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hwyla chapter 80 . 11/20
Ah - that explains Sev getting a job at Hogwarts a year early. And a nice step around the (canon) interview with Umbridge in OotP, as I think she asked how long he had 'taught' there, not how long he had been employed there. I certainly hope he can at least have a floo hook-up to the apartment or he'll be going mad all too soon.

BTW - love the 'Geminus' with absolutely NO magic of any sort in it! I do need to go back and reread about Selwyn. I remember she was a prefect, but I've forgotten what she did to the other 5th years. Was 'pear-flavored' mean to be a twin-pun? And I'm having a vision of cherries as stand-ins for a certain apple (in Eden).
YasminaMihaylovna chapter 79 . 11/4
I am very much enjoying your Snape fics, and especially this one. Thought you ought to know.

Also, this is for you, because it is your fault that it exists (Severus imagines Evan imagining Severus in Muggle London...)

(I would have used PM, but but ff.n is apparently afraid that I am a spambot)
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(Also I am impatient, and also I will not remember that I wanted to send this to you later)
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hwyla chapter 77 . 9/17
I'm a bit surprised that Evan's face reminds Flitwick of Voldy - or do I have it wrong and he means Rosier Sr in the first bit? I originally thought Evan's father, but the part about 'what would be forced upon the people for their own good' sounds more like Voldy. But then again, I suppose Rosier St. might be the 'public face' for this info? And I'm a bit confused by the 'old enemy's great aunt's cousin' Is Evan related to Slytherin in some way or is the old enemy Grindlewald and there's some relation there? Or (less likely) does 'old enemy' relate to an enemy of Flitwick's whom we don't know? I'm sorry if you've discussed this previously and I've forgotten.

Love the little hint of picking up info that has Flitwick noticing whether there are water rings on Horace's table to know if he might have told anyone else before Flitwick. Displays Flitwick's cool assessment and deduction. I am curious about Flitwick's great-great-great-grandad and night vision?

Also wondering just who was Evan & Sev's 'source' and their source's 'source'. I'm guessing Regulus got it from Lucius, but I wouldn't think that he goes 'seedy and oily'. Of course hLucius is still young, he isn't as smooth yet as he will be later.

All-in-all a chapter worthy to be delved into until the bones are picked clean. I've read it three times now and I'm sure there's still a lot of good meat there to make it worth reading several more times.
Anon chapter 77 . 9/15
Ha! That was great. Excellent way to end the chapter.
Anon chapter 76 . 9/2
That was simply astounding. I thought at first that the amount of Slughorn inner-speak was sloppy writing. The end made me realize you'd done it on purpose to lull me into a false sense of security. Beautiful. Begging by making Slughorn complicit in any poisoning Sev would have to do. Showing beforehand that Yes They Can Slytherin. Cutting off his objections before he can even think to make them.
hwyla chapter 76 . 9/2
Poor Sev - having to threaten (despite the lack of threat in his eyes) Sluggie. I see it basically as begging Horace not to make him do this to him. I'm guessing we're missing the scene where Voldy suggested getting rid of Horace so there would be an opening? Or I suppose, he might be begging him to make him too busy to have to make more of these poisons for others? But that seems unlikely to me. If he's not already too busy, then I doubt Sluggy's job would do it. Of course, he may be able to get out of it by telling Voldy it's too risky, under Albus' nose? But what a risk to take just showing Slughorn these poisons.

Nice touch that Sev takes a sip out of the tea he sweetened for Horace, after that display.

In my HeadCanon, I always imagined it was Albus' idea that Horace should retire to make room for his spy - a job meant to make Voldy happy with Sev's dubious spying results. He does get the job right after quite a few DEs are outed (in canon). This is SO much sadder.

And how Slytherin to work it from both sides. Evan reminding Horace, that he had seen him display interest in Sev as his successor as House Head and Sev with the plea to not make it so Voldy demands he get rid of Horace.

So, can't wait to see if you going to have Sev start a year earlier - or if it will take until next school year for the process of Horace's notice to retire and Sev's hiring - or possibly a year where they overlap...

And no wonder we see Horace in hiding in bk5, if he thinks Voldy wanted him gone to make room for Sev, then imagine what he's thinking, knowing he knows Horace knows about his interest in horcruxes.

- Hwyla
hwyla chapter 75 . 8/18
Several small details that really just make this wonderful - and I know I've probably missed more.

But I love that there really was once a real Weatherby. And it's before Arthur's time in Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, so possibly he might not even have known Weatherby and hence the 'new' generation of Weasleys assume Crouch calls Percy that because he doesn't think him important enough to remember.

And rather neat touch that BartyJr was an auror-in-training. It's very appropriate for a kid trying for his father's approval to go into the same career. I'm undecided here as to whether he has joined Voldy or not yet, but leaning towards not quite yet. Not sure why exactly, just a feeling that this conversation gives Lucius more info about that Father-Son relationship that leads to the recruiting of BartyJr. It really just shows how much better you have fleshed this all out. Nice extra about his father wanting him to learn more languages. It apparently doesn't matter how well Jr. might be doing, it still isn't good enough.

And I'm unfortunately not at all surprised that James ignored all the hints from Albus about how risky it might be to tell his friends everything and told them all the real date of Harry's birth. Here it is, less than a few days later and all the work done by Sev to hide the date is made worthless.

Other neat touches, the beginning of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office (and the start of a bit of panic in Peter because of job security). Also, Peter discovering he's called Wilke's 'mouse'. I wonder what department Arthur is currently working in, since his future job doesn't yet exist?
Anon chapter 75 . 8/17
That was great
hwyla chapter 74 . 8/3
It rather sounds (in your notes) as if you're comparing all librarians to dragons - the kind I suppose you should let sleep and not tickle?

Evan comes off as being too subtle, but really it's because he doesn't actually have enough info about what Sev and Reg are involved in doing. And how sad that Reg knows he ought to update his portrait. No wonder Evan is mad. He can tell Reg is going to do something stupid and it will be disastrous and we all are going to bawl our eyes out.

I presume Evan wished Reg had married Selwyn because he thinks that Reg wouldn't be edging into such trouble.

And poor Bathilda - too many obliviates.
marietta chapter 73 . 7/21
I hope Dumbledore means that he's about to put a gaes on James so he can never talk about Order Business, or what he seems to be about to tell James - probably the Prophecy.
marietta chapter 72 . 7/21
Ah, it seems that Lily AND Severus know the prophecy, but James doesn't!
Heh, idiot James.
hwyla chapter 72 . 7/6
Rather exciting weather Harry chose for his birth. Most of my review was done on the other version, but I'm curious as to who slapped James. It sounds as if it was Sev, while James had turned to talk to Lily, but I'm not positive it wasn't Lily so I'd just like to check.
darkdranzer chapter 71 . 7/2
Oh wow! I cant wait for the next chapter! XD
Guest chapter 71 . 6/25
Ooh, a cliffhanger!

I'm enjoying the story a lot - love your take on Snape. I feel terrible that (per GoF) Rosier's dead. I hope he gets to marry Snape first (after all, canon doesn't mention his marital status at all :)).

I also love the Voldemort-Snape interactions!
plutoplex chapter 71 . 6/25
Ooh, a cliffhanger!

Enjoying this fic a lot - love your take on Snape! I do feel sad that (per Moody in the GoF pensieve scene) Rosier's dead. I hope he gets to marry Snape before he dies (or that he's secretly in hiding) - after all, canon never mentions Snape's marital status!

Also, I adore the Voldemort - Snape interactions!
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