Reviews for Team 7's Ascension: Blood Wings
Loulou713 chapter 23 . 12/3
I really like this AU you’ve created. Excited to read the next book!
SilverDreamsCA chapter 16 . 11/3
Please don't leave Kakashi to this fate no man left behind man! Ahhhh this is killing me. What a twist
jedimasterjosephine chapter 24 . 10/5
A great fic, I love seeing them really together as a team!
jedimasterjosephine chapter 5 . 9/29
Kakashi's minions lol
SinfulPride chapter 23 . 9/24
This story truly is darker and more mature than canon, not that it is a bad thing. The fact that I disagree with some of the character's actions, that I am a little weirded out by some of the situations, just makes the story feel more real. You don't agree with people's actions in real life and nothing goes perfectly. It also highlights the inherent darkness and insanity that comes with raising children from a young age to lie, cheat, steal, and kill. That crap leaves its mark on adults, let alone children/teenagers. I think this story was well written, even if it wasn't very happy. I am curious about the change to a water affinity instead of the canon wind.
Averyk chapter 24 . 9/20
It took some time...I lost much sleep...had to work...but done...Now there's more!
Guest chapter 14 . 9/17
Nooo kakashiiii
Averyk chapter 15 . 9/18
I FRIGGIN CURSE YOUUUUU! Up all night reading because of this damned story! Do you know what work was like!? HELL! That's what. Trying to keep myself awake, only to come home and read more, and then there are the new Oathbringer Chapters and Brandon Sanderson are killing me...
Averyk chapter 4 . 9/17
I love how Kakashi refers to them as his minions. Great story so far! Your writing is immersive and gets me sucked right on in.
AlsoSprachOdin chapter 5 . 9/17
perverse. "Perverted" is the past tense of the verb form; "to pervert", meaning to make something perverse.
I swear, if I ever find out who started this meme of using "perverted" as an adjective, I will gut them and string their entrails across the nearest landmark as a warning to fanfiction writers around the world.
symbolized the end of their father-daughter relationship
Not a typo, but I would go with "marked the end". Probably that's what you mean, and no one involved intended any symbolism, likely.
Nnnng. Not. Technically. Incorrect.

re: the katon trap: If the stream of fire did end, and Naruto was spitting water at it, how did he simultaneously ask Sasuke for his expertise? I think I'm visualizing the technique wrong.

As for how well I like Kakashi: He's entertaining enough. The training from hell is old hat, but I'm still eating it up, I just keep thinking that it seems a bit excessive - how well does chakra compensate for proper nutrition, over-training and lack of sleep? The body needs lots of sleep to grow stronger and heal, Olympic athletes sometimes make a training schedule that includes sleeping for ten hours - maybe more - a day for optimal performance.
I know, I know, it's a fanfiction of a Micronesian cavepainting series about tween kung fu wizards, but these are the thoughts that come to me as I read.
AlsoSprachOdin chapter 4 . 9/17
Do you mean viscous? On the other hand, I suppose the mud could be described as "characterized or marred by faults or defects". Somehow.
Oh Diablo 2, if there was one thing you taught us...
teared in many places
don't you want to become the forest?
don't you want to *us* become the forest?
old insecurities reared their head
heads, plural.
AlsoSprachOdin chapter 3 . 9/17
I really like the political world-building, especially ninja being betrayed like a bunch of thieving, underhanded, manipulative scumbags.
Maybe in future chapters they'll even disguise themselves as people that aren't ninja.
Hope springs eternal!

had rise quite a bit
risen, like uncle Lester from his grave.
you're reactions
Okay, now your just fucking with me!
AlsoSprachOdin chapter 2 . 9/17
I didn't mention it in the ch. 1 comment, but I really appreciate Kakashi's unpedagogically hardass introduction actually being addressed and explained pretty realistically as an exception, and not just the usual ninja training-extremism.

condensed stream of water
These words only make sense if you specifically refer to it being in a liquid state, as opposed to being steam. But I get the impression that you mean compressed water. Well, I guess it's magic, but water doesn't really compress much. Like, at all. It takes a LOT of pressure to compress water just a little, and it wouldn't really stay compressed in atmospheric pressure for more than an infinitisimal fraction of a second.
Sorry, it just distracts me. I know the kawarimi breaks reality a lot more.

Bastard's been her

paid. Unless you meant that "Kakashi's gamble let a ship fall off to leeward."
AlsoSprachOdin chapter 1 . 9/17
From the sentence about Naruto not learning the Shadow Clone in a single night, I knew in my heart that I had come to the right fanfic. But goddamn the crap one has to sift through to find the good stuff.
Possible typo: "Important is why" should be "What's important is why"
Zeus501 chapter 10 . 9/12
so it seems that you took away Naruto's Futon chakra...that is strike 2, seeing as how without Futon, Naruto's more powerful Rasengan variants, the Futon Rasengan, and the Rasenshurikan are this point, the only thing keeping me reading this story, is the fact that you have a very good handle on grammar and spelling...something that is very, very important to me...and the story interests me...I should count the way that Wave was handled a strike, but I won't...since I have seen it done that way in some fics, and it was good...and before you say anything about flames...this is a good just has things that to me, makes the story less Naruto not having Shadow clones, and seeming to not have Futon
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