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IndigoHeart chapter 55 . 6/4
Awesome story, as always *claps* Looking forward to Dimensional Destruction (we get to meet Silver again! woooo)

What would the name of the one after it be? "Equalist Errors" "Enemies of Equality" "E... something something" ;)

Also, a theory I've been having. Steven could control the regis, his eyes changed color and Saylee thought there was something off about him... what if Steven is Regigigas? Regigigas can control the regis, it's dots changes to red when it is angry and Saylee would be able to sense the lengendary. The reason she can't "see" it like she normally does is maybe because Regigas isn't like a normal legendary. Maybe it was made by humans...

Yup, that makes perfect sense.
anonymous chapter 55 . 6/1
"I hope that it's not on the scale of groudon and kyogre." Nope, just a slight chance to destroy the entire universe via Palkia and Dialga
SilverBladeStar chapter 55 . 5/31
I am sad about the wait for the next story. Looking forward to it.
It looks like you said the ferry leaves tomorrow morning, then changed it to a few days.
Incasa chapter 55 . 5/31
The appearance of Cynthia makes me very, very happy. Favourite champion of all, go! And she's even snarlier than she was in-game.

I love how the characters seem to become even more politically powerful with each region, to the point that I'm amazed the Teams aren't preparing specifically for them. It seems like they should have a swarm of hangers-on following them around, but I guess that's why Saylee avoids cameras... The fact that the Hoenn E4 battles are televised is potentially awkward for Key's anonymity.

I'm so excited for Dimensional Destruction now, and I want to see more Cynthia!
UnbiasedBias chapter 55 . 5/31
Ahh... I missed the exciting bits. Leslie's death was horrifying - Key's going to have that moment in her head for a while... But I guess to look on the bright side, she's with both Zac and Sanborn?
When Key was presented with the cape all I could think of was Edna Mode and "NO CAPES!"
This fix has been a long ride. I bowed out mid-way, but made it back for the ending! I look forward to Dimensional Destruction!

P.S. Totally caught that little title-insert there. And I'm noticing a trend... If there's a story after Diamond for X/Y, will it be starting with E? ;)
Anony Mous chapter 54 . 5/25
Hey, at this point they have enough Pokemon between them to make a full team! I'm sorry, that was mean, I'll go sit in the corner.
Hakima chapter 54 . 5/26
Just a random thing, but you call Red's Pikachu Perun here, but in the beginning of After Armageddon in his letter, someone was addressed as Paul. I assumed it was Pikachu, because it said he didn't want to evolve, but I'm probably just misreading things.
ShinigamiMaster chapter 54 . 5/24
Hey...did you hear that?

... was my hopes, the ones you just shattered into powder.

Still, nothing worse than Groudon v Kyogre? Saylee...Y U NO RECOGNIZE U JINX URSELF?!

Also, glad to see Dr Wholocke is back. YA BLOODY DANCER! I have registered in order to keep up w/ it. Can't wait for the next stuff.

Live Long and Prosper

Princess Kassie chapter 54 . 5/24
I am soooo looking forward to Sinnoh. So SO so excited.
SilverBladeStar chapter 53 . 5/17
Noo! Dear god stopping right there is evil.
Princess Kassie chapter 53 . 5/16
Okay I'm not sure if I posted here or not by accident. Um... anyway. I'm really sad to see Leslie go but I think she'll be happy with her brother and lover so there is some comfort. I'm pretty sure though that you've never lost so many pokemon in such quick succession (cry!).

I'm ashamed to admit how long it took me to figure out that Rorak was the same person as the first gym leader in Sinnoh. Really interested to see how that turns out. There's another question too, are you planning to go all the way to Kalos? If so what do you plan to do with N in Unova as one of the key points in his plot line is that he can understand pokemon when others can't. I suppose that I have a little bit of favouritism in N's case as he has such a compelling story and there is just so much that could be done with him. Anyway, I'm excited to see where this story goes (and the relationship growing between Key and Archie is really sweet too). I can't wait to see where you go with this story.
Princess Kassie Out.
Solancify chapter 53 . 5/16
I hate u so much
Hakima chapter 1 . 5/15
Okay, just spent my entire night reading through this to be caught up. I've read all three stories, but I'm just reviewing now; never really had much to say, because I felt those were executed to such a degree someone of my skill level couldn't criticize them. I have a few things I want to mention about this one.

First off, I just want to say I still really enjoyed. The way you write dialogue is really interesting, and I like the fact that you actually write out the accents. A lot of authors fall into saying they have an accent, and just expecting us to imagine it ourselves, which takes away from the experience in my opinion. In this category, it's still top notch.

The setting isn't really as interesting as the last two, especially After Armageddon, but that's probably just my personal preference leaking through. Gen 3 was always one of my least favorites, though I will admit that was because I was old enough my nostalgia-tinted glasses were coming off. Overall, I don't think you could help this one that much.

The main thing I think suffers a bit here is the Pokémon themselves. In the previous two, I had very little trouble differentiating between each 'Mon just from how they reacted to a situation alone. When you said their names, I immediately recognized them. Here, I often find myself scrolling back to try and figure out which Pokémon was which, and the deaths just don't seem to hit as hard. When Teddy fell to his death, it surprised me for a moment and then I was over it; if Chaz would have died, I would have felt it. Anytime he was in danger I was on the edge of my seat, reading as fast as I could to make sure he made it out fine. These guys just don't feel as memorable.

I'm not honestly sure why this is, though. I don't know if you were rushing, or if you were using more characters than you were used to or what the case was. It might just be my taste changing, even. There was a large gap between when I read this and when I read Blood and Bonds.

Overall, though, I still really liked it. I read through the entire thing in one sitting, if that says anything. The plot is still interesting, and I'm still eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Seriously, you're an awesome writer and I love this series. It's a unique twist on the average story in this fandom, and I've enjoyed it since day one.

P.S. Sorry I'm just reviewing now!
WyldClaw chapter 51 . 5/15
Those fights against phoebe and glacia were true nail biters ! I thought Leslie was gonna be taken out by glacia's sealeo

That's funny that saylee's didn't know about Ryan's crush on Tiffany or Tiffany's obsession with cookies
Nafram chapter 52 . 5/11
Loved this chapter, good to see no one died and the final battle of the Pokemon league looms over the horizon, can Key prevail over Wallace with her team intact? And how will the reunion between our 2 protagonists go? Find out in the next chapter of Nuzlocke; Calamity Calls.
P.S: While I prefer to comment on zeta-boards now, my router is apparently being a bitch and blocking me off the site, so I usually only get to access it in breaks between classes in the cafeteria or something.
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