Reviews for The Captain's Bride
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 69 . 6/13
BAHAHAHAHAHA! Poor Steve! Stuck in tights again XD
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 45 . 6/9
Yay! Best first line for Bucky ever! :D
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 33 . 6/8
Phil! Yay!
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 32 . 6/8
AH! Budapest was Clintasha's honeymoon!? That is absolutely perfect!
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 31 . 6/8
Oh crap! The Winter Soldier has Stacy, doesn't he?
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 30 . 6/8
Aw! Steve asked Tony to be his best man!

AH! No! Can I panic now!?
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 29 . 6/8
AH! Rude! Get my hopes up that it might possibly be Steve and Stacy's wedding then WHAM! NOPE!

Tauriel Skywalker chapter 28 . 6/8

Aw! So sweet. :)
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 27 . 6/8
Complete panic to totally fluff! Love it :D
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 16 . 6/7
“Shop Around the Corner” is one of the best! “Christmas in Connecticut” is also really cute in case you haven't seen it. I just watch “Dial M for Murder” for the first time about a month ago. It was really interesting. Bing and Hope are awesome! I've only seen “Road to Rio” and “Road to Bali” but I love them.

EEEEEEEE! They said it!
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 15 . 6/7
LOVE THIS! There are so few fanfics out there that promote waiting until marriage. It's so nice to see it so obviously spelled out in this one.
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 11 . 6/7
I've listened to "The Shadow" a couple of times, but "Fibber McGee and Molly" is one of the best.

Tauriel Skywalker chapter 7 . 6/6
I think this is the first fanfic I have ever read that actually talks about going to church. I'm impressed.

Love both of those song. I actually prefer the old hymns to most of the current song I usually hear on the Christian radio station.
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 5 . 6/6
Okay, so part of me just started wondering if Stacy isn't actually spying on him for some agency. What if she just has a mom or grandma who really wants her to get married so she's been given a "mission" by one of them to meet and get to know a guy and Stacy updates them on her progress by using mission lingo in her texts. Just a weird thought a I had and probably not right, but... :)
Guest chapter 53 . 4/14
I'm really enjoying your writing. Thank you
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