappear because I got right away that it was an illusion of Mumm-Ra, but I did feel really bad for Glomer. I believed that he believed in what was happening. I'm kinda scared for him. He's just so little. Poor kid.

I also liked how this chapter is set up, showing Team Punky and the ThunderCats growing closer, slowly, but showing that all parties can be trusted, and then having it end on a secretive note. It's been built up pretty high, so that means when it crashes, it's going to crash big. Very exciting and well thought out!

There was only one part that confused me: [He finally calmed down once his heart stopped BREATHING and his stress level was down] So, um, hearts don't breathe? LOL. Also, even if that's meant to be BEATING, I certainly hope his heart didn't stop. I know what was meant here, but I thought I'd point it out anyway.

Good luck on Chapter Six! Try not to keep us waiting too long, okay? :3

MegaSam777 chapter 5 . 1/14
I'm really enjoying this. I like how you're giving Snarf a lot of development and putting him right in the action. That was a great battle. You write action and humor very well and they meld together good. Please continue.
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