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duj chapter 75 . 8/18
Sometimes it's the little details that count the most. The secretary's name was Weatherby was a fabulous detail.

(A curtain of bubotuber pus suspended in front of a common room entrance, and they thought it was a prank? Ugh, they really did their best to deserve their fates, didn't they?)
duj chapter 74 . 8/3
I suppose librarians can do a pretty fair imitation of breathing fire...

Good chapter. I thought the most striking line was "It's important to have someone in charge who isn't going to break everything." (But sometimes people elect him twice anyway :(( ) Poor Reg. Most of Evan's comments were way over his head, I thought - and surely he's known Spike long enough to understand that "cover sort of job he could explain to people" is the last thing he's suitable for.
marietta chapter 73 . 7/21
James is dense like a b lack hole! The only reason he's messing about with Severus is because Avery and Mulciber have pureblood estates with eons of warding that would eat the idiot Gryffindor for lunch! I'm surprised that Severus hasn't sent a complaint of stalking to the DMLE.
I also had that thought about Severus' supposed Life Debt to James, in that, wouldn't the life of the person doing the saving have to have been endangered, to make it a real Life Debt? (If not, hell, saving someone from drowning, or pushing someone out of the way of a rampaging beast on CoMC could have them springing up like dandelions!)
And we all know James was never in any danger, as he was an animagus, and could transform and fight off the werewolf with his 'big rack' heh heh!
Speaking of rack, you know, it's funny that no one ever has James in animagus form as a one spike young buck...
duj chapter 73 . 7/20
Rather a mistake not to question the loyalty of James and his friends, really - especially since most of this conversation was a display of James's disloyalty to the Order. He thinks his friends and his own secrets - both the childish and the criminal - take precedence over what the head of the Order needs to know, and that makes him a very unsafe ally or follower.

BTW, James's description of how the Shack incident began is completely antithetical to canon, unless either James is lying here or Lupin lied in the Shack - or Sirius lied to James but not to Lupin, which is, quite frankly, incredible. Something let out unwittingly while drunk can't reasonably be described as "Sirius here played a trick on him ... Sirius thought it would be - er - amusing, to tell..."

TBH, if not for your A/N, I'd have assumed James was mistaken in attributing that momentary flash to pity. Perhaps Dumbledore pitied him for being the sort of naive death-and-glory boy who falls uselessly in the first charge. He really is such a blockhead, so unable to consider evidence with any degree of rationality.

Out of interest, when did your Dumbledore realise that Snape had been telling the exact truth - as far as he knew it - of what the Marauders did to him? After the Shack? After appointing James Head Boy? After their seventh year? After visiting Snape's brain?
tsiddiqaamin chapter 2 . 7/10
What a beautiful introduction! It's so clever. Really going to aspire for this kind of detail in mine when I do a re-edit.
totalreadr chapter 72 . 7/6
Re the "timing notes":

Yep and I'm now married. :)

We're one of those annoying straight couples ;) who were waiting for same-sex marriage to be legal. In our case it was due to our old-fashioned feminism - we thought if same-sex marriage were legal it would mean most people now accepted that marriage didn't require gender roles.

Hope it really does. All I can say is...US society sure has changed since we made that decision in 1999.

BTW - actually they met at "nine or ten" (direct quote from "The Prince's Tale") and the Westermarck Effect is over by age six - I mean just saying. ;)
duj chapter 72 . 7/6
James is really really thickheaded. (Duh. Gryffindor.)

I suppose the Polyjuice was Essence of Mum, LOL?
hwyla chapter 72 . 7/6
It is so great to watch Sev and Evan attempt to 'fix' things regarding faking Harry's time of birth. Obviously either the mid0wives won't play along or James stupidly tells his mates the real time, trusting them to keep their mouths shut (most probable). It will be interesting to see just how much of the prophecy Albus will reveal. He has to say something to James to explain.
duj chapter 71 . 6/17
Of course she can't stop it, can she? (This would be a good time to shoot canon from the cannon...)
duj chapter 70 . 6/1
I think you've managed the slapped upside moment all by your lonesome .~

Since it's no longer possible to copy-paste chapter text, I'd find it easier to get the right Youtube if you just named it...
duj chapter 69 . 5/18
Fabulous thinking about how the purebloods viewed the world and Voldy. I'd never thought to care about how many draughts Dumbles had to drink, so that was interesting too. Loved Snape's non-pink-elephant thoughts, LOL. But I thought this chapter could have done with a beta. Several sentences seemed incomplete or slightly mangled to me.
LittleBabyDamien chapter 69 . 5/18
I am a bit sad that you aren't keeping up the DVD bonus chapters, but I had suspected pretty much what you said about it here. It isn't as though you are leaving us dangling, having caught us up in your intricate plot and then just cutting us off without any idea how it will end. I am glad you told us not to expect any more. At least not in that format. And the bit in the notes at the end is lovely!
duj chapter 68 . 5/4
My first thought on this chapter, before the icky bits, was why Rus? I'd have thought Rod or Dolph, but Rus to me always begins with Seve...

As for the rest, my only comment is that Snape's inherent aversion to killing (which, I think, is well-supported in canon, because a failure to kill when all around would applaud - and the punishment for failure would be painful - argues a particularly strong reluctance) makes me despise a certain old headmaster even more.
duj chapter 67 . 4/21
I'm glad the horses are enjoying themselves too, and not just the riders.
Ebony Starstorm chapter 66 . 4/7
Certainly an interesting way to send a message.
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