Reviews for Team 7's Ascension: Blood Wings
willam and jack and jake chapter 5 . 5/10/2022
nice well done
willam and jack and jake chapter 4 . 5/10/2022
willam and jack and jake chapter 3 . 5/10/2022
very interesting
TsukuyoGintoki chapter 7 . 3/2/2022
I really like this story so I'm reading it again. I just can't get past how utterly stupid it is for Naruto to choose smoking. Why? Because as it was mentioned literally RIGHT BEFORE smelling is one of the primary ways to track someone. Both tobacco and weed are extremely strong smells. It gets over everything and is incredibly hard to get off especially after several uses. The hokage can use it because he's in an office so day. Again, I'm going to try to replace Naruto's hubby with something else.

Smoking also makes ppl look trashy and since he already has a bad reputation smoking will only make it worse.
Lord Vaserious chapter 23 . 2/24/2022
Great chapter and fic
Lord Vaserious chapter 22 . 2/24/2022
Fuck the r-slur! Other than that good chapter
Lord Vaserious chapter 21 . 2/24/2022
What a fantastic chapter
Lord Vaserious chapter 20 . 2/23/2022
Fantastic chapter and excellent developments
Lord Vaserious chapter 19 . 2/22/2022
Excellent chapter and interesting choices
Lord Vaserious chapter 18 . 2/21/2022
Excellent chapter and fantastic results
Lord Vaserious chapter 17 . 2/21/2022
Excellent chapter and stellar usage of Danzo
Lord Vaserious chapter 16 . 2/20/2022
Excellent chapter and very interesting takes on the consequences of the Chunin exams
Lord Vaserious chapter 15 . 2/19/2022
Fantastic battles
Lord Vaserious chapter 14 . 2/18/2022
Excellent chapter and fantastic results
Lord Vaserious chapter 13 . 2/17/2022
Excellent chapter and excellent developments
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