Reviews for Season of Change
jadethetroll chapter 34 . 7/24
how? how could you stop there?
other than that, really great story.
Guest chapter 34 . 7/20
This is wonderful and you should come back to it! It is after all, exceedingly cruel to abandon this on such a cliff hanger!
jacenkenobi chapter 34 . 7/17
Please continue this amazing story!
firedawg chapter 34 . 7/14
Unusual but an outstanding story. You have a winner here. Thanks for writing.
ZZcentric chapter 19 . 6/24
Great chapter. Though you might want to edit the part where Alya is teasing Hermione. It's sitting on a tree, not kissing.
Buffog chapter 34 . 6/19
A hell of a cliffhanger
KrystHla chapter 1 . 6/18
great story but the only pairing i like less than harry/luna is harry/ginny, so I'll just stop reading here. not that i think you really care, having not updated in 2 years...
a1993 chapter 34 . 6/15
Kind of a shame this hasn't been updated in 2 years :(
Tavs chapter 9 . 6/14
Got the Latin GCSE coming back to help me *fist pump*
jacenkenobi chapter 34 . 6/9
Please finish this. I love it!
phoenix-rob chapter 34 . 6/4
Amazing story but not updated for so long.
Are you still out there?
Otaku of Anime chapter 34 . 6/2
Please update this story soon. This is too long of a hiatus for such an amazing story. I really want to read more of this. Until the update, best of luck in all your writing endeavors
Russ chapter 34 . 5/27
You got to finish this it's to good, so sit on your butt.
Blackholelord chapter 33 . 5/12
I got to ask, when are you going to update? The next chapter is a unkind cliffhanger. Overall the story is great! I do love the development of the story! So what is taking so long for the update? I can understand life and all that, but it been nearly a year since the last update?
cellester chapter 34 . 5/10
love the story! are you going to continue it?
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