Reviews for Team 7's Ascension: Blood Wings
Blue-10-Spades chapter 7 . 7/28
I'm extremely happy that Sakura decided to have the same hobby as Kakashi lol
Chance le Rappeur chapter 24 . 7/26
Beautiful as always.
Niyuis chapter 24 . 7/24
This is seriously one of the best fics i've had the pleasure to read. This approach to the Naruto series is fantastic, you truly did a brilliant work.
I've always loved Team 7 dynamics and you did a amazing job bringing them together and beyond, getting them stronger and maturing like real ninjas. I specially love your characterization of Kakashi.
I don't know what else to say but very very very good work, excellent!
Now, to the sequel!
Daniela chapter 12 . 7/18
Good story, nice starting flip and overall great SENSEI hahahahaha. I wonder what will happen with one of the Sannins... Devoted reader.
girlpod50000 chapter 1 . 7/18
Haha that is fantastic, I cannot wait to read the rest of this beautiful story.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/17
This is amazing! Your grammar is great and the story is amazing, I've always wanted to a read a fanfiction like this! Where the Shinobi life is a lot more serious than they expected, I mean seriously they're kids! I love this story since you're being a lot more realistic than the anime was! Keep up the amazing work!
Ell Roche chapter 24 . 7/12
Hands down, this is the most realistic Naruto story I have ever read as it pertains to ninja culture. You are a very talented writer.
lunatic.meap chapter 24 . 6/28
Spent 2 days straight reading through your story - can't say I'm not amazed.
I was just caught in this the moment i read the first line of chapter 1. There was just something really interesting about your writing style that really helps me read through everything so smoothly.
I was questioning what the plot was at the beginning of the story, and then I realised that this is basically Naruto retold with a twist. And I LOVE IT!
The actions, the sadistic nature of the characters (Kakashi especially in the beginning), the blood and gore - goodness I feel like I myself is sadistic now. I have never in my life felt anticipation and fear for the characters in stories i read. But wow, you managed to do that. Especially at the Chuunin exam arc - that I would compare to The Hunger Games because... wow.
Thank you for sharing such an amazing story. I'll go read up your sequel now :)))
Uraharaisgod chapter 23 . 6/22
...I don't know why, but I get the distinct feeling that something is up with this scenario...maybe Orochimaru is hiding somewhere inside Kakashi's soulscape, using Kakashi as his host, or in the worst case, Orochimaru actually has taken Kakashi over and is masquerading as him...

I mean, they actually managed to effectively win against Orochimaru, break into his compound AND get away with their target...I just feel it seems too ideal...

Also in the following S-Rank battle, he immediately downed an apparently super dangerous toxic substance to power up, mule headed going after Itachi/Kisame in whats tantamount to suicide when his body was already at the point of breaking down without transferring host, and the other factors around the fight...can't help but think Orochi may have thought ahead enough to have maybe split his consciousness and moved himself to Kakashi, and this is a hidden ploy of some kind...
Jatok chapter 24 . 6/22
Awesome, can't wait to read the next one. Hard to find more violent, realistic fanfiction these days.
willam and jack and jake chapter 2 . 6/22
willam and jack and jake chapter 1 . 6/22
Lightsbane1905 chapter 6 . 6/19
Guest chapter 23 . 6/17
One of the best stories I read
Roxy4vamp chapter 1 . 6/10
Simply amazing.
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