Reviews for Camels, Stars, and Frosting - Oh My!
Inanna chapter 1 . 2/26/2016
I had wanted to leave a review when I originally read this around the beginning of the year, but since the website's servers were on the fritz, decided to wait until that was cleared up before leaving the review.

I have to say I'm sort of fuzzy on the Lisa Peluso as Ava Rescott years, mainly watched the show when Roya Megnot was Ava. This story is very sweet and very waff-y. I feel like you not only captured Alex and his tenderness for his kids, but it also reminded me of something Randolph Mantooth said about being delighted to act with kids, that 'they could upstage (him) anytime...' Kind of like what happened here. :) Takes a rather unflappable guy to wear fake antlers and be bedecked with colored frosting like he was a palette, not to mention the sugar sprinkles. Loved the images it brought in imagining them crunching through sprinkles scattered over the kitchen floor.

Too bad Loving (or The City) isn't available on dvd or even Netflix, seeing Alex as a detective along with his partner Tony probably would have been fun to watch. Thanks for this story. Helped me delve a bit deeper into a soap I hadn't seen in some time.
Shirley Jean chapter 1 . 12/20/2013
Great story!