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digifan303 chapter 32 . 4/28
How will they stop it now?
supergoku1987 chapter 32 . 4/19
Creepy open scene with dee meeting j-reaper and super dee eating them. Damn Super-reaper making his presence felt. He blow up redvegimon. He spare mummymon and meryl. Then, he goes to the lookout. They all panic he can sense power levels.

Everyone are getting worried. Even Tai, takato, kari, and the kais. Renamon knows whats up to. The gang on the lookout are scared and dont know what to do. Bancholeomon and pikkan try negotiate but look like Super reaper have other ideas. Digimon Extinction coming, not good.

Aw'right take as much time with the break. Looking forward to when this get update. The Meta-fusion vs Super reaper stuff will be good. peace.
JNaegi chapter 32 . 4/19
And the end of the digital life begins. Super Dee spares that fool Mummymoon and his cute daughter but winds up going to the sacred sanctuary.

Exclamation runs rampant with hopes riding on T.K/Davis & Tike/David combo to get to a higher tier of power in the Time chamber.

I counting that Jeri will go in a coma. Yeah I know I always say that but with Bridget Hoffman's voice and screaming go hand and hand, just look at her as Miaka Yuki or Fuu Houji! XD


Going good with it all dude. Enjoy the break!
Generic Reviewer chapter 32 . 4/19
Getting hyped for Digi-Extinction and the inevitable Mystic Celestia whatever power level boost Takato gets showdown.

Guess the hiatus means West Coasters is happening. Its always good to have post-game sidequests after the Battle for Everyone's Souls happened (DoC). And now I think Valkyrie Advent is The Answer (cookies for references). I don't have much to say outside I wanna see how you use the Super Buu fiasco when we get back here. There's way less idiot balls in this story.

Later days!
Ford1114 chapter 32 . 4/19
Nice opening, I didn't see it coming with Dee meets the J-Reaper. For once I thought your not planning to have her in your fics (besides that non-canon House of Madoka as a one scene cameo), so that changes your mind of finally making her debut. The meeting went dark when 'evil' reaper eats them.

So yeah, Good Dee vs Evil Dee till the later turns it to chocolate and eats the fat one. Super-Reaper is born, and we're in for some true awesome and scary moments. Finally, that other gunman is dead in such a gruesome way.

Super-Reaper reaches to the good guy's hideout and now he's able to sense ki energy, making him the more dangerous. All the heroes are in for a shock, especially Jeri seeing the monster for the first time. It will get worse when the reaper delivers the 'extinction attack'.

Break time, until the summer that is.

(PS. (and to the others) I got Super Smash Bros for 3DS, decent enough)
Chaosblazer chapter 32 . 4/19
wasn't expecting that opening bit, that was cute and least till it got interrupted.

Well now super reaper is on the rise, this can't be good, the fighters got to get in gear and Pikkan and BanchoLeomon try to bargin with the devil, not a good idea.

Looks like heck's about to break loose, keep up the awesome work man_
jacob.kogan.33 chapter 32 . 4/19
Another great chapter. Keep it up
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 31 . 4/19
Oh boy, if this chapter didn't signify the change in story tone, I don't know what will do. Onto that in a min.

Nice job with the training progress, Takato and Kari! Oh, snap, it's NegaMegidramon and he's out for Ascendant blood! Good on Omega X taking him down before things got bad. Takato, for Guilmon and Suzaku's sakes, please learn self control if you want to improve. We want ya to get strong for everyone's sakes!

I am getting a kick outta Celesta X/Kari's training with Homeostasis. Nice to see more scenes devoted to them and I like their interactions. Homeostasis does come off as deceitfully playful, lol. Agreed with Ford, so much better than Gohan sitting on his ass doing nothing. Even though, that's technically what Kari and Gatomon are doing... XD

Still, we get to see what's going on in Kari's head. That's a plus!

Woof, Tike, you done gone pissed Kensuke off. That was intense stuff. Wonder what's the dealo with Kensuke's power. Very mysterious! Ah, Athena is always around to calm the tensions. That girl has a positive aura that's sickeningly potent in a good way. :D

Speaking of girls, glad Salamon was healed and Mummymon got to kick those jerkholes' sorry butts. Meryl's happy, Dee's happy, and Mummymon's happy. All's right in the world... not. BomberNanimon guns down Mummymon. Yep, shot heard around the Digiworld and Dee goes mad!

And finally out from the dark cloud is Evil-Reaper in all his gray and malnourished glory! Damn, he one shotted BomberNanimon like no one's business! Take that, bitch! Then, Evil Dee and Good Dee face-off, which will lead to the unholy union... dum dum dum!

Great stuff all around, K. The funny bits were funny. The intense scenes were done well. The small tender stuff was calming. The stuff with Evil-Reaper was borderline creepy (the music you chose meshed well!).

Don't keep us waiting long! Give us Super Dee! And no... please don't have him kill us, lol. I'm still too young to die! XD

Good chapter. Hyped for Super Dee goodness!
supergoku1987 chapter 31 . 4/15
Damn Kensuke went off on Tike. Didnt think he got harsh. Tike deserve it. But glad his friends stopped before got out of hand.

Good training segments. Kari getting good tips and train with homeostasis. Holy shit, Takato went Negamegidramon again and Omega X stopped him good. Takato needs to calm down now before he train again.

Now that asshole shot mummymon and cause Dee to spit out the evil dee. Evil Dee kills the Bombernanomon in a badass way and faces Fat Dee. This getting good man. Next chapters gonna be intense stuff. peace.
JNaegi chapter 31 . 4/14
I like the fact you are keeping to the material of DBZ. Dude that last scene with Buu when he releases his evil side and they both stare at each other just creeped me out. And it didn't help that the music got dramatic at the end with "the voice" narrating and that skipping/running.

Come on Tike, you know the rule; when it comes with Kensuke don't make him mad! Remember how he treated Viper X or that weird ass clone of his? Tike deserved it though so no argument from me.

I'm quoting a video game character to describe the next chapter. *ahem* INTO DARKNESS!

Generic Reviewer chapter 31 . 4/14
Wow. Did not take long for the Van Zant expy BomberNanimon to be turned into digital orange juice that quickly.

Outside that Takato is truly showing his Shinji side and Kensuke is scary. What happened in the final boss fights?

Not much else to say. Later days.
digifan303 chapter 31 . 4/14
Those 2 division just released hell on to the world.
Chaosblazer chapter 31 . 4/14
Kari and Takato get some good training in, but both struggle in their own ways it seems, nice to see Tai use that technique.

Tike makes the biggest mistake you could make around Ken, good thing everyone else was there or he and David would be dead right now. Leave it to Athena and PinkPatamon to help calm the situation with everyone else.

Uh oh, looks like Dee's releasing the bad Dee, next chapter is going to be insane.

Keep up the awesome work dude

Side Note: I didn't actually realize that Ford, it's been five years wow.
Ford1114 chapter 31 . 4/14
Celesta X is fighting with the Homeostatis to train herself. This is much enjoyable than Gohan’s situation with Elder Kai.

Holy crap, NegaMegidramon is back, but he’s subdued. Apparently, Takato needs some work to do. I did see Omega X's golden armor, even though I didn't pay much attention to it.

Back on the Digital World, D-Reaper get’s pissed (and by mean he’ll kill the two gunmen instead of turning them to candy), but Mummymon arrives to beat them. Salamon is healed, thank goodness.
At the lookout, Ken get’s pissed at his own experience. Thank Chaos for writing this. Oh, I should mention that this year is the 5th anniversary of Digimon Accel Stream, so it comes full circle once Season 2 ends and concludes Kensuke’s story.

Just as Mummymon and Dee are rebuilding the house, BomberNanimon shoots Mummymon behind quickly. (Thanks for my suggestion before of making it similar to the manga) Although Mummymon is healed, D-Reaper can’t contain his full anger and out comes the evil reaper!

Finally, Evil-Reaper kills BomberNanimon, horray! RedVegimon will be next (I wrote the scene, and I saw a fridge horror that since Buu heals people, Super Buu ‘healed’ that gunman just to prolong his pain before exploding, let’s do that on RedVegimon).

This isn’t going to end well. Next chapter will obviously be short before the next break. I take it we have 13-15 chapters to go.
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 30 . 4/13
Whoo, more training! Omega X and BlazeGallantmon are getting cracking on their training. Neat interaction with Kari and Gatomon with the Homeostasis. Anticipating how Kari's training goes! :D

More Ascendant Meta-Fusion practice. Yay, they get it done at full power! While WarUltima X gets it done, Daike just can't seem to get over that insufferable ego! Wow, Daike crosses the entire Digiworld ten times at light speed. Crazy stuff knowing Saiyans could go that fast by that time. Hah, WarUltima X beats him there! He's sure the faster one of the two. Oh boy, the boy's fusionwears off and good thing they bail before Dee found them.

It's our Bee of the story! Yay, glad Salamon got healed. Guess this is where Meryl gets Salamon as her partner, as evidenced in BoDG! Wonder when she gets her digivice. Mummymon manages to do what others couldn't do: turning Dee over a new leaf and getting him to stop killing. I always liked that humanization of Buu and now it's happening with Dee.

Lol, loved BanchoLeomon and Pikkan's reactions to Mummymon changing Dee's ways. XD

See, guys? Mummymon might be a greedy idiot but he's got heart. :3

Drats, those two stupid Digimon just had ruin the peace! Down goes Salamon. Dee's about to blow his stack. Evil's coming all right. (shivers)

Man please get the next chap out soon! Can't wait, K!
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