Reviews for GX Legacy: Twelve Stars
IrishKatana chapter 1 . 6/18/2017
Can't wait for the next chapter, also if you're taking suggestions for Kaito's tag partners I'd like to suggest either Michiru or Asuka (I'd like to see more duels with them involved). Also are you planning on pairing Kaito up with anyone in the near future
Above the Winter Moonlight chapter 15 . 3/23/2017
Ahahahahahaha, the funniest duel Judai has ever been in. I definitely enjoyed that.

As for the moment, I want to bitch slap her so bad but I will wait and see if she does end up getting better in the next couple of chapters. Until then, I will dislike her until I see her change.

Update soon.
Andrey258 chapter 15 . 3/18/2017
Man,this episode is one my favorite of GX,whatever it is sub or dub. I also liked how you added Myako,a female duelist,something which is completly missing out of the GX anime. Also,Guest,i may have an account,but i can not writte a story because i have an Nokia phone. Just because i am offering my ideas,that does not makes me annoyng. I am just trying to help the author to shine bright like a Starlight,which is more than i can say about you who is an nameless guest. Now that i left that out of my chest,let me just say that i loved Myako's deck which is from Arc V. Kinda obvious you like Arc V,dont you think? Nonethless,thank you for not skipping this episode as its both enterteining and amusing in Judai's reactions to his monsters getting taken control of,along with having Judai reaction to hearing Rei make him her new crush. With Myako in the scene,she is the 3 female duelist after Asuka and Akira,another wonderful fact that i am very thankful towards you. Have a nice day.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/17/2017
You should tell Andrey to write his own damn story if he has so many great ideas. All the suggestions are annoying.
Andrey258 chapter 14 . 3/17/2017
That was so awesome. The duel between Kaito and Kenji that is. As a sugestion,could you also have Kaito duel with Judai in order to test themsealf of which has a better Hero Deck? In Fen Kamen Ryder GX Season 2 story,Kaito and Judai never got to duel against each other,so i would really like to have them face off against each other. As a sugestion,have Chronos put Akira vs Asuka to see which dorms between Ra or Obelisk is better. Keep up with the good work,make sure you think of my sugestions and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 13 . 3/13/2017
Yay. Great duel you made right here. Akira sure was a Wild Card in this duel and shined bright like a Starlight. Great duel,Azure. I am proud of you. By the way,what is your opinion of Brave Digital improved? Have a nice day.
Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint chapter 15 . 3/13/2017
sweet like the new oc and the duel and like the cards used. I like the blair storyline she was a sweet girl
Weeb that's a Sheep chapter 1 . 3/11/2017
Welp...I suppose adding songs you like and making a chapter literally describing an anime opening is cool I guess.

The weeb-ness is strong with this one, I should know, I admit that I am myself :P
Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint chapter 14 . 3/10/2017
nice chapter witht eh golden one of my faveroute filler epeiosdes
ARSLOTHES chapter 13 . 3/5/2017
Looking forward to the next chapter
Andrey258 chapter 12 . 2/10/2017
Wow. This Agarest Soul cards are so sweet. If i was in your GX story,Akira would be the first duelist i would challenge. By the way,what do you think about the improved Brave Digital? Continue updating awesome chapters,be as bright as the Starlight and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 11 . 2/10/2017
Man,i love this chapter,especially thanks to Michiru and his Sengoku based cards. When Inuyasha came out as Hanyo Dog,i putted Inuyasha OP 4,because damn it fitted the atmosphere. I just wish you could do one more with the Kaiser thought. And i have an sugestion on how to do that. When Sho duels with the Ra duelist that likes to copy duelist personality and deck,but with the difference of having Cyber Dragon based instead of Crowler Ancient Gear Deck. Then have Ryo challenge Sho after Judai's duel with the Ra duelist in order to see how better as a person and as a duelist Sho has gotten. Have Sho look with a determinated look and accept the duel. Hope you listen to my sugestion,keep on updating and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 10 . 2/8/2017
Wow. This was an great chapter. As an sugestion,you should have Akira and Kaito as a tag team,since they are practically the OTP of your fic and its obvious that they will end up as an couple. By the way,since Kaito seems to get a dark aura along with red eyes whenever he duels Tri Edge,i know what card Tri Edge is seeking,because he has the card that makes Kaito act like that. Dont worry,i wont tell nobody about the reason why Kaito reacts like that around Tri Edge. Could you please look at the story Breaking the illusion of perfection,read it and kindly review it? It would mean alot to me if you would do that. By the way,is there any way of writting a story on this site without needing to use Google Chrome? And do you like the improved version of Brave Digital? Keep up the good work,eat crunchy cereals with milk and honey and have a nice day.
Andrey258 chapter 9 . 2/7/2017
Wow. This 2 duels were awesome. Awesome i tell you. By the way,why did you steal my pie? Or was is my dog Pie? I think my memory is slipping into the land of jokes,Starlight AT. Question: why did you not confront Fen about the true reason of why Kaito could not stay another season in Kamen Ryder GX? By the way,keep up the good work and take it easy. You would not want to end up as this site Wild Card,right? Have a nice day.
starpostzone chapter 9 . 2/6/2017
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