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excessivelyperky chapter 41 . 4/22
What a pity that Evan doesn't have a wizarding camera to capture Spike with (though Spike of course would feel it, that fact that he's not sitting for a blasted portrait might reconcile him to the procedure if Evan included lots of smoochy bribes and promised never to show him the painting). I think that Rodin would offer bags of candy and/or pull Severus out of a car to do a bronze of him, myself-after seeing what Rodin did with Balzac, Snape might even let him.
excessivelyperky chapter 40 . 3/25
Ha, yes, being the ping pong ball between Voldemort and Dumbledore is...risky. Sadly, this is the *good* part of it for Spike.
excessivelyperky chapter 39 . 3/25
Oh, I don't think Severus is in any danger of being convinced that Dumbledore has his best interest in mind; I believe Voldemort would be assured of that if he knew anything about the whole werewolf incident and the geas. However, it's a good idea for Spike to leave Voldemort in doubt of that.

It must have been nice to be courted from both sides for the short time it lasted for Snape, instead of being the Bludger between two sets of Beaters that he ended with. I suspect he will take full advantage of it.

Still, I can imagine what fun trying to manage Bella was like, and suggest to Voldemort that he brought it on himself (though I would do it from the Andromeda Galaxy, or other safe distance).

Will get back to you on earlier messages soon, bad evil cold is beginning to lift, but just barely.
excessivelyperky chapter 38 . 3/18
If I understand this correctly, Snape is playing Dumbledore by telling him the truth, though it's neither plain nor simple. For a moment or two, I thought Albus actually cared about Snape (though what is wrong with asking the Ministry to notify Muggle authorities about abuse, I don't know-but then again, leaving Harry with the Dursleys left him more malleable and eager to please his 'rescuer'). But then, Albus checked to make sure the geas was still in place that let him cover up attempted murder, and then I realized he was just playing Snape by pretending to give a damn.

Not that it's going to work, given the memories that Snape has, and plus by now Evan Rosier knows way too much about how Hogwarts operates and would notice if Spike suffered a Lockhart-level memory event. So Dumbledore is a bit late at trying to convince Snape that he actually matters more than as a chew toy for his beloved Marauders. I would so like to see his reaction when his brave lads brag about using the Cloak and the Map to hunt down Snivellus for kicks and giggles, though I fear he has few illusions about them anyway.

I do wish this would be AU to canon, though I think you told me one way or another in an earlier PM. But I'm hacking away at this year's cold and my brain feels fluffy (to paraphrase the introduction to "Coddlestone Pie" on the first Muppet Cast Album).
excessivelyperky chapter 37 . 3/14
Yes, even without being hired he's still teaching, without regard to House or favor. He wants students to live, which is more than I can say for half the other teachers. He's aware of all the threats going round, he just knows that students could be in trouble from *all* sides before it's over.

Albus, an expert on Slytherin? Did the wizard sleepwalk all the way through Snape's student years? Or was he merely doped up? No, he can't think of any reason whatsoever why Snape might be lured in by Tom-such a puzzlement!

Robards sounds like a Moody-in-training, but someone who can bounce Peeves around certainly has my vote, since it's only for the year (surely Snape has noticed that little pattern by now).
hwyla chapter 101 . 3/11
Love the touch regarding the 'lemon' trees and the 'bees' - very nice reminder of Albus. Also Gellert's remark about 'english redheads'!

One small correction of a typo - about 3/4s of the way down, paragraph beginning "Six hours later..." 'taught' should be 'taut' in this case.

Lastly, I could really 'feel' the comfort of their apartment in Evan's old room. Linkin did a great job. And the vanishing cabinet is a wonderful option - no traced floo call to show their connection.
excessivelyperky chapter 36 . 3/6
Another brilliant chapter—and of course Spike is so terrible at dissembling, that he changes himself into another person who is simply telling the truth. Then again, it’s always the most traumatized that end up with the multiple personalities (another thing that’s supposedly true; male multiple personalities often end up with one that’s a killer. I suggest reading MIRROR DANCE by Bujold to see how she uses it. Sometimes I wonder if Voldemort isn’t aware of these studies and want to encourage this sort of thing in at least one of his followers).

He plays Umbridge like a fish (a friend of mine said she sounds like she has the Innsmouth Look, and we can only hope she never meets the Great Squid socially). But she was definitely susceptible to flattery in canon, and is clearly the same here.

Oh, and if Narcissa says someone’s hair is hopeless, I would believe her (though Evan still adores Spike’s hair for its tactile qualities). I must admit, I really like how Evan tried to do what Spike was doing, only visually, and oh, what a headache it gave him!

And I think Evan has realized what happened, which werewolf was responsible—a visually oriented person like him is going to catch Lupin’s flash of guilt—and what a charming little geas Dumbles put on his friend. May I hope that Evan will someday let Albus have what he deserves? Sadly, this is probably not likely…but it would be so like Evan to charm a portrait to force it to tell the truth.

It shows how much Spike loves Evan that he’s willing to take the potion to become female at *all*; but it does sound like turnabout is fair play, or sadly, it would seem rather abusive. Can’t Evan hire a host-mother? Or is magic advanced enough to manage that sort of thing? (remembering when Louise Brown was born, and all that).
plutoplex chapter 101 . 3/6
Congrats on reaching the end of the Act! And, wow, did NOT expect to meet Grindelwald in person. And poor Evan, meeting his evil doppelganger (though, since Grindelwald came first, I guess Evan would be the nice doppelganger). And I like your explanation for why no one links Evan to Grindelwald given their resemblance - good old Aunt Bathilda!

Also, points to Severus for ending the honeymoon a) quickly and b) with something as romance-killing as a prison visit.

Finally, are these the same two vanishing cabinets that cause so much trouble in HBP? I could totally see Severus breaking his in an angst-filled fit, while Evan's ends up at Borgin and Burke's.
LittleBabyDamien chapter 101 . 3/5
Lovely to see Linkin again! Such a wonderfully demanding little elf!
As always, nicely done, and thank you for posting.

I hope things go well with your new job, and that the learning curve is gentle and straightforward for you!
duj chapter 101 . 3/5
It may be hunting-grounds, but at least the hunters are currently hunting elsewhere.
excessivelyperky chapter 35 . 3/1
So at least some purebloods will pull up the drawbridge. Alas, this means that people like Regulus and Spike will end up with the task of dealing with Riddle, when the elders can't be arsed to (cough Dumbledore cough cough).
excessivelyperky chapter 34 . 3/1
Ah, yes, nice reference to the Batcave. But Snape, as a child, might have been exposed to (God help us all) Adam West's version of Batman.

And Albus was someone else who refused to accept the possible healing after the remorse. After all, being Gryffindor means never having to say you're sorry. Too closed, too prideful-doesn't that sound like a Headmaster we know? But Kreacher will accept his punishment, and be healed by it.

Sadly, Sirius is as much of a Black as Walburga and Bella, and reacts in much the same way. He sounds like the Squire of Gothos: "But I was having *fun*!"

Yes, Regulus knows exactly what it means to leave Kreacher to die. Somehow, somewhere, a supersaturated solution has crystallized.
excessivelyperky chapter 33 . 2/26
Well, Petunia could have chosen Vernon because he was the first man who appreciated *her* and not panting after Lily; but of course James and Sirius are not up on that sort of thing, especially since James and Sirius seem to care for each other far more than for anyone but Lily.

Ah, I see the joke about Snape being Malfoy's house elf originated early, and never, ever, became old as far as Sirius was concerned.

And Sirius doesn't give a damn about anything but James, never mind a brother or a house elf who practically raised him.
excessivelyperky chapter 32 . 2/18
I'm a bit confused by the whole Beltane bit, myself, unless you have Snape's birthday at a different date than canon, but yes, Eileen doesn't ask for help, even when it might mean her son's life.

And it seems that *Bella* wanted to become a Horcrux herself. Oops. Double plus ungood, as the saying goes.

So, the only ferocity in a number six is protective? Voldemort has no clue just how ferocious that can be-clearly, he's never met Molly Weasley.

A lot of Slytherins are still around and walking because Spike was so ferocious on their behalf; sadly, it's not the kind that Voldemort ever ran into, on one side or the other.

No talent for manipulation-oh, a rep like that is worth a vault full of Galleons. Snicker.
excessivelyperky chapter 31 . 2/15
Oh, my. It's just as well that Evan didn't mention Peter's name. The budding potion would have thrown up in response. To be fair-Peter had to sleep in the same room as the other Marauders, and eventually, Spike got to sleep with Evan (and vice versa). Not the same thing, not with a terminally bored Sirius Black and a playful James Potter and a totally useless Remus Lupin there. (I see you're not following canon of the Marauders rejecting Remus for being a Dark Creature, at least not yet. Why Remus didn't resent them for this, who knows?).

Still, Peter pretty much deserves the use that Wilkes is working towards. Can't feel that sorry for him, really.

But since we love Severus and Evan so much, let's not forget what Riddle is actually working for, which is destroying Regulus in obvious ways and Bella in not so obvious ones (ok, she would have discovered some other destructive hobby).
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