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Vivi H88 chapter 32 . 1h
Great story :) can't wait till the next chapter
Ferris Ulf chapter 32 . 9/21
I'm greatly looking forward to Joyce and Spike. Always have enjoyed their interactions, regardless of whether it involves axes or marshmallows. _

On a side note: Since Kendra appeared before due to the worry of a dark power arising, shouldn't she be reappearing pretty soon?
menage a trois chapter 32 . 9/17
Obscurebookwyrm chapter 32 . 9/13
AGriffs! So glad you’re back! I’m sorry to hear about the shoulder – I’ve never dislocated an appendage, but if it’s anything like breaking them or straining them I’m sure it hurts. Hope you’re letting it mend. On a happier note, congrats on the nominations. I look forward to the next installment in that series. Now on to the review!

Can I start by saying that I *loved* your Tolkien reference? I’m not sure whether or not *Buffy* would be a closet LOTR fan – especially since this is before the movies came out – but it just fits the scenario so well, given that the Judge was defeated by a loophole not unlike the one that got the Witch-king. Ah well, I’ll make it headcanon that Willow got her into the books and let it ride.

Poor Spike. This evening must be making him so angry and confused and there’s precious little he can do about it. Though chucking that ladle probably helped. And another thing: Giles is *absolutely* gonna have to explain how he got that rocket launcher. And how he smuggled it into the Winter Formal. Better living through Council contacts?

I like very much that Buffy is still struggling with her attachment to Angel. I was a *little* worried by how fast she seemed to be getting over it in earlier chapters. As I’ve no doubt said somewhere else, I think that loyalty to loved ones may be Buffy’s chief character trait, and it’s important to show that here. However ill-advised it may have been, she and Angel *did* fall in love, and canon!Buffy was clearly loyal to him (or his memory) over the course of the season. That struggle with her ongoing feelings for Angel not only colors her, it also adds another layer of complexity to her dynamic with Spike, so kudos for really investing some time on it this chapter!

Speaking of sad things, poor Buffy isn’t having such an awesome night either. Dance *literally* shot to hell, dress ruined, *more* prospective arson/weapons charges looming overhead like the Sword of Damocles… Still – fun was had, disaster was averted. Count the blessings! Though I don’t doubt Spike’s gonna try and wring info about the LA misadventures from her some time son. Who could resist a hook like “burn down *another* high school gym”?

Wait, Giles is *evicting* Spike? That seems a little harsh. What will he do? Of course, Xander’s basement *might* work… Buffy’s place would certainly be more pleasant and safe, but I can’t see Joyce being down with the idea of an attractive young man in residence, given Buffy’s recent indiscretions. And a sleepover! It’s so cute watching them all bond. Even if the ladies are being deprived of their normal girl talk. (Stray note: I once had occasion to be the lone female on a bus full of guys, and had some similar shocking revelations about what the other sex gets up to by themselves. I was even more floored than Xander.) In other news – Spike is evil. He totally deserves the cold-shower-and-PJs torture. But he and Buffy are so cute when they flirt. Even if they’d rather die than admit they’re flirting.

Spike shower! Now you’re torturing *us*. And also him. That sounds terribly painful. Someone get the man an aspirin. Can vampires use aspirin? It stands to reason that they could, at a high enough dose – I mean, the magic that animates them also lets them get drunk. At any rate, hand in there, Spike! Killing Angelus is a good goal. Focus on that and do what you’ve gotta do. Meanwhile… Spike nudity. Nudity of Spike. And there’s a prissy Buffy to boot. She picks odd things to squeam over – understandable, I suppose, given her recent Amorous Activities Psychological Trauma. Of course, then the moment gets totally killed by bruises. God, Spike has got to be so very frustrated in every possible sense of the word. Forget aspirin – the man needs a good course of Prozac. Though it may be something of a balm to his ego that Buffy’s primary reaction was concern for his comfort.

Lord, they really *are* flirting without knowing it. Unless they’re professional or platonic, foot massages are *always* flirting. And really, Spike, given that the Scoobies are all either coupled off or in sibling-type bonds with each other, what could be the point of them playing Seven Minutes? There would be no suspense. The American teens are being American? Shock. Woe. He and Giles should start a support group.

Hey, it’s Anywhere But Here! I’ve never played that one, but it always sounded like a lot of fun. One thing, though: the conversation about Giles, while it fit the scene in the original episode, felt a little jarring here. Particularly given that this is post-“Dark Age” revelations, so they *know* Giles wasn’t always tweeded to the nines and did go a little bananas in his youth. Also, is Spike’s Anywhere a shout-out to the opening of “Anne”? cause if so, nice – his deepest fantasy is overlapping with Buffy’s. And it symbolically combines two things he feels are utterly beyond his reach – the Slayer and the sun.

It’s always interested me that Spike can read other people so clearly, yet often has no idea what’s going on in his *own* subconscious. The fact that he felt more for Buffy than simple lust took him totally off-guard here, as it did in canon. I guess we really *can’t* see ourselves clearly. Of course, he might be right. It might be Stockholm Syndrome of a sort. Or it *could* be that the Scoobies have the kind of group chemistry – and Buffy has the kind of romantic partner qualities – that Spike has always wanted in his own life. Just sayin’.

You know, Spike’s absolutely right. Angelus and Drusilla. Angel and Buffy. Angel really *is* Spike’s dark doppelganger, and they’ll always be competing with each other. They’ll always want the same girls. They’ll always be shades of each other. Sort of makes me wonder: is it that Angelus doesn’t, can’t, love? Or is it that he feels love in spite of himself and resents the hell out of it? If so, why is Spike so much more accepting of it?

Oh God, the fluff. AGriffs, you are *killing* me here. There’s chaste couch-cuddling and emotional h/c and CONFESSIONS (however tentative). It’s, like, nearly all my schmoop kinks in one scene! And the *tantalizing* prospect of having Spike as a tenant at Casa Summers. Though… however *are* they going to sell Joyce on that one? The attempt might be as fun to watch as anything resulting from success. I am very much looking forward to it.

Regarding typos: you continue to impress me, especially in light of the shoulder injury and its probable attendant pain meds. I caught the following: I believe that’s “gauge” not “gage”. I think you meant “the damaged tuxedos *in*”. And there’s a missing paragraph break between the lines of dialogue “It was me…” and “Yeah…”. Not bad!

As always, thanks for sharing this with us! I know there’s a lot on your RL and writing plates, but I hope you’re able to post again soon. Until then, I shall let my brain run crazy with visions of roomie!Spike – and my list of Schemes the Scoobies Could Use To Make Joyce Roll With That Plan. Till next time!
RAGAnne chapter 32 . 9/12
Beautiful! Spike and Buffy are still dealing with their issues but I loved the communication in this chapter as well as the developing feelings. Great job.
ShadowXMoonlight chapter 32 . 9/10
I am loving this. It's like so freaking -shivers- addicting
BookQ36 chapter 32 . 9/10
Great update! Sweet, action-packed, funny, and everyone was in character. I'd like to know how Giles actually got the rocket launcher, but that's curiosity talking, since I know that unless you have a *really* funny story behind how he got his hands on a M72 LAW, it'll just bog down the narrative.
OptimusPrimegirl213 chapter 32 . 9/9
Wow that one hell of a sexy story
Mistress of the LivingDarkness chapter 32 . 9/9
This chapter was so sweet! I loved it! The action and the angst and then that lovely little ending to the emotional roller coaster! The way that you write the Spike and Buffy interactions always leaves me in awe. You've really latched onto the essence of their relationship. I always get so excited when you are able to update. I look forward to the next installment!
TieDyeJackson chapter 32 . 9/9
Awesome chapter. Really developing the bond between Spike and Buffy in such a beautiful way. I love how positive Buffy is being towards Spike and how open is Spike is about his feelings. Awesome chapter :D
Ferris chapter 32 . 9/9
And so the fluff commences! Excellent! I was so excited to see you updated! I've been checking my email regularly in hopes to see that lovely update status. This is my fav story I'm following right now.

I do love the interactions between Spike and the group. That even if they (esp. Xander) aren't fond of him, they aren't interested in him getting hurt or handing him over to the evil ones either.

Can Jenny see auras? Thought it'd be cool if somebody could see different auras 'cause I'm guessing Spike's isn't like your average vamp's-soul or not.

By the by: The song "Broken Crown" by Mumford and Sons fits very well to Spike/Drusilla in this fic particularly. I was using it as a muse for one of my own stories and then listened closer and my jaw dropped. What with him being her "prince" and all.
EllieRose101 chapter 32 . 9/8
*giggles like a schoolgirl at the line, "I'll do you if you do me."*
"Snuck a glanced" should be "snuck a glance," I'm thinking.
LOL Spike's initial 'Anywhere but here' answer.
I think that game's an American thing. I've never heard of it, except on Buffy.
*reads on*
Wow. I love his second/proper answer even more!
Another typo: "something than is strong enough."
Aww, cuddling! And sleeping together! *snort*
LOVE that last line.
Spike's going to move in with Buffy :D
Ferris Ulf chapter 31 . 8/20
Curious as to whether the judge can simply make people go poof into oblivion or not since he's...incomplete. What would happen if he were to touch Spike (or poor Dalton?) Would they disintegrate or would the humanity be burnt out of them, leaving behind the demon?
Obscurebookwyrm chapter 31 . 8/20
AGriffs, I’m back! No need to send the National Guard on a search-and-rescue. Obviously, fate has decided that it’s now *my* turn to keep *you* on the hook. I’m not quite a week into the new semester and I already want to tear my hair out, but I don’t think there’s anything that can be done about that. Of course, on the plus side I crawled out of the lab and found that I had not one but *two* new chapters to read. That was very nice. So, on to my review! As always, I’ll try to keep it more or less chronological.

Dru got an intro? Awesome! I do feel so sorry for her. It is my consistent hope that someday, someone (other than Enigmaticblue) will write a story where she winds up with the Scoobies and Willow/Tara/Giles/whoever manages to restore her sanity. And then fuzzy baby chicks. She’s one of those characters in the Buffyverse who deserves so much better than what she got. Her psychic thing means she’s always quite useful to eavesdrop on, though. Dead handy provided you can figure out what the heck she’s saying.

Spike Prophetic Nightmare! This is a red-letter chapter for Casa de Aurelius. Y’know, I’ve always wondered if the whole Prophetic Slayer Dream thing is a demonic ability and if it’s common to many types of demons or not. Certainly I’ve always gotten the impression that – Slayers aside – it’s a rare gift. Still, I suppose that as the two least normal people around, and Spike being Dru’s childe, he and Buffy could be “sharing brainwaves” or something. The idea of Buffy being too caught up in petty worries to see the real threat is an interesting one.

A gravely insulted owl? That is one of the better descriptions I’ve heard of tweed!Giles. I like this little ‘Giles and Spike’ interlude for two reasons: Fisrt, they’re a reminder that Giles *does* in fact exist even when the Scoobies aren’t running to him with news of weird. Second, they show the growing rapport between Giles and Spike. It’s vitriolic, but it’s *there*, which is especially interesting given the fan theory that Spike is a sort of dark doppelganger for Buffy. I get the feeling that the Spike-n-Giles camaraderie will be important later on. I also loved watching the return of Machiavellian!Spike. The idea that he’s working his way into Buffy’s good graces – at least in part – because he wants her help makes so much more sense than the idea that he just woke up this morning feeling especially devoted to her. Two stray thoughts: first, more teamwork – always a good thing! Second… I wonder how long it’ll take Spike to suss out that Joyce doesn’t know about/believe in Buffy’s Slayerness. *That* ought to be a fun time all around.

Why am I never surprised by Dru wanting the Judge for her birthday? For me the big shocker was always that Spike (or Angelus, here) actually got it for her. That cliffhanger you left us with for the end of 30 was just evil. If I hadn’t been able to proceed directly to 31 I might have been peeved.

Well, Giles and Spike are now our second-string Judge wrestlers. It’s good to have a fallback. Good grief! At this rate, the gang will *still* be standing around in party hats, fighting about the demon, when Angelus and Co. show up to reclaim the box. Way to break it up, Buffy! Except please don’t push the paraplegic vampire. Especially not if you’re trying to flirt with him. Now talking is just fine… And probably good for them both. She should keep that up.

Buffy really *would* make a good life coach… or counselor. Between that and the cake, Spike should be well on his way to a healthier mental place. (BTW, that cake sounds amazing. Recipe to follow?) I find it noteworthy that Buffy is willing to gamble on helping Spike. I mean, with 999 vamps out of 1000, that’d be a great way to get very dead very fast.

Kill the Judge arm with fire! I love the way the Scoobies (and Spike) think. Stray thought: the fact that Giles has a well-stocked liquor cabinet does not shock me at all. If I had his job I’d be hitting the sauce too. And while we’re at it… “misappropriated” is such a strong word, Giles. Besides, wouldn’t “kidnapped” be more accurate?

Winter Formal? Cordelia, at least pause briefly to look worried about the arm in a box before jumping ahead on the social calendar. You can’t fool us – we *know* you’re not as dumb as you pretend to be. No one that stupid could have picked up on the Buffy/Spike chemistry. Remind me to send her good mental vibes for setting them up, though. Also… “salty goodness”, indeed. Would it improve Spike’s karma any if he helps boost Buffy’s school status, I wonder?

Normally I would spend more time chastising Buffy for her politically incorrect and ableist attitude, but I can also see that she’s grasping at straws to cover for all the *real* reasons she has to be uncomfortable with the idea of going to a dance – and going with Spike. I mean, fraternizing with an enemy species hasn’t done much for her so far. Why would she want to repeat the experiment? Also I’ve noticed that “no happiness” is how she self-flagellates when she’s feeling guilty about something. And there’s that hint of despair expressed in the thought that she’ll never kill all her enemies and then one night inevitably the vampires will get her… Frankly, too, I’m more surprised by how little everyone else is reacting to the idea.

Oh, I can just imagine how happy Joyce is here. Over the moon, amiright? As for the music – normally I frown on big anachronisms, but I’ll make an exception because this fits so well.

Happy photo moment? Ok, doom is imminent. Also I loved Buffy’s Freudian slip. Spike is undoubtedly a creature of evil. How else to explain his blatant seduction attempts in public venues? Though he’s coming on way too strong considering his target is a rather traumatized teen. Back off, buddy!

Judge as party crasher? We now come to the “doom” portion of the evening. What would a party on the Hellmouth be without a few fatalities? I don’t know how familiar you are with Whedon’s “Buffy Origin” comic. It’s a comic adaptation of the original, pre-executive meddling version of his movie script. It’s a lot darker in some ways than the final film. It also has a moment in the climax that could explain Buffy’s approach-avoidance to school dances. The last time something like this happened at Hemery, the students were ready to give her up to the vampires if it meant they would be spared. I’m hoping that the kids here at Sunnydale are made of sterner stuff and won’t feed Buffy to the enemy. Or Spike, for that matter.

Typos: I didn’t see any that jumped out in Ch30, but in Ch31 I found a few. You have “stared” rather than “starred”, “do” as in “hairdo” usually is preceded by an apostrophe, and you have “logically” for “logical”. Not too bad!

As always, thanks for sharing this with us! I look forward to seeing you resolve this new cliffie. Till next time!
TieDyeJackson chapter 31 . 8/13
Awesome chapter, loved it to bits. I was wondering if he was going to show up , you had me convinced he wasn't them bam , during a very touching Spuffy moment, Angel strikes again !
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