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Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 48 . 12/31/2015
Hey, K! Just a couple more hours 'til 2016, just killing time to send this review. I'll catch up on Shinnen shortly tomorrow and this weekend. :D

Hah, I know it's becoming a trend, huh, Jnaegi? XD

Anywho, what an eventful chapter this was! Pretty cool to transition the corner stuff with the Teen-Reaper fight. Heh, I'd be all over watching an epic fight over a bunch of movie trailers anyday! Pretty amusing to see Takato, Kotori, Rika, and the others commenting on their counterparts. Fun stuff!

Omega X and Teen-Reaper's fight ends with Omega X giving out. Ok, Metalla X, let's see you do your sh... man, you're getting your shit wrecked! Ok, Gallantmon get in there and... get your ass kicked? Man Teen-Reaper's just bringing the beat down on them!

But, what's this Gallantmon goes Crimson and Shining Mode? He's really going all out! Too bad that didn't last. Oh, hello Fat Dee! You're back, much to Mummymon and little Meryl's delight. And he doesn't fair as well. And then Omega X's level 3 power burns out. Ouch not good.

Nice fighting scenes from the others. Glad you're deviating from the typical DBZ formula by letting others fight, even if just henchmen. Cool to see the other D-Reaper agents, including the Mother. Yeah, the thought of the Reaper agents with Evil Dee's face is creepy. (mouse squeak)

And if Takato and Guilmon aren't the MVPs of this part of the conflict, then I don't know what else to say. They took a beating and keep coming back. Whoo, but here comes Sakuyamon! Thanks to Suzaku and the Power of Love, they revive Takato and Guilmon! And now we get Guilkatomon!

Awesome stuff adding new content. Glad Guilkatomon gets a go at Teen-Reaper. And of course, let's not forget Yamakin's ingenious plan to use Spira's Digicores. Ah, welcome back Porung... err I mean Gorugon. It's wish granting time!

Good way to end the year with this awesome chapter. Makes a good Xmas gift for us. 4 chapters left of this story to go? Well, let's start 2016 on a bang with the end of this fic! Keep it up, K!
JNaegi chapter 48 . 12/29/2015
This is becoming a thing I just read this a couple of days later and review. I get the feeling Haruhi will be next? XD

Anyway good chapter. Have to say it goes a little away from the continuity of DBZ given the extra pair of hands helping out the heroes of DFK. Lots of battles with Yamakins/Matt having a plan to restore the planets soon with the inhabitants.

Big thing was Takato, Guilmon and Suzaku fusing into Guilkatomon! Seeing a flash of it in Ford's was something along with now seeing the components used for the fusion happend is another which is the bees' knees!

I'm still amazed Rika and Renamon used their spirtiual power plus the added benefit of the former Digi-queen's love to help make this divine being of flame. One can say this is Suzaku's true incarnated human form since the Rajita story that Suza has a "young man in his 20's" kind of voice.

Also shouldn't be shocked that Takato reached this pinnacle of power that rivals (or theoretically) surpasses Ascendant LVL 3 given Suzaku is a deity from Chinese mythology which uses a fraction of his power for fighting.

Not saying it's a deus ex machina given the power set for the Beast tamers is pretty stable and not really OP. I mean if we say it's OP than that would mean the YYGDM Senshi have gone to that and then some however since that's not the case so it's all good.

Another note worthy feat is how Guilkatomon stated "Takato, Guilmon and Suzaku are sleeping" etc, makes me think he'll have a rouge personality that might be all business with defeating his enemy.

One way of saying it is "Overdrive Adanced!" Or "Bust overdrive" XD

GJ work.
Ford1114 chapter 48 . 12/27/2015
It is the after Christmas celebration, that we get this last update of the year, until next month to finish the story. Nice that I wrote the first half of the segment of Takato/Kotori saying their ‘following is’ since it ties to their generation looking up to the Ascendants (not to mention back in old fanfics before YYGDM that Kotori had the Crest of Courage).
In Cornerland, the characters are watching the release of The Force Awakens. Haha, Benson tells the blue jay and raccoon to sit down or no pay (and Skips chat with Terriermon). Nice call back of Kotori/Himura having this dream of dressing as Star Wars cast and other things (thanking Ninetalesuk back in the early days before he left). All of a sudden, instead of trailers, the audience see the fight going on at DF-616. Takato is cheering his YYGDM counterpart. Granted, the Tamers/allies already fought Dee before House of Madoka (alongside that final battle in Ch. 5) and have their Advance Biomergers early afterwards, so let’s see what their counterparts can do. Poor Kara and Ayanna of not getting the chance to see this since their at another group.

Back to DF-616, Yamato steps in to help Omega X and Gallantmon the time they need to stop Dee. Then, Mummymon steps in and tries to distract Teen Dee, but Teen Dee then spits out the fat one. Yes, ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ Joe. Suddenly, Mother D-Reaper is created, and with all the D-Reaper agents finally appear in your fics, looks like we get to see Cable Reaper in the next chapter.

Good Dee wakes up to save Mummymon/Meryl from Teen Dee as they fight. Gallantmon tries his best to not giving up. Metalla X convinces people to go to New Spira is a good sign of what’s coming. ;) Oh man, thanks to Rika’s love, Takato become something that’s greater than an Ascendant, once originated in the D3s’ home world, welcome aboard Guilkatomon.

Yes, I remember the three Birthday Massacre songs use in the last two chaps (Oh right, Two Hearts - Birthday Massacre is for Dee vs Dee)
-Forever can be use for the characters giving their energies for the Life Bomb.
-Burn Away use for XLR8!Dramon X’s return (much to DF616!Metalla X’s disgust who he hates more than anything..).
-Left Behind I know I did putting it for Omega X finishing off Dee.

So about the Corner scenes I wrote as cameos for Ch. 49 I send on mail, let’s delete that document (same goes for the what could have been of the GC Lost Kingdoms universe observing the events that this idea is also scrapped.) because I reminded it would not make sense when looking back that the story is mainly focus on the Triad’s development (Ch. 49 will be release on January, meaning it’s fine the way it is that Ch. 48’s segment is the last one/scene shown of 2015).

Let’s hope we can manage with 4 more chapters (since the last two are not that hard with no real battles) alongside the Shinnen’s aftermath on email. Anyway, happy new years and looking forward to 2016!
supegoku1987 chapter 48 . 12/27/2015
Great chapter man. More fighting with Omega x and teen-reaper. Omega x get tired and Metalla x fights in his place. Gallantmon hanging in there. Cool to see Fat dee back in action. Man all those d-reaper agents, even that big mother one. Kinda creepy they all have evil dee face.

Man crazy and awesome stuff with takato becoming guilkatomon. Also like the takato and rika kiss. So hes like Ascendant level 3 now. That's badass. Gonna be good when he takes over for Omega x. Wonder if other tamers will get advanced biomerge forms. Good planning by metalla x on the digicores.

Yeah, awesome chapter and merry xmas man. Have a good one.
Generic Reviewer chapter 48 . 12/27/2015
The ultimate Biomerger has arrived! And all it took was near death experience and a kiss.

Too bad he's gonna be a stall machine. Such is life.

Generic Reviewer chapter 48 . 12/27/2015
-Wally Battle Theme-

The king has arrived! Takato has been reborn as a supreme being! But due to it being new its got a time limit. I wonder about the power levels of the eventual Advanced Beast Tamer Biomergers.

Every chapter I feel worse for DF-616 Impmon even though he deserves it.

Chaosblazer chapter 48 . 12/26/2015
Late Merry Christmas again this was a good present.

Seems Tai's hit his limits for now, but dang did Takato step up with his new form, I assume the other tamers will get similar forms in time.

Here come more reaper agents, and I see Mother Reaper among them, Good thing Jeri ain't there.

let's see how Yamato's plan works out, and I do look forward to next time, keep up the awesome work dude_
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 47 . 12/26/2015
Hey, Merry Christmas to you, K! I'm glad my went well after the crappy half-year I went through. But, enough about my personal crap! Let's get to this review!

Heh, nice segment with the Sci-Fi cast. Liked the Star Wars and Trek interactions, and surprised to see no fandom war. It's for the better since we're in the holiday spirit and stuff. The Force Awakens is good stuff if you hadn't seen yet, K!

Now onto the chapter, man a ton of content packed in this chapter. I'm surprised with the pacing! I was more surprised to see more YYGDM!Sailor Senshi and Spirit Detective cameos! Oh shi- Kensuke and his crew are about to head for war. Revenge is all that's on Kenny's mind after what Dee did to him. Gonna get good!

Greatly enjoyed the Omega X and Gallantmon team-up against Teen-Reaper. Nice back and forth, and of course Omega X had to go level 3. An even fight until level 3 starts petering out. At least Gallantmon went Shining Mode! Too bad he's getting beaten badly.

Hah, I loved the villain in hell reactions. Yeah yeah, I know those scenes are anime filler, but I liked when Freeza threw another tantrum. The villain reactions were fun to read, esp. Burizalor's. Leave it to DarkMagimon to root against his own monster! XD

I got a laugh out of DF!MetalSeadramon commenting on his YYGDM counterpart being with a human, and got the silent treatment. Poor guy. XD

Ooo, Yagami and Virus sighting. Poor fellas are cut off from their cellmates! :P

Also like the other fighters getting to fight the D-Reaper agents.

But, the stand-out moment was Yamakin's confession. I think you translated it well and added some bits to make him differ from Vegeta slightly. I mean, Vegeta at least has a family. Matt does, too, but Yamakins has nothing. He's a false existence that was created. Good job, K!

Great chapter overall and a nice build to the finale! 3 chapters of the final battle left! You're so close to the end, dude!
JNaegi chapter 47 . 12/22/2015
Finally got to this.

OMG a confession of Matt/Yamato really was the big thing for me. I won't say anything regarding it JUST yet until I see the ultimate fate of Yamakins, not before. But man it hit deep.

Takato gritting those teeth to show what he can do in a room full of ascendants which I liked!

Awww shit Kensuke-kun will come roaring back with a vengeance with his crew and cute niece! Nice seeing the Senshi cameo as well.

Hope you enjoy the Force Awakens; I saw it on Sunday. Holds up!

Generic Reviewer chapter 47 . 12/19/2015
Guess being exposed to the Crest of Light enough made Shining Mode permanent. Too bad its probably its last showing unless weird stuff happens.

Holy crap Priestess Mode came back. YYDGM Tamers really do have their own Tai and Matt in terms of being power levels above everyone else.

I like how curious DF-616 MetalSeadramon is and no one proceeded to care. Later days!
Chaosblazer chapter 47 . 12/19/2015
Very nice opening sequences with the groups, Ken and his group ready for war, slight nitpick though Maki has to fuse with his partner to become Apollomon, but I guess in this one case it can be considered an exception.

Pinky wastes no time in summoning his own army, and the battle rages on.

haven't seen Gallantmon Shining Mode in a while, I guess Takato is still nervous on the inside regarding what happened a while back when he turned crazy.

Yamato actually admits Tai is his superior, I figured he'd die before doing that because I know Matt knows better.

Keep up the awesome work, and happy holidays.
Ford1114 chapter 47 . 12/19/2015
The wait has been paid off, now the fight to save the digiverse begins! Nice to tribute the Toonami promo of the Kid Buu promos, this takes me way back. What’s more, I’m surprise to see another corner segment of Star Wars and the Sci-Fi party. Oho, yeah, the Star Wars cast are celebrating right with Disney having creative control. Yeah, Vader remains a badass than his whiny Anakin self (to the point Yoda calls him a ‘bitch’). Kylo squares off with Darth Maul. Haha, Jar Jar is useless and how all these changes by Lucas remains controversial to this day. Since I’ve seen the movie, I’d showed you the follow-up segment on mail.

The YYGDM about to intervene, only that Kensuke’s group will take over from here. The first phase of the battle begins. Teen-Reaper summons Horn Strikers to fight off the supporting allies. Omega X and BlazeGallantmon (who becomes Shining Mode again) goes all out at Teen-Reaper, a good call back in the original D-Fusion.

Meanwhile in Digital Limbo, Burizalor is pissed that he wants to go at it at that simian bastard :P. Ah, so DF616!Babimon’s time in prison seems to tamed his rage of considers doing entertainment business, too bad it never happened, but Corner!Babimon already does. DarkMagimon wants Omega X to kill Dee. And of course MetalSeadramon sees his YYGDM counterpart.
Yep, Alduindramon and ShenPeacockmon make cameos. Yeah…I remember What Could Have Been: They would have been villains in Black Digicores arc, Kid Omega X would have been seen as a DramonBorn (before I scrapped it, meaning the real DramonBorn already appears), the amnesic Madoka would have appear in Planet Skyrim. Masaru & Agumon would have fought ShenPeacockmon. Thor (MCU) and his allies would have been involve in Planet Skyrim to find Loki. That all changes.

The biggest moment of all, Yamato finally has his respect to Taichi (and his allies) after all these years. Yeah, after this final battle, Yamato is going to leave Matt for a long time. It feels to me that unlike Vegeta and even Corner!Yamato (who he’s still around such as House of Madoka), DF616!Yamato feels that he doesn’t have any contributions due to his selfishness actions standing out showing he's truly alone.
-Plus, Yamato does not mention Kensuke during his speech, proving that unlike his relationships with Taichi and his friends, Yamato and Kensuke are still not friends and remain hostile to each other (which I remember that he hates Ken more, but its downplayed by their corner selves)..

Let’s keep this going. :)
supergoku1987 chapter 47 . 12/19/2015
Yeah saw The Force Awakens. Good return to old form. Cool segment with war and trek. also good toonami parody, i remember that kid buu promo.

Chapter was good. Liked how the team was split to fight the reaper agents while omega x, metalla x and blazegallantmon fight teen-reaper. Some good fighting going on. whoa shining mode? Funny scenes with the dead bad guys commenting on fight. lol burizalor still bitching. Darkmagimon rooting for tai is funny.

Finally yamato confesses. About time and good it happen. He stuck out for gallantmon in a good way. cant wait to see how the rest of fight play out. peace.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 46 . 12/18/2015
Heyo time for another Kai chapter review! And whoa that's a weird opening about Ford meeting Mnemosyne the goddess of the memories.

Pretty eventful chapter overall. Teen-Reaper blows up not one but two worlds! Holy cow, you totally upped the stakes taking out Earth and the Digital World! Pretty bittersweet that the whole gang from the Hypnos place got saved, but all their other families died. Aww, there goes the JP dinos and... Batman? Mind boggling.

Good to have them all relocated to Central Planet. Man Mummymon thinks it's all a dream. Somebody smack him a good one.

Most interesting part is learning of Dee's origins. Similar to how the Tamers' D-Reaper originated, but the evil influence of the Digiverse twisted him into the Buu-like abomination. Wow, I didn't know you gave the other Supreme Digi-Deities names in the original version. Cool stuff. Their fates ended up being the same as the Supreme Kais. And all it took was the gentle Grand Guardian to turn the Buff Dee into the Fat one.

Oooh, nice throwback to Across Dimensions! I remember Beyond, and recall some of Greil from Chaosblazer's fic.

And just like that, Teen-Reaper uses Instant Transmission to arrive on Central Planet. Whoa, he's fighting all of them? Looks like Omega X's gonna need the help. Can't wait for this final battle!
digifan303 chapter 46 . 12/12/2015
Great chapter! Sorry for the late review.
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