Reviews for Yellow Pages
Deathnoteuser chapter 3 . 12/23/2013
Wait...who calls another person while taking a dump? That's so...weird. Anyways, I find that talking to people outside of written conversation is...really awkward. I tend to try and avoid conversations or, if it's a group conversation, I mainly listen.

Hmm, the way that you end the chapter with Mel saying that she's going to rock Mrs. 'Anne Scott's' world...I feel that it's going to end up the other way around. This was a good chapter and I much anticipate the next one :)
Blackfang02 chapter 3 . 12/21/2013
I love your work, so when I see you post something I have to read it. And when I read it and it fits, I put you in my community almost automatically because there is never any question as to the quality of your work. I love how her personality seems to be going through a series of changes from a sense of self mockery to "I'm gonna kick life's ass". Good job and I'll see you next chapter.
Deathnoteuser chapter 1 . 12/15/2013
Hey 'phfina

This...doesn't seem like a spur of the moment thing. It seems to be really thought out and it's very well-written, like all of your stories are.

I...have things to say that I don't think should be in a review so...I'll PM you later. I really enjoyed this little teaser of yours and...I'll be waiting for your next update :)

"A Perfect Ending" sounds like a good movie. Have you ever watched the 2004 film, "Saving Face"? You might like it :)

number09 chapter 1 . 12/14/2013
I can almost see the light gleam in your eye with that throwaway reference to the yellow pages .. a smirk ... the wheels turning ... and "... Challenge Accepted." Except this isn't some quick fun one shot based on a half-formed idea. It's ... tantalizing. You have introduced us to a beautiful, charismatic and strong but possibly damaged heroine in this fabulous opening chapter and I'm hooked, and you haven't even taken us much beyond glimpses of back-story yet! So, Mistress phfina, once again I bow down before you and your addictive and sometimes deliciously wicked talent. And I say .. phooey, 'phfina thinking is a ... glorious thing indeed.'