Reviews for This Is My Father's World
FreeAllFrogs chapter 3 . 11/21
Some people think your bashing Dumbledore? Wow!

If you just list the things Dumbledore did in the books, some people would claim you were bashing Dumbledore. Dumbledore spent part of his youth planning and plotting world domination and genocide with a man that tried just that. Both used the phrase "For the Greater Good" to justify all their actions.

The same man that claimed power corrupts also claimed that great men are almost always bad men. Dumbledore is/was a "great man" with a lot of power. Dumbledore corrupt and bad.

But "good" Dumbledore stories can be lot of fun to read if the story is will written. It must be difficult to write a "good" Dumbledore, keep to the canon story line and have a wise and competent Dumbledore. It might be a short story if Dumbledore was both "good", "competent" and "wise".
BlazeStryker chapter 2 . 11/20
I have come up with an alternative to Evil!Dumbles for these blood adoption fics. If Albus knew Jame was sterile, he might have thought the worse of Harry's primogeniture.
BlazeStryker chapter 1 . 11/20
I like this tale. I could see three reasons for the blood adoption, One Loki's reasoning, one Hades', and one James'.

Hades knew of the system of regulating half-bloods and a blood adoption both conceals his kin's divinity and allows a firmer grasp on mortal items like written language.

Loki would consider the trick his purview.

And James can truly feel himself to be more of a father to Harry.
Winter's Folly chapter 11 . 11/18
Lovely~ Add a chapter when the sequel is ready?
ollie.cooke.doa chapter 3 . 11/13
Why doesn't he sacrifice to hectate ?
Bronze chapter 4 . 11/4
I'm enjoying the story but I've never seen any of the Percy Jackson movies. And only seen bits and pieces of several Harry Potter movies. Never read any of the books either.
Bronze chapter 3 . 11/4
If Dumbledork isn't senile he's the next best thing to it! Not to mention a meddling old fool who's an information black hole! How many witches and wizards must die before he realize that there's no longer enough to cause population growth? Of course by then it too bad so sad time. His refusal to allow his bird club to kill those moronic followers of Tommy boy is yet another nail in his coffin.
Guest chapter 10 . 11/3
Homenum revealio shows how many humans are in a house or area, it does not revert an animagus to his/her true form
ews1 chapter 11 . 11/1
I enjoyed this a lot, looking forward to the sequel
V. L. Crawford chapter 11 . 10/21
This was a great story. i loved it.
David-El chapter 11 . 10/12
Well, this is an interesting story, and I look forward to reading the sequel, especially since it SHOULD include my favorite demigod: Nico di Angelo, son of Hades! PLEASE let me know when it's posted!
liquidefeather chapter 6 . 10/8
Awesome and no I didn't see the lord of the rings reference but I did see the Sherlock reference
LoveNogg chapter 11 . 10/5
Great story and nice crossover. I'm also guilty of watching the movie and not reading the book (I'll probably start reading Percy since it's interesting). Hope the sequel is coming along, I enjoy reading this Harry that stands up for himself and stops relying so heavily on his 'friends'. I still believe he would've been better off with Neville and Luna at least they have a mind of their own and won't go blabbing to the first professor they see. You portrayed Herm and Ron just like I imagine them so I was cheering you on when reading them, is it bad that I can't stand Herm? Or Ron (I honestly don't see how people like him and I read all the books of HP)? Good job on Molly, can't stand her either. I think the only ones I like are the twins, Charlie and Bill. Ginny is just creepy (to me) going after her idol through physical means. I still think Luna would be great for Harry but I'm glad you set no pairings since it gives Harry a chance at growing up without having to mix in raging emotions towards another person that could distract him from his goal. Can't wait for the sequel! Please let us know when you think you might post the first ch.
Ariadne Venegas chapter 11 . 10/2
I hope you make a sequel!

In the second series of the Percy Jackson books, the Blood of Olympus... Percy, Annabett, Nico di Angelo, son of Hades; LEO valdez,son of Hefestus; Piper daughter of Aphrodite, Frank son of Mars; Jason son of Jupiter and a daughter of Pluto... Goes to save the world from Gaia and the Giagiants to Europe, Demigods cannot pass after the Herakle's pillars. So England have no problems. Maybe Harry can help them in that quest, is like three years after the second movie.
Also if Harry get going to camp half blood he was going to end up in the Titan war.
I really love this one I had read it two times now!
Kikuriki chapter 11 . 9/25
nononononononnoooooo I need to know what happened after "Hey ScarHead!" ?! Please? Just a lil bit?
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