Reviews for Digimon Fusion Kai: D-Reaper's Fury
Ford1114 chapter 36 . 7/16
Oooh, I’m ready for some volleyball. Nice corner by adding Mist interacting with Makishima.

The battle between Level 3 Meta Fusions against Super-Reaper is good that they retaliate. First we have kamikaze ghosts again, and then we have Super Dee doing his ball attack. They just messed up the lookout. :P

I laugh of Pikkan saying that it’s not recess, we’re trying to save the universe. But, their playing volleyball, and everyone has to take part of it, even Takuya and Bancho/Pikkan. Like the format of a boys vs girls team. They dig in till Dee flungs down to the ground.

Time for round 3, but it’s not going to last long. Keep it up!
Chaosblazer chapter 36 . 7/16
sports at the reapers expense and most of the groups pleasure, too bad all it probably did was make him angrier.

Hope their aren't any other casualties the heroes got enough on their hands.

Can't really say much else since this chapter mostly consisted of the reaper being used as a sports tool; lol.

Keep up the awesome work man
Generic Reviewer chapter 35 . 7/9
Yep. Takuya is dumb and petty. Revenge only works on weaklings who cross the line! Daike is even dumber. But he is Gotenks.

I'm sorta glad you toned down the plot-induced stupidity of the Buu saga.

The omake: Makishima does make a better recruiting source than the other 3 heavenly kings.

Later days!
supergoku1987 chapter 35 . 7/9
This was another good chapter. Neat Tony is back. Yeah sucks Takuya is losing his friends and now getting turned to chocolate. Poor brunhilde and takuya. Good thing everyone there didn't get turned and die. Super-reaper easily broke out and wrecked their crap good.

Lol, Pikkan not taking Daike's shit. Good thing Warultima x and Daike turn ascendant 3 and busted out. They gonna give Super-reaper a good beating in some Buu-style volleyball. Good chapter dude. Cant wait for the next one, peace.
JNaegi chapter 35 . 7/9
Wow good opening with Ford's parody and of course Dee would get out of that time warp.

At least not everyone was turned into candy but still a terrible loss of Kouji, Kouichi, Dimitro and Metal Sedramon. Again, Kouichi gets burned bad in these battles, kind of like how Chad from Bleach can't beat a Soul Reaper.

Brunhilde couldn't prove her mantle this time but it will happen (looking at you Norse story).

Now the fusion warriors went level 3 and about to kick some ass but not before some volley ball!
Yeah, the blonde would have liked seeing that! LOL!

Doing good.

Till next time!
Ford1114 chapter 35 . 7/9
Glad you take a break and here comes the next chapter I read. Thanks for the corner I put, remind us that teenagers (since their minds are easy to manipulate) should not talk to strangers, especially a dangerous psychopath. :P

It starts with Tony Stark, HYPNOS and the others are observing the events that millions of digital lifeforms are wipe out. This is bad news.

Uh oh, Super-Reaper is getting pissed of saying NO! and wants candy. Then he does his dimensional scream/vice shout and is getting out.

Super-Reaper is in a frenzy against the Triad heroes. The rest of the heroes made it to HYPNOS in the real world.

Oh man, the Horn Strikers agents make their appearance with Super-Reaper’s faces. Great thing the heroes are fighting back more than in Kami’s lookout. Oh shit, Kouji, Kouichi, and MetalSeadramon turn to candy bars and eat them, this isn’t good! Takuya is pissed more.

Back in the Room of Time, after I give a laugh of Pikkan hitting Daike, Daike and WarUltima X become Level 3 in epic style as they finally get out of the realm. They arrive, to commence round two!

Ah, so you indeed use the Ryo of DF-616, I thought back then originally your going to have that and the YYGDM till you just stick with the YYGDM as a single one, until you recently brought the idea back today for DF-616 so long as the Digimon franchise is around in dimensions.

Keep it up!
Chaosblazer chapter 35 . 7/9
It sucks indeed, how many people have to die to satisfy this evil beast.

The senshi seem to be able to block being turned into candy which is good, but everyone else is up for grabs.

Good thing the trainees got out of the time chamber and have now gone level 3, they better let loose heck on this thing, cause I know who will if they don't.

Keep up the good work.
digifan303 chapter 34 . 6/27
Great chapter!
JNaegi chapter 34 . 6/27
Ah the infamous ghost attack, despite an unorthodox technique it does get the job done in a pinch. Love how YYGDM gang know how it's going and the DF team being confused! XD

Nothing much to say on this front from what I read so I'll leave it at that? Wait, getting trapped in the room of time is a biggie but seriously Dee breaches closed dimensions so not really a big given they will get out.

Take care.
supergoku1987 chapter 34 . 6/26
Fun stuff and cool action in this chap. Warultima x means business. Daike is being a little butthead, needs to get his head outta his ass. Funny stuff with the ghosts. Super-reaper kicking ass and getting ass kicked but he a regenerator.

whoa, the other good guys gonna split and some stay to fight. Hope noone dies. Takuya seems sure of himself. Poor jeri, she still affected by d-reaper.

Damn, pikkan and bancholeomon blew up the door. This not good for the good guys. Good chapter here. Cant wait for the next one, peace.
Generic Reviewer chapter 34 . 6/26
Dammit Clawdia/Petra Fina Dagmar from Accel Stream. Ah well exploding ghosts seem like a useful move.

Mildly impressed Tai actually got burned. Hopefully Takato if he loses it again won't turn the Kai planet into the Southern Digital world.

Somehow I think Takuya is gonna be part of the body count when Super Reaper is free. He's too motivated by revenge and outclassed. Just because petty vengeance worked on Beelzemon DF-616 doesn't mean it works on someone actually threatening.

Later days!
Ford1114 chapter 34 . 6/26
Next chapter, Daike is so fooling around by doing his made-up attacks. At least it got over with quick compare to the length that Gotenks done. Now the real fun begins by going Galactic Donut on Super Dee’s ass!

Then better, Super Ghost Suicide Attack. Yes, now I see how he and Ultima X got the inspiration from the Chaos War in Accel Stream. All these ghosts are so fun to watch, especially one that sounds like Goofy (“Hyuk, gawrsh!”) They go boom at the grotesque Super-Reaper.

It feels something, Jeri still has those bad memories.

Back in the Room of Time, Super-Reaper recovers and beats up Daike. And then, BanchoLeomon and Pikkan destroy the door. Oh no…

Keep it up!
Chaosblazer chapter 34 . 6/26
You and Ford not stopping with the updates huh?

Very interesting developments and fights here, heh nice to see something of value was gained from the future woman who I shall not name but must suffer eternally.

Even with all their combined power though the D-reaper forces the heroes to blow up the door of the time room.

Not good for them, waiting to see what happens next
supergoku1987 chapter 33 . 6/19
Good to see the fic back. Man Super-reaper's on a killer streak and kills off nearly all the digimon. The survivors ain't gonna last much longer.

Wow, Ken went off and got beat by Super-reaper. The others try but couldnt stop the monster. Surprised ken leaves and athena goes with him. The good guys know they're screwed big time.

We got a small taste of Kari's new mystic power. Wonder how strong takato will be training with Tai.

Bancholeomon and Pikkan take Super-reaper to the time room. There, Daike and Warultima x are waiting. Daike's cockiness gonna cause problems. Won't that be nice if Warultima x kicked his ass and fought Super-reaper instead lol. Good chapter man. Can't wait for next one, peace.
JNaegi chapter 33 . 6/18
Digital residents meets their end, at least some residents survive the crisis (even though a big bang will render that mute after sometime).

Kensuke's infamous ball buster got stopped?! I'm amazed and somewhat happy by this, cheap shots don't always work and he finally got a taste...don't worry dude, you can do that to Alderic in my story down the line.

At least Athena is with her uncle and safe for the time being.

Kairi getting stronger with the mystic and nothing on Takato and his training this time around.

Uh-oh doom is walking but hope springs eternal with meta-fusion party.

Going good K.
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