Reviews for Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury
Chaosblazer chapter 30 . 4/9
Man Daike really needs his attitude fixed, or he's going to get into trouble.

Takato's really taking his training seriously, and Kari looks ready to step up as well, this is gonna be good_

Mummymon and Meryl are doing ok it seems, Salamon was cute, too bad it got shot by the nutcases which isn't going to be good.

keep up the awesome work dude
Generic Reviewer chapter 30 . 4/8
Its time for the apocalypse!

So far the heroes have Meta Fusion and 3 backup plans.

I hope you can pull them off better than what Toriyama did with the Buu Saga.

Later days!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 29 . 4/8
Daike got his cocky ass whooped! Thank you, Dee! Wait, did I cheer for the bad guy?

Good on the YYGDM gang to fix things. Phillipe goes Flash and saves all those people. Sedna ices up Dee and sends him out. Digi-Downunda is saved! Team YYGDM know when to get the job done unlike Daike. Yeah, someone give that bratty kid a spanking!

Heh, Pikkan will have no trouble disciplining those two boys.

Ah, finally Takato starts his training with Tai. Suzakato needs to polish on those skills. Training with his gogglehead idol will do him some good!

Kari meets Homeostasis and should be good. This is where'll become a Mystic, or Ultimate. Whatever! She's gaining a new power-up!

Aaaaaan comes the highlight of this chapter! Mummymon comes to save us all! (breaks out bomb shelter gear) This might be a disaster, but what's this? Meryl's joined in with her pappa! Maybe things will go over smoothly. Mummymon tries his dirty tricks. Chocolate and an explosive DS. So far, all busts.

Lol at that German!Gargoylemon. I did think of Fusion, too. XD

And just like that the daddy & daughter pair become Dee's servants. Uh oh, the two Digimon playing those two gunman jerks are out. Things are about to go south soon!

Good set-up chapter. Some good laughs and plot development. Can't wait for the next chapter, K!
Supergoku1987 chapter 29 . 4/3
Good chapter man. Liked daike getting punked by D-reaper. He deserve for his cocky attitude. Warultima x and the others had to bail his ass out. Neat save by sedna and her ice. Close call is all I can say. pikkan needs to chew the kids' asses out.

Nice kari and gatomon start training with the old kai. And they about to fight the homestaosis inside their mind. Takato need to keep his guard up if he wanna last with Tai. Good training scenes.

And heres Mummymon, aka Mr. satan. The bits with him were funny but stupid. Meryl shows up to his surprise. Now D-reaper return to meet them. Mummymon's tricks won't work. Funny stuff. D-reaper makes them his servants. Its a new friendship forming man. And that wont last when those two gunman idiot digimon come to ruin everything. Good chapter, looking forward to next chapter. Peace.
Ford1114 chapter 29 . 4/2
Ah yes, the corner with the Erinyes meeting the Kill la Kill villainesses. And I’m surprise, we get to see all nine Bijuus, your right that they don’t need human containers due to their demonic nature.
I take it that the next mini corner will show the Bijuus’ devastating power, like we’ll see a test run of Endlaves charging at one of the monsters only that the Bijuu easily destroys them. We can see Yuu & Kriemhild making an appearance much to Nui’s happiness taking place after 3.5/villains.

Back to the canon story, Daike goes at it on D-Reaper, but the blob just give him bruises. I notice the change that no ‘digimon army’ is around, and that Sedna temporary freezes D-Reaper for all the heroes to escape.

Haha, Pikkan is chewing out Daike of his brash actions, so he needs to finish training beforehand. Heroes need to rest, Henry is so worried about the Doodlebug.

Kari and Gatomon is meeting the Homeostasis, wait there’s two figures? We get to see Suzakato training with Tai, it is a dream for the goggleheads to spend time together.

One day later, just as the D-Reaper continues his wrath, Mummymon is going to take action!
‘(…can’t believe I wrote that…)’, does that sense I see that you as the omniscient author let this out, this is a big early foreshadowing/hindsight….

There’s mention that Tony Stark is returning back to the real world. Mummymon is acting all stupid, even he’s surprise to see the lizard and tries to stomp it. And then a twist, Meryl just show up!

And then again, D-Reaper appears. So yeah..Mummymon tries chocolate, Nintendo DS (back in the original story, the DS didn’t exist back then in real-life), and a photoshoot. Gumballs made by Digimon, hope its not cannibalism. So then, Mummymon and Meryl becomes servants to the D-Reaper.

Oh shit. Two Digimon killers break free from their prisons. These are the characters that we and the readers are going to truly hate. Like these gunmen in DBZ, there are Digimon without super villain powers that are just as bad, showing a flawed shade of gray.

Chaosblazer chapter 29 . 4/2
Daike being the more unstable of the two meta fusions makes sense, his attitude needs fixing, and Pikkan can definitely do that.

Glad to see they stopped the D-reaper...who did not need to threaten Karin specifically, cause Ken would go fight him if he had heard that.

Mummymon and Meryl with the d-reaper this ought to be interesting...

now we got psycho's on the loose, great not good.

Keep up the awesome work man the action continues
JNaegi chapter 29 . 4/2
We've established that Daike is Yamato 2.0, right? Good thing for the other heroes stepping in.

Taylor should go all old school with the spanking on the two kids; if Chichi can do the disciplinary thing on Goten then the Texan native can as well! Spare the rod, spoil the child...or something like that.

Exposition everywhere on the watch, Kari/Gatomon training and meeting the being of light and Takato still training with Tai.

Yes, how could you write that about Mummymon saving the world from Cell with the others. Shame on you! XD

Well besides the obvious fart joke he let out (literally) I can't hate on Meryl so should be an interesting chapter.

Oh great, two rubberneck digimon who should be on Deliverance while spouting pig noises and get butt****** are going to cause trouble for the unlikely friendship.

Doing good.
Generic Reviewer chapter 29 . 4/2
YYDGM heroes are still extremely efficient even though the plan backfired. Daike is going to screw everyone up.

Kinda laughed at the Gargoylemon being a reference to the one from the Xros Wars/Fusion dub.

And I've noticed the character corners are really hyping the Valkyrie Advent thing. I hope whatever corner in July is longer than the last one.

Not much else to say because this is another set-up chapter. Later days!
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 28 . 4/1
Toonami corner! Nice! TOM and Sara meet their old arch nemesis again. Yikes, wondering where this is leading. Curious. :3

Fun developments happening in the story! The elder, Gosenzomon, greets us with his lecherous presence. Tai bribes the old guy using Mimi in order to help train Kari and Gatomon. Oh, Taichi, you sly bastard you. XD

Poor Kari and Gatomon now have the old guy doing his ritual dance around him. Poor girls, hang in there!

Lucky Takato gets to train with Tai. Should be good!

I liked the YYGDM planning their next move on D-Reaper. Y'know that puts them over the Ascendants and the other warriors. These guys try to plan ahead and look at what happened. They almost got Dee with teamwork!

But, this chapter wouldn't be funny without the botched fusions! Oh boy, did you get a laugh outta me with the ditzy girl fusion! Man poor TK and Davis. No surprise Sonja would hate this. Wonder what Kari's reaction would've been. XP

Of course Tike and Davis weren't spared. They get the fatso and old man fusions. And no surprise Daike takes on Gotenks cocky attitude. This ain't gonna end well.

Really liked the YYGDM team fight vs. Dee. Try as they might, some don't go without injuries. Ouch, poor Himura and Kouichi. Don't think Jeri and Kotori would want that. I liked seeing Sedna and Takuya taking charge.

Interesting Xros Fusions too, esp. Titaniamon and Sparrowmon. JetTitaniamon makes me think of JetMervamon. Heh, sorry but I did watch the new dubbed Fusion episodes just the other day.

Aaaand here's Daike and WarUltima X. Yeah, WarUltima X appear to be the more serious(er?) fusion than Daike. We'll see how long that lasts!

Good chapter overall! Great comedy bits and the action heats up nicely. Can't wait for the next one, K!
supergoku1984 chapter 28 . 3/26
Finally reviewing this, got too busy today. This was a good chapter. Funny shit with the old coot getting blasted in the face. Tai bribing gosenzeomon to train Kari was funny. Poor mimi, lol. Will be good to see the fruit of Takato and Kari's training.

Good to see the tamers, legendary warriors and the kuipers take action on the d-reaper. Kensuke stays behind huh. Maybe he thinks is best, Oh man the botched fusion scenes were funny. I flipped my shit and loled at TK/Davis becoming a woman. Yeah, that boob grope was davis and sonja knocked him flat on his ass. Funny stuff.

Man daike is just like gotenks. Warultima x goes off to get him. The battle against dee was good. Liked how they work together to take him down but not enough. Now Daike and Warultima x show up to stop D-reaper. Good chapter man. Cant wait for more, peace.
JNaegi chapter 28 . 3/26
Finally read this chapter, warning; social media is a bitch sometimes! _

Good chapter once again, mistakes run haywire with the fusion dance before it is perfected! Damn that genderbent version was funny. Bust "her/him" out again sometime for shits and giggles! Daike has a lot of hubris which will get him in trouble.

YYGDM group decides to take the fight to Dee with some remaining. I have to say this, Kenta seems kind of the underdog. It's time for him to just pull an "Invisible Woman" moment, get brainwashed and unleash his full potential with that whole invisible cloak power of manipulating light and gain a whole new perspective but I can see Kazu's logic in it (one day though, the underdog will have his moment!)

They have a decent battle but it comes to not with Dee being sneaky and even with Kensuke's strongest digimon, they still get their asses handed to them. For a second I thought you'd kill Himura and Kouichi, that have given Jeri another panic attack. Whoa, that's a "what if" story there.

Anyway Daike and WarUltima X come face to face with the pink devil but will that be enough? Well they haven't trained in those forms at all so I can see where this battle will lead.

Keep kicking butt, K!
Ford1114 chapter 28 . 3/26
Nice corner you make for Toonami and Anime SHIELD. Surprise to see one of the Toonami villains makes a cameo. You know, I’m putting the voice actors for these villains.
Swayzak - Brian Drummond
Intruder - Jim Byrnes
Orcelot Rex - Paul Dobson
Yes, they are allusions to the Vehicon generals from Beast Machines.

Back to the story, so we see Gozensomon meeting the heroes and remember a ‘jerk god’ trapped him in the D-sword, well I know who THAT is. Kari is going to receive training from him while Takato does the same.

Ah, so it’s not just the Kuipers and Kensuke, but most of the other YYGDM characters gathering up to stall D-Reaper. Jeri decides to stay here. I’m surprise that Kensuke decides to stay, originally, he was going to use the Zero Unit I recall mention it to me that it turns out the D-Reaper is immune to this ability.

Let’s see the failed fusions before it work perfectly, haha, TK/Davis becomes a girl. lol Sonja is not please.

And then the fusions are correct. WarUltima X and Daike are born. However, Daike flies off being a cocky smart-ass. Oh boy.

I see your using music from Pacific Rim. Good one for D-Reaper. And then we have the YYGDM team taking the action to take down the blob, including the Kuiper belts. Then, Daike appears that he and WarUltima X are taking the fight. It’s not going to end well. :P

With the Meta-Fusion arc starting, Mummymon and his daughter are going to meet Dee. Later!
digifan303 chapter 28 . 3/26
Fantastic battle!
Generic Reviewer chapter 28 . 3/26
YYDGM heroes are the masters of ganging up on an opponent. Too bad they've only fought (seriously) 2 regenerating baddies (both final boss class) and those guys had limits.

And Kazu finally has a mega like everyone else. Took him long enough.

I've also noticed there is a lack of AuroraInumon. I see Youkai instead. Plot things?

Botched!WarUltima X would've been cool if she had a moveset even though it would probably be ineffectual. Gemini gimmick when?

Later days!
Chaosblazer chapter 28 . 3/26
Now now Tai, no need to help the perverted old man...though helping Takato out is good.

A messed up fusion turning two males into girls, funny for us, not for Sonja;;

Everyone seems so gung-ho about taking it to the D-reaper, too bad it keeps regenerating everything they toss at it, It's interesting to see Sedna and Takuya step up and take charge of things on their side.

I liked the action bits and now the fusion warriors are ready to have a turn, interesting how you xros fused Titaniamon with Sparrowmon, not even I merged those two together.

Keep up the awesome work man this story rocks
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