Reviews for Singing your Shades
joan.goldman.9 chapter 37 . 6/17
I'm glad that Jose came back and is at last going to put the nail in Elena's coffin. Plus he apologized to Ana and finally gets it that Ana loves Christian. He also thanked Christian for making sure that his father was safe throughout this whole mess.

I do believe Ana and Christian ended that song game with a bang. LOL They truly are adorable together.

I still can't wait for Ana to find out about Christian singing before her.
Guest chapter 6 . 6/3
OMG ! Your are awesome!,!
dorisalynne2003 chapter 37 . 6/5
I absolutely love this story! i can't wait to see what happens ne xt! I just found this and he been reading it over the last week. I hope an out is soon!
dorisalynne2003 chapter 18 . 6/1
Wow. It seems these two have trouble coming from all sides! Hyde, Elena and now Lela has entered the picture!
RavenLight Dragon chapter 37 . 5/30
yasssssssssss! i loved when Jamie sang that! best part of Freed really. i can't wait to see her reaction to Christian singing for her. i'm glad Jose really feels remorse and gets that it's not some whim on her and Christian's parts, that what they have is real. i doubt they'll ever fully trust him again but at least he can be forgiven.
dorisalynne2003 chapter 2 . 5/30
I just started reading this story. So far I love it! I can't wait to see what happens when these two finally find eAch other again. Can you tell me what the update schedule is like? I noticed last update was May 1st
JB chapter 37 . 5/1
Good to see Jose actually keep his promise. Should Christian really have anything further to do with Leila?, I don't think so. I can't help but feel at the beginning of all this she was sober and made a choice, the wrong one. Love how Christian and Ana express their feelings through music, real good music at for sharing, look forward to more. JB.
CTHEWOODS chapter 37 . 5/3
I will! So glad your back! And KC's will love it! More, please!;)
Guest chapter 37 . 5/1
One of the best stories ever! Oh, I loved Darts as well.
Guest chapter 37 . 5/1
I freaking loved the update! Hot, hot, hot! More please, I am so happy you updated!
CTHEWOODS chapter 35 . 5/2
I don't see anything wrong with Christian being forgiven by Ana so soon. Life is too short to play games! Go get what you want!;)
NikkiG26 chapter 37 . 5/2
Cute chapter
jeanneheart chapter 10 . 5/2
Wow, wow Such a super well written chapter. You sure are very creative. So talented...I loved reading every sentence... Can not believe how great your English is. Were you good in school learning English? Excellent Lemon!
jeanneheart chapter 6 . 5/2
Abosolutely Perfect...loving the story. Cannot wait until thy finally meet!
jeanneheart chapter 1 . 5/2
Very interesting story
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