Reviews for Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury
Chaosblazer chapter 26 . 3/10
Can't be good for Tomoki, at least the others in the afterlife are good.

I didn't think there would be so many meta fusion pairs, wow some are eager to go, some aren't the results should be interesting.

Kari's still training, good for her, and Kotori was right, also cool

Keep up the awesome work man, rock on
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 25 . 3/5
All caught up with this story! Awesome stuff, K, as usual! Omega X level 3 kicked some D-Reaper butt and knocked him around the place. No one dares messes with the Kamiya's hometown!

Whew, they were able to get Terriermon fully downloaded with that Juggernau program. Operation Doodlebug 2.0 here we come! I dug the interactions with DF-616!Yamaki and the Wong sibs here. Funny how Yamaki would recognize his own signature. :P

Omega X stops his fight and proposes D-Reaper to wait for stronger opponents. DarkMagimon ain't having none of it. Ah, but Dee gets sick of the insults and rebels on that swarmy little vermin. Tata, DarkMagimon, you won't be missed by us!

And then Sovereigns manage to trap Dee! Kotori, your plan worked great! But, what's this? Aw, crap, Dee gets out. He probably screamed his way out I bet. What's it going to take to beat him? Either Meta-Fusion or Operation Doodle 2.0 will do now.

Yay, Rika, Renamon, Izumi, and Tomoki are back next chapter! Can't wait to see their Other World adventures. Maybe meeting KingDevimon somewhere in heaven? I also can't wait to see Tai and X see Kari's training! :D

Looks like training and a bit of a down period until Mummymon comes in. Can't wait for the next chapters, K! Going good!
Generic Reviewer chapter 25 . 2/28
So far so good.

DarkMagimon is dead, Operation Doodlebug MK-II is prepared and we are heading to the "Mark Satan" parts of the story.

Wonder how KingDevimon will unnerve the girls Tomoki "Tommy" Himi in the afterlife.

Later days!
digifan303 chapter 25 . 2/28
That shrimp got what he deserved.
supergoku1987 chapter 25 . 2/28
Great chapter. Badass fight with Omega x lvl 3 and D-reaper. Dee gave Omega X a really good fight. Lotta back and forth going on. The stuff with Terriermon with smoothly. Wonder when the juggernaught will be used against Dee.

About time that little fucker got what he deserve. Good on Dee killing Darkmagimon. And then he gets sealed by the sovereigns but that's not enough. Hope Tai, X and the others can teach the meta-fusion to the others.

Yeah get xenoverse if you can man. It's a good game. Looking forward to other world stuff. gotta wait two weeks. peace.
JNaegi chapter 25 . 2/28
Ascendant 3 kicked ass but the fun can't last given Tai has to teach some others the meta fusion dance.

Terrimon got the upgraded juggernaut program and will be used down the line. In what capacity I can't take a guess. I get the feeling the dog-rabbit will say something like "You think that's going to stop me? I'm the juggernaut bitch!"

Damn you OP Dee for breaking free of a dimensional trash dump! Maybe you should just get Kirby involved to seal him up? Yeah I know Death Battle facked that up big time with their bias BS (glad that Ragna-Sol battle got deleted) but beggers can't be choosers.

You should get Xenoverse down the line; it's even on PS3!

Doing good!
Ford1114 chapter 25 . 2/28
And that's the fight here with Omega X vs D-reaper. Thanks for the xenoverse idea (along with its ost) of the blob making clones of himself, but without the dark power boost, the ascendant easily clobbers them.

Terriermon bonding with doodlebug is about done. I see some civilian mentions Twitter, right since its first made in 2006 and it doesn't appear in the original version (since the old guy was made around 2002-03).

Anywho, Omega X stops the fight and tells D-reaper of the stronger opponents waiting for him before leaving. And finally, we had enough of DarkMagimon, so thanks D-reaper for killing him! He's not making another doppleganger this time.

The sovereign sealed D-reaper, neat twist, but it won't last long..

Keep it up, and may Leonard Nimoy rest in peace (it's not going to be the same when KH3 comes).
Chaosblazer chapter 25 . 2/28
nicely done, Tai beats up D-reaper, who in turn rebels against DarkMagimon (finally) and the other group gets what they need.

Had to laugh at the Yamaki scene, only he would print his business card in such a way it's funny.

Keep up the awesome work man and enjoy the breather you've earned it_
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 24 . 2/28
You're really putting these chapters away! Impressive show, K-sama! :D

Heck yeah! I dug this chapter, but not just for the epic Ascendant 3 scene. Nah, I gotta give props to the techies to sticking to their guns and getting the Wongs to meet with DF-616 Yamaki. I liked that meeting between Henry and this Yamaki. Hah, this Yamaki's shocked Henry and Jaarin know so much about his work. Heh, one way to convince a man is to show him his own name signature - even if it's your other dimension's counterpart!

Anywho, Terriermon really is a little soldier for going through with it. Big props to the little guy!

I've wanted to see some other Meta-Fusions besides the obvious ones. Care to throw us a bone or two? Pweeety please? Nah, it's your call, dude. But, do think of the possibilities. ;)

And we have the big damn hero moment. Omega X goes Ascendant 3 and it was glorious. He is the One! There can only be one Ascendant 3... well until WarUltima X level 3 and then Celesta X going mystic. Ah, I digress! It's Omega X's moment and he's gonna kick Dee's ass! Give us a show!
JNaegi chapter 24 . 2/25
About time Tai let it go with that amount of power to get to level 3!

Everyone is having a moment with the shining beacon of courage taken center stage. I get the feeling the big fanboys would just dedicate a blog to Tai or just send tweets about the experience! LOL!

Looks about that time for another axis point happen with Dee breaking out of his chains?

I wish I read this yesterday but I'll point something out; you released this chapter on the same day Dragonball Xenoverse came out. Must have been just a coincidence?

Big fight of titans underway next time.
supergoku1984 chapter 24 . 2/24
You rolling out the chapters. Thats cool. Good start on the training. There can be other metafusions, too like takuya/kouji or vega and that friend of his? That'd be neat.

Aw damn the shithead darkmagimon and dee find the real world. Thats not good. Henry and the others go see yamaki. Interesting meeting with henry, terriermon and jaarin with yamaki. Here wcome operation doodlebug part two.

Hell yeah what we been waiting for. Omega x stops Dee and darkmagimon. Then we get the pic ascendant level 3 transform with awesome music. Highlander the one ftw. Omega x in full boss mode and goes hard on dee. This gonna get good. cant wait for the next one. peace.
Generic Reviewer chapter 24 . 2/24
Wonder if Perfected Meta Fusion can be given to certain YYDM heroes. Yusuke and Kuwabara fusing was a great one shot deal last time I checked. I'm waiting for Ventimon Calypsomon or even StormSakuyamon Brunhilde. But that's just my Mastemon hype from Cyber Sleuth.

And Omega X fights the D-Reaper. Wonder what the reason he'll stop fighting it will be.
Ford1114 chapter 24 . 2/24
We see that some of the warriors are practicing Meta-Fusion. There's more ideas of fusion such as Takuya/Kouji and so? One can wonder.

Oh gee, the bad guys have spotted the Real World, and are about to devastate it when Omega X stops them.

Oh right, the Tamers and Frontier are remembering their Shinjuku and how a HYPNOS and Yamaki exist in DF-616. This is where Henry & Terriermon will relearn about Operation Doodlebug, the program that stopped the D-Reaper before.

And the one that readers have been waiting for is here. Omega X becomes Level 3! That's the song I suggested 4 years ago for this moment. Here comes Level 3 going town with D-Reaper (and might see the blob making clones and mini versions of himself thanks to Xenoverse). Yes, this year is redemption of returning back to frequent updates since DoC's end. Keep it up!
Chaosblazer chapter 24 . 2/24
finally he goes level 3, nice use of a music piece for him going. Boy is everyone excited about him going (the yydgm guys are going fanboy esque as you said which is funny) and now they meet this work's Yamaki for operation doodlebug, hopefully they can get what they need and get out of there before the d-reaper finds them.

Of course I doubt he'll get past level 3 Omega X keep up the awesome work man_
Haruhi Suzumiya s0s chapter 23 . 2/22
Heck yeah another DFKai chapter! Glad we're getting quicker updates now.

Good explaining the crossover backstory for folks in the dark on the YYGDM stuff. Didn't need to read it since I know what to expect! :P

Man, that was sick what DarkMagimon did to that Goblinmon. Ewww, head popping reminds me of Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star). And D-Reaper blows away a city with his breath. The good guys have every right to worry. I feel bad for poor Athena.

Also poor Takato. Fear not you and Rika will be reunited. Hang in there!

Nice planning with Henry and Jaarin. Can't wait to see this new and improved Operation Doodlebug. I'll be intrigued when DF-616!Yamaki meets Henry.

Neat talk between Tai and Kotori. She makes valid points and asks the right questions. Tai is straight and tells her what she needs to know. Man, Ken could fight D-Reaper, but he can't because of the reasons explained. Sounds like more trouble than its worth.

Kotori knows Tai's holding back level 3. That's coming up! That and Meta-Fusion.

Ah, the D-Sword. Kari pulls out the sword and is on her way to claiming Mystic power! Neat backstory on Homeostasis once having a physical body and being a Digital World guardian.

Yes. Next time, Omega X goes Ascendant level 3 and fights D-Reaper! This will be good. :D
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