Reviews for Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
Dyspaiir chapter 22 . 1/15
I love your stories so much! Have you thoight of doing a Harry/Luna pairing? Could get awesome with it and how you portray Luna and her gift/belief in other creatures
Soupman5 chapter 22 . 1/4
so where is the epilogue?
Nimbus2023 chapter 22 . 12/4/2023
Nagini's death scene gave me the mental image of a snake in the microwave.

Great story and a very befitting end to Voldemort.

As for the epilogue, they're not strictly necessary but most Potter fics insist on them. Personally, I think a clean ending is better, it allows the reader to wonder.

This was a wonderful story, Thank you for the time and effort you put into writing it.
Nimbus2023 chapter 21 . 12/4/2023
I've made my reviews strictly based on the content of the story to this point but now I am going to point out something I've noticed with your writing. You use the same word over and over again. A lot of times it feels more like I'm reading a rough draft than a finished work. You also need to break things up a bit, sometimes it feels like I'm reading a wall of text.

..."He wants to use the Ministry to draw out Voldemort to attack." Harry said and turned and left the room. He did not want to talk about it just yet. He left and summoned his broom to himself. He hopped on a shot off onto the skies above the Kiln. He flew at the highest speed that he could push his Firebolt. He flew in great sweeping arcs and loop-de-loops. He flew until the sun was nearly setting. He landed breathing hard and bent over his broom. He walked back up to the Kiln catching his breath...

This is an excerpt from this chapter and it is a prime example of what I mean, if I were writing this it would look more like this.

..."He wants to use the Ministry to draw out Voldemort to attack." Harry scowled before he turned and left the room without another word.

Harry did not want to talk about it just yet and he summoned his broom to himself as he stepped outside the manor. He hopped on it as soon as it arrived and shot off onto the skies above the Kiln.

The teen flew at the highest speed that he could push his Firebolt, flying in great sweeping arcs and loop-de-loops. He flew until the sun was nearly setting trying to push all thoughts of his visit with Draco from his mind.

Hours later Harry landed breathing hard and bent over his broom before he began to trudge back up to the Kiln...

Same information I just broke it up a bit, anyway I just thought I would throw my two cents in, the story has a lot of potential but it could definitely benefit from a revision.
Nimbus2023 chapter 21 . 12/4/2023
I thought Greyback was captured in Portugal. Also, you made Voldemort have too many horcruxes. He now has seven (plus the piece in his body). In the books, Voldemort had seven but the one inside Harry was an accident and he was unaware of its existence. The point was to have a seven-part soul so I doubt he would ruin that by splitting his soul into eight pieces.
Nimbus2023 chapter 19 . 12/4/2023
The scene with Bella was satisfying, Neville really did deserve the privilege.

The scene with Rodolphus was a bit silly, Harry didn't even bother to restrain him. That is just asking for trouble, especially if Pomfrey is healing him.
Nimbus2023 chapter 18 . 12/4/2023
Excellent chapter., I am glad they have decided to get over themselves and work with Albus. I am not a fan of Dumbledore but the constant bashing was getting monotonous. Looking forward to the horcrux scavenger hunt..
Nimbus2023 chapter 16 . 12/3/2023
That nonsense with his leg could have been avoided if he had called Hermes to heal his leg as soon as he was bitten in the maze. He could have also avoided the obstacles in the maze altogether by transforming into his animagus and flying straight to the cup.
Nimbus2023 chapter 13 . 12/3/2023
Holy crap I am impressed! This is one of the handful of stories I've seen where there are only THREE champions competing in the TRI-wizard tournament.

My only complaint is that Harry acts like a tempermental dick. I get it that Dumbledore is a wanker but Harry losses his shit about everything the man does.
Nimbus2023 chapter 12 . 12/3/2023
Good ole Hogwarts, I am glad you worked the tournament into the story. With the way things had been going in the story so far, I wasn't sure if you would or not. Looking forward to the next few chapters.
Nimbus2023 chapter 11 . 12/3/2023
Interesting escape, I enjoyed the chapter overall though I wolas surprised that Fleur was so receptive to Harry considering their past interactions.
Nimbus2023 chapter 10 . 12/3/2023
Interesting chapter. Their age makes Harry and his friends interactions much more believable now than it was in earlier chapters, so kudos for that. Truthfully, I think you should have started the story from this point and just filled their backstory in along the way. I may be a bit bias as I prefer stories from GoF onward but I find stories prior to that to be unrealistic since most authors lack the ability to write from a preteens perspective convincingly.

I think out of the main three characters, the one that annoys me the most is Krum. Draco I get, he's intellectual and slightly introverted. Harry is also intelligent but more charismatic and good with the ladies. Then you got Krum who more often than not is punching one of tge other two for something when he isn't invading their privacy by taking things from their trunk for Saiph. To put it bluntly, he's a great big buzzkill.
Nimbus2023 chapter 9 . 12/3/2023
Nice chapter, you have no idea how pleased I am that you decided to do a time jump and bypass the rest of their preteen years. It was alsonice to see Harry, Draco, and Krum fight their attackers instead of leaving it to the adults.

I'm a bit curious to see what plan Bellatrix has in the works.
Nimbus2023 chapter 8 . 12/3/2023
I am glad Harry wasn't the winner though the dueling scenes got a bit repetitive after a bit.

This was a very interesting end to Harry's first year.
Nimbus2023 chapter 7 . 12/2/2023
Harry, Draco and Krum have been undefeatable badasses for the past six chapters but in both of the real confrontations inthis chapter when they could have used their badasssery for good, they hung back and let the adults do the fighting. Don't get me wrong that is realistic but it makes the story inconsistent, they are able to defeat ministry aurors in their practice duels but they can't chip in and throw a few spells at some death eaters when it matters?

The phoenixshould have been able to bypss the wards or at least help heal the injured while they waited for the professor to drop the wards.

Finally, Sirius is a dick for how he handled the incident at the bar.
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