Reviews for The Heart of Erebor
White Ivy chapter 49 . 10/25
So good!
Syblime chapter 49 . 10/22
Happy Belated Birthday!
Wow, those were two emotional and action packed chapters. I love your elf healer, she's brilliant. :)
Syblime chapter 47 . 10/20
Ooh that's fantastic! A hidden door and a burglar! I look forward to more! :)
jaymzNshed chapter 49 . 10/11
Yay! Kili awoke! I really like this chapter, how kili saw some memories from Thorin, Dis, and Fili's POV... really nice :)
Really excited and anxious to see what will happen next!
booksfoodmusic-minion chapter 49 . 10/11
Awww! It will be okay Kili! I love what the elf can do. It's awesome!
ncis-lady chapter 49 . 10/8
Ahhh I shouldn't have read that at work. Thank the Valar my boss isn't around so he won't see my blurry eyes. That was a great chapter and I love the flashbacks. I can't believe how much has happened ever since! I'm so glad the chapter ended on a somewhat happy note, and I can't wait to see Kili returning to his family.
isi7140 chapter 49 . 10/7
Oh, Kíli... his family better give him all the hugs when he wakes up.
AnnaBanana90 chapter 49 . 10/7
GREAT CHAPTER! I loved how you used the elf maid and flashbacks to heal Kili's emotional wounds! Can't wait to see what's next!
Toastmaster9000 chapter 49 . 10/7
Awwww lookit you plugging me~ ;u;
Such a sweetieface. D
I need to draw more scenes n stuff. And maybe color n stuff... BUT YEAH!

I really loved this whole part;
"It…" He did not know how to give voice to his thoughts, twisted and dark as they were, and at last he settled on the simplest answer he could give. "It's changed."

"Has it?"

He drew in a sharp breath, blinked, and looked at his surroundings anew. They had not altered since the last time he looked. They had not altered at all.

"I've changed," he said, knowing it to be true. He'd known it all along, of course, long before he retreated to this haven. But admitting to it would have meant admitting to all the events that had led to that change, to walking the road he knew would be stretched out behind him should he dare to turn around.

It was really sweet and kind of heartbreakjng. Poor Kili and him realizing how different it all is now. ;0;

And of course my lovely Fili. EVEN THOUGH HE WAS JUST A FLASHBACK. XD
yshxf chapter 49 . 10/6
That was crafted rather beautifully. It's true the flashbacks add, but they also detract and I found my eye skipping over them, eager to get to the meat of this chapter. (In my defence, I've read and reread this story many times) In any case, I'm glad Kili has found his way back. He's come too far to do otherwise.
Oblivian03 chapter 49 . 10/6
Despite you cheating ways this was a brilliant chapter and worked well with the previous sections. It is good that Kili has (kind of) overcome his doubts, although to be honest I thought he was going mad until I remembered his condition in the previous chapters. ;) The beginning was exceptionally well written all the way to the end, and despite the pain the flashbacks gave me (some more than others, let's say the second and third one) the hope in the end was worth it. :D
Starry Pink chapter 49 . 10/6
Wow. This chapter was so full of emotion. Poor Kili had so much to work through. I'm glad he's finally waking up, but I'd imagine he still has to spend some time recovering.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
booksfoodmusic-minion chapter 48 . 10/1
Yes! I love the elven healer, she sounds cool. I'm liking the no voice and searching for spirits thing.
booksfoodmusic-minion chapter 47 . 10/1
Stealing children!? Valin is a very mad dwarf...
Another way in!
LisaG16 chapter 48 . 9/28
tuilinn is a fascinating character...and she's going to save kili, yay!
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