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jbadillodavila chapter 1 . 6/19/2017
Genial c
Crimson G chapter 52 . 1/30/2016
Fantastic. Just fantastic. I loved the new material you put in and the inclusion of some of the free from the other universe. It made it fresh while still keeping the tone
digifan303 chapter 52 . 1/30/2016
Fantastic ending to a great season.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 52 . 1/28/2016
Nooo, my streak's been broken again! You win this time, JNaegi! I kid, kid. :P

Well, K. This is it. After more than 5 years, you've come full circle with your Digimon Fusion Kai retelling. I remember reading the first chapters back summertime 2010. Fun times reading it. The retelling still had that DBZ flare and spirit, but the Digimon soul was still intact. Bravo on that. You got the writing skills to pull that off!

Anywho, let's get to the last chapter review! Cute segment with Beerusmon and Champamon. Guess this ties to post-Shinnen. Man gotta catch up on that!

Finally, we meet our Uub... or rather Uubs. Dorothy and Avengemon. I remember them from the old version, but whoa did you change Dorothy's persona? I'm not complaining, but what a change from what she originally was! Liked her scuffle with Tai. It was short but sweet. Lol at Dorothy biting Tai! XD

Whoa, Agumon could alternate between Wargreymon and Victorygreymon? Who knew? Glad that's been confirmed! Kinda miss ol' War but Victory is still cool!

Good on you for letting Tai stay and not leave! Kudos to him adopting Dorothy and training her while staying close his fam and friends. Nice of Matt to see through Tai's real intention to better himself. The final scene of the whole gang flying off was cool and a good end to the whole saga. Ending it on Butterfly was the icing on the cake!

Great end capper on a long saga and really liked the theatrical movie credits! It made for a unique experience.

Ok, survey time! I'll give it a go.

Fave Male Characters: Matt/Yamakins/Metalla X (What? Can't I like the resident asshole. He had the best development next to Takato), Takato, Dimitri/Angemon X, X/Max, Henry, TK, Tike, David, Tai/Omega X, Pikkan, Takuya, Kensuke

Fave Female Characters: Kari/Celesta X, Jeri, Karin/Sailor Sedna, Rika, Tyra/Sailor Varuna, Christina/Sailor Orcus, Kotori/Brunhilde, Taylor/Sailor Eris, Keke, Sora, Izumi, Sonja, Sheila

Fave Digimon: Gatomon, Renamon, Guilmon, Terriermon, Gabumon, BanchoLeomon, Agumon, Avengemon, Impmon/Beelzebumon

Fave Villains: D-Reaper, KingDevimon, MajuYakonmon, the Dark Legendary Warriors, DarkMagimon (love the little jerk but...)

Fave Villains I Love To Hate: DarkMagimon (...wanted to see him die!)

Fave D-Reaper Forms: All of them pretty much. Teen-Reaper, Fat Dee, and Super-Reaper are the tops for me.

Fave Fusion Forms: Daike, Kaiser X

Fave New Characters: Athena, Dorothy, Avengemon

Fave Arc(s): Fight for the Digiverse for the epicnessfollowed by Meta-Fusion for the comedy and action. Digiworld Tournament is third (fun fights!). D-Reaper arc is last but still good for the fighting and personal moments.

Fave Awesome Moments: The DFK cast meeting with the YYGDM group. Takato/Guilmon becoming Guilkatomon. Metalla X atonement and turning a new leaf. Omega X vs Dark Metalla X. Omega X going level 3. Kaiser X kicking ass. Yamato's number one confession. Kari becoming Mystic and beating down Super-Reaper. The whole final fight with Teen-Reaper. The Kuiper Senshi reaching gold standards! The characters sending energy to the Life Bomb. The end of the Teen-Reaper battle.

Fave Comical Moments: The 'Fer Shur' thing during Dee-Dee Volleyball (XD). The whole Dee-Dee Volleyball/Soccer game. Daike's shenanigans. The Meta-Fusion training moments. Most of the aftermath party mainly for Tike getting bitched by Kensuke. Sam sleeping with Catherine. Super-Reaper's 'fem!Sailor' form (yuck!). DF616!Beelzebumon becoming Anubimon and Taito's delivery bitch.

Fave Sad Moments: Rika & Renamon's death tops. Metalla X's atonement. The death of the Legendary Warriors. The deaths taking a toll on the heroes w/o Digicores. The departure of the YYGDM heroes.

Fave Darkest Moments: Yamato's turn to the darkside. Takato's Hazard corruption. NegaMegidramon, hands down. Fat Dee killing DarkMagimon. The snipermen shooting Mummymon. Evil-Reaper's emergence. Super-Reaper killing the snipermen. Digimon Extinction Attack. Teen-Reaper destroying both worlds. Teen-Reaper becoming that Omnis thing.

Fave Battles: Sailor Quaoar vs Fuegomon, Sonja vs Tike vs Eris vs Titaniamon, the Legendary Warriors vs Dark Warriors, Omega X vs Dark Metalla X, Omega X vs Fat Dee, Super-Reaper vs Daike/WarUltima X/Everyone else, Mystic Celesta vs Super-Reaper, Kaiser X vs Mystic-Reaper, Teen-Reaper vs Omega X/Metalla X/Dramon X/Guilkatomon

Fave Character Corner Segments: The Yuu/Charon/Jeremiah stuff. Lord Zedd and Rita getting trolled by the Da'ath couple (XD). The Sci-Fi/Star Wars segments. The movie theater showing the Teen-Reaper fight (genius)! The dodgeball chapters were fun (no one voted this? For shame)!

Fave Unexpected Moments: Too many, but some of the ones you listed.

Thoughts on Upcoming Stories: Valkyrie Advent will be hype! Cross Generations sounds great and will review soon. I also await Resurrection B.

Overall thoughts: Great revision and one of the best you've written. I enjoyed this ride and even prefer it over the actual source material of either show (honest truth). Yep, looks like me and Ford are the only gives to give long 'insightful' reviews. Wish you'd get more reviews, but hey this is better than nothing! This series and YYGDM keep me engaged. You've definitely shown growth as a writer since the start of DFK, K! You've made me a fan for life. Honest truth. Thank you! I'll look forward to the future and here's to Cross Generations!

There's my in-depth review! This story and series is forever Haruhi approved! (thumbs up)

This saga is over, but the story shall continue! Keep this train going, K!
JNaegi chapter 52 . 1/28/2016
And this story comes to a close after 6 years. Who'd have thought I'd read the revision of this story since I never read the original; I hope you'll give Dimitri's the Kai treatment even though I still like it as it is.

So we meet the Dorothy and Avengermon; still amazed Dee's reincarnations became a duo along with a female. She'll have a lot to learn with dialect along with manners. Tai taking guardianship of her is also good and I applaud you for having big hair stick around instead of pulling a Goku and leaving for so many years avoiding responsibilities (dick move that was Goku).

Anyway time to go at it; kind of strange I won't be adding my girl V-chan in this! XD

Fav Male Characters - Takato, Henry, Junpei, Ken, Tike, Matt/Yamakins (IK shocking isn't it?), Dimitri.

Fav Female Characters- Rika, Jeri, Sonja, Christina, Karin, Shelia, Kotori.

Fav Digimon - Guilmon, Felinsmon, Renamon, Terrimon, Leomon (YYGDM), Gabumon.

Fav Villains - Beelebubmon (616).

Fav Villains love to hate - DarkMagimon

Fav Forms of D-Reaper - His bender-gent form of the Kuiper Senshi

Fav Fusions - Tike/David's fusion

Fav New Characters - Uhhhhh can't really say so I'll pass.

Fav arc in D-Reaper story - the fighting tournament

Fav awesome moments - Takato combining with Guilmon/Suzaku to form is accelerated form. Sonja
accessing her own "limit break" when fighting Tike. Kuipers ascending to Golden.

Fav comical moments - Daike going all Urban slang with that "fer shur" BS. Sam/Catherine hook up.
Yolei and the others boss telling off Tony Stark about his charms.

Fav sad moments - Rika/Renamon dying. Takato going berserk unleashing his hazard corruption form and beating up Beez.

Fav battles - Sailor Quaror fighting that digimon dude in the tournament, Eris vs. Tike, Sonja vs. Tike, Kairi fighting Dee-reaper.

Fav unexpected twist - Kuipers. Golden. Takato ascends.

Fav dark moments - Kind of named them in the previous ones.

Fav character corner segments - Rita and Zedd.

Thoughts on upcoming stories - Resurrection B I'll give a chance. Cross Generations will be a big time crossover with pop references and interesting battle set ups. Valkyrie Advent is actually what I'm really waiting for.

Overall thoughts on series - I can say this series kept me involved with the "DBZ" aspect surprisingly since I found myself being burnt out by the flipping hype of where it's based however with this and involving the characters in specific ways (even with adapting some personalities) it actually works. I did get exasperated with Tai's "battle fever" of always wanting to fight the next person (someone do a Gohan abridged quote!) but it's cool at the same time.

Kept me more involved with the YYGDM crowd coming in (yeah IK I'm biased but that was the spice I needed). You should feel proud man, you reached another plateau of writing. Just keep doing what you are doing. I'd give some more praise BUT that would be spoiling you. :P

But seriously you are a good writer from what I see after all these years of checking out your stories so please know you do give inspiration to some of us.

Okay so that's enough of the "feel fest".

Till your next story.

And it continues...
Guest chapter 52 . 1/28/2016
a great question... i dont know in what place is this ok lets go: the D3s of df-616 get the help of children of their is versions(what im say is like the members the d3s what debuted in the invaders saga and spira saga can have childrens in a posible future and another question:their are inmortal?)

pd:im talk spanish
supergoku1987 chapter 52 . 1/27/2016
Good finale man. Enjoyed that Tai/Victorygreymon and Dorothy/Avengemon fight. Good homecoming for the digidestined in odaiba. Im glad Tai decide to stay behind and not leave.

Great job with kai season 3. Lots of memorable scenes, great fights and the shocking moments like the deaths. Rika, renamon, and the frontier gang's deaths shock me. Dee was worthy villain.

Fave Male characters: Tai/Omega X (the man), x, takato, yamato/metalla x, dimitri/angemon x, kensuke, taito, pikkan, bw
Fave Female characters: Kari/Celesta x, sedna, rika, kotori/brunhilde, mimi, zoe/izumi, sora, athena
Fave Digimon: victorygreymon, wargreymon, gallantmon, guilkatomon, bancholeomon, renamon, inumon, shoutmon, agunimon, mummymon, beelzemon, cyberbeelzemon, titaniamon
Fave Bad guys: Majin Dee, Beelzemon
Fave D-Reaper forms: All of them
Fave Fusions: Kaiser X, guilkatomon
Fave awesome: The fights in general, Dee killing darkmagimon, ascendant 3, kaiser x, guilkatomon, life bomb finale, tai not leaving his friends
Fave Fights: Beast tamers vs beelzemon, omega X vs dark metalla x, omega x vs fat dee, super dee vs heroes, super dee vs mystic celesta, kaiser x vs mystic reaper, everyone vs teen-reaper.
Thoughts on other stories: Hype for resurrection burizlor and cross generation. Valkyrie sound interesting.

Overall thoughts: badass job on the revision. Continue the good work now and in the future. peace man.
Generic Reviewer chapter 52 . 1/27/2016
Favorite characters this arc: Takato, Taito, and Impmon/Beelzemon DF-616.

Favorite character corner: Yuu interacting with his equally as arrogant parents

Keeping it simple.
Chaosblazer chapter 52 . 1/27/2016
Short but great way to end this story, definitely feels interesting to have it finished, I guess WC is next.

A lot of shocking moments definitely took place throughout this story, like people unexpectedly being killed off such as Rika, Renamon and the legendary warriors.

I agree this is a good rewrite, with the inclusion of the YYDGM cast as well as the AS cast It opened the door for new twists and possibilities.

Definitely look forward to revival of B, I kind of expected a scene regarding that but that's ok.

The awesome work shall continue for now and into the future.
Ford1114 chapter 52 . 1/27/2016
Oh my goodness! Finally, the last chapter to end the revised D-Fusion trilogy. Very nice introductory A/N, especially you mention the Recreational Years. That’s why we support both fandom and officials to get ourselves in the door. Besides Teamfourstar, don't forget about Rooster Teeth (since RWBY as an original series really impress a lot of people overtime). Of course to remind to stay healthy like many people.

This is a nice way to mark Dragonball’s anniversary. Here we have the corner segment I did where we see Champamon and LadyWhismon. And we have the introduction of the Super Digicores. Yes how the manga and eventually the anime catch up is yet to be seen.

This is the final time a chapter title has the exclamation mark, thus concluding the Shonen episode titles since 2001. Back to the story, this is the month and day where the Digidestined meet for the first time in having their early adventures up to the first season of DFK. This takes me way back. Time to meet Dee’s reincarnations.

Of course, Tai & WarGreymon (nice, he can switch to VictoryGreymon at any time. I guess MetalGarurumon will do that as well.) are sparring with Dorothy & Avengemon. Afterwards, Dorothy stays with Tai as siblings, how nice. It feels the last scenes, the memories of our favorite characters and fan-OCs stand out in great writing and what’s to come for the last era.

Here is my survey:
Fave Male Characters: Omega X, Takato, X/Max, Dimitri, Metalla X, Kensuke, TK, Joe, Izzy, Tony Stark
Fave Female Characters: Celesta X, Sailor Sedna, Brunhilde, Rika, Sailor Orcus, Mimi, Sora
Fave Digimon: Agumon/WarGreymon/VictoryGreymon, Guilmon, Renamon, BanchoLeomon, Gabumon/MetalGarurumon/ZeedGarurumon, Gatomon, Patamon, Gomamon
Fave Villains: D-Reaper
Fave Villains I Love To Hate: DarkMagimon, two gunmen
Fave D-Reaper Forms: Fat Dee, Teen-Reaper, Mystic Super-Reaper
Fave Fusion Forms: Kaiser X
Fave New Characters: Ditto, the characters that first appeared in this fic.
Fave Arc: Fight to Save Digiverse
Fave Awesome/Comical/Sad/Darkest Moments: I'd say most of the ones you've already listed.
Fave Battles: Omega X vs. Dark Metalla X, Omega X vs. Fat Dee, Heroes vs. Super-Dee, Mystic Celesta X vs. Super-Dee, Kaiser X vs. Mystic Super-Dee, Allies vs. Teen-Dee
Fave Unexpected Twists: Most of the ones you’ve already listed.
Fave Character Corner Segments: Ch. 25, Ch. 28, Ch. 29 – 30, Ch. 35 – 36, Ch. 37, Star Wars-related corners (Ch. 47-48), Champamon/LadyWhismon
Thoughts on Upcoming Stories: I’m looking forward to these three this year. Cross Generations there’s a lot we plan out, but you said you’ll start slow as a monthly series (but after a few stories are finish, then updates can be daily later on next year). Ress B oh hell yeah with Burizalor taking revenge on Ascendant monkeys. :P And of course Valkyrie Advent with tackling on myths the first time (alongside the VA Segments to tie-in entitled Valkyrie Homecoming. Oh, I know you’ll upload the Kanius Production Timeline soon, I should also ask and confirm the VA adaptation/event before House of Madoka took place between September and October 2014 to put it).
Overall Thoughts: I really do enjoy the DF reboot with all the changes, I’ve come a long way since I get to know all of you. I remember my first reviews were simple, over time I become more expressive to my feelings in showing the passion (like me and Haruhi are currently the only insightful reviewers left, I just hope old readers will return for your series finales in coming full circle (in hopes for them to see your official projects (and I'll help out to contribute besides finding employment after college)) and also get to know me more).

Your revision did help your writing skills in the long run, from now on, there will be less adaptations of fanfics (since you did these for a reason like tie-in DBKai to revive your interest in a timely matter) and moving on to more original stories. I’m so happy and looking forward of what’s to come in ‘The Final Years’. :D
JNaegi chapter 51 . 1/27/2016
Celebration with the YYGDM crowd and Kaiverse goes off without a hitch with things winding down for some. Takato also comes out with a new incentive to train his extended biomerge in the future; I wonder if this will go into the fight that he and Rika will go through in the coming story of that Valkyrie Advent?

Bunch of the interesting scenario's also occurred with the that infamous clone fiasco. No need to feel like you cheated, retconning something can help at times so no worries. Even though now that I think about it, I was one of the ones who hedged when it was first brought up...I am so sorry! _

Life goes on or at least what will occur in that movie. Good to see Iron Man; so it's assumed the Avengers will make an appearance with reference's to the movies? I still say if you want to add a twist, just have Scarlet Witch be OP and say "no more Ascendants" or something; that could be another story!

Anyway looks like one more chapter to put this in the archives.

No tripping now.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 51 . 1/26/2016
Guess that makes it two in a row for me! XD

Oh yeah, let's see here. A big party celebration for our heroes and they damn well earned it! As if that fight with Dee wasn't long enough, I'd be celebrating and eating pizza too! Hmm, didn't realize this was the same place Tai and his friends hung out at during your Across Dimension fic.

That was an interesting way to start off with Tai thinking about possible new opponents. C'mon man, just be happy you and your friends survived that whole ordeal. Who could be stronger than Teen-Reaper I wonder? Well, a certain purple cat deity has something to say.

The party shenanigans was fun. I liked that X and Sora made sure Tai's ass wasn't late! At least he has one over Goku being late to a party!

Something tells me 'Yamakins' isn't truly gone. I mean, yeah he's not there in person, but there influence has rubbed off on Matt. Liked that he was happy to see Tai make it.

Oh boy, you better run, Tike. Recalling his attitude toward Ken, he's asking for it. Ahaha, nice! Izumi won the eating contest! Yeah, she ain't an Ascendant, but she dang well got the appetite of one! Junpei, Fat Dee, Tike and Kara didn't stand a chance! XD

Hmm, wonder what kind of thing is planned for Ken and the D3s. A trip of sorts? Should make for interesting stuff. Ah, BanchoLeomon wants a new sword! Good development for him... wait... (gasps) I'll get to that in a min.

I really liked the inclusion of the two tri. characters. That's a great way to introduce them in this series. Wonder what other tri. stuff you'll be including? What about that girl with the glasses and her cat Digimon thing?

Ah, Sam, you slick guy! Already made a move on Catherine! Wow, so you retconned the whole Juri and Rena thing giving them a different means of revival. Guess it had to be done.

Aww, I normally don't say this word, but I got 'feels' during the farewell. Nice family and friends moments. Karin saying goodbye to Tai and Sora. Dimitri saying bye to Matt, Mimi and Keke. Athena saying goodbye to Tai, Matt, Mimi, Meryl, and the others was sweet. So much raw emotion. Huh, yeah I'd expect a quiet stare off with Kensuke and Matt. Good departure for the YYGDM cast as they return home.

That's right, Takato. Keep up that training. If not, Rika will make you! Ya never know when Guilkatomon might be needed again!

Nice transitioning into the Battle of Digi-Gods events. I liked catching up to how the Digidestined and their friends are doing. Some scenes even remind me much of tri. (namely TK at one of Matt's event!), and wow, BanchoLeomon has his own group of students! Hope the Bancho Team are ready for BanchoLeomon's school of hard knocks! XD

Pantera Sword is a good name for his sword. Me likey!

So, Maki and Daigo are now running the show in Yamaki and co's place. Makes sense. Heh, always fun to see Tony around and neat he's already adjusted into his Iron Man role. Nope those charms aren't gonna work on her, Stark!

Ahaha, poor Beelzebumon. Really sucks to be him right now, but he asked for it. That's right, Taito, keep that bad boy in line!

Huh, interesting scene with Jurassic World and nice Owen cameo. From what X said, he's keeping close tabs on the place in case they fuck it up, which they'll eventually do! Such fools would dare repeat history and not learn from their mistakes!

I spy that Beerusmon and Whismon cameo!

Gee, I wonder who those two mystery characters going to meet Tai are? :P

We're about to find out and nice tribute to end the final chapter on the Digidestined's memorial day. Happy August 1st indeed. Can't wait for the story finale! You've come this far, K! Let's finish this off!
digifan303 chapter 51 . 1/23/2016
Great chapter!
supergoku1987 chapter 51 . 1/23/2016
Yo this was a good chapter and a great party. Liked how it started with tai and agumon running late just like goku but not really cause at least they make it. Had a good time reading about their celebration. Funny stuff with time scared of ken and the eating contest. Surprised zoe won against the ascendant kids and dee. Maybe she got ascendant stomach, lol. Whoa surprised to see tri characters in here.

The departure scene was good too. Liked dimitri and karin saying goodbye to matt, mimi, and keke. Cute goodbye from athena to her friends. I also like the group shots, esp the googlehead one and ishida family.

Future scenes were good. Liked reading X's pov. Funny stuff with the twins eating out egghead's restaurant, beelzemon's new 'job', and tony getting owned. Awesome tony is now iron man. Can't wait for other avengers to appear in future stuff. Also cool jurassic scene.

Huh didn't notice the retcon stuff til now. Its cool man. No prob with what you gotta do. Man the last chap, huh? Its gonna be sad but good there will be more to go. Cant wait for Tai and co to meet evil dee's reincarnates. peace.
Generic Reviewer chapter 51 . 1/22/2016
The Juri and Rena retcon was actually a good idea. Less creepy.

Sam actually got with Catherine? Well then that's unexpected.

Beelzebumon DFK-616 is kinda adorable as a paper boy.

Not much else to say other than I'm hype for the epilogue and whatever endeavors Cross Gen and Valkyrie Advent are up to. Later days!
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