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Cindy chapter 1 . 4/16/2014
Kind of strange
Cindy chapter 2 . 4/16/2014
I do not know about the sides what is it anyway
Kerstin chapter 1 . 3/11/2014
I realy like this i just now the next one will be even better
xJadeRainx chapter 2 . 2/25/2014
Hi, Coverse r life. I just finished Altered reality. Strangely, I already left a review for chapter 9 Waaay back in 2010 even though you updated recently. Did you rewrite that chapter or something? Anywho, here's my review for that: Cool chapter. I loved how Aroel and Eric wete hashing thigs out. Honestly, if it were real life, it probably went something like that.

Also, I caught the refrence from Enchanted! "Is that the only word you know?"

That was an intense fight between the mersisters. Attina does have a lot on her plate.

Now, on to Frozen! It's awesome isn't it. This may sound pathetic, but I was completely floored when Hans was revealed to be evil! But getting back to your story... It reminded me of the scene when a villager said someting like: "I bet they're beautiful!" Then, cut to Anna with massive bed head syndrome! Ha. It also reminded me of a promo for the film. Anna through a tiny snowball at Elsa. Then Elsa used her magic to conjure up a huge smowball to pelt her sister with. Ah, good times. Makes me wish I had a sister of my own. You?

Oh, oh! Did you go to the sing a long version. I dragged hubby along.

XJaderainx, "that was awesome, right?"
Hubby, "Yeah, awesome."

He should really be used to it by now. We go to all the Disney Princess movies...

Again, marvelous job, dear.

prn chapter 1 . 2/14/2014
loved this so much. Other reviewers have said everything I want to say and since I'm hopeless at putting my thoughts into words I'll leave it at that.

Thank you so much for writing this!
TrebledWriter chapter 2 . 2/13/2014
So funny. They should've brought out Olaf and showed him the snowwoman.
TrebledWriter chapter 1 . 2/13/2014
So funny. Love Elsa's full name.
Her hair is Defying Gravity and she can't pull it down. (For all those who love Wicked, or at least Defying Gravity.) :D
piccolover22 chapter 2 . 2/1/2014
Awe! I love frozen soooooo much! :)) cute story! :)
thearendork chapter 2 . 1/23/2014
Heh. The feels this one inspired. But let me try to gather them into coherent thoughts.

I think it's great that there's a discussion here about growing up. A lot of Frozen fanfics have dealt with Elsa's angst about not being there for Anna, and while some of them are quite good and inspires just the same amount of feels this one did, yours had created an impression on me because the angst is tempered by humor (I don't even know if that makes any sense, I hope it does). You definitely got the sisters' characters right. Anna's rambling and cheerfulness is spot-on, and very successful in getting Fun Elsa to come out and play. On the other hand, I loved how Elsa needled Anna with her dry humor and gentle sarcasm.

I do hope you add more stories to the Frozen fandom, and I look forward to them if you do.
Don't gve a crappppp chapter 2 . 12/29/2013
You know, I love it. I love it. I love that we can look at a sister-pair bond, and see that strength (makes me jealous that I don't have that bond with my own), that love, that courage, and it NOT BE ROMANTIC. Thumbs up, no, a million thumbs up, for making me smile and seeing there is some hope for the world after dozens of awful, sinful, and disgusting fanfics covering the archive, while I'm looking for something decent. Because. People. This is what sisters are, not some incestuous pleasure trip. Because this is what is right. This bond, between two human beings with the same mother and father, being this close, is a beautiful thing. So stop ruining it world, stop ruining my childhood with the sinful, and utterly WRONG-ness of the evil excuse of a pairing known as 'Elsanna'.

I don't want to sound like those overzealous Christians, and get blasted by 'get off Fanfiction then!' but I am Christian, and I have a strong sense of right and wrong, and that just makes me angry, to see a now beloved family classic turned into someone's place to pant and 'ship' such un-Godly things. Sure, I've had my worse moments, when I gave in to the curiosity and skimmed the darker side of FF, and now I wish to take that all back, as I learned some things I can never take back. But now, I've figured out my faith and where I need to go, and I can only pray that Jesus comes sooner and takes me out of a sinful world where people make PAIRINGS, romantic PAIRINGS out of two young women who are sisters, for goodness sake! But I can only pray for these people, as more and more of the world sees such acts less as wrong, and more as right.

Now, I am young to know my place in the world. I know that my strength in what I believe, and my head for right and wrong, is rare. So when I walk out into the world, I only want to hope-compared to my friends, who really don't care-that I don't have to witness such evils. But, of course, I must, because the world is shameless, honor-less, and with no dignity or sense of the beauty in innocence. Because people find it amusing to put ghastly ideals and romances around. Perhaps I am being unfair, considering this is a site to put up works of writing for things we enjoy, but I can't help but be horrified at this waste of talent and time, and space. But then again, the internet is a free world. Posting this disgusting material is everyone's free will.

Sorry. Just had to rant there. It drives me crazy at the lack of shame people have nowadays, and I just needed to vent it somewhere. But really, this made me smile, that I could look at this bond between sisters, and feel happiness. Written well, story is adorable and unique-have yet to see a snow fort-and it just brings a smile to my face. Well done. And, as stated previously, I love it.
iam324b21 chapter 2 . 12/22/2013
Awww absolutely loved it
Nardragon chapter 2 . 12/19/2013
I love this story!
Rose of the Wind chapter 2 . 12/19/2013
This is the first Frozen fanfic I've read thats made me laugh, and I've read a lot of Frozen fanfics. :)
If you do more one/two shots like this, I'll be reading them.
Axantur chapter 2 . 12/19/2013
What a great story!

It was very interesting to see where you seemed to be going with the arc and where you ended, that is, going from Anna's ongoing (and very successful) efforts to get Elsa to open up and enjoy their relationship to going deeper in the second half and exploring Anna and Elsa's feelings about responsibility, womanhood, and each other. Nicely done!

Once thought about the mention of crayons. Apparently the medium has a very deep history. The Wikipedia article on the subject surprised me with how far back the pastel and crayon medium goes. The word itself is attested as far back as 1644, so technically there isn't an anachronism created by using the word. Readers may not be familiar with this fact however, particularly American readers for whom "crayon" is a commercial brand name. For this reason it might be worth considering substituting the word for this reason, though a potential drawback in so doing could be to de-emphasize the childlike joy your paragraph conveys as a consequence.

Thank you for your work on this Converse, and best wishes for Christmas and the Holidays. -Ax
Axantur chapter 1 . 12/19/2013
Hi. I'm home on leave, so I will be able to review almost in real time. I'm new to the FanFiction site, so please correct me if I am not giving you the sort of feedback you need. At this time you have posted the second chapter, and I will review it separately after I complete this review.

Chapter 1 was excellent and very enjoyable. What immediately caught my attention was that you captured Elsa and Anna quite well, in their modes of action, personalities, and relationship. Your setting smoothly and logically segues to several months after the movie ended. While I love Disney's fairy tales interpretations, I really appreciate the open-endedness of the Frozen/Tangled setting inn that they aren't finalizing the characters' lives at the movies' ends. Doing so introduces excellent opportunities for character development and exploration which you foreshadow by mentioning Kristoff without actually re-introducing him at the outset of the story. At this point you have established dramatic momentum and a hook for the reader anticipating (and wondering) when he will appear in your story.

I don't know if you've ever consulted the Disney Wiki, but here is the article on Arendelle. There are related articles for the cast including some wonderful and useful observations about the characters.

I'm wondering if you intend to explore Rapunzel and Eugene's presence at the coronation. Since Disney deliberately included these characters in the movie in a subtle but not debatable way, I guess that makes the movies itself a crossover.

Then again, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy did appear in the original Little Mermaid, which provides some legitimacy to the Kingdom Hearts stories, despite the problems with having an anthropomorphic mouse, cow and duck in an underwater realm. (Still, I think this "cameo" is a bit different from Rapunzel and Eugene's in Frozen and wonder if Disney is actually building a shared world concept for its CGI animation renaissance.) -Ax
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