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Celebrisilweth chapter 64 . 5/3
Oh, I like Vestri; but I fear for Erebor itself if Elrohir, Elladan, Fili, Kili, Legolas, and Vestri do more than just 'share notes'. But it would be entertaining!
AmandaBaker852 chapter 64 . 5/2
A great chapter and a fitting ending for the story. Thanks for writing.
syeern chapter 64 . 5/2
I'm with Kili. I wish the Dunedin had more help. When did the elves of Mirkwood get there? Glad they could come and entertain the twins some. It'd be great to just have the mischief makers trade stories around a fire all night. I love those moments.
So, the seven clans have arrived. Better late than never? But what a petty way to make a statement. I'm hoping the Durins can inspire faith in the line again. Everyone is going to need to come together in the very near future. The free people can't afford to turn against eachother. I fear it won't be that easy. Well, at least tonight, they feast. Poor Fili's going to be feeling this tomorrow. I wish Lord Elrond could do more for him.
Celebrisilweth chapter 63 . 4/24
Oh, stop the roller-coaster. We went from the coronation celebration down to the very depths of despair. It must be so bittersweet returning to your long lost home and yet the absence of those you love would make it seem hollow. But these are Durin's blood, and they will survive.
syeern chapter 63 . 4/24
Dain's pledge was inspiringly perfect, though my heart aches for the rangers deeply. But truely, what can the dwarves of Erebor do for them? I'd like to see Erebor help them in some way. Dwarvish magic to hide ranger camps? A constant secret flow of supplies perhaps?
It took me a moment to figure out what was so funny about Erebor's gift to Rivendell. Then it hit me like one of the boys pranks. How fitting, lol.
Poor Dís. In such a day of celebration, there certainly is enough grief to go around. I just kept thinking about all that she had lost in the actual story. She thinks it unbearable now? Tolkien had a much harsher fate for what was left of her family. I do wonder if Tolkien ever gave much thought to her character and her fate. Thank you for being kinder. Now, I think I'll take Bilbo's very good advice and celebrate this quick and lovely update with some food.
Jessie152 chapter 63 . 4/24
Hey TTC, another chapter in short time, you're the best!

Imagining Kíli, trying desperately to hold back a laugh during the ceremony made me smile myself. A wonder that he managed, does he, by some secret magic, grew up a bit after all they've been through? Let's hope not. ;-)

Thank you for giving us the picture of Thorin as a loving brother. I thought that all the time during this scene before Dis thought is by herself. What a rare gem. Hand on heart to you for this.
With the very last line I laughed out loud.

Oh dear… fortunately we know that in future Dis can start to think a bit better of her sons. Do we? Thorin's best deadpan humour ever and one of your best chapter ends

I absolutely love this, came as an early birthday present for me.

Mahal's Blessings, Jessie
syeern chapter 62 . 4/21
That was such a beautiful coronation. I don't think there is anything that should've been done differently. The crown was absolutely perfect! The way it was created was so meaningful it nearly made me cry. Knowing how Erebor can amplify sound, I wish I could've heard the drums and voices first hand.
The trials I don't think were necessary, but I feel for Thorin's sake, it made him feel more worthy to take the throne. I hope in time he will belive in himself, but I guess a good ruler will always question their own worthiness. As long as those in his circle believe in him and lend council for the kingdoms greatest good, as long as his decisions are for her greatest good, he will bring further glory and honnor to Erebor and lead her to be more prosperous than ever before. May he be merciful and create many allies. Long live the king!
Jessie152 chapter 62 . 4/21
Dear TTC,

thank you so much for this lovely chapter. I always love the interaction between Thorin and Dis. Never mess up with a daughter of Durin. But here she is a bit less scary.

And I so much feel with Fíli. I'm curious if he might stay in Erebor after the coronation of if he'll grab his brother and go for a holyday. He deserves it.

So many guest at the ceremony. As a side scene I imagine Runa among the guest from the other dwarf clans, pulling Kíli in a huge motherly hug, happy to see him again, safe and sound. :-)

Poor Bilbo, following such an important celebration without understanding a single word. Atl least he's Gandalf and the rest might be self explaining.

Reading this gave me hope that Thorin will make it. He has to, after all they have been through.
Thank you again, you always make my day by posting a new chapter.

Mahal's blessings, Jessie.
Celebrisilweth chapter 62 . 4/20
Thanks for giving us how it should have ended.
AmandaBaker852 chapter 62 . 4/20
Thanks for this update. How many chapters of this story still remain to be told?
syeern chapter 61 . 3/2
By the Valar I love Elrond and his sons. It's a tough balance that the Durins will have to learn. To be Thorin king, Fili and Kili princes of Erebor, and just Thorin, Fili and Kili. I'm glad they had that moment to strip away the titles and was able to just enjoy. The should also take a page from Bilbo's book. No matter how important that hobbit is deemed, he will always be the same through and through. Lord Elrond, as always, has such great council. Thorin just needs to not only trust himself, but his friends. He has an advantage over Thror that he saw first hand with a clear mind what the sickness was, and now knows what it feels like so he had been there and back. He beat it. Plus with Elrond and sons as careing allies, he has a whole arsenal of ways to fight should the sickness try and take hold. Not that I expect them to cross the Misty Mountains everytime there may or may not be a problem. Hopefuly Fili will not feel so trapped with such an open invitation. Again, I love Elrond and his sons.
Jessie152 chapter 61 . 2/24
Hello TTC,

oh my, a lot to think about for our Durins. Fili could really use an elvish vacation, I think…
Excellently written, as usual, so moving.
And your humor always brings a smile to my face. missing chairs… and the fountain…LOL. They will never see the end of this.
Elrond, I could see his face in front of me. so subtle.
I absolutely love Bilbo's dinner scene. The last few lines went directly to my heart. Thank you for that. Just Thank you.

Until next time, Jessie
Ms. Fairweather chapter 61 . 2/24
Awwww. The end makes me so happy.
Silver chapter 12 . 1/30
The companion map in my book came with a scale. According to that the distance along the Elven Path from the edge of the forest to Erebor is around 250 miles, and the distance from the Grey Mountain edge to the Elven Gate around 85-90 miles, so I would guess that a really fast hardcore 4-day ride from Erebor-Elven Gate is quite possible. But then the speed of the elf horses wouldn't be so impressive in comparison, as 30 miles per day in open terrain is more of an average pace.
This is some really random trivia lol
Candlelit Horizon chapter 60 . 1/23
This story is beautiful. I read it all in one go and its been one of the best reading experiences I've had on this site - the plot is well thought out, the prose smooth and mature, no grammar mistakes - overall just a huge pleasure to read. Your portrayal of the characters is amazing too, they are in character and nuanced, I can picture them perfectly in my head as I'm reading - you can't believe how hard it is to find a decent fanfic that doesn't include OC mary sues and major OOC butchering of the characters. I especially loved the depictions of Thorin's qualities as a leader without shying away from his past mistakes, and his interactions with Fili and Kili are always perfect (chapter 21 was phenomenal). The way that the characters each deal with their own traumas of the past events are both explained very clearly in detail and realistic. I think I like your story better than the actual movies/book itself lol, looking forward to what happens next
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