Reviews for Team 7's Ascension: Blood Wings
SanjitIzzBoss chapter 23 . 11/26
Amazing Ending
Darkmiror chapter 22 . 11/16
OMGods this is a freaking awesome fic (bar the few grammar errors)! I love your darker take on the ninja life. It always kinda got to me how stupid some of the characters are or that for being ninja they and their attacks were a bit to showy so I like how you try to address all of that. I like how you also go so far and in depth as to include all the other nations and how the nations themselves work:) Not to mention your plot is just fantastic:))) Really like were this is going and can't wait to read the last chapter!
I noticed that the second "book" hasn't been posted in a year though. Is there still going to be a second book? If so are you going to post it here?
Good luck with your writing and I hope all is going well for you:)))
Anon E. Moose chapter 1 . 11/13
Well, this is a disappointing start. I don't know if I'll even continue reading:

Here are some reasons:
Kage Bunshin is a vital part of Naruto's character in my opinion; he uses it all the damn time, so much that it is part of what makes him, well, him.
Having the situation of him getting it occuring all the same yet he not learning it? That makes no sense and there's no explanation. It also looks to be just to screw Naruto even more since he's weak with it at the start and even worse without.

But the worst is the overall aggravatingly inconsistent world you have.
You want the Naruto world more 'realistic', gorier, rougher, etc.? Fine.
But to then show that nobody in Konoha's education system ever used their brain makes it worse than canon.
Naruto with the Kyuubi is potentially a very powerful asset. Not checking up on him and not teaching him fits to canon, not a more cynical, supposedly more realistic, world where he would have been taught if only because how useful he can be if not anybody really caring personally for him.
To complain NOW after YEARS of academy education where that was not adressed is frankly much more the fault of all the'superior' adults than Naruto.
It's also simply really damn bad child-raising and education. To go from 'Discipline? What's that?' to a Drill Sargeant Nasty routine is understandably jarring. They are CHILDREN ffs.
While I generally don't like Sasuke because of the idiocy that canon became towards the end here he is treated unfairly too. He had tremendous trauma in the past that he has not dealt with well. No psychologists or therapists are mentioned. Why would anyone sane and reasonable expect him to be well-adjusted?

If only Konoha had people that knew about the human psychology and mind, they might have prevented these setups for almost certain failure from happening.

Ultimately, this is extremely shizophrenic. Up to graduation like canon and now they are dressed down and told they suck - and have an easy life, because what else would you call Naruto's? - because that laissez-faire attitude didn't prepare them how Kakashi (and possibly others. Hokage, too?) expected.
That is not their fault or responsibility but of those training and educating them. You have them punished regardless. That isn't realistic by any means, only even more insane than canon.

If they really do not have what it takes why did they get that far and graduated?
That they did means they either fulfilled the requirements and Kakashi expects unreasonable things they weren't taught (-not their fault), OR they really are lacking and were still sent on further - maybe because examiners do not care or are too incompetent? - and finally even graduated; that makes the teachers responsible (-not their fault).
Alitabear chapter 23 . 11/14
Wow.. Worth every single moment spent reading this. The talent you have for writing. Wow. This was amazing. 3 I can not WAIT for the next book. Which I will follow with a happy heart.
KageForce chapter 23 . 11/13
Buy far the best story I've ever read! Cant wait for the sequel. :)
ailleurs chapter 23 . 11/9
What an amazing, epic read. I loved the amount of detail you put into the story, and I appreciate the explanations after each chapter. There is a certain authenticity in your writing, and I'm pretty sure I'll probably confuse the actual storyline of the manga with events from this story, it's just that good. The character development of Team 7 was great to see as well. I always wanted to see Team 7 growing close as a family, and I love how you showed that. While Sasuke still thinks of avenging his clan, he doesn't think of doing it by himself anymore, but rather with his team. Sakura was realistically portrayed as well. There are moments of her insecurity that showed through, but more than that she really loved her team. And Naruto, I loved how he is not as naive as before, but I love that despite all the truths he learned, he still wants to become Hokage. Kakashi sensei as well, with the changes that they bring to him, it really warmed my heart. As this story has now deviated from the original manga, I'm curious to how you will weave certain plot points into the next book, ie. The extraction of Shukaku, in particular. I'm also looking forward to knowing more about Team 7's relationship with the Rookie 9. I can't wait for the sequel, and I can honestly say this has been such an enjoyable read, from start to finish
uchiha akin chapter 22 . 10/27
So I have read this 5 times over, gone through all the reviews posted, I have tried all manners of filtering to search for naruto fiction as good as this, and I have to say without doubt that this is the absolute best naruto story I have witnessed. It would be a year since the book ended in a couple of weeks, so I am hoping that the sequel would be posted pretty soon.
Blond Dude 42 chapter 23 . 10/18
Damn. That was good. I chose right for the first Naurto fic I chose to read. To be honest I was never that much of a fan of Naurto. Too long and too much polluted memory by the dub. But I loved this. Darker but not too much so. Although, my tolerance for dark is absurd if the story is well written. Which this one was.

I'd love to see the sequel but with my luck and the fact that you haven't posted anything in about a year means one of a few things. Lost the ability or will to write. Or the worst case (which has happened far too many times) you're dead. Which I really hope you aren't.
Sarekkandarikulover chapter 23 . 10/18
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! The only thing I wish you added is Team 7's reunion with Kakashi! Maybe you could make a one-shot of it if you had the time because that was one of the strongest bonds in the story and it was so beautiful!
Reads-by-Lamplight chapter 23 . 10/15
Please for the love of god write more of this.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/2
Guest chapter 1 . 10/2
Finally someone did it! I love Naruto really! You kind of put a more military view on Naruto. Hopefully some guy or maybe even me makes a fanfic that not only gives more a military view where if you either make the cut or you don't where when they get out of the academy they realize its all not just fun and games and that all types of powers rule from physical, political, business and all that and it takes more than just being really strong to be powerful. Where war happens and where the new generation has to be ready for whats to come. Naruto, Sakura, and even Sasuke have to accept that when they accepted that headband they accepted themselves as weapons needed to be used for war, missions. This was I wanted in Naruto and I'm hoping someone makes a fanfic like that. Where they as well take a modern approach I know Naruto has super computers and all that but they don't often show them to show thecnology other than the chakara cannon can be used to gathering info where thecnology as well rules this is the kind of fanfic I looking for hopefully I'll either be able to make my own account soon and make said fanfic or I find it.
Aeonir chapter 4 . 10/3
I just can't stand this Kakashi and his ridiculous notions of "training", if anyone other than Sasuke has actually become more skilled at fighting I'd be extremely surprised, and Sasuke only because he actually had any sort of actual training with the samurai. Sakura especially should be weak a shit after starving in FoD and a month doing little in the capitol.
Aeonir chapter 3 . 10/3
Fuck Kakashi. I really hope they extract vengence on him at some point. Also continuing the not going to explain nor going to teach anything myself approach...
Aeonir chapter 2 . 10/3
As far as fucked up, sadistic, asinine teach-yourself shounen style ideas go, throwing new genin into FoD without warning or teaching them anything has to be near the top. Is Kakashi going to actually teach them anything after this or will they be stuck on teaching themselves until they get other teachers like in canon?
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