Reviews for Spiced Molasses
Adriana Antelo chapter 48 . 6/1
Yay! so great to have another chapter!, although it's both sad that the story is coming to an end, but also exciting to know what is going to happen!. Once you finish it I'm reading it again!. Great writting!

See you soon.
stacey.coonan chapter 48 . 18h
Daryl better not break that promise of kissing her again like that and not stopping until Beth's whole body is trembling! LOL!
And once again bless Merle! Always looking out for his baby brother! :)
Guest chapter 48 . 5/31
I hadn't stayed up to date with this story. They were still in the cabin the last time I read it. So I re read the whole thing from the beginning. This is still one of my favorites. I absolutely love the way you have woven these characters together.
Guest chapter 48 . 5/31
So so good! Love that Candy showed up. Love the build up. Can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 48 . 5/30
I've waited for this since forever and you didn't fail. Surprised me. Merle, Martinez, and Pete there. And Jimmy. He didn't burst into flames from Daryl's stare. Wonderful chapter.
heatherrk chapter 48 . 5/31
So glad that Candy showed up! Can't wait for the showdown with the governor!
jazznsmoke chapter 48 . 5/31
I love that Candy showed up! I can't wait for the action! Good chapter!
candyyummmy chapter 48 . 5/30
gneebee chapter 48 . 5/30
Candy! Love her :-)
So happy you updated this great fic.
malzateb chapter 48 . 5/30
She betray the governor? OMG! This is going to be amazing! Hope to read you soon!
JustMaeBe chapter 48 . 5/30

Good to see Candy back, as much as I vacillate between liking and hating her. Beth and Daryl's moment together nearly killed me. Sweet and scary at the same time because goddamn I'm worried.
SirensCalling chapter 48 . 5/30
I'm so happy you updated amazing!
annic24 chapter 48 . 5/30
Woah nice! Candy is there yesyesyes
jjeess00 chapter 48 . 5/30
YAY! CANDY! I've always loved her!
And I sorta wish this whole governor thing would just happen so we could have Daryl and Beth be alone and happy again. And who knows? There might b marriage or even Bethyl babies someday? :3 maybe?
Great chapter thou! One question thou... I forget if Daryl has said "I love you" to Beth yet? I forget? XD
Reignashii chapter 48 . 5/30
Fuahaha I wonder how merle got candy to help?
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