Reviews for Toretto Enterprises, INC
chitragaikwad52 chapter 81 . 9/6
Please keep updating. Its very lovely fanfic. Great job
Narutofangirl45 chapter 81 . 8/29
I am just loving them in their happy baby and family bubble. And I'm so glad Shaw is going to get what's coming to him.
star31595 chapter 81 . 8/29
Great chapter! Dom and Letty are so cute
MsShashaD chapter 81 . 8/27
Dom is the best! Damn. I hope it's a girl. I love dotty babies that are little girls it's just so perfect.

And yay to Ramsey deciding to testify against Shaw. I can only hope there's smooth sailing from here on out but it probably won't be that way...

Great update. I'm looking forward to more.
MickieFan1989 chapter 81 . 8/24
Love it! Please update soon
Guest chapter 81 . 8/20
love them
bammbamm28 chapter 81 . 8/19
Riley and Owen ... They make me nervous! Watch out Letty!
Dom is too cute with the new nursery surprise!
Guest chapter 81 . 8/16
Amazing chapter thank you!
Stecie chapter 81 . 8/17
Ah Dom is so cute with the baby's room
I'm so glad it worked out with Ramsey testified
Good on ya letty, wanting to be there
Not being afraid of them anymore
I'm glad she's back to her normal self
Update soon please
sassymelissa chapter 81 . 8/16
I love when you update. I just love this story and the other one too can't wait to see what's next
Girlz-Rule chapter 81 . 8/16
OMG great chapter! Dom n letty r hilarious, I love this story. I can't wait for the baby to get here. I'm so worried about Ramsey n shaw though :( Thank u for updating! Its been so long! Please update again soon :D
Rosie329 chapter 81 . 8/16
Desi! Yay! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for updating! I've truly truly have been missing TE! And as always.. A great chapter! It had been awhile since Dom and Letty had some sesy time.. Lol! I'm glad they had some sesy time! It was great to read about how sweet Dom was with setting up the nursery.. Such a kind gesture! It sounded beautifully done! I can't wait to find out what she is having! I'm excited! I'm also very intrigued about what is to come with Shaw... And the trial... I'm hoping Ramsey really testifies against Shaw... I hope it all goes well.. Very intrigued... Desi, please please please update soon!
Thanks so much for the update and for sharing such amazing stories with us! Thanks!
As always loved the chapter! More please

Rosie :)
mialovesyou chapter 81 . 8/16
YAY. this was a very /interesting/ read, considering I just woke up. lol. soooo cute though! I can't wait till this baby comes. ugh! *tear*. and like Dom mentioned, we don't know if it's a girl or boy... when will we find out? ;) I honestly loved it (like every chapter) and I can't wait for more! :)))
Guest chapter 80 . 8/7
Please begging you

Its my birthday today and that is m wish
Guest chapter 80 . 7/30
Update plesse you are killing me with the suspensw
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