Reviews for Spider Thread
kazuki2292 chapter 46 . 1h
Looking foward for the next chapter
sademerkki chapter 1 . 8h
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DarkDragonQueen0 chapter 46 . 9h
Absolutely brilliant story. Made my day/s. But seriously the ending of ch46 is spectacular, it gave me shivers. I can’t wait to see where you’ll take it with the eye of the moon plan, and Obito. Though I’m guessing she doesn’t know about the Goddess & Zetsu thing?

Pairings? Got to admit Itachi/Tomoe is my favourite at the mo, they just seemed to have a more intimate understanding since the beginning. But I gotta admit I do love your Shisui tho. Kinda wondering if Saya/Shisui could be put to the table - if Saya doesn’t turn out to be an evil tool/mastermind. Still Kakashi & Tomoe’s interaction (not pairing) is definitely a highlight for me, it’s so strangely sweet it almost gives me tooth rot. :P

Anyway I love your story I hope to read more of it in the future. Thanks for taking the time to write it. :D
omnipotent Porunga chapter 46 . 12/9
How JUST like Tomoe to blow a ship!
I ship Itachi-Tomoe rather than Shisui-Tomoe though...
Qoheleth chapter 1 . 12/7
Dear blackcatgirl:

Tiny thing, but - would you really call that summary K-rated?

kairobinson880 chapter 13 . 11/30
if Kakashi saw what I think he did... it might be possible for her to naturally get the rinnegan and not through transplanting it like Obito
kairobinson880 chapter 4 . 11/30
so would the nickname translated be Stupikashi?
missawsomesauce chapter 46 . 11/20
I. love. this. story!
LoeraHaram chapter 14 . 11/17
I wonder if she'll realise that she was most likely a sociopath/psychopath in her old world, incapable of feeling empathy. Which is why she's suddenly feeling and having empathy - she finally has a brain/dna that gives her the capacity of feeling empathy.
That's my theory anyway. Love the fic!
Guest chapter 46 . 11/16
This chapter was awesome and I ship Itachi and Tomoe
Lilly chapter 46 . 11/10
I just started reading this fic and it’s really good! I like Tomoe’s personality and how she interacts with other characters, thank you for sharing this!
libraryrockerr chapter 46 . 11/6
Tomoe just did maybe the most epic thing ever. XD XD XD XD There are going to be sooooo many yellings... XD


I hope that your internship is going well.
Still Chasing Reality chapter 22 . 11/6
Hope you update this soon. It looks like it will be very interesting in the future, and I'm quite sure Tomoe will start to have an identity crisisis she Himura Tomoe or Spider Thread, and what does she truly want? Obito already seems like he doesn't believe that only Spider Thread exists. What he will do with that, I don't know. Love your story and the love you put into it. Awaiting your next update.
Mistress Silver Moon chapter 46 . 11/4
OH MY FREAKING GODS! This was awesome! Please when you have time please UPDATE SOON! This fanfic is so cool!
Isafish chapter 11 . 11/3
Hell yes. Let's do this. MADARA YEAAAHHH
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