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Nike Scarlet chapter 1 . 6/30
NO! I was so excited to read this! Why did you take down the chapters?!
Kitsune4 chapter 19 . 4/12
I just spent two freakin hours looking for this story through numerous searches, because I forgot the title. All I could remember is it started with "The Team" and had an interesting identity reveal plotline, and despite that I still couldn't find it. Then I find out it's under revision :"( I'm so sad right now. Oh well, I'll be back when you're done with your revisions! Good luck!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/12
Hurry...i wanna read this
AthenaMonaLisa chapter 15 . 3/31
Wait...what? NOOOOOOOOOO! No, no, why did you take down the chapters? They were perfect. Oh man, I'll just have to wait. I hope you update soon.
SayMrrp chapter 19 . 3/12
I'm crying because of this. Thanks a lot... Now time to wait for the epic battle/deaths that are going to happen. Yippee.

Haha, it's a really awesome story, and thank you for updating! Good luck writing more!
SayMrrp chapter 16 . 3/12
Something bad's gonna happen. What's it called, that feeling where something in you is spiraling lower and lower. That sinking feeling. ... aaaaaaa

Thanks for writing! I am so not ready for the awesomeness of the next chapter.

Guest chapter 19 . 2/16
Pweaseeeeeeee update, I literally come back everyday to check if you did. It's such a good story! I love it :) (update, update, update, update!)
Cyanide Cipher chapter 19 . 2/12

Fairy-x-Heart chapter 19 . 2/10
Ah! Thought I posted the review after this chapter. I meant chapters 18 & 19 were both amazing! Sorry if that was confusing.
Fairy-x-Heart chapter 18 . 2/10
Amazing chapters! I felt so bad for Wally, though. You wrote his emotions & thoughts very well. I was cringing for him as he was dealt the punishments for the situation. Having his speed taken away has to be beyond awful.
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter! I really am so excited to see what happens next.
BraveChicken chapter 19 . 1/27
Ah! I have reached the temporary end! I love everything. i love Pied Piper and his drama abd essence and the whole "If I ever go straight" cuz canonically he does but who knows in your fic, right? Hah and I love (in a way that is to say I hate) the scene woth Roy and Dick and poor wally. Honestly, that hurts. And if I were in his shoes I's have said a bit more than just some sassy phrases (but it was perfect that he did just that because its necessary and its also perfectly in character and it sort of just proves wally is a great guy and had no bad intentions and his life really is just blowing up in his face right now.) also, the little moment where he gets so angry his hand vibrates and he's flung agaibst the wall. Gah- its that moment, moments just like that- that I adore because it seems to show how strong willed he is as well as how upset and his own body is betraying him (ironically as it is being betrayed by the inhibitor) and part of me was hoping he'd get angry enough or just powerful enough to break the collar on his own but that'd be too convenient, I suppose. Having Dick there though- well at least someone is helping him out, finally. Though I do have my suspicions (and hope?) that when he escapes with Grayson the Rogues might attack THEN and we'll have to see him fight for his speed by using it to it's fullest (and perhaps thats where we'll see another glimpse at his will power?) but before that there simply must be just a little bit more pain to let that over arching anvil just drop and push him further over the edge and maybe he'll prove things and maybe things will get better and frankly, I'm not sure how. But I assume you know- vaguely, at least. And I am so eager to see what you come up with! I will (try) to patiently wait for your next update!
BraveChicken chapter 18 . 1/26
This chapter is breaking me. Ow. Wow. Great job. Rock bottom hurts. Ow.
BraveChicken chapter 17 . 1/25
Wow. Okay, so this? This hurts. Like- there are a LOT of sad fics out there. And maybe its cuz I may or may not relate a little too well to wally right now- but wow. This. The way you've written this is so beautiful. Its genius. Like- okay, I love how you've written the "its simple physics" bit. Not only does that ground him and the world and us into that cold hard truth of reality but it repeats and its important because physics is running and physics is being wally and physics is everythig he cares about right now and all of that is destroying him. And sure, on one hand he did sort of bring it on himself. But on the other? These were pretty crappy circumstances. Like- darn. Dick is cold as freaking ice. Gah. So yeah, I dunno, part of me was hoping there would be a giant dramatic reveal from the rogues that told the world he was wally west and then theres all sorts of drama there (and hey maybe thats still a possibility.) but wow. Just wow. Like not only is his secret identity out the window but he's one of the original sidekicks. Its embarrassing. And unfair because as the reader I know the circumstances surrounding this situation! And I sort of just realized how well you made wally go from happy and still kickin' to honestly so rub down. And man that hurts cuz his only friends (granted, dick is trying to justify it) but he's not exactly being a perfect friend. Sure, he did the right thing. But he could have told wally about it. Or threatened that he would if wally didnt. Of course, I understand, the ball was in wally's court and hes a big boy (and older than dick) so by all means, he ought to make the decision and deal with his screw up. But wow. This is so sad. I really never get quite as affected by sad instances the way I have been on this one. i guess it just hits so close to home. Great job. I'm sort of expecting even bigger explosions. (Speaking of which- the car exploding- loved that.) i wonder if thats the rogues thingy or just a kid flash being a little bit of. Different breed of speedster thing. Also- please tell me this isnt what will eventually lead to him retiring like he does in season two. The very thought depresses me. Like, the fact that things could go a certain way that would cause the boy that literally willingly got struck by lightning- the guy that experimented so extremely on himself- that wanted nothing more than to become the flash- that he would quit. Unless they were health related or if he lost his speed (which if you follow cannon, he did not?) but the health issue age thingy with painful health stuff- thats cannon. Im always game for that sob story. But no- wow- this current one with wally bejng kicked off the team, wow. But the rogues are planning things. And he suddenly makes things explode. And hes still run down in every single way. And he's got no one that fully trusts him and he is doing that very human thing where he's searching for something to blame because knowing its your fault only makes you want to die a little bit. My heart is breaking. Great job on this bit. Im scared to read the next chapter. (And that is the first time ive said that about a fic. Ever.)
BraveChicken chapter 14 . 1/24
Okay, I love the different perspectives of holidays and teachers. Also, I hate the last one cuz he seems like a pitiful human that I hate already. (It was inevitable, I suppose.) but you did a great job showing various temptations and scenarios. Also- hungover green lantern was the best. As was a high wally! Hah so you're a really fun person because most fic authors just sort of recreate or work around or just ignore the actual cannon occurances of the show. You, however, make it work and I love that! Like I am having so much fun by reading a chapter then turning on the episode and watching whats going on then going back to this fic and reading. Like the "gobble gobble" thing actually works really well with him being high on morphine. Cuz it really is a weird thing to do for anyone? Granted, he's a flash. But still- the way wally is shown on the show, it doesnt make the most sense for him to make turkey noises out of the blue- so I always just accepted that moment as a typical forgetful weird thing that he did because in life people tend to be a little strange from time to time. But basically now he'll always be high in that scene and I love that hah also- it was just a small comment- but when Hal says hello to wally by saying "walla-wallaby" hah I thought that was the cutest ever. But yeah- this chapter was wonderful. I love the mental image of wally taking on an entire gang while being a little stumble-y and trispy and just brushing it off and vanishing and hoping no one would find out hah oh- also, the vague implication that it was the newscast about that very fight that made the "not actually cool dad" tattle on the wall-man- yeah, thats really interesting. Like- its an interesting concept to consider. Anyways- I'm taking my time and just enjoying your fic cuz I adore your hyper detail to all things wally both in perception and the sheer contrast of how his speed affects him!
BraveChicken chapter 8 . 1/16
This is so good! Seriously- I love this. Also, I think I read this a couple years ago and got tired of waiting for an update? But that isnt a reprimand cuz like thats not even fair for you hah but hi! Glad I found this fic again after all this time! Hah all that was basically to say that I love this fic and got so into it that I just now- at chapter 8- realized I havent left a single review (and as a fic author myself, I felt real bad cuz like I know you want lots of feedback hah and honestly you deserve some with this fic.) but I love the situation wally is in. I love how you have crafted it. I love the principal. Like hes a good character. And so is the nurse (for a while I just wanted the nurse to be the only one who knew but im eager to see how this plays out. Like i have high hopes for the fact that roy and dick were gonna hang out with wally after school. Like please let there be fluff hah) but you've done a great job of making this situation believable and realistic and the characters are so spot on- like congrats. Seriously. Hah but like my favorite thing is how you literally consider the way being a speedster effects wally daily. (Thats why I love writing him.) the literal difference in how he's a speedster- a metahuman. Like thats something no one else on the team has to deal with. Even in regards to blending in! So thankyou for being one of the (fewer) authors who actually enjoy that aspect of our speedy ginger! Also- This part in this chapter, "Really, a part of Will was impressed that the kid had managed to royally tick off over half of the faculty and staff after only a year and a half at Keystone High. That actually took talent."
So funny! Like that is great. Like I thought the same thing and I love that wally has managed to do just that simply by existing! Like- if he went through high school as kid flash- he would have really irritated people ten times the amount he did as wally west haha so its pitiful and sad and I feel bad for him- but I'm oddly proud of that. Hah anyways- thanks for writing an awesome fic about my favorite speedster!
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