Reviews for Starry Eyes
KongouBongo chapter 27 . 7/13/2018
creepy but fun. ahh the joys of elder gods
KongouBongo chapter 25 . 7/13/2018
whhhhhaaaaa thats brilliant
LuxEterna1 chapter 6 . 7/6/2018
very nice story so far
though the fact that in the middle of he night with temperatures far below freezing a child would be outside to make snowmen does strech my credulity very much
ward201 chapter 27 . 7/4/2018
Love from a dumb phone
doraemax chapter 27 . 7/3/2018
I am currently confused on where you are taking this. Taylor has been taking it really slow, hasn't she. Not at all like the Queen of Escalation like so many of her alternates. hihi
Hye chapter 27 . 6/29/2018
Mother-fricking-damnit. I was not prepared for that experiment at the end! Getting nails pulled out is really one of utmost hated things to see and read about. I am cringing so damn hard whenever I see it. It's just so awful to imagine :O

Anyway. Nice chapter. I did wonder a bit about why Rune was still there and everything. Good to see it be explained
Benthatguy chapter 27 . 6/30/2018
More please more
Guest chapter 1 . 6/28/2018
I wish demonbane would show up, cthulu mythos and all,
MysticSpider chapter 27 . 6/28/2018
Yeah, sleeping near ANY kind of eldritch writing could cause a person to catch some ATBFBEBHSBFBAVSBs instead of Zs.
Ender the multiverse Detective chapter 27 . 6/27/2018
carwash36 chapter 27 . 6/27/2018
Jeez this is both horrifying and amusing. Great chapter!
MarkedPariah chapter 27 . 6/27/2018
O my god poor fuxkonf Rune...
Dedischado chapter 27 . 6/27/2018
Snicker, what a way to wake up
one.who.reads chapter 27 . 6/27/2018
Ohgodshe'smutilatingherselfandtalkinginthathorriblevoice! Shejusttoreoffherfingernailifshedoesthattoherselfwhatwillshedotome?

I love how tay just casually horrifies people by accident.
Alvor the Warhawk chapter 27 . 6/27/2018
Lol. THAT is an AMAZING wakeup call.
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