Reviews for Reaching for a Dream
SvenTheDecoy chapter 24 . 9/21/2023
first off, love the story. it's certainly different from all your later stuff, that I also really enjoy.
it seems like all the absurd power ups. and random hax abilities that you've discarded apply only to the so called good guys. why nerf mokuton but leave all the rinnegan bs, or zetsu's stupid existence?
SvenTheDecoy chapter 19 . 9/21/2023
fucking hell, seriously. ppl just wandering into his home was funny the first couple of times. Now, i just want ot to be an assasin that succeeds in killing the dumbass
Tamphis chapter 18 . 9/21/2023
Not my goats! Not Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Tim and Tom and Cousin Tony and... wait...
On second thought, bring on the chupacabra; I got too many goats as is XD.
SvenTheDecoy chapter 12 . 9/20/2023
Itachi is the ONLY good Uchiha? what abkut Shisui?
bibink729 chapter 29 . 9/19/2023
reaperking2003 chapter 30 . 9/18/2023
Absolutely stunning work
pall chapter 29 . 9/13/2023
Really awesome story, I really enjoyed reading ever last word of it. Just all around great.
Signeduint chapter 30 . 9/1/2023
This is good.
And also gets a little bit grim near the end. I cried.
But also very good.
Guest chapter 23 . 9/1/2023
I was going to wait until I'd binged the whole of this before I reviewed. But I'm giving you an extra review crystal on behalf of internetia for that excellent authors note at the end.
I don't suppose that you could make that a whole story, even just a short one?
ReneeEAD chapter 26 . 8/5/2023
Well done. You brought me to tears with this chapter. If art is the ability to evoke emotion in your audience then you have certainly achieved it. Thank you for bringing those young ladies to life enough to make me care for them.
rubensmarquesdelima chapter 29 . 7/18/2023
I can only say one word to describe what I thought of this story. ! Thank you so much for all your work and dedication Autor-San!
553Colinm chapter 30 . 7/17/2023
best chapter yet
Greeder21 chapter 1 . 7/3/2023
I feel depressed. I finished it I can’t continue reading it.
yourfoxydope chapter 1 . 7/2/2023
Guest chapter 29 . 6/28/2023
This had a fun twist of events on literally everything. Narutos personality, Xanna's.. well everything, not to mention it deviated pretty far from cannon while still kinda staying Canon. Loved this story and I look forward to reading your others!
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