Reviews for Reaching for a Dream
lastapril123 chapter 11 . 1m
Damn, inducing artificial heart attack. I never thought about this to finish 3 old coogers
lastapril123 chapter 8 . 1h
Bhahaha, he kidnapped two future hot milf!
lastapril123 chapter 6 . 2h
I really laugh my ass knowing naruto would be likely to whipped out his horse ding dong
lastapril123 chapter 6 . 2h
Well I was surprised with how you twist the lore of naruto and making naruto so good with observation, damn he can even tell she is slowly care about him. Fucking hell, I can't even notice if someone sending signal they're interested.
lastapril123 chapter 5 . 2h
Ghahaha, I never thought kakashi would recommend his genin to be promoted into chunin just because naruto forbidden fuinjutsu
lastapril123 chapter 5 . 3h
Should I say, I'm envious to the dude who died because of excessive pleasure?
lastapril123 chapter 4 . 3h
Bhahaha, this is one of my best naruto fanfic! It's not great for fapping material but I really enjoy reading every part of it! Kudos to you author
Guest chapter 1 . 3h
Found this from a dude on Wattpad and it’s my favorite fanfic I’ve ever read and I’m so happy to see that there is more content with naruto and xanna
lastapril123 chapter 3 . 4h
Haku is girl? Damn you sure do justice to this series!
lastapril123 chapter 2 . 4h
No wonder, Tora is edo-tenseid cat...
Ryan B93 chapter 29 . 5/15
Amazing story with the best kind of humour! Thank you for posting.
Shauno425 chapter 12 . 5/14
I like it!
Shauno425 chapter 11 . 5/14
I think the reason you're getting so few reviews is because it's excellent.
For my first proper review I'll say that even though it's very AU and doesn't really fit with Canon, it is consistent and that basically remedies it in my opinion. You didn't make the usual mistake of using only a few techniques like repeatedly shocking the characters with seemingly obvious things. like that the Yondaime and Kushina are Naruto's parents for example, a logical deduction that most story's don't do justice to. You've also captured the human element of characters very well, with the Naruto-Tsunami situation and Tenten's residual doubts about the outcome of his fight with Neji.
Besides having these story related elements down pat, I think the humour is FANTASTIC and I can't get enough of it. I thank you for your great work
Shauno425 chapter 4 . 5/13
Allow me to reiterate. Ahem...
Shauno425 chapter 2 . 5/13
I! Love! This! Story!
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