Reviews for Pokemon Reset Bloodlines
Valdiusmacto chapter 25 . 51m
And then this chapter is even more nonsensical. Okay one more before I give the story up as a lost cause...
Valdiusmacto chapter 24 . 52m
This chapter was such a confusing hot mess that I only made it half way through, before skipping the rest in the desperate hope that the next chapter would make sense.
Valdiusmacto chapter 17 . 16h
...okay, forget Ash. We need a story with that Clefairy as the protagonist. It's trainer shall be Ash's Pokedex. Not as a human. Still as a Pokedex.
Guest chapter 56 . 9/26
If you ask me, I kinda think you jumped the gun on the relationship upgrade. I'd have had the revelation of Ash's backstory as the final hurdle to overcome before the romance truly began. Of course, that's just me.
Guest chapter 17 . 9/12
"Every girl and woman"? Really? And not a single male? Sounds unlikely to me.
Scott Blake chapter 56 . 9/4
i need an updateeeee
Guest chapter 41 . 8/9
Wait… when was Brock shocked by the appearance of a wild mullet?
icewaker22 chapter 42 . 6/9
So I had this thought and question and know this is entirely irrelevant as it's already too late to do anything about it, but from how Red is written, I feel like he has Antisocial Personality Disorder. Not to the point of being a full-on sociopath but around a mid-tear diagnosis meaning that while he can have his emotions and express them he also has to work extra hard to make a connection and when he does feel emotions strongly they often overwhelm him. Anyway, that is aside from the point. The point is that I don't understand how your going to justify him using mega-evolution as one of the keys from the lore is a deep and strong emotional bond. I mean from the way he's been written so far the only thing stopping him from going full criminal is Yellow and the logic that going into crime is to much trouble for to little gain.
nexusplayer chapter 17 . 6/6
I wonder when Greninja's gonna pop up and just make the world go crazy...
gundamexia34 chapter 1 . 5/15
My mistake! I was thinking of another fic!
gundamexia34 chapter 1 . 5/15
Okay, I'm coming back to this after a long time. And the total change in tone is throwing me for a major loop! There used to be a lot of humor and such, but now...Yeah, it's totally different. Was there a rewrite that I'm unaware of?
JasonRobotnik chapter 56 . 5/13
Hello! I'm your big fan! Love your works! Can you hear a few suggestions? Can you make more shout-out to other anime (First of The North Star, JoJo, Bleach, more One Piece and Dragon Ball, Marginal Service), please? Western shows like Disney's recent (Gravity Falls, Star vs The Forces Of Evil, The Ghost and Molly McGee, Amphibia, The Owl House, Big City Greens), others (Hilda, Infinity Train, The Fairly Oddparents, Bunsen is The Beast, etc.)? Pretty please! I love those! And can Ash caught an Absol or his own female Ralts? I love this pokemons! Please make it! But other mostly good work! Just don't make your characters too angry (even born from a worry or for others good) and carefull with Bloodliners (especially attacking main heroes). It's constructive criticism, nor flame.
Royal Nemesis chapter 56 . 4/19
Awesome so we are getting more character development, for the rivals, in the main story also is the story still going or not?
RedRum chapter 1 . 4/2
i found this on tvtropes and was thoroughly confused
FanFicFan chapter 1 . 4/2
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