Reviews for Toretto Enterprises, INC
clarakat1 chapter 74 . 11/21
Why have you slowed the updating? You did daily and now it's like... I'm officially addicted
Guest chapter 74 . 11/9
Still waiting for next update
Miss564 chapter 74 . 11/6
Please update soon... I cannot wait for this baby!
moon31595 chapter 74 . 11/7
Woo I finally caught up! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Rosie329 chapter 74 . 11/7
Hey Desi! Finally got to read! Been so busy with work and life! I love this story always so nice to read a update! Thanks so much for your time and dedication! I'm so intrigued as to what is going to happen with the Shaw and Ramsey case... And who names him as her pimp? Does that have to do with Rosa? I'm a little lost... Can't wait for more... And I'm loving the Dotty loving! They are just perfection keep that coming lol! Can't wait for more! Thanks as always

Dottylovers! :)
Guest chapter 74 . 10/31
More please
Guest chapter 74 . 10/23
So excited for the next chapter! I am just loving this story so much! It never gets old I can just reread and its stiLl as good as it was the first time I read it.
MickieFan1989 chapter 74 . 10/19
Love it!
star31595 chapter 74 . 10/18
Hope both Shaw and Ramsey get what they deserve in court! Loved the brotherly sisterly banter between Brian and Letty!
Firefly-class chapter 74 . 10/18
Letty is rightfully concerned especially when there is so much at stake.

I can't wait for Dom and letty to back to the kinky stuff:)
missemilynicole chapter 74 . 10/18
oooh kinky chapter next ;)
shaniatasmanx chapter 74 . 10/17
Loving the updates... and liking the add of pregnancy hormones etc hope they have a girl. Looking forward to the next chapter.
bammbamm28 chapter 74 . 10/17
Haha. Pregnancy hormones. Crying and insatiable sexual appetite. Amaze balls.
I hope they have a girl! :)!
Stecie chapter 74 . 10/17
Hopefully Shaw gets life and Ramsey gets 10 years or something with mental help.
Update soon though
Girlz-Rule chapter 74 . 10/17
Great chapter, I love seeing Letty and Brian interact and their relationship... SO CUTE! Love the ending, can't wait to see what happens next and read more about Baby Toretto's progress :D
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