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star31595 chapter 70 . 59m
yay! they are pregnantgreat chapter, please update soon!
mejaime chapter 70 . 8h
Hope it's twins
MsShashaD chapter 70 . 9h
omg! The baby... it's finally here. that's just the best news ever. And the doctor will confirm the test.
I'm also very happy to know that there was a mistake with Letty's urine. that means everything is fiiiiiiiiiiine!

I'm so excited about the baby.
Narutofangirl45 chapter 70 . 14h
I hope things get better for you, and this sure did make me smile so thanks for that.
shaniatasmanx chapter 70 . 16h
Finally! Defenitely bought a smile to my face. Very good chapter and am glad for the result.
tinked18 chapter 70 . 17h
Yay! So happy there's a baby on the way. Finally! Letty deserves happiness. This new chapter just made my day :) Btw, I just finished reading this story for the 3rd time. I didn't lie when i said i was addicted and in love with this story lol. Hopefully by the time i finish reading for the 4th time, there will be a new chapter haha.
Dotty92 chapter 70 . 17h

Omg! I'm so excited for them.
Godfryd1006 chapter 70 . 18h
Loved it ️️️️
thanksabunch1 chapter 70 . 19h
b16 chapter 70 . 19h
It did made us 100% smile... The story is getting pretty excited and intense. Great job! Update soon... :)
rarmitchell chapter 70 . 19h
Yay for being positive! That was such a cool way to announce it too. Can't wait for the next update!
Firefly-class chapter 70 . 21h
Yay! After everything they deserve some happiness!

Good update!
CareBearlove chapter 70 . 21h
Girlz-Rule chapter 70 . 22h
OMG THANK YOU! I srsly had such a stressful day and this chapter was exactly what i needed and a whole bunch more! I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE IS A BABY TORETTO ON THE WAY! Do you know how excited i am?! I SRSLY LOVE U RN! Please don't hurt them too much through this pregnancy... i know there'll obvs be some drama but i hope they all end up ok bc i rly don't think ANY of us could handle a miscarriage or anything rn... AMAZING CHAPTER! Can't wait for more :D
Stcie chapter 70 . 22h
Yay she's pregnant!
Please update soon
Love this whole story
Amazing Author
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