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sansalannistark chapter 49 . 9/10
Okay, so I was recc'd this fic by dawnofthedusk and I'm so so happy to have read it! What an amazing piece of fiction, fantastic storytelling and characterisation. I LOVE it. I think this definitely has to be one of my favourite bethyl fics, especially modern AU - the whole concept and how it was executed was easy to read and gripping and I completelt binged this - couldn't stop reading! I've read your other two popular bethyl fics 18MO and DH and I have to say that you are a wonderful writer. Keep giving us more works, please!
alreynolds13 chapter 49 . 8/11
I read this years ago when you were writing it, and it's always been one of my favorite Bethyl stories. I just re read it for the first time in a few years and it was just as magical this time around. You have a real gift with your writing, and thank you for all your amazing stories!
bethsladybug chapter 48 . 6/10
I just wanted to let you know how much I loved this story. I am sure you spent hundreds of hours working on it and you did great job. In czech we say something what can ve translated as "reading a book in one breath" which means once you start readinga book you won't stop until you finish it. I couldn't put it down. I prefered the first half where both Beth and Daryl go through a great change and growth and slowly fall in love.
Elsass-Lothringen chapter 29 . 6/10
Just re-reading this fic... I Love reading your stories. Makes me so happy that I can go back here whenever I want and sail through this wondeful journeys that you create! :)
Best couple ever!
bethsladybug chapter 32 . 6/7
Hi. I am re-reading this absolutely amazing story. I wanted to give you some feedback. First time I read it it was soon after those two super awesome episodes in season 4 of TWD - Still and Alone. Back then I was so in love with Bethyl I wanted to read anything and everything that included them. I would literaly be happy to read 100 pages of "Beth and Daryl watching TV in a same room and nothing happens at all".
Now I wanted to read something good and I remembered Spiced Molasses had a good plot, was well written and I also missed Beth and Daryl. I still love this pairing very much but I am not fangirling as much as couple years ago and thanks to that I can finally appreciate the great job you did here. Now I can actually see the plot when I don't cry everytime they speak to each other. I am exaggerating a little bit. But only a little bit.
Both Beth and Daryl are in character. Beth is brave, kind and sassy and Daryl is smart, grumpy, likes sarcasm ... but he laughs more here than on the show for obvious reasons - he has a job, his brother lives and no zombie appocalypse.
Fluff and sex scenes are very well written. Hot but classy. Perfect.
Stockholm syndrom. I was worried that it may get a bit creepy when Beth stayed lock in Daryls apartment and found the note "you can't escape" at the beginning. But later she had several occasions to leave if she wanted to and she choosed to stay. It was her decision and she know she wasn't a prisoner. Very well handled.
When Daryl started taking Beth to the bar it was a very wrong decision ( his, not yours) and I like that he made a mistake. It makes him more human and you explained why he choosed to do that too - he wanted to have the job done and over with it and also he wasn't thinking straight all the time.
There is although one bit that didn't make sense to me. When Daryl got shot, Rick let Beth stay and I think it would make sense if he didn't. Daryl wasn't able to protect Beth therefore Beth wasn't safe there. Let's say Rick explains to Beth there is a chance of governor finding out where she is. Daryl not being physically able to protect her puts her in risk and so Beth must leave for a week. She goes to Michonne and they talk about governor and Beth's father and Beth has finally a chance to vent a little. She can also see that some things Daryl does are not part of his job. Michinne and Beth can have a little chat about Daryl's past and about what the job means for him. That makes Beth realize how dangerous it can be if anything happens between them and they are discovered. At first she'd welcome the change and having someone to talk to but by the end of the week she'd be looking forward to come back home and she'd known she want's to be around Daryl giving Beth a choice creating more conflict Beth overcoming her father's death.
It could improve the story or it would be considered as a filler chapter...I don't know.
I am glad I decided for rereading this fic. I love it.
And...sorry for my grammar. English is not my first language as you might have guessed. I hope you understand me. Have a great day.
Queen Hady chapter 4 . 5/22
Wow! That was a Nice chapter
Queen Hady chapter 2 . 5/22
Lol I love Daryl... He is so "fucking everybody, I don't fucking care" kkk
Queen Hady chapter 1 . 5/22
Nice chapter
Forever29 chapter 49 . 4/20
I just loved this story. I just binged this the past 3 evenings. You r an incredible writer. I look forward to reading more of what you write. (:
CristinH chapter 49 . 3/31
I love love love this story, I didn’t want it to end! Great job!
Guest chapter 20 . 1/4
Love this so freaking much!
iHateHotWeather123 chapter 28 . 11/24/2017
Cliche..If/the story is going to be about GANG-BANING/SOA type story..It's lame and boring..Also, it's obvious you're going to have Shawn killed since Andrea is a probably working for the Governer! Canon-folder..If you have RAPE, it's going to be just that..WEAK-ASS story.
emmiet chapter 49 . 9/30/2017
I just re-read this story, and I wanted to let you know how wonderful it was. Loved every minute of it!
Lillipip chapter 49 . 8/17/2017
WOW, just WOW!
Read it all in one go... I really loved the basic Idea of Daryl being a cop and Beth being under his care because it's so contrasting of the series. I think your characters are so relateable and so true to their personalities. I really like your writing style and I also really liked your pacing in the story.

Smiled, blushed, laughed, hated some people, squeeled throughout the whole story and barely could contain tears, when I read the last chapter and thought Beth was going to die *GOD BLESS SHE DIDN'T*. I loved reading your story, could have read it forever and I am bummed that I can't "read it for the first time" again. REALLY LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Keep up your good work!

PS: Sorry for my English it's not my first language!
fanficlurker chapter 34 . 7/4/2017
I was just rereading this and saw the AN at the end of chapter and I remembered getting worked up about what you had to go through the first time around. I decided to go read all the reviews on chapter 30 and all I saw were glowing words of encouragement with the exception of one non English speaker that seemed to have a challenge getting the point accross. I can only assume, given you haven't brought your masterful works to AO3 yet, that this has to do with Tumblr? Which I believe you've mentioned being on in the past. If this is the case just remember, Tumblr is like Reddit for fangirls & boys. That is to say, filled with some great people and others who think by getting way too emotionally vested in non reality they can influence your reality. It's a black hole of emotional manipulation and entitlement. I'm so happy that you proudly stand your ground and allow your stories to take the paths you have created in your mind. Keep doing what you do and I'll continue to be here for it!
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