Reviews for Yes
DeeFC chapter 22 . 2/5
Wonderful futuretake!
noflowers chapter 8 . 2/3
"I'm a grower, Bella. I can show you."
roflmao, bahhahhahahahahahaa... priceless because it is said in all seriousness.
noflowers chapter 6 . 2/3
noflowers chapter 4 . 2/3
I liked this story upon finishing chapter 1, but this... I adore.
Edlovesme chapter 22 . 1/30
Thank you. I love this Bella. sorry it took so long to get around to reading.
acw1 chapter 22 . 1/13
great story!
Nannyjojo chapter 22 . 1/9
I loved this future take.
I am so happy for them, they all deserve the happiness.
Thank you for sharing.
Nannyjojo chapter 21 . 1/9
Yeah that would have been so epic.
But it looks like they have both moved on from their pasts.
I am so happy and so proud of how far they have come.
Nannyjojo chapter 20 . 1/9
Go Bella,
Chelsea needed to hear that.
I guess it just wouldn't be Edward of he didn't forgive her.
I am so proud of him though, he really has come far.
Nannyjojo chapter 19 . 1/9
They had a fabulous weekend and Chelsea has to put a spanner in the works.
Oh well, she needs to be put in her place just like the others and wouldn't it be great if it was Edward to do it.
I bet Bella is seething right now.
I am glad they had a relaxing weekend though.
Nannyjojo chapter 18 . 1/9
What a bunch of gossips.
Just as well they are in school.
I am so happy for Edward and Bella.
Nannyjojo chapter 17 . 1/9
Oh Em, I think you have some sucking up to do with Bella. lol.
But I think it was worth it.
Nannyjojo chapter 16 . 1/9
Yep, Bella is on a roll.
Go Bella.
I love this Bella.
Sometimes its easy to forget how 'innocent' Edward really is.
But I think Bella and Edward are perfect for each other.
Nannyjojo chapter 15 . 1/9
Go Bella.
Yes Jessica, its not all about being popular.
As Bella said, she sure found out who her real friends were.
I just love this Edward so much.
Nannyjojo chapter 14 . 1/9
I almost lost a few tears in this chapter. I got rather chocked up.
Can understand Charlie a little more now.
But that all came good in the end.
Seems Em is smitten.
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