Reviews for The Heart of Erebor
booksfoodmusic-minion chapter 52 . 6/29
Oh no!
I'm so glad you've started writing again!
It's been ages! (Don't mean for that to sound bad)
Starry Pink chapter 52 . 6/7
Sorry for the late review. This was another interesting chapter, and I'm anxious to find out what happens next. :)
Shadowblayze chapter 52 . 6/2

This got lost in my inbox, which makes me sad- but I found it, so it's okay!

Ah! I love this story and your characters so much! Methinks that Tolkein would be proud of your enthusiasm and authenticity! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!
singingoompaloompas chapter 52 . 6/2
Fantastic story! I loved reading every bit of it! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you invest in writing. I can't wait for more!
dojoson41 chapter 52 . 5/24
I hate cliffhangers GGGRRRRRRRR
Bob chapter 52 . 5/23
yshxf chapter 52 . 5/20
OMG ttc. My heart was in my throat! You've done it again! *Wild applause! *
Toastmaster9000 chapter 52 . 5/20
Also I love how Lnolir will have absolutely no idea what the heck his prince is talking about or who Nali is or what Tarr is even babbling about. "WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON;;; I JUST... GUESS ALL I GOTTA REALLY DO HERE IS MAKE SURE THEY DON'T HURT PRINCE FILI? OMG; SHOULD I DO SOMETHING!? OMG FILI IS MAD- I SHOULD INTERVENE- OMG-" XDDD
Poor idiot. Be so confused.
Dis being badass mama bear though. Ufufufu Yissss.
Oblivian03 chapter 52 . 5/20
Wow. I think that about sums this chapter up. ;) I must say the end moments of this were probably my favourite as Fili finds out some certain information. Although Dis and Bard run up a very close second in the beginning - especially when Kili reconsider's Dis' involvement in the discussions. It was a good, intense and strong moment, but that was just funny. Really, the entire end of the first scene was from that point. A great distraction, confrontation and demonstration of your writing. :) The middle scene was brilliant as well - perfectly written I think, and a good continuation of the humour from before to the seriousness that both underlays this entire chapter and is picked up in the third section. You truly have master the skill of writing. :) And I do hope you are updating soon. I might die from the wait if it's too long. ;)
jaymzNshed chapter 52 . 5/19
Oh my goodness graciously! These past 2 chapters were super awesome and intense! Super excited and anxious to see what will happen next! (Esp. since Tarr pulled the lever O_O ...)
Syblime chapter 52 . 5/19
ASdfghjkl that was dramatic! Love the reactions to supposedly dead dwarves! Bilbo was great - you write him really well, and I'm glad Lnolir is helping Fili. He needs a friend right now! :)
Syblime chapter 51 . 5/19
I really like the way you used the book for the hidden entrance. And Fili! I hope he finds Bilbo and everything goes smoothly... :)
Makojupiter chapter 52 . 5/19
Awwwwwweeeee nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu D: why cliffhanger, go away you mean thing ahahah xD
Excellent chapter!~ Thank you 3
Starry Pink chapter 51 . 5/16
I was so happy to see another chapter. :) I wonder if Bilbo's plan will get them all out, or if they'll run into another obstacle. I can't wait to find out what happens next!
WhistlingWolf chapter 50 . 5/9
Why Why WHY am i only catching up with this story NOW?
I kinda know why.. I stopped reading after they were gone, couldn't bear the thought of them not being there anymore, still read a bit further but not knowing... However, today I finally regained my courage, reread the entire story and THERE THEY ARE! Amazing chapters aplenty :D

This story is so very, very good. Everything in your story is connected one way or another, everybody has their reasons, their hopes, dreams and fears. The hopelessness Kili experienced, Thorins' guilt and Fili's terror about what had (and will, might) become of them.. I love where you went with the story line, you incorporated a great deal of background into the story by letting the events happen over a longer period of time, even before the Hobbit during Thror's reign and the attack of Smaug. Also your writing style, your wording and the overall built-up is interesting, a satisfying piece to read!

All-in-all, I am really glad I started to read this story again, and grateful that you are still writing! From now on, I will be certain to tune in regularly! Thank youuuu~~
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