Reviews for Clearing Mist
Sethera chapter 64 . 2/15
This was an amazing story. I really loved everything about it, and I love how you ended things too. I was a bit worried that Yugure would end up having to disband and I'm super glad it didn't. :)
vini8 chapter 64 . 2/6
Omg I've been dying to read a story where an OC is reborn in Kiri aand i think you did an amazing job! Loved Toki and all her interactions with everyone. You surprised me with your pairing choices but I wasn't disappointed in the end. Overall, great story!
11Creepypastas12 chapter 41 . 2/2
I almost started crying, and when I saw the u mad thingy, I just developed a big frown and started at my phone for a while…
Guest chapter 64 . 2/1
I'd die to read Madara/OC written by you. Especially if the girl meet young Madara anf Hashirama, the latter eouldn't stop teasing. She would beat him at skipping rocks, no?
The Grey Mile chapter 64 . 1/31
This was a very enjoyable story to read, thank you for writing it. :)
Soultrancer chapter 64 . 1/24
Wow this was actually really awesome and you definitely got better at writing fight scenes as the story progressed!

Thank you for writing and sharing this with us, it was a lot of fun to read!
sand-kit chapter 46 . 1/16
Alright I'm sorry for this but people actually do like Obito in fact he's my favorite character so please lay off saying nobody likes him.
Mystery Dark chapter 52 . 1/15
You should do a SI OC with Sasori or Kakuzu or Bee. Maybe even an SI OC during the warring clan era
pokemon122000 chapter 3 . 1/12
Her mom is definitely insane.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/7
'purr'fect hahaha i luv it hope u continue writing amazing stories such as this.
TCP4ever chapter 64 . 1/4
Loved this! You did a WONDERFUL job! :)
kimchi759 chapter 64 . 1/4
Imagine there exists a gun that can create couples. That's right, a Pairing Gun. It can create a couple out of two people/characters no matter what - disregarding common sense, logic, compatibility, reality, absolutely anything that stands in its way. Anything. Now imagine there's a magical glue of Senseless Optimism (yes, that deserves capitalization) to keep a plot going no matter how badly it's been brutalized, punched and ripped through. Then imagine there's a special laughing powder that works by causing the readers of the story it's been sprinkled (or dumped on) to giggle maniacally. Done? Goody, now I can get to the meat of my review.
You were extremely trigger happy with that Pairing Gun. I would bold, underline, AND italicize the word "extremely" if I could. And, uh, this story was more magical glue than Plot. Some would label Toki a Mary Sue, others would point out the inexplicable scarcity of ripple effects, still others would deride the "fangirl" tendencies of the protagonist, many others would likely agree the story pirouetted over the complex psychological impairments a displaced soul with all their memories would experience, even more would scorn the lack of political intricacy, while still others would feel irritated by the hints of misogynism (whether deliberate or accidental) that rear their ugly heads here and there. But meehhhhh. I'm too lazy to do a full critical review, and, honestly, your story grew on me as I read. Like a fungus. Lol, I'm sorry for that last bit, that was uncalled for. But really. Once I started, I found myself continuing this as a guilty pleasure. Sure, there were all the flaws listed above, and the punctuation errors sometimes made my eyes spasm, but the humor was hilarious.
Also, once I stopped taking shit so seriously, my cringing and pained faces became nearly infrequent. In fact, if read as a crack fic, it's almost perfect.
Ahem. I digress. Honestly, the two main things that irked me were the lack of character and plot complexity. Simply put, things were too simple. (Hehe, I made a funny. And this is why I'm not a writer myself.)
But er, thank you for the experience and for sharing this story of considerable length. I giggled maniacally more than a few times, and took vicious if guilty pleasure in reading of Toki's accomplishments. :)
(P.S. Respect for having started and finished a full length story with more than acceptable grammar and syntax, if not spelling and punctuation. Respeeect.)
maipigen chapter 12 . 1/1
well, since your facts made me think i will admit i am confused. if kakashi is younger than kisame, who is 11 now, that means obito is 9 or ten, and he was 12 in the kannabi episode whre he "died", so how can tobi/obito already control yagura? it must be the old maara right confused. lovin the story though!
Guest chapter 7 . 12/27/2014
gosh i just absolutly luv this fanfic. totally brings out my inner fangirl.
Brenna chapter 33 . 12/27/2014
Does she become the kage of sakuragakure? I'm kinda hoping she does.
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