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Skydollie chapter 15 . 7/1
Woah! That was awesome! The way you write scenarios for the characters is amazing! I love this story, with all its plot twists and cliffhangers. I can't wait for the next chapter, and to see what you do next!
Nobody chapter 15 . 6/25
Ohmagosh. This is getting more complicated. In a good way. Keep it up!
YouProbablyDontKnowMe chapter 15 . 6/24
Oh my God! That was so epic. I love the writing and I love the way you've kept me in suspence. Yay for Spitfire! This entire story has left me feeling emotionally drained but in a good way. I'm glad that you were able to focus on the finer aspects of Wally's thoughts and I like that you're able to see things from a 'Speedsters' perspective.

My theory is that the Rouges are planning to ambush Flash with a more pimped out version of flashtonite (hehe see what I did there?) and Kid Flash is gonna get in the way or something. Just PLEASE don't make us think he's gonna die! I don't think my heart can handle it. I love Wally so much and I can't wait to see the way you write his reason for leaving the life.

Anyway, awesome chapter. Your characterization was 100% on point (in my opinion) and I love this book. Update whenever you can. Hopefully soon!
YouProbablyDontKnowMe chapter 14 . 6/24
Oh my God! I just spent the entire chapter on the edge of my seat. I ended up waiting way too long to read this coz I had soooooo much crap to do. So worth it!
AlyssPotter chapter 15 . 6/23
So intense! Can't wait to see what happens next, love it!
JaDe In NighT chapter 15 . 6/23
Stuff for Wally are become more and more bad , Hartley is half carzy cant wait to see what happens when shit hits the fan
IsAbElA M CuLlEn chapter 15 . 6/14
Favorite paring? Spitfire! Of course, specially since they love The Notebook..And the thing with Hartley's sister? Awesome. The Rougues, they'll be back soon? O.O
whitelightningboltbit chapter 15 . 6/13
I know nothing about the Pied Piper. But this is awesome!
I've always wanted a better explanation as to why Wally wasn't in the episode with the circus (forget the title right now lol...) so there's this which makes sense to me!
Zee and Wally... that's exactly what I think they act like! Its not just you! I once wrote a three hundred word drabble where she asked him why he didn't believe, and he went into this whole science rant, and then she was like you're a skeptic? And he goes why do you say that like it's a bad thing? Anyway... lol... yeah this is perfect.
This is one of the best Wally-centric stories I've ever read, because he's really a deep, controversial character that I think was not given much time in the show to develop past the flirting idiot he was portrayed as. So I like this story!
The look on Roy's face when Wally's like, they voted you in... Holy. Freaking. Crap. Best newsflash moment EVER.
PrettyKitty Luvs U chapter 15 . 6/13
I absolutely loved this chapter! Loved the Spitfire part most though :3 The two are still in denial but that'll hopefully change in Insecurity. Anyway, this chapter was greatastic. I loved reading each and every word. Your writing is so beautiful, it's like I can see everything happening infrony of my eyes :D Great job.

Can't wait for the next update!
jesteringKinghood chapter 15 . 6/13
I love this story so much
Twilight Archangel chapter 15 . 6/13
Hi! I'm happy that you updated, really. I just started a cup of coffee when I got the alert and I was like, "Now this looks like a really fun gig right now." So here I am! And I'm glad because you're a super writer.

I know you don't do your own stories, but you've certainly know these ones. It's like you created this characters yourself, molded them, formed them. You know what I mean? I may be good at writing own stories but you have a very special talent with fanfics. One I don't have. It's easier to write your own characters than adapt other's the way you have, so kudos for you!

Now I start with Roy's scene. Pretty. If you have read my stories you'd know the Dick/Wally/Roy friendship is on my top of favorite things. Every moment they show affection, and say something like "You're my brother," it hits my heartstrings. Like, I really could feel their emotions. Wally was offended but cool and reserved and Roy was being serious but nice. That's how they are, because Roy has a super soft spot for his two "brothers". And yeah, Roy's paranoia is really bad, but I guess it goes with Cadmus programming. Whatever, I enjoyed this scene a lot. Just two best friends being sappy without being sappy.

Now, second scene. Pretty good job. I mean, you have a really great knowledge of science. Or maybe I have so little that I tried to understand but you sounded awesome. Like, you sounded like you know what you're saying. Good. And that last dialogue between the Flashes? Just two words: "Epic my..."

The scene between Hartley and Wally. Broke my heart. I've been told by close friend that they want me away from them, so it stung. Wally was just trying to be a good friend. Well, Hartley is a villain after all. Still, hit Kid Flash everyday with a hammer, he can take it. But hit Wally West in the heartstrings with something personal and that's gotta hurt...

Next scene. Wow, you foiled an entire robbery in one paragraph of dialogue. I can't do that. I just can't. That was awesome.

Love the Barry/Wally talk scene. Wally was funny. "I'm losing my mojo, my friends and my hair." But Barry's concerns over him being bullied were so touching.

Absolute bowing on the Zatanna and Wally interaction. From their differences of opinions to the fun interactions and he almost giving Dick up. It was really meaningful interaction. Like, there is absolutely know scenes between Zatanna and Wally in the series and now you have them here, being friends and that's a good thought and rewarding experience.

And now...

You killed me.

Seriously, you killed me.

Wally taking Dick to the beach to celebrate? Sing happy birthday for him? Telling him he's his bestest friend ever? You just made my week (and next week). Seriously. Thank you. You see, I don't see my best friend much but I'd do anything for him, so having these particular moments between Dick and Wally... they touch me. They really do. You did a great job. You portrayed their friendship really really well. I just can't fathom it.

Wally's speech? About friendship? I had to put my hand on my chest because it hit me. You hit the spot on me. This is probably my favorite scene in the entire fic so far. I just wish Dick had been more affectionate, maybe a hug or something? But the piggy back ride was enough.

Texting Kid Flash's identity. That's bad. Just bad. I just can't wait to see how this unfold.

Wally was watching The Notebook? Man, he's so sentimental. I've watched it a lot of times too with my cousins. We feel things too. And we're still manly. Nothing wrong with that. Nice way to start breaking into Spitfire territory.

Hartley really does need help. I'm not saying much about this but...I'm asking myself what comes next.

Now... did I tell you that I loved the Dick/Wally scene? Oh yeah, I did. Thank you for that. Life is good for me now.

In all honesty, thank you.
InsertCleverJokeHere chapter 14 . 5/29
I literally just binge read this all in the last two days and it is beautiful. I love Wally whump (Plus that's really fun to say) and I love watching Wally suffer in a my twisted way. Please update soon!
IsAbElA M CuLlEn chapter 14 . 5/25
High Wally ? Awesome!
And Iris' a Hal's relationship was funny too!
Worcestirshire chapter 14 . 5/25
Hi, i stumbled on this fic a few days ago and I've been reading it ever since. I must say I thought I've already read all the good wally fics out there but I'm so glad I was wrong and found this story! I really like how in-character everyone is. The story really feels like it could've happened in the show or like something the writers came up with. Great job!

It's also very neatly written, the plot's pacing is great not too slow but it still has a lot of build up, and I didn't notice any grammar mistakes (or the ones that were present were negligible).

And i like that every character in the yj-world is involved in the story in some way. I'm enjoying the OC's (wally's teachers) and i usually hate OC's. Also hal's greeting to wally was beyond adorable (walla walla wallaby! So cute). And of course uncle barry and wally are so hearrtwarming together. Make sure they get a lot of hugs from each other haha!

And i love how long the chapters are ha! I haven't found a good long fic in a while so i'm excited where this goes. I mean uh oh stupid Mr. Donner (and Tish too that was close!). Also what are the rogue's planning, hartley turn your back on them and back up wally!, who is Her? So excited for the next chapter!
scribblers chapter 14 . 5/22
This chapter was incredible, as usual! I was talking to my friend about it earlier (she doesn't read it but I'm going to make her as soon as she finishes watching YJ) and I kept cursing about Principal Donner and I think she had to try really hard not to make fun of me, haha! When I read the chapter, I specifically (I would bold specifically but I don't know how to do that in reviews) noticed that there a few transition sentences that were kind of plain (something I struggle with as well), but when I went to look for examples I couldn't find any, so. There's that. That's really all the specific criticism I can offer. Fantastic chapter, high Wally was so fun to read. Can't wait for the next update!
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